While this fortuitous page is comprised of a nine-segment essay of short stories, all of which being as they are representative of this page’s central points, nonetheless, this page came about as a result of “The Violin and the Calico Cat” incidents. However, without the meticulous and direct involvement of the influential, compassionate and brilliant 'forces' that have been and are caringly involved with the themes of these 9 stories, doubtful that I would have written their remarkable accounts.....

Prior to even imagining, let alone thinking of creating this page, unbeknownst to me, a great deal had been thought out carefully and had been methodically arranged.... Fact is, without the 'inexplicable' orchestration of key events and without the direct involvement of a couple of exceptionally outstanding individuals, as I have already said just in the paragraph above here, I wouldn’t have composed this Page’s text.

I am inadequate in words; in fact I cannot find the suitable words with which I wish to express my appreciation to these caring benefactors as much as my appreciation deserves to be conveyed. I will therefore resort to saying a simple “thank you” but one that originates from the innermost center of my soul....

This said and despite my limitations, I am also fully aware that on my side of the bargain in the deal I have with You, Professor, I am expected to squish in and pile up as much as possible onto the assignment that I have been trusted with. Yes indeed, I am all too aware that as per the deal, I must do my utmost while I have the chance—I have not forgotten.

Absolutely, I wouldn’t have it any other way, anyways.... Without a doubt, I shall endeavour to fulfill my obligation while on my adventure on this riveting Orb and until the very last day of my stay on this sensational Earth—my beloved Home, albeit impermanent.... Professor; please know that thus far, with the exception of the (“Radiation File”) the assigned task has been an honour for me and from end to end an absolute thrill.

I hope I will be not as terrible a disappointment to the awe-inspiring Team (above all to You) that is responsible for all I have accomplished—however meagre.

Thoughtfully, under the direction of Agent A, all of the Team’s members have gone out of their ways (literally) in order to arrange, bring together and intertwine all 9 episodes of this poly-dimensional essay.... Evidently, without their brilliant input and especially without the rigorous and conscientious work of one in particular (that would be Agent A) in this assembly of first-rate and shining personalities, this noteworthy page would never have come to be.

In quite an atypical arrangement, this page demonstrates how these nine compelling stories happen to assemble together. While on occasion the presentation of this page may appear to be subliminal, by and large, though, the elucidation is direct and explicit.

The accounts of the nine central sections that constitute this page will appear in their corresponding segments. The segments (chapters), however, may not necessarily appear in the order in which I list them in the paragraph immediately below here....

As well, the headings of these nine segments when in their individual places may vary somewhat from the titles in which I list them in this paragraph, nevertheless, the key items are: 1) Awesome Developments (in relation to my field research study of 2010 involving Sea Star Regeneration); 2) The Violin and the Calico Cat; 3) a National (a Public) all-inclusive Dental Care System; 4) the Reptilians; 5) the Insightful Publisher; 6) Colonization: Globalization and modern-day Exploitation; 7) the Investment in the Chinese Corporation; 8) Nuclear Weapons in the Care of the Reptilians; 9) In Attendance.


(preface of essay 1)



Dearest Professor, although it is not the case, nonetheless, originally my intent was to commence this absorbing essay of short stories with the tale of a disquieting investment that I have made in a Corporation which is listed on the TSX (formerly TSE), but which operates in China. As it stands, this investment is being suspended in the air because a notorious American short seller has devastated this Corporation’s stock price with particularly nefarious defamation and unsubstantiated allegations....

However, irrespective of this professional short-seller and immaterial to the possibility that I stood about a 50% chance of making a fair amount of profit out of this investment, and more or less the same percentage of chance of losing the whole capital, please know the following.... Under normal circumstances I would never-ever-ever-never have considered investing in a corporation in the business of forest cutting, but I did. By doing so, I may have stumbled, and I have yet to find out why.

Despite that ethically I may have stumbled with this investment, it is important to stress here that this is also a Corporation that is involved in Green Nurseries. This is an area that in and of itself is very appealing to me, and especially when it involves natural/free Green Nurseries—it has always been the case.   

Now, despite the possibility that I may have stumbled badly with this investment, it appears that there is more to this disagreeable episode. Indeed, it seems that more is going on with this forest investment matter, but I don’t quite know what it could be....

What I know with absolute certainty is that just as per my intent, I was able to get out of this investment within days from the moment I had gotten in and had done so before this company’s stock had been halted for good. It is worth pointing out here that this was an investment done without consulting A or Aundria first. However, unexpectedly things changed again....

Just as I was so relieved and in point of fact liberated to have gotten out of this forest-related Corporation with no intentions or motives of ever looking at this company or anything about it again, things took a different turn. Out of the blue, Agent A got involved in a huge and persuasive way.

Without presenting a clue why, Agent A suggested that I stay with this company for a while longer. In fact, A had challenged me to reinvest and remain invested in this company.... A, had also alluded to the possibility or something to the effect that he was going to get back to me later on about why he wanted me to stay invested with this company while it was in trouble.

And although with a fair amount of reservation, I did nonetheless.... After all, the deal at the time was that I stayed invested with this company for no more than 6 to 8 months, maximum 9.

Knowing Agent A as well as I do, he would never have challenged me to deviate from my original plan on such a serious matter.... Absolutely, unless it was for a specific and well-thought-out objective, there would have been no reason at all for A to be so persuasive about it. I just have to identify A’s rationale on the matter. I don’t quite know why A wanted me to stay with an investment that had turned out to be speculative at this point.

And while this was a solid Company with very rich assets and also an amazing Company in its area of business, still, it had been circled by many predators. As such therefore, this was a disagreeable investment. And unless Agent A had told me his reasons in black and white in terms of clarity, I would never have guessed why he wanted me to stay in vested in this Company.

In any case, one of the reasons for the investment segment’s inclusion farther down here in this page was because that investment belongs to the Daisy Institute for field research purposes.... Therefore, since this page belongs to the Daisy Institute and although I have yet to experience this investment’s ending, I thought it was worthwhile to elaborate a little on it at this point in time.

Hopefully, by the time I have finished this page (I’m not in a rush) some of that segment’s complex or rather guarded theme would have been unraveled. However, thus far this has been quite a punishing investment, but on whose account the tale of “The Humming Forest Incident” is accredited to. Very much so, had it not been for this particular investment, the manuscript of “The Humming Forest Incident” which I have yet to complete would not have come to be....

Instinctively however, I sense that the affair regarding “The Humming Forest Incident” was not the primary reason why Agent A would challenge me to stay put with this investment.....

And so it was, on second thought I have decided instead to begin this page with a gripping and a promising and altogether with a different segment. This would be the newest of this page’s nine segments while the piece on “The Radiation Poisoning” is the oldest and the most decisive, I suppose.

What’s more, because the contents of essay #1 is so superb and so riveting; I therefore thought to present the heading of this poly-segment essay “The Violin and the Calico Cat” in all 3 of my favoured colours.


(Essay 1)


Awesome Developments



I am fully coherent that my decision to include the segment on the "Awesome Developments" here without leaving out a particular section of it could be premature. I could have chosen to exclude this section's core contents; however, I opted to go against this choice. I very much hope that my choice in this matter was not a hectic one or simply ahead of its time.... Nevertheless, because of its promising orientation, I have something elite and something awe-inspiring and something extraordinarily beautiful to share with You, Professor.

This little segment has to do with a stunning development in its very early stages. While on one hand this development could undergo changes and progress of immeasurable magnitude and of thrilling implications, on the other hand, however, at any step of its advancement it could be stunted (arrested) altogether; or simply, the re maybe nothing to it.

In any event, I shall pursue this angle for a while longer; and should I sense that I am in the wrong path, or simply, should it be that this is an unattainable project, eventually I will abandon it. But, because it is so utterly worthy and extraordinarily attention-grabbing, sometime later on I will revisit the angle I'm on at this time. And I will do so with the understanding that this File's subject matter might be an area entirely unachievable.

However, the stunning component that I am observing at this moment, it couldn't possibly have arrived for nothing; definitely, I shall pursue it a little longer and again later on. Who knows what may come out of it? Alone, its sheer loveliness (in terms of nature's creation) makes it all the more worthwhile to stay with this green beauty for a while longer.

* * * * *

While I am writing this rather small piece, is during the night of February the 24-25th of 2012. As I began to formulate this segment I thought to keep its contents all to myself and close company, at least for a while. However, after some deliberation on the issue of secrecy, I changed my mind.... Besides, I don't like secrets. As such, instead of keeping this spectacular and much-hoped-for development all to myself and until further developments, I thought to insert it into this page much earlier than I would have done had I respected my earlier thought on the matter.

Nothing concrete at this point in time that I can hail about, nevertheless, and although the development involves only trace amounts of the building-blocks I am hoping for, still, it is too marvellous to keep it all to myself, albeit it is far-fetched at this point.

And while this potentially fabulous development has nothing to do with the publication of the book of "Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration," it does however have everything to do with the field research study on Sea Star Regeneration which I conducted in the summer of 2010 on a number of British Columbia's fabulous Intertidal Zones.

The seemingly impossible subject matter (project) I had once challenged my intellect with approximately 12 years ago, may not be unfeasible after all. What I am getting at, Professor, is that I think I am being witness to traces of activity in the processes of regeneration in mammalian (higher) vertebrates.

It is late and I'm exhausted right now, Professor, and due to this reason I will stop writing for now, but first thing tomorrow morning I will add a tad more to the narration of this alluring development.

Should this affair continues to develop, it goes without saying that at later times and as the situation builds up, I will add more and more to this segment. As I said, while on one hand it could be nothing, on the other hand though, this observable development could mean everything I have worked so intensely on.

The question however remains; if the apparatus of reconstruction has been built in the body naturally, could then be possible to coax that natural mechanism to begin its task of re-growing parts? Specifically, and provided this device exists, I'm interested to know if it can re-grow parts involving lost and/or missing extremities due to any reason and/or causes....

I don't know what the process is but, we already know that the liver organ has an astonishing capacity to regenerate and re-grow the size it should be. So, more elaborate or more secretive perhaps, but, why shouldn't there exist more of these mechanisms individually.

And what about if there is perhaps, a master program in the building blocks of a mammalian to where it could send signals to individual parts in need of rebuild? Provided of course, that the targeted area has been induced to activate by helpers, such as the specialized properties of a botanical? Of course, there is peripheral (unrelated) monumental danger to this scenario.... Those damn Plutocrats; their signature is everywhere; but I would not theorize on that aspect at this time.


It is now day-time, February the 25th of 2012, and as promised last night here I am once again. As I was saying, at the moment I may be witness to the early stage processes involving the restoration (the re-growth) of a missing leg. I was told that the leg of interest in this case had been lost a year or so ago due to an accident.

5 days after I began to apply (administer) the edible synthesis in relation to the regeneration (re-growth) action and processes; I have observed the development of a pouch-like formation. That observation was made on February the 9th, 2012. Though slight in the beginning, nevertheless, this change was rather evident but as time progressed it became a tad larger and subsequently more and more apparent. Within two weeks the pouch really grew in size and reached about the dimensions and shape of a hen's egg.

In my estimation, highly unlikely that this small bag is a fat formation, it is too jelly-like for that.... Additionally, if it involved fat, it is not possible to have grown so abruptly and be the size that it is in such a short time.... Moreover, the formation and overall configuration of this odd pouch surely has nothing to do with external factors that could result in blisters, abscesses and such.

In the beginning and up to a certain point, the pouch-like formation was very soft and had the texture such as like when one touches a waggling balloon filled in water. Although I refrain from touching it unnecessarily, nevertheless, I was and still am careful not to squash it when touching it the rare times that I do. Also, without giving explanations why, I have left instructions with the other two not to touch it. Hope they are respecting my instructions.


Both to my astonishment and profuse delight, as of late (now) I have noticed that the development (the pouch) has hardened somewhat but only at its base and where the bone ends or begins, for that matter. As pointed out above here, I avoid doing forceful inspection. So, I'm going to let the situation be and by just observing, eventually I will be able to see how things are going to turn out.

While it is rather difficult to predict subsequent developments and/or remain detached from the situation in this case, nonetheless, to the best of my knowledge and to the best of my objectivity, I have constructed the closest possible hypothesis.... Of course, I'm referring to the development involving this promising pouch. It goes without saying that I could be mistaken and/or misled. However, my impression of this noticeable pouch is that its creation has been naturally induced by its host for a special purpose.

In other words, my impression is that in perfect synchronization and balance, it, the pouch, in this case by way of naturally-occurring processes has been constructed with all the protective and functioning components suitable for a nursery-like environment.... A nursery, if you will, very similar to the amniotic sac and placenta-like settings suitable for something to nourish, develop and grow. Concurrently, and once again by way of naturally occurring processes, it looks like as if this lovely pouch has been filled with highly nurturing substances....

More to the point, from the looks of it, everything suggests that this pouch has been filled with an assembly of precious ingredients.... The pouch may have been filled with every one of the most essential and surely most suitable (applicable for nursing) ingredients similar or analogous in composition to those found in the amniotic fluid of an expectant mammalian.... It all makes sense to me....

The pouch of my subject matter in this case, could be inundated with electrolytes. Likewise, in addition to the electrolytes, this appealing pouch may have been naturally enriched with the entire spectrum of amino acids.....

By way of a naturally-induced course of action and due to the triggering of natural mechanisms (the activation of dormant devices), lots of marvellous things could be happening in that pouch; hopefully, all in association with growth and renewal.... Indeed, a great deal of promising things may be occurring in that pouch. Wow, it would be grand if these natural systems have been enticed to set themselves in motion by the administered solution in direct connection to this rich green-treasure, i.e., in connection with the exploration study involving Case File 22-CMA.

Although this pouch's configuration may seem to represent a complex undertaking, for nature's meticulous scientific system, though, this undertaking may not be complex at all, albeit elaborate. In accordance with my observations and despite of all of its vulnerabilities, whatever may be taking place in this little pouch (if any interesting activity) it may actually be straightforward. In other words, albeit difficult for the human intelligence to grasp onto due to its slowness and delayed perception of things; this activity actually may have to do with a naturally-occurring and orderly process not in the least complex.... I am humbled.... If additional phases manifest, I'll be sure to apprise you.....

I surely do not wish to dampen down matters especially when I don't have anything conclusive to report at this time in terms of a successful outcome, nonetheless, I am obligated to acknowledge all central aspects in association with the regeneration theme in this case. This is to say that, as beautiful and as divine the Regeneration File may be in this instance, although nothing of concrete substance yet, still, I am perturbed by something.... As alluded to above here, in the event things work out favourably, there is a potential hitch (an unwelcomed accompanying surprise) attached to the regeneration affair in this case.

Under different circumstances (a great deal different, in fact) this potential hitch would have been an awesomely awesome and much-welcomed surprise. However, I suppose the old and wise adage which says that even the most exquisite of roses are accompanied by thorns is applicable here, however theoretical this unwanted surprise may be at this point in time. So, as such, I have decided to ignore this potential hindrance for now; instead, I most certainly will concentrate on the more important and hopefully much-celebrated facet of this Case File.... This is to say, that neither I have forgotten nor ignore what you have imprinted in me earlier on. And while just a hypothesis at this point; indeed, "every action or inaction has a consequence."

Be that as it may, if nothing substantial materializes out of this demanding project, at least I would have given it my utmost best, albeit for nothing, but, as I said, nowhere does it suggest that I will not venture to explore other potential pathways in direct relation to the Regeneration File.

Lastly (for now), while I was ready to commence work on this project last September of 2011, I however only engaged myself with this segment of this assignment on the 3rd day of February, 2012. My reason for the postponement was because I was petrified of its potential for failure and/or of any potential blunders on my part. As a matter of fact, the thought of a blunder potentiality gave me worrisome dreams. Professor, if something comes out of this study, the possibilities in the form of supreme benefits of the emotional and of the physical/corporeal kinds are endless.....

* * *

Professor, kindly convey to Agent A my endless and resolute gratitude. He is responsible for putting all the pieces together for me. I just execute, about, or just a tad more than about.... In retrospect, in the interest of this project, on his angle of the equation, it is evident that Agent A has worked intensely and tirelessly all along. I do not know how Agent A accomplishes all that he does; I do however recognize that he is an especially proficient and incomparable planner. Similarly, he is someone decidedly meticulous and an individual where nothing escapes his attention.

For those such as myself who don't believe that coincidences exist and if ever, they occur rarely, it is worth pointing out here the following: While I was away on my field research adventure in BC back in the summer of 2010 and while I was hard at work with the study of regeneration, it seems that I was not the only one hard at work with this persuasive and immensely demanding study. Coincidence? Hardly, I would say.

Anyways, back in the summer of 2010, while I was away on field exploration, simultaneously and unbeknownst to me at the time, thousands of miles away from British Columbia's intertidal zones of natural splendour, a number of other things (matters) were happening. All of these other matters were closely associated with the Regeneration File.

And sure enough, later on, one by one and in perfect order, these happenings were going to be of paramount necessity; obviously, in direct association with the regeneration study. As it turned out, very much so, each and every one of these other occurrences (happenings) played their role in perfect synchronization and all in the interest of the Regeneration File.

I must also say that not everything was roses for me. A particular scenario which seemed to have appeared out of the blue and which was to be of dominant importance to the regeneration study was not particularly pleasing to me. At least, not at the time it had occurred. And if truth is to be told, I then have to say that not only was this unwanted incident an irritant, it was actually a punishing thorn in my rib. However, at the time the thorny irritant had showed up, there was not a chance in this whole entire world that I could have identified it for what it was. Absolutely not, I couldn't possibly have identified back then that at a later time, this irritant was to play a massive role in association with the regeneration study. Nor did I at the time the anomaly had occurred, had an intuitive sense of the anomaly's importance.


And so it was. While I was both spiritually and emotionally enchanted with my Handsome the handsome, and while I had uncontained and intense fun of the purest kind with my 'Handsome' right in British Columbia's alluring and magnetic seashores; in chorus, other things were gathering at the same time. These other items were coming together beautifully and of course, all were intimately associated with my 2010 regeneration study that I had conducted by the most animated Intertidal Zones on this electrifying Earth.

No doubt about it, these auxiliary and much necessary other happenings were taking place behind my back. In other words, while I was away on field exploration in the summer of 2010, for the advancement of the regeneration study, other things were forming thousands of kilometers away. I just didn't know anything about them at the time.... In retrospect though, I must stipulate that the thorny scenario I had a problem with initially was a prerequisite step for the current phase of this project's study.

It could be coincidence, but point is; simultaneous to the BC study and in direct relation to the BC study, step by step other happenings were taking place in great coordination. Curiously, all of these incidences were gathering in precise progression. Without their precise and orderly arrangement, I couldn't possibly have been afforded the platform where I find myself at this very moment, i.e., I would not have been witness to the development of the mysterious and promising little pouch that I have been today.

Someday I will tell you in detail what had occurred to irritate me so intensely and what the irritant was. For now though, I must refrain from doing so. Hope you appreciate the obvious reasons for my temporary reluctance.

* *

Tuesday, 5:00 PM, February the 28th, 2012, after putting the ingredients (all edible and natural – green food combination) together and while I was waiting for the solution to interact, take effect and consolidate something extraordinarily hopeful took place.... I was seated on the sofa and just when I was ready to scribble a couple of things of interest in my notebook, on her own initiative, she jumped on the sofa next to my being and affectionately placed her exquisite head on my lap.

From my eyes' vantage point I had an unobstructed and full view of her missing leg without having to follow her around. Ohh, my dearest Professor, what occurred next was such where it seemed as if my soul had exited my organism and in utter joy began to fly in delicate and wavy dancing movements in the open space before me.... Really, for a couple of moments, my soul had abandoned me and in celebration went about just like a butterfly will do when over a meadow filled with wild plants in superb foliage and tantalizing blooms. That's how lovely and thrilling, yet composed it felt during and immediately after the unexpected occurrence.

While attentively looking, I observed an intense and unmistakable activity (movement) in the pouch. In intervals of 20 or so seconds, this vigorous bustle repeated itself 5 times. Whatever was happening in there, surely was animated but not in a rebellious manner. It appeared that the commotion in the pouch was operating all on its own. The closest known movement, but not quite, that I can associate this motion with would be a strong localized twitch-like movement, and in this case it only involved the location of the pouch without in the least involving the rest of her calm and perfectly functioning being.

As you can imagine, Professor, I wanted to go out and in celebration announce what I was being witness to.... That action, however, would have been unwise and way too premature at this time.... Absolutely, it was much, too early for such an announcement, however lovely of loveliest its implications.

The other odd observation about this is that she loves to chew on this green jewel. While Bauxite is indifferent to it, still, there must be something very special to this plant because baby Alumina too chews on it and she seeks it out like a bee is attracted to clover blossoms. In fact, Alumina has chews so much on it and to the point on this plant (I only had one), where it has dried out. But I don't mind at all because I have already completed the step that I needed to complete. To ascertain it efficacy (usefulness) or lack thereof, willing others have to take it farther; I just have to find them.

In any event, whatever it was that was taking place in the little pouch which by this time had grown to the size of a hen's large egg, it surely was enough to momentarily disengage me from the disquieting reality the reptilians have fashioned on this Earth since their invasion of this Planet, no doubt. Immediately after observing the encouraged activity in the pouch, somewhat involuntarily, actually, for a prolonged brief moment, my mind traversed to nothing but lovely realms.

These were realms where inspiring things, ethical ingenuity and marvellous activity took place unceasingly.... These were also spheres where beautiful, as in kind and as in inspirational and motivating and exciting and encouraging and advancing and appealing human-beings are encountered with all their weird little harmless imperfections, and little eccentricities that accompany them.

The thought of a kind and humanized and cultivated world was splendid while it lasted.... However, bearing in mind the overall picture i.e., the contaminated piles of anthropomorphic waste out there, the beautiful realm of my mind's momentary materialization was not reality.

With this despondent realization in mind, for a terse moment I questioned whether all the marvellous work, innovations, victories and inspiring accomplishments however small or grand of those before the ones that exist at this moment in time (of those alive today), were to go to waste? Fact is, the grand takers from the Corporate and Political milieus are getting heavier, greedier, cockier, and more unresponsive to the needs of this world. These mammoth takers and insatiable groups of hoarders have become more potent. And yes, while they are loaded up to their eyebrows with nuclear weapons, and while a small minority of them, these concentrated and consolidate swarms have become ever more restless.


On March 6th, 2012, to my utmost delight something else occurred in close association with the Regeneration File on that day. Entirely unexpectedly, I got to get something that was denied to me previously. And although in and of itself, this latest piece of development is not the deciding factor, it surely will make the task of my observations and a bunch of other things easier though.... In the overall scheme of things, everything helps.

With near certainty, I will actually say that either Agent A or Agent Aundria are behind the latest development as well. I'm leaning more towards Agent A, though. In kind, Professor, do convey to both these brilliant and hard-working Agents my unending appreciation.... They make for an inspiring team.

* * *

In the future, I very much hope that I will have more promising data to add to this segment of this Page. If this project (Case File) works out as I have envisioned it to work, I want everyone to know about this superb breakthrough. In my soul, the list of potential beneficiaries includes even the most miserable and dirtiest of primary Reptilians (aka, the most miserable and dirtiest of foremost elites) wherever these may reside on this magnetic and rotating Oasis in space.


Although far from being even semi-conclusive, even so, can you envision, Professor, the agreeable impact should this project end up being a success!! No doubt it will be lovely and heavenly at once!!

Can one imagine that a combination (the right combination) comprised primarily of superb botanical creations and every bit edible and vastly nutritious too, from A to Z in fact, can have so much power!! How excellent; how amazing that this Earth's supreme green creations but especially Healer Plants, can have such an insightful and profound an outcome in the lives of other species!!!!! In multiple and various ways, plants are the foundation on this Earth; without them, very little would have been. Of course, in terms of organization, the chlorophyll in plants is equivalent to the blood system in animals and to this Earth's waterways and water currents.

What a rich place this Earth is!!! Absolutely, in addition to being an unparalleled scientist, nature is indeed extraordinarily influential, orderly and inspiring, yet humble and least complex at the same time. Too bad the others are not impressed with this stylish Earth's ingenuity.

Absolutely, and most regrettably, there are those (the devious and the meddling) who view nature's brilliant faculty and clever competence as being primitive and unimpressive. Personally, I have come across several of these organisms.... To each his or her own, I suppose.... Please know that I am not judgemental, Professor; I am just curious about their innate condition; that is all, really.....

For now, this is the situation Professor.... Upon closer inspection of this File's unfoldings, instinctively, I have a nagging suspicion that the amalgamation's current format is imperfect. While not entirely sure, nonetheless, I suspect that at this stage it might be that the solution is missing a necessary component for the project's further evolution.

However, I do not believe that anything has gone astray with the formula per se; I am probably missing just one of this nurturing Earth's Healing gifts to its tenants.... What I am short of could be something central in scope; or it could be auxiliary in its role; nevertheless indispensable.

I would hate to abandon this compelling File thinking I was on the wrong path all along, while it may not be the case at all. This is something quite nagging actually.... Such a scenario has been a quite a nightmare for me. Be that as it may, it is my obligation to pursue what I have before me a little longer, I think.... Worst case scenario, and provided the task is doable to its finish, I will have to start all over from the beginning.... And although a daunting task, that is all, really..... Point being, before I seek the input of others (If I can find them), I need to have something more concrete. As such, an additional field expedition to landscapes where Sea Stars reside is a requisite.

In addition, should I be right in my inkling, I hope the missing item is within my reach; naturally of course, first I have to identify it.

All on my own, identifying the supplementary ingredient that I may need for this File's progression will be virtually impossible; it actually will be impossible. There are thousands of plants in my periphery out there, how am I supposed to sift out the right one for this purpose...? And that's only the first hurdle to overcome, albeit a major step. Moreover, what if the secondary botanical (or botanicals, as in plural) I need is not indigenous to my part of the world?


By the way, Professor, as I am writing this little portion, all over the information transmission outlets around the Globe they are talking about horse meat-eating.... How grisly; just by listening, I have been overcome by severe nausea. Literally, the breed is consuming everything (big and small) that moves on this miraculous Earth—even something as gracious as a horse is not spared.

That's not all: Over dinner last night, I had the misfortune of listening to someone (a friend of the kid, of all people, a civilian) bragging about the fact that he had just received some sort of gun licence. And even though I politely hinted that I was not interested in listening to his disgusting subject matter, he wouldn't refrain from expressing his exuberance about his violent possessions.... Apparently (from what he said), he is already the owner of several firearms. That's how twisted, disconnected and violent the gun society's culture is.

Lord, this class of 'people' (the gun society) cannot possibly be Earthly. Plain and simple, the other breed's constituents are innate killers and they kill for fun—factually. Now I have to have a serious talk with the kid on the matter.... I was shocked; really shocked to see that the kid had befriended someone of such low and primordial calibre.... I don't know why this person would have the need to be in possession of some things as violent as guns.... This after all wasn't about an individual in a profession involving security matters, such as police enforcement, for example, where they need to have guns.

To make matters worse for me, this gun enthusiast was a highly-educated someone.... This is a matter very much indicative that the other breed has no boundaries.... The other breed's members are spread out and throughout this Earth's landscapes pretty much evenly, irrespective of socioeconomic, racial, gender, or academic backgrounds—it is all in genetics.....

I must admit that while I was in the mode of observing the gun-lover individual before me, for a miniscule moment, my mind meandered to places I didn't wish it to go.... There I was working so hard in an environment filled with formidable obstacles, and should this project prove to be a triumphant one, this sort of contaminated debris (the other breed) stands to benefit as well.... And although I have no qualms whatsoever with them benefiting, on occasion, though, they get to me. I'm actually perturbed by this, because this File is too lovely (and however theoretical at this time) to allow them to get to me when I put them together.

Yes, discrimination has no place in my world, but, what if, I wonder, after manipulation, the formula has the potential to be in the plutocrats' (the elite takers) interest in a big way? Absolutely, something of this nature would have been at the expense of all others on this riveting Earth.

While my mind was preoccupied with this topic's less appealing themes, but only for a transient moment and only in supposition, something else popped in mind. While I was listening to the gun lover, the little matter regarding the issue of "Species Differentiation Identification" (SDI or simply DI) or something analogous, prominently came to mind.... Without a doubt, the geneticists of the not-so-distant future will have overpowering and intense issues on their plate to deal with.....

At any rate, as soon as that anomalous guest had left, I needed to decontaminate my immediate environment.... Nearly the entire evening and even beyond bed-time I listened to Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor. Listening to it, it was beyond agreeable; it transported my being to the storage of my mind's earliest memories and specifically to the circumstances and place where I had first heard this superb piece of creation. Although not quite clear with regards to the details of this experience, in all probability it must have been during an important event in which this Heavenly composition was permanently imprinted in my being's organization.

If memory serves me well, I wasn't quite 5 years old yet, but at any rate, it had to be while on a Time Travel or Remote Viewing adventure (if such things exist) when I was first introduced to this masterpiece. On that first occasion and while I listened to its evocative resonance, this marvellous and awe-inspiring composition, seemed as if it had transcended me to places beyond the sky of nothing but loveliness.

Second to or parallel to Beethoven's Violin Concerto, unquestionably, for me, this is one of the most arresting classical pieces of music. From the very first time I had listened to it, this supreme composition had left me with a lasting impression so inspirational that there are no words to describe it. It has the same effect on me every time I happen to hear it. While acoustically not quite Earthly, nonetheless, in the grander scheme of things (in the broader Cosmos), no doubt it serves as a persuasive delegate of this gripping Earth's rhythms and spirit. It would be preposterous to think that this Earth is not connected to other Cosmic dimensions.


Obviously, this project is in its theoretical stages, so, the possibility of never advancing beyond this stage is there. Everything has to be considered, this project may not be doable, at all. Fact is, for the past two hundred years others have pursued this project; this is not a new study, just the approach is different. As is, no one yet has even begun to decode the secret to Regeneration and the reason might be no other, other than because this project may not be doable at all.

However, I have to think quite in advance. As pointed, at some point and of course, after additional field study, I may have to take this project to other places. I have a couple of them in mind in which I stand to have less chance of rejection. I have already tried Cuba, but I got nowhere there.

* * * *

And yes, I have come full circle; I concur, without prompt genetic identification (human breed classification) of a different kind, plutocracy's status quo would have remained unchallenged. However, even if such identification was possible, I'm also of the opinion that it is much too late for that. This should have been considered concurrently to the time they were in the design stages of the first nuclear bomb.

It could be environmental too, however and most regrettably, the plutocratic sectors have become not only bolder and more arrogant, but greatly indifferent to the world around them. They have also become greater hoarders. Their insatiability is out of control; they are in a race who amongst the will seize most. As is, they have seized nearly everything. The probability of turning on each other is not only high, it is reasonable to assume that it is assured.

And once again, according to the field work of those in the know, an sudden Global Economic Collapse was impending. As such, not only the suffering would have been propagated faster and more widely than it has since the 2008 economic arrest, but, this time around, it would have been different. In no time at all, most, if not nearly all of this brilliant and life-sustaining Earth's landscapes would have been rendered uninhabitable. Considering that an asteroid and especially a meteor shower hitting the Earth is highly improbable, so then, there is only one other factor capable of rendering this Earth uninhabitable—Thermonuclear War—it is one finger-click away.

As is, the nuclear arms holders have grown exceedingly fidgety; they are actually on edge. Plus, out of thin air and in an instant they can fabricate and stage geopolitical and geostrategic dramas and traumas. As per the current prevailing conditions (economic and geopolitical stresses), it is not difficult to assume that something will erupt. Additionally, by simply having put scenarios in place that are based on realities, many experts in Global affairs from around the Globe are warning that from behind the scenes the Global economic collapse has already been put in motion.

In all-all-all probability, sub-humanity's mega-raiders will use one of their fabricated ploys as an excuse to assault, terrorize and torment this Earth's world. We can only imagine the horror if the world had been hit concurrently with both economic and warfare traumas. However, it wouldn't be any better if this Earth's world had been assaulted with just economic or just strategic punishment....

Traditionally, these two (economic collapse – war) have trailed each other. So, we are being warned by those who have study affairs of this nature that in addition to the immediate trauma, the outcome of such horrific event (the economic and war twin event) will be accompanied with wide and far-reaching consequences—its finale will be indiscriminate.

There however, is a miniscule window of opportunity to avert the design of the human-looking war-makers' and arms-profiteers'; jointly, the design of the primitive predators.... Collectively and before too late, the human citizen from every one of this Globe's corners could easily stop this Earth's mega-subjugators in their tracks.

As is, overwhelmingly, a plethora of evidence suggests that the prevailing Globalists are ready to put their ugly scheme they are engaged in to work full time. The intent is to push great numbers of additional people to insolvency.

By just looking at the economic and environmental conditions around the Planet, common sense then dictates that shortly there will be shortage of every of the essentials. Not necessarily a plutocrat only, nevertheless, unless one was wealthy enough or with water-proof and well-paid employment; for the rest of the Earth's populations food prices alone will be a monumental issue.

Regrettably, but in accordance with those in the know, the 2008 financial crisis was just the appetizer. Economically, the corroding 2008 financial crisis and the cascade of economic stresses that followed, may not have been felt enough for some, or may have been innocuous for some others, but, it is still around. These thoughtful individuals and/or organizations, they say that the 2008 episode is still around and actually active in many of the Globe's jurisdictions. While quite unseen by many (by the well-fed), instead of subsiding, its build-up is progressing. When ready, it will introduce itself, it its ugly face will be seen by everyone. Its heavy and thunderous boots will be felt globally. No escaping it, the misery will be Globe-wide—it will be immense....

Once again, I'm only the writer here. Although nothing secret about this theoretical scenario, in fact it is written everywhere; still, keeping this data all to myself would have been unconscionable. I also know that this material falls under the conspiracy theories column that are floating out there. Well, I cannot do anything about it; it is fine with me—so be it.

* * * * *

PS: March 9, 2013. Dearest Professor, unexpectedly, at dawn today while on a superb excursion I found my being at an astonishingly marvelous location. While there, for a brief moment I was introduced to something so divine and so surprising that upon laying my eyes on it, momentarily it took my breath away, in joy.... This most certainly has been a pristine and defining moment for me and one I longed for, for quite some time.... How splendid; wow, and while still theoretical, after all, I might be on the right path; it seems.

I'm beyond thrilled, Professor... and while not necessarily effortless, my search's navigation stands the chance to be straightforward.

Once more, please convey my unending gratitude to Agent A. His coordination of things and superlative imagination never ceases to amaze me—humble I remain.....

Absolutely, I will pursue the Regeneration File for a while longer—I promise.


(Essay #9)$$$


In Attendance...



While in the summer of 2010 I was away in British Columbia on field research on theRegeneration File, one morning I was on my way to the Capilano Pacific Trail.... And right when I was about to cross the Capilano Road just before the bridge by the Cleveland (dam) water reservoir, by coincidence I came upon a very special funeral.

As I had begun to cross the road I heard the desperate cries of a group of crow birds. This reverberation was not any of their natural sounds I was familiar with.

Instantaneously, their eerie cries caught my attention and I brought myself farther up the road to where the group of birds had gathered together. Right where the community of crows had perched on the tree branches by the side of the road, in the middle of the two-way road laid a baby/young crow.

The ill-fated baby bird had just been hit by a moving car, most likely. And although still warm and flexible, by the time I had reached its location and by the time I had found myself knelt by its side, the little feathered baby had already left this Earth, nonetheless.

Automatically and without any reservations, I picked up the bird's little lifeless body and I transferred it to the side of the road to where an open space existed and I placed the unfortunate youngster at the base of a tree.... Immediately then I moved much farther away, to a higher elevation from where the birds were, and sat there at the base of another tree. From here I had unobstructed view of the location where I had placed the baby bird.

From there, my thoughts had for a short moment traversed somewhere far away, yet to someone so close and to someone dear; this was a feathered baby named "Messenger."

What occurred next will surely follow me for the rest of my journey on this amazing Earth and possibly beyond.... From my location higher up, I observed the congregation of birds to ceremoniously have moved to the trees closer to where I had placed the deceased member of their family.

And while quite in the distance in relation to the birds' location, from my place, I could sense their intense sorrow as they mourned the loss of their youngster. For a long while I could hear them as they in low key vocalized sobbing and whisper-like sounds.

As I witnessed the birds' poignant bearing from afar, for an instant it felt like as if the entity of my soul had left me and had joined in the grieving process of the congregation. Then, without a hint that the assembly of birds would do what they did next was an affair so touching and concurrently so reflective; what took place next is an occurrence that cannot possibly be erased from my memory, irrespective of the passage of time.

The birds' was a move so deliberate and so touching that every time I think of it, instantaneously it transports my being to realms so superb, yet so sad at the same time. It was an affair that has left me with an even more profound sense of the indelible togetherness and of the connecting influences that abound on this magical Earth, and in the greater Cosmos out there, no doubt.

In orchestrated arrangement, each and every one of the birds in that flock, about twenty-five or so of them, left their perching place and flew to a higher ground just a touch higher up the hill from where I was sitting. From there, in absolute silence and gentle slow flying movements, in concert, the entire assembly kind of glided over me and beside my immediate location. Their intended action was both heartrending and inspirational at the same time.

The birds' extraordinary maneuver was a complete surprise to me. During the whole time after I had moved pretty far away from their location, I had thought that they were not aware of my presence, precisely because my position was quite in the distance from where they were. Of course, I couldn't possibly have been any more wrong; indeed, all along they were aware that I was in attendance.

After their sentient salutation to my being, the assembly of birds flew back to where their loved one was situated and in silence perched close together on the trees closest to where the motionless toddler crow bird rested.


(essay 4)


The Reptilians



I will commence this section by first saying that the segments on "The Reptilians" and "Nuclear Weapons in the Care of the Reptilians" are somewhat interchangeable. And secondly I will proceed by adding a short synopsis about the Reptilians' state of being as I have witnessed and as I have understood the workings of the reptilian breed.

Well, things do indeed come 'full circle' sometimes, at least this is how it appears to be in this case and of course not necessarily as per this idiom's absolute meaning.

I must have been no more than five or six years of age when I first thought that this Earth might have been hosting two separate and distinct human species.... There was nothing energizing about this instant thought when it emerged. On the contrary, in accordance with my recollections this compelling thought was sombre and dull and it had occurred while I was in the process of caressing a colt in poignant circumstance.

Because of my young age at the time it was not possible for my being to articulately put in words why I would think that this Earth would be hosting two human species, so I kept it all to myself. Even if I had tried, it would not have been possible to put the image of the two human species in its proper context in spite of the fact that intellectually I was advanced and a kid with the innate ability to perceive things intuitively.

While in childhood, instinctively somehow I was also able to sense people's and other animal's thoughts and I would know of events and worlds I had never been exposed to in real life. I no longer have this gift. Moreover, the works of time travel were part in my realm, and while in childhood I was under the impression that time travel was part of life and part of everyone's existence.

As time progressed though, the thought about the two separate humanities had faded, but not quite. In point of fact that reflection had always stayed dormant in the back of my mind somewhere until of course it was brought to my attention years later once again, but from an entirely different perspective this time around and very much under a dissimilar set of circumstances.

Since I have made mention of other 'realities' it is then only fair to also say here that always and to this day I am someone who is not entirely convinced about the existence of reincarnation. My belief in reincarnation though or rather lack of it means very little with respect to its realism. Conversely, I have always been and to this day am a firm believer in parallel and Angelic worlds with orderly societies and definitely I am resolutely convinced of the soul's existence and of angelic-type people existing on this Planet.

For no apparent reason, since the earlier days of my journey in this miraculous realm I have also been intensely aware of my impermanency on this Earth. Likewise and curiously enough, since a very early age I was also acutely aware that one's time was of immeasurable value while on this Earth's system.

As I grew older, irrefutably I came to consider my time on this Earth as being my most valued possession or alternatively I viewed my time as a decisive investment.... Therefore it was up to me to invest my time on this Earth wisely and efficiently especially considering that without notification at any moment one could and would have been summoned back, wherever that 'back' was. It was perhaps due to the time factor realization that I had been driven to accomplish as much as possible in what I do best and what I love doing best and do so while I had the chance. Having spent as I have most of my time conducting atypical field research primarily in environments of solitude out in nature has been an especially agreeable endeavour for my being. Thus far I had a blast—my adventure on this miraculous Earth was a worthwhile one.

Above all however, I always felt and to this day I still do that the mere fact that I have been afforded the time and the means to journey on this riveting and electrifying Oasis in space with relative ease was both a precious gift and a privilege.

At any rate, I don't quite know what exactly had evoked so instantaneously the thought in my mind that there had to be two types of humans, especially considering my age when I first thought of this subject matter. This image was beyond and above what has been referred to throughout millennia as bad people or as good people.

And while on one hand the thought that a child would be able to formulate an image of two separate and distinct humanities may sound odd, on the other, however, this was perfectly normal because children and some, more than others, are extremely intuitive and like other species are intensely aware of the broader world around them. It was simply the case that little people just don't make mention of this because they assume this applies to everyone else as well. In my case, and although for some the subject of two humanities belonged to philosophers and perhaps theologians too, at the time it had come to be in my thoughts though, it felt perfectly normal and part of reality.

And although with the passage of time the thought that there may have been two human species had subsided dramatically, at the time it had crossed my mind for the first time not even in my wildest imaginings I could have guessed that it would have surfaced yet again and especially in the manner that it had. Indeed, I couldn't possibly have suspected that sometime later on in my life I would be approached with this subject matter, let alone been given a Case File assignment involving the theme of two humanities or this issue's argument for that matter.

Whatever the forces may have been responsible for such enormous subject matter, to this day they have remained unknown to me. Fact was though, the idea of two humanities had popped out of the blue and had been shaped and formulated in the mind of a contented, much loved and highly protected and a healthy tiny little person. I do however know that it had not been due to philosophical or imaginary fancy. Many moons, in fact many years have passed ever since that occurrence but when I think of it once in a blue moon that is, I discover that that particular imagery has stayed vividly in my memory and in fact as if it had taken place a short while ago.

That distant incident of my childhood when the imagery of two humanities came to mind, intimately involved a stunningly beautiful, gregarious and a highly expressive colt of about four months old. For approximately 3 weeks just prior to that time that playful colt had been my playmate. Under the watchful eye of his grazing mother we would run in the open fields and in the freedom of the soft wind endlessly without a worry in the world and until the baby horse would return to his mother for milk.

Strictly out of pure and medieval malice and/or out of uncontrolled jealousy one day or rather during the day-break hours of one day a hideous someone with an iron crowbar intentionally broke the leg of that colt just about above the knee. This was the first time I had been subjected to a subhuman act and that deed felt particularly foreign and non-human. It felt non-human and of unknown origin not only because it was so unjust and so barbaric and so primitive, but because everything suggested that it was not part of the innate make-up of a standard human.

Yea sure, we are all brothers and sisters and we are all the descendants of Adam and Eve and of course it is all the fault of the apple and the snake too for all of humanity's incongruities. What an incredibly misleading yet well-established myth the Garden of Eden has been.... If not for the fact that this highly revered tale was skewing the fundamental issue in connection with the theme 'evil versus good,' on its imaginary merits alone would have been fascinating.

No, it cannot be that we are not all united in brotherhood and/or sisterhood. I surely would not have wanted to be related to a violent killer or to someone who is a war-maker or with any of those who cheers for war and their kinds for that matter. It is not possible for these types to be human although they bear a great deal of the tangible and of the intangible of human characteristics.

And come to think of it, this religiously-derived myth (the Adam and Eve and the snake and the apple tale) has been so successfully perpetuated for such a long time against the observable reality. No wonder why the multitude of human related skulduggeries persist and have thrived over millennia, or rather since the conscience-deprived reptilians had invaded this Earth and had deceived and swindled the conscience-enriched (the original) people of this Earth. To each his own I suppose....

* * *

Ohh, my dearest Professor, I have never made mention of this heart-rending episode to You before, but I remember it as if it had taken place yesterday. While the colt's mother was trying to comfort her baby son as best as she could and while I was gently caressing that unfortunate pony before it met its ultimate fate, I could clearly see and intensely feel his physical pain and emotional sorrow. As we exchanged eye contact, I swear that I saw the colt's eyes first to have clouded by moisture and then I saw tears rolling down the colt's eyes. I could also experience the extreme grief that had settled all over the mother's face.... This previously graceful and proud vegetarian mother had at this time been overwhelmed with intense sadness and helplessness. The most the mare mother could do was to try to coax her colt to have some of her milk.

So much for those ultra-selfishly and intellectually inferior from a certain species who have the audacity to assert that horses and animals in general have no emotions. But of course, one cannot expect any differently from the reptilian others.

And so it was, as I stood before the gravely injured colt and before his emotionally devastated mother who was trying hard to nurse it, right there and then in silence I had vowed that one day once I had grown up I was going to explore whether there was some truth to the thought that had just traversed though my mind. This of course was the thought about the possibility that the human species actually consisted of two dissimilar and altogether two separate human breeds....

Despite the two breeds' similarities, there had to be a fundamental factor somewhere in their makeup to account for their cosmic and simultaneous dissimilarities. In all probability, the two breed's elusive yet obvious variance had nothing to do with the well-known and universal phrase 'good versus evil' in the way it had been interpreted through the ages.


The reptilians of my references throughout this page are not to be confused with this Earth's native reptilian species such as turtles, lizards and so on and so forth. The reptilians I make reference to are in my opinion not quite native to this Planet. These are the distant offspring of anthropomorphic reptilians. If one is to observe closely enough, one will come to the conclusion that the earlier reptilians had raided and colonized this Earth sometime in the distant past.

The world of this Earth has found itself in the 21st century and the descendants (the progeny) of the humanoid reptilian army who had first invaded and colonized this Earth, still hasn't been able to shed their instinct, temptation or habit synonymous with raiding, taking, reaping and occupying.

Moreover, an overabundance and mass of unmistakable data suggests that the humanoid reptilians are found everywhere and evenly amongst the human settlements irrespective of one's socio-economic, gender, colour, race, age, size, academic, ethnic or religious status.

Albeit entirely theoretical a subject matter at this time, nonetheless, at closer examination everything suggests that the humanoid ancestor reptilians were compatible in terms of reproduction with the native and authentic human species of this Earth. And as noted, although the reptilians' genetic code appears to be identical to that of the standard human species and it is, rather extensively, that however is misleading.


At this intersection in time and largely because of the Environmental quandary and overpopulation, things didn't quite appear to be particularly favourable for the world of this Earth. Nor did the promised change, especially the socio-economic change was anywhere in the horizon. On the contrary, the primary elites (the 1%) blatantly were creating conditions where it allowed them to reap and take and seize from the rest of the world. And when time appeared to be a little sketchy for them in terms of accountability, they would engage the world in dehumanizing wars over and over and again and again in spite of the fact that these pathological and primitive charlatans would make use of the world peace freely. They have done this throughout the eons.

For valid and solid reasons a great number of the population suspected that the elites had a sinister agenda even though they had promised that things would have been much better for the world of the 21st century. Taking cues from the Primary Chiefs' demeanour and it was evident that these organisms were itching for colossal discord and in fact they had engaged in manoeuvres that would have led to massive conflict.... These people were ready to plunge this Earth's world throughout into an unforgiving Global war.

Humanity's contemporary Chiefs and I am referring to those from humanity's affluent jurisdictions and the well-versed in this case, like the ones before them behave no differently than primitive Tribal Chiefs. This is not to say that humanity's less affluent are any better roses. On the contrary, given the opportunity they too would have expressed themselves identically and they do in fact express themselves as hideously and as inhumanely as possible whenever possible.

The fact however that the primary Chiefs of the 21st century world and a number of their well-fed puppets were the self-righteous owners of nuclear bombs, this then would have been a war like no other. The much awaited and promised change therefore was not only a necessity, it was a prerequisite but, would it have come in time, though?

However, chances were that without the discovery of the innate difference that distinguishes the two types of humanity (the inhumane versus humane), not only the much awaited change would not have been allowed to embrace this world but things were to get worse. Indeed, not only would the awaited change have been held back indefinitely as it had been in point of fact, but everything was sturdily suggestive that the safety of this Earth's Genesis and the protection of its sanctuary (this Earth) as well were at grave and imminent risk. But alas, where exactly does this fundamental inborn dissimilarity rest in the organization of its host?

To Be Continued....

(essay 3)

Colonization: Globalization
and modern-day

What do these 3 headings have in common? ...None other than the generational Elites (the affluent and influential), the well-fed and the well-connected (exceptions aside), of course. In other words, they are tightly interwoven with the primary Reptilians...

More to come....