Green Diamonds - Twin Earths

Cover Description...

The reader of this account will be privy to an urgent summons; to the workings of time travel; and to a potent incident in the making involving astonishing implications.

One is also closely acquainted with two intoxicating but clashing individuals of opposite genders while they interact forcefully in a dynamic realm.

But alas, while an appealing and engaging individual, nevertheless, he comes from the world where money, influence and power reigns—he is a large scale industrialist, a potent capitalist and a committed plutocrat.

While alluring, she on the other hand is a resolute environmentalist and an unwavering advocate for animal rights and socioeconomic justice. She is also an atypical ecological field explorer—she couldn't possibly have more disdain for the elitist (plutocratic) society.

Rumor had it that these two individuals shared a comparable beginning and in fact they were not strangers to each other at all.... Nevertheless, be it by arrangement or chance, the course of their journey on this electrifying Earth couldn't possibly have taken them to more opposing directions.

Under different conditions and of course for the obvious reasons, given the opportunity these two people probably would have attempted to eradicate each other.... However, despite their diametrically opposed ideologies, since the moment they had set foot on this planet, their beings have been intimately and steadily entwined together by forces beyond their control.

Despite their irreconcilable differences these two people have one pressing and overriding item in common. Above and beyond the Environmental disaster in the making, the sizzling matter couldn't possibly be more urgent.... The urgent matter involves humanity's vast piles of ultra-evil creations and especially its piles of nuclear weapons in the care of human-resembling persons.  

It was not easily apparent why the incisive Board of Directors of an awe-inspiring Agency in incognito would want this terribly incompatible pair to come together. However, their repeated encounters couldn't possibly be without the involvement of time travel or without its elaborate reality reserved only for the experience of a handful....

Absolutely, theirs is not an accidental encounter. If anything, these two people are diligently sought out and are summoned to this compelling sphere for a cause of paramount importance.... Apparently, the stakes couldn't possibly be higher.

This is also a jurisdiction where more often than not instant attraction rules. As well, this is a sphere of influence where temptation is virtually impossible to resist and where dangerous love affairs are inevitable—in fact they are predestined....

Green Diamonds:

Twin Earths

by Nina B. Bode

For the Professor and Her Special Team

with infinite gratitude

List of Contents

    Part One:

  1. The promise.....
  2. One month later.....
  3. Special Summons to the Agency.....
  4. Essay to the Professor.....
  5. Humanity's Energy from the Future.....
  6. The Roof.....
  7. The Plan.....
  8. Several years later.....
  9. Spin of events.....
  10. Pebble Shore.....
  11. Part Two:

  12. The Submarine Alliance.....
  13. The perils of hair condition.....
  14. Rehabilitation Formula.....
  15. City of Trieste by the Adriatic Sea.....
  16. The Thistle Meadow.....
  17. South Africa.....
  18. --The Formulas.....
  19. --Events from the Future.....
  20. --Conspiracy to thoroughly bankrupt the Blue Earth's world both socio-economically and ecologically.....
  21. --The missing segment.....
  22. --Rendezvous.....
  23. --12 Years Later.....

Green Diamonds:

Twin Earths


For a terse moment, perhaps longer, the reader of this story will be navigated to a Realm somewhere between the Twin Earths (the Aqua and its Twin -- the Blue). This is a jurisdiction where fascinating personalities come together with an array of agendas encompassing all sorts of superb plans, solutions and proposals.

However, at the precise era when humanity's barbarous constituent had arrived at its definite conclusion to totally devastate the Planet it inhabits, a High Commission (a Panel) has urgently assembled at this unique Zone. The High Commission is comprised of disciplined Emissaries with one of them being a shrewd and highly perceptive Professor....

With the exception of the astute Professor, the other Emissaries have arrived at this superb location from a number of prominent jurisdictions. The distinguished Ambassadors have assembled here to attend to a matter in need of immediate attention. At this pivotal meeting, the Panel's mandate is to comprehensively debate on how best to make an amendment involving facets of an intriguing and demanding Case File long in the making.

The core issue of the challenging file responsible for bringing the insightful Commissioners together at this occasion was a complex one.... It explicitly dealt with an elaborate blueprint for a rescue plan involving the battered ecosystems of the Blue Earth.

Although the High Assembly had hoped for humanity's collective common sense to have by now prevailed on the sizzling issue that so intimately involved its world in a withering mode, it wasn't the case at all.... The Commissioners couldn't possibly have been more disappointed with the twin Earth's poignant image before them.... This was a planet about to become desolate.

And while puzzling, fact was; profuse gluttony, incomprehensible indifference and rampant selfishness had trumped common sense all through the human settlements on the lovely but sad Planet. Any differently, even at this late point in time, easily could and would have permitted for the Planet's environmental restoration; regrettably, there were no clues anywhere indicating that humanity was about to change course. Instead, throughout and across its various spheres the battered Planet was being rapidly, violently and cruelly ravaged by the human kind element—literally.

In accordance with the unmistakable data set before the High Board, much needed common-sense wasn't anywhere near the horizon.... To the High Panel's absolute dismay, that was so, despite the extraordinary efforts and resolute commitment of the handful of Earth defenders committed to safeguard the Blue Earth.

Indeed, much to the Commissioner's regret, the hard work of these committed environmental champions had gone in vain. These daring Earth-defenders had not been supported by the majority of humanity.... If anything; these courageous Environmental supporters were instead being persecuted, were being belittled and were being called all kinds of names with derogatory connotations attached to them. As per the evidence before the High Commission, the majority of humanity seemed to have gone insane, or else it belonged to the raider reptilian breed the Executive Commissioners were all too familiar with.....

Could the shrewd Commissioners have succeeded in averting the catastrophe in the making though, or was it much too late? Could they have prevented the looter primitives from blowing up into pieces and/or entirely contaminating the radiant Planet the Commissioners had been authorized to protect? What was really in store for the miraculous Earth and its superb life forms, especially at a time when selfishly and avariciously the human-looking energy barons had engaged in fracking the magnetic Earth with unimaginable rapidity?

Was it the High Panel's intent to identify the raider element amidst humanity for what it was or did it have something else in mind altogether for humanity's reptilian constituent? In time, could those amidst humanity with high levels of the reptilian factor in their intrinsic makeup have reformed all on their own?

At this point in time, was the rapacious activity of fracking the Earth more treacherous than the predator breed's piles of nuclear weapons or were the two of them lined up to play a savage role in concert?

Either case, the outcome was not promising at all. Consequently, and for the obvious reasons of course, it was requisite for the Emissaries to take prompt action. They had to do their best in an effort to take hold of the poignant situation on the Blue Planet. No question about it, the Twin Earth and its Genesis were in imminent and extreme danger.... The cunning raider breed had formed the majority.... Simply, normal humanity couldn't possibly have changed the marauder breed's status quo; even if its members had not been demoralized to the extreme degree that they had been since the economic and financial attack of 2008.

However, the 2008 financial and Globe-wide economic assault was only the beginning of plutocracy's end game. Plutocracy's formidable leadership and plutocracy's system were firmly in place—total subjugation of their victims was their aim. The audacious few amidst standard humanity who had capriciously withstood and had defied the subjugator's ugly fury and profuse coldness could not possibly have made a dent—these spirited few had been outnumbered—the ultimate reorganization of things was in close proximity, it seemed.....  

And so it was and most regrettably; due to the speedy desecration of the Planet's biodiversity, due to the disturbance of the Planet's meteorological order and due to the large-scale damage to the Planet's all-encompassing structure of scope beyond belief, prompt action on the part of the Commissioners was an absolute must.... Cooperatively, the Panel's members in attendance at this meeting had understood that they had to move swiftly. Right through the beautiful Twin Globe, the leading plutocrats (the foremost elites) with intent were prepared to cause unimaginable and unprecedented damage....

Especially sad was the fact that the radiant Planet's most precious resource—water, was being deliberately poisoned with unadulterated vengeance by the members of the gluttonous/raider breed.... In fact, the raider breed's leadership had encouraged and had obliged the entirety of humanity (from both the human and sub-human breeds) to partake in this filthy and wretched crime.  

All carefully measured, and for the obvious reasons of course, extraordinary measures had to be considered by the judicious and prominent Commission—the withered twin Planet and its native Genesis were in need of unconditional intervention.

However, above all other issues of a pressing nature before the High Panel, it was the caustic matter of humanity's nuclear armaments and the subjugator breed's gas and petroleum fracking activity that had stood out above all others. Indeed, it was these two menaces, but especially their blending that was prominently occupying the mind of each and every one of the High Commission's members....

Indeed, at this juncture in time, and most regrettably, it was humanity's piles of nuclear weapons in the control of primordial persons that complicated matters. However, at this point in time, it was the amalgamation of humanity's nuclear armaments with the international energy cartels' fracking activity that presented the Twin Earth's world with immediate danger. Of course, without their immoral and corrupt facilitators' resolute support, the energy cartels' madness in all probability would have been contained. As for the nuclear armaments abomination, this matter was permanent; the nuclear arms holders were not about to free the world of this remorseless hazard.

Of course, not that the rest of the precarious Environmental issue already on the loose was any less of a destructive force or a matter of less importance, on the contrary, it was of paramount consideration. Fact was though and a matter that couldn't possibly have been overstated, it was humanity's piles of nuclear weapons in the company of fracking the Earth that posed instant and imminent danger—time was of extreme essence therefore.

While the environmental impairment was a poly-dimensional one, its climate change factor was the most critical aspect. Amongst other disquieting issues as a direct result of climate change and extreme meteorological abnormalities, unruly behaviour and extreme selfishness would have been inevitable across the board. Fierce and disruptive violent aggression between nations and individuals for the control of the Miraculous Planet's vital natural resources such as water for one would have been brutal. Combining this unavoidable scenario in the making with humanity's vast unemployment and with humanity's out of control birth rate (over-breeding activity), the problem was getting exponentially larger.

Adding to this volatile mixture the oligarchs' overconfidence and their underhanded schemes in progress and also humanity's already mammoth number, the outcome on the Blue Earth was particularly perilous without having to add any further stresses.

Absolutely, the environmental calamity in the making that included fracking the Earth, in the company of humanity's nuclear arsenals, extreme human overpopulation and the Plutocrats' audacity was a dreadful mixture. These four incompatible forces should never have been permitted to come together. Despite their intense incompatibility, in thunderous confluence these four overpowering forces were proceeding with unimaginable velocity and were prepared to batter and weaken ferociously all those in their way.

Each in their own right, all four of these uncooperative forces were fearsome. However and irrespective of life's resilience, being in the midst of the environmental catastrophe or being constantly under the threat of nuclear weapons, neither the twin Earth nor its Genesis stood a chance. For different reasons and each one of gigantic proportions in scope, these two anti-life mega forces were equally unforgiving—while one of them had already been unleashed, the other, its terrifying ally was restless in waiting.

Each in their own individual class of danger, either one of these was capable of turning the Planet's landscapes into barren and sad places with only stagnant and contaminated pools of lifeless water. However, merging these two menaces (as the case was), the problem was getting larger and was proceeding ominously faster.... The severe environmental destruction and the hideous nuclear armament themes were forcefully and firmly entwined—these two had formed a formidable alliance—the Twin Earth's world was in trouble.

There were no provisions in place to disperse these two factual and active menaces. Instead of categorically making unconditional demands on the Environmental and on the nuclear weapons issues, the middle classes either remained mute or made ineffective protests....

Humanity's crowds from its various middle class layers, both those who wanted to spare the world from the oligarchs' indifference and those who had waived their good sense, had missed all of the signs that spelled danger in big capital letters. These two groups had been gridlocked in on these two compelling and deciding issues.

In terms of their foremost responsibility, these two large factions were in point of fact kicking the can down the road.... This was so, despite the fact that environmentally the Earth was being choked. Likewise, these two large crowds were good at pointing the finger at each other while radiation poisoning was in waiting and at the first opportunity was ready to either devour or severely punish everything in its way.

In reality, the constituents of these two large groups were bad stewards Although it was their calling, nonetheless, they had failed to safeguard the miraculous Earth. For the reason that they were a tiny minority, those who had genuinely tried to institute change and instill logic couldn't possibly have made a difference; besides, a number of them in futility had resigned from even attempting.  

While these two extra large forces, the pro-environment and the anti-environment from humanity's masses were bickering with each other, something else was happening.... In an utter disconnect from reality, the giant corporate lords and their facilitators (the Globe's prominent policy-makers), along with the dominant war-makers who could have made a difference in an instant were mocking the world. Instead of putting forward effective and practical solutions, humanity's ultra-affluent populations were humiliating, terrorizing, tormenting and belittling the Twin Earth's world.

In effect, plutocracy's crowds were stealing from everyone and were thriving on the suffering of others. Worse yet, the elites were deliberately poisoning everyone's shared home and were rapidly impoverishing and weakening the world right through. Humanity's super elites were infatuated with their piles of nuclear weapons and had stayed indifferent to the Environmental crime in progress. Their persistence in keeping the status quo on something as serious as these two matters was inexplicable. However, that was not all the members of the ultra elite crowds were preoccupied with; these people had additional plans in mind for the world—even more iniquitous and more sinister.

Absolutely, the severe environmental destruction and the hideous nuclear armament themes were forces to be reckoned with. These two accidental allies weren't going anywhere. If in as little one made a suggestion to free the world of humanity's ugly nuclear weapons, the nuclear owners would go hysterical. In fact, time and again they had threatened the miraculous Earth's world that they would take the world to war if others thought of being nuclear powers. Time and again the existing nuclear arms owners had threatened that they will not hesitate to make use of their nuclear weapons and they meant it—time therefore was of essence on a number of frontiers for the caring Commissioners.

Based on the urgency of the High Commission's meeting, a great deal suggested that a nuclear war on the already assaulted Planet was impending. As if the Environmental insolvency wasn't punishing enough, apparently, the nuclear arms holders and company -- the others, had gone entirely restless.

Upon its deliberation, the High Assembly unanimously determines that there is not much room left for additional debate on the demanding twofold issue at hand.... The all too serious matter had already reached the tipping point; the necessary amendment was therefore a matter in need of immediate attendance. Nonetheless, in this get-together, before passing their amended directive to the Special Team in waiting, the members of the distinguished High Panel carefully reflected on what course of action to take in order to speed up the Plan's overall process.

The dynamic workforce assigned to the Case's electrifying mega-project already had gone out of its way in search of a means with which to best put the plan of such enormous magnitude into motion and turn it into an operation of optimum procedures.

Could the distinguished Emissaries have succeeded in turning back the fast approaching and perilous tide, though? Could they have in time convinced the predatory and disrespectful breed's crowd and especially its elite faction to modify its unbecoming behaviour before it had destroyed something so beautiful and as precious as the miraculous Planet?

While humanity's plutocrats existed in their bubble of record voraciousness and while they went about in unresponsiveness to the perilous conditions on the Planet, precious time had been lost. While the members of the elite society were occupied with their lavish lifestyles the already fragile situation was being worsened. While the elite oligarchs were busy with stockpiling and hoarding the Earth's riches and while the poor were breeding out of control, the twin Earth had been pushed to the edge of annihilation.

With just one look around and one could see that the generous and life giving Earth had been humiliated. No doubt about it, its Genesis had been punished and belittled incessantly by an ungrateful parasitic being not indigenous to the beautiful Planet. While on one hand not all of humanity's socioeconomic layers were incorrigible takers, on the other hand however, the entirety of humanity's plutocracy operated no differently than the most proficient parasite—plutocracy meant business—the Emissaries had a difficult task ahead of them.

Despite the Special Team's expertises and unconditional devotion to the project, could the Emissaries have succeeded in persuading and swaying the minds of Plutocracy's leading facilitators to change their course of direction? What about the others, plutocracy's support staff from plutocracy's lower ranks, could these have disobeyed their plutocratic lords? Could the indifferent, the selfish, the cowards and the climate change deniers from each and every one of humanity's socioeconomic or academic ranks have been persuaded to look square on at the mega crime they were participants in?

All on their own, could the raider crowds have understood that they didn't have the right to abuse or contaminate the Earth they were sharing with myriads of others? Could these populations have been made to realize that they had no right to torment or eradicate something as extravagant as the ill-treated Planet's array of superb creations?

When push came to shove, and considering that a precious cargo was riding on her back, instead of getting mad or despondent, could the Earth, this gracious lady herself have decided to become even with her major menace? The plutocrats after all had proven to be innately irredeemable and in no uncertain terms they had made it clear that they were to defend their savage system in place even if it meant the world's total destruction.

Albeit theirs was a breed with an array of the reptilian characteristics in its makeup, still, it was not certain whether plutocracy's crowds were totally incapable of seeing their system for the wretched being that it was. No matter how one was to go about it, fact was, at this intersection in time the plutocrats' master system and all of its major branches were not sustainable, hence the rapid unfolding of the overwhelming and horrifying conditions on the battered planet. In view of this, the Emissaries had to expedite a number of the Project's facets.  

While at this gathering, and of course along with a number of other considerations in direct relation to the compelling Case at hand, the High Commission scanned in depth a stack of personalized files of special interest. By doing so, the Commissioners' intent was to examine and explore the thoughts and works of outstanding persons from the Blue Planet. They especially scrutinized the absorbing files of several individuals.

First, the insightful and judicious Commissioners began with the file of a conscientious and powerfully effective capitalist with the ability to make a difference on an impressive scale. Then, they studied the file of an elegant field researcher of primordial aquatic life forms who worked rather inconspicuously.... This researcher also happened to be a resolute environmentalist and someone with the capacity to captivate emotions.

In due course: Along with a number of other dossiers of special consideration, the High Panel went over the personal file of a composed intellectual.... In addition to being charismatic and handsome, this particular individual had enormous passion for socio-economic justice. He was also a tireless advocate of animal and ecological rights.

Moreover: The High Assembly deemed it necessary to re-evaluate the personal file of Aundria. Aundria is someone immensely special and rare, and someone who is closely linked to this Case File roughly from its inception.... Aundria has a reputation of being an individual with a flawless record as an information gathering Agent.....

Further to her twofold assignment in this Case File, Aundria definitely is and always has been the right hand of the Professor.... This stunningly attractive Agent is also the loyal and long time friend of both A and Margaret-Alexa. As part of her assignment in this persuasive Case File, the capitalist's activities couldn't possibly have escaped Aundria's discreet scrutiny. 

A is a highly competent and an exceedingly resourceful undercover Agent. A's foremost role in this gripping File is to assist Alexa. A is to organize and synchronize and make things happen for Alexa without her ever suspecting a thing for as long as necessary.....

The stern Professor is one of the leading negotiators amongst a handful of others involved in the uppermost sensitive affairs of this persuasive and elaborate Case File.

The Professor is personally acquainted with both the capitalist and the environmentalist. In fact, the latter had been the Professor's treasured protégé.... It seems that the shrewd and insightful Professor projected everything in advance about this Case File.

Despite its location, and in spite of the fact that this (the Comissioner's gathering place) was a delightfully serene and orderly site, still, this remarkably distinct Zone at the edge of the twin Earths was very much animated with stirring characteristics. It was not a wonder why it had been selected nor had this lovely location had been picked randomly for the Commission's members to assemble. Too bad this meeting had been for such a troubling event at this time....

Although an undisclosed location, indisputably, this was the most suitable jurisdiction for the headquarters of an extraordinary Agency. This was the place where matters of extreme importance were debated. Indeed, this was a place where Files involving sensitive affairs were being assessed on a frequent basis.

A great deal of these Files carried enormous consequences.... As such therefore, they were being assessed under the principles of impartiality and absolute civility by an assembly comprised of astute and special Emissaries from a couple of systems. However, since the regrettable incident involving the Twin Earths' older sister Planet and the barbarians (the reptilians), none of the Files carried more weight than the one before the Commissioners at this time.

This unique district however, was not necessarily a place where composure and ethics reigned all on their own.... To a significant extent, this was as much a locality of intense and remarkable interaction. Absolutely, this was a jurisdiction where temptation, conscience, wealth, betrayal, power, alliances, attraction, deception, compassion, remorseless greed, malice, connection, love, affection and devotion, resentment, intrigue, passion, suspicion and special communication would sporadically intermingle in inseparable and interesting ways.

It was believed that whoever was fortunate enough to unlock the secret entry of a magnificent and only one of its kind pathway, such an individual was a privileged someone.....

While somewhat simplistic in its beginning, nevertheless, the inviting pathway led straight to the tangible and neutral Sphere amidst the Twin Earths and where the Headquarters of the impartial Organization was located.... This of course, was the very location where the meeting of the High Panel was taking place. Legend had it that only those individuals with a particular characteristic about them could possibly have access to this rather restricted Zone.

Anyone amidst the auspicious group of humans with the special and distinctive feature about them could have been summoned to this magnetic and hospitable landscape, usually when least expected. Absolutely, such an individual was someone with his/her RNA genetic-code wholly intact.... With near certainty, such a person was accompanied with the entire line of the human ingredients native in nature to the Blue Twin Earth.

Although willing participants, it was in the middle of this spectacular Domain between the Twin Earths where by mysterious and inexplicable means the central characters of this account were drawn together ever so powerfully by forces beyond their control.


Extended Introduction...

As was mentioned in the cover description, the reader of this account will be privy to an urgent summons about a potent incident that amongst other things involves the riveting works of Time Travel. More specifically, the summons deals with a Global episode in the making carrying astonishing implications.

Certainly; at first glance a great deal suggests that this is a creation involving creative writing, however, this book's account represents a great deal more.... It may entail unreservedly real scenarios worth celebrating, and/or its narrative may involve poignant states of affairs with unfavourable consequences in the extreme.... Its compelling events take place at an especially troubling intersection in time.

The idea to create this section was planted after I had completed the manuscript of Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration. It came about while observing Plutocracy's unresponsiveness to the foremost causes responsible for the ghastly and poignant situation in rapid progression that the Genesis of this miraculous Earth is exposed to unremittingly. I thought the telling was utterly merited—hence the reason for the Extended Introduction.....

And so it is, accessible only via Time Travel, for starters, the reader of this account will be 'transported' to an enticing realm where dainty mist dissipates in haunting movements and where reality, the future, and fiction intermingle in gripping and unforgettable settings.

* *

A duo (2 well-suited partners) of skilful and adventurous explorers is summoned to appear before an assembly of insightful and high-ranking Emissaries. The specific location where the meeting is held is aboard the Submarine Alliance.

The explorers are told to immediately defer their current mission because they have been consigned elsewhere. Their new assignment involves a sensitive and challenging endeavour involving a magnetic and loveliest of Planets.... The magnetic Planet (the Blue Twin Earth) is under enormous distress—it is under relentless attack....

The Planet's Genesis all the way through its various ecosystems is under unremitting harassment—cruel and sadistic in nature. As of late, the life-giving and life-sustaining Planet's foundation and all-encompassing structural arrangement including its indispensable ozone layer were being ripped apart. The two explorers are to work in conjunction with a specialized and commanding team.

The Special Team consists of a large delegation.... Most of its members go about undercover. The Special Team has already been dispatched to the Blue Twin Earth and its highly disciplined members are strategically dispersed throughout the Orb's various jurisdictions. While in waiting for further instructions from the Agency, the Team's members are busy observing and/or planning.

No question about it and most regrettably, the magnetic Twin Earth's faultless and eons-old systems in place are under callous and unrelenting assault.... With no signs of easing they have already been inflicted with serious damage both ecologically and structurally.... The aggressive and violent damage is in progress. The once pristine Planet is in imminent danger of being turned into a barren landscape; at best, it will end up with only lifeless pools of stagnant water—literally.

* * * *

The initial phase of the crime of sheer brutality has been committed at a rather slow pace. However, the crime is ongoing and has now been deliberately escalated and has branched out at a shockingly fast pace. The hideous crime is being carried out with absolute and unadulterated malice....

In addition to being gross, truly disgusting and irredeemable, the constituents of the offending group responsible for the unsightly damage (for the gigantic crime) may have undergone a complex and unforeseen mutation somewhere in their innate configurations. The offending breed had gone backwards in evolution. While seemingly coherent—the offending organism may also have been afflicted by a discrete strain of madness.

* * * * * * * *

The generous Planet had been infected throughout with creations of anti-life pollution of the most brutal, most wicked and most hideous kinds imaginable, or unimaginable for a standard human being. The creators of these wicked creations bragged about how ingenious they were.

The culprit element belonged to a particular breed of a single species. The ungrateful offender either bears a particular component in its innate code not indigenous to the battered Planet or else it is devoid of the most crucial element in its makeup.

The decisive and superb element is responsible for a number of crucial functions.... The precious ingredient distinguishes a human from a human imposter—above all other duties, it governs the thoughts and actions of its host....

To begin with, similar to the most potent parasites, the dissolute breed in this case couldn't have evolved; at least not all on its own. As it was, not only had it managed to maintain its primitive predatory genetic code it had inherited from its raider forefathers, unfortunately, there was more to its brutal inborn condition.

Due to a dominant factor most likely involving mutation in its RNA code all as a result of its anti-life creations, the breed was regressing exponentially. At various degrees, the breed's constituents were becoming more potent and greedier.... Blatantly, the breed had become overconfident, more insensitive and was expressing its true self on a more frequent basis.

This said about the breed's regression, one must be mindful not to interpret this as such, literally. In other words, one may look at the breed's expansion of its true self not necessarily as regression, but rather as evolution in regress. Simply, it may be the case that it has enriched its genetic code in association with its character's temperament and/or moral fibre no differently than if a poisonous plant would have had through time doubled its toxicity, for example. We know for a fact that as time progresses, plutocracy's overwhelming  number of members express less and less of the vital element in association with social, ethical or corporate conscience.... Regardless of its members' socioeconomic or academic backgrounds, this group of people has no social conscience—even less an ethical one.....

No doubt, the members of the Special Team along with the two explorers and supplementary support had a great deal to contend with. Topographically alone, the task was overwhelming. The challenger was everywhere on the withered Planet—the adversary was ultra- potent.

Although the offending breed could have been dealt with nicely in an instant (so to speak), still, the Special Team was under strict orders to follow protocol. SVI (Species Variation Identification) was off limits at this point in time.


One of the explorers is to leave immediately for the battered Blue Planet and is to be stationed there for the entire duration of this adventure. The other explorer is to follow in a while. And although the two explorers courteously but rather adamantly protested about an aspect of the difficult assignment before them, still, it was to no avail...

There was more: As if the pair's temporary separation was not upsetting enough, the explorers understood that once they had arrived at the Planet while under impending risk, they had to start from ground zero. As a result therefore, it was understandable that they would have great reservations. The two teammates would have preferred to arrive on the battered Planet together.

To the explorers' disappointment, the High Panel never discloses any hints as to why it was important for the 2 explorers to arrive at their new assignment's destination separately and at different times. One assumes the reason will become obvious at a later time. However reasonable a thought, still, it wasn't enough to sufficiently lift the explorers' worries.

Whether or not the explorers had a justifiable reason to worry about the time differentiation factor was rather academic at this point; the matter had been settled; they were to arrive at the abused Planet at different times. Under any other circumstances, they would have no great reason for apprehension, perhaps. However, considering what was expected of them once on the battered planet, their minds couldn't help but wondering.

For the explorers the situation at hand wasn't all that clear. Although the Emissaries knew precisely how things were to unfold and in what order, for the explorers however, it was a different story. Fact was, it wasn't possible at all at this point to project what was in waiting for them once they had been at their new post. It was natural then that they would be troubled with unpleasant and unforeseen scenarios and one in particular. Truth was, what was circulating in the explorers' thoughts most prominently at this moment wasn't exactly appealing; it wasn't in the least comfortable for either one, actually.

Point was: Once at their newest assignment's destination, it wasn't guaranteed when they will unite, if they would unite at all. The possibility that these two partners might run into difficulty coming across one another was very real.... After all, this was a relatively large place with diverse landscapes and with pitfalls every step of the way.

However projective a scenario might have been at this point, truth was, the odds of coming together at the assigned place were not just sketchy for the explorers at this point in time, they were in fact against them. Unless they were to find themselves in the same locality, the odds were 50/50 at best for the two to bump onto each other while on this adventure.... Alas, what if they had landed on different continents? Even after an exhausting search, it is doubtful it would have happened. So, the possibility of spending the entire journey on the Blue Earth in search of one another without ever crossing paths was difficult to swallow for the two soul-mates.

Even at the most optimistic settings as they went about in their own individual corners, brought the explorers no comfort. The unknown had turned itself into an instrument of torture for these two in this case. These two pals and close colleagues didn't wish to be separated, especially not for an entire life-time and they had made this clear.

The nagging thought of passing a lifetime separate yet so close by to each other, was such that it blanketed the explorers' whole beings in gloom.... Upon reflection of such an inauspicious likelihood, it was enough to fill their souls with swarming and silent sadness—fate after all was known to be cruel on occasion.


Despite the explorers' objections about their temporary separation and regardless of their disquiet predicament, there was very little to be done about it.... The assembly of shrewd Emissaries was not about to yield to the explorers' reservations on the matter, however reasonable their protests were.

If not for this little hitch with the potential to keep them apart from each other for an entire lifetime, the explorers would have jumped on the idea of finding themselves on the beautiful Blue Planet. However, bearing in mind the seriousness of the assignment and considering that they had been sought out for this assignment by high ranking superiors (by the Emissaries themselves), their anxiety may have been for nothing.

Really, in view of the circumstances by which they were about to be expedited on the Blue Twin, what were the odds that the two explorers wouldn't have united once both were at their latest assignment's destination?


As per the plan, the first of the 2 explorers (the male) was scheduled to arrive at the Planet in immense and imminent danger a dozen or so years before the other's (the female's) arrival there. This of course was the place where the problematic incident was unfolding at a fast pace.... In fact, by the time both explorers had found themselves at their new location and by the time they had figured things out, a great deal would have changed.

Indeed, by the time the explorers had acquainted themselves with the problematic situation, things were to get several times worse. So, the faster they ended up there, all the better. There was no time to calculate matters with precision, even though the two astrophysics explorers by habit couldn't take a step without first calculating matters with exactitude. The situation was hectic on the Blue Earth; therefore, on behalf of the battered Planet's Genesis every effort had to be made to alleviate the crisis without first bothering with the little details.

Absolutely, the beautiful Twin Earth was about to experience a shocking incident of unprecedented magnitude.... The capricious conditions on the hectic and shocking Planet were moving fast and were getting far more dangerous with every passing day.

Very little doubt about it; the nurturing Twin Planet and more specifically its dazzling creation was in real and imminent danger of being annihilated throughout. Although the volatile problem would have resulted in one outcome, it was nonetheless, a poly-dimensional problem in the making with massive and with ripple effect consequences.

All carefully considered, therefore, at this pivotal intersection in time, the explorers' controlled displeasure regarding the matter about the timing of each one's departure is of no issue.... In fact, their annoyance about it has no effect whatsoever on their assignment's overall arrangement. While sympathetic and thoughtful, nneither is the explorers' transient separation of primary consideration to the High Panel.

The compassionate assembly of Emissaries' mandate is to protect and safeguard the array of stunning creation of the battered twin Planet and to preserve its home. And who is to tell, the caring Ambassadors may have for the two explorers a rich and highly rewarding surprise in store?  

There was nothing to brood over.... Everything possible had to be considered concerning how to go about averting the looming extinction of species; it was all straightforward. Without first protecting the Twin Earth from the indefensible activities of a monster breed (consisting of a handful of members), the undertaking to avert massive and earth-shattering extinction couldn't possibly have been achieved. The caring and compassionate Emissaries therefore in an attempt to thwart the final phase of the ill-omened event needed to move promptly.  

* * * * * *

The shattering incident's theme involves the convergence of three overriding issues of massive proportions. The 3 issues had already converged and were at bitter odds with each other. These three couldn't possibly be more antagonistic towards one another, nor could there be an alliance formed between two against one. It was therefore just a question of a short time before these three incompatible forces had gone for each others' throats fiercely and with unimaginable malevolence.

Basically, it was as if three mortal and overactive enemies who couldn't stand each other had been forced to live in one very small house with no possibility of escaping it; eating at the same table; drinking from the same water-pitcher; having use of one bathroom; having small and inadequate food storage; a leaking roof, no cooling apparatuses and sleeping in one crowded sleeping area. So, as one can imagine, rather sooner than later, they would have exploded.

The three intimidating issues were: Meteorological and ecological turmoil, unsustainable overpopulation (irresponsible human over-breeding) and an unforgiving Nuclear World War III scenario.

The final stage of the threatening convergence takes place at an intersection in time where humanity's most powerful plutocrats (the controlling Globalists) couldn't possibly have command over their actions and/or inactions' consequences.

The Plutocrats' dissipated (if not all together vanished) influence will coincide with humanity's (the masses) colossal discontent. The plutocrats will be called to account for their actions and for their unresponsiveness to the massive problems they had orchestrated and were dearly guarding in place. The plutocrats' exorbitant privilege against the backbone of the rest of the world was uncanny.

Plutocracy's society (including its close facilitators – policy makers and such), was comprised of approximately 20% of the total human population with the 1% of course, being the supreme masters. In terms of its political dogma, the plutocratic society itself had no particular affiliation; its members were found in all political systems of belief.

The Plutocrats and Co. had a plethora of fantastic alternatives and plenty of viable and innovative solutions with which to ameliorate the gigantic problems they had created on the surprising, life giving and life nurturing Earth.... Regrettably, they had elected to let them all go to waste. By choice, the plutocrats were in the business of keeping most of the world in unwarranted anguish and silent mourning....

Blatantly, the plutocrats had cheated and had defrauded the overwhelming majority—in fact, they had for a long time. There were no signs anywhere indicating that the Plutocratic society was about to relent even a little. If anything, over time its members were becoming even more gluttonous. These people had no intention let alone plan to institute the much-needed aqnd much-anticipated change.

However, logic dictated that change would have occurred in a massive way; it was just a question of what kind of change and how it would have been instituted.


Be that as it may, in reference to Corporate Plutocracy, there is a logo in circulation. The logo reads: "The corporate lords are too big to be touched" or something close. However, this logo may not be enough for the plutocrats to hide behind. Inevitably, a rather small number of them will be questioned simultaneously. Nothing special or dramatic; simply, some of the more potent in this group and a number of their facilitators here and there will be questioned. What about one may ask? But of course, what else? They will be questioned about all the major things that had gone astray while on their watch.

But there will be more; eventually, that number will grow larger and larger. Again, nothing uncivilized or inhumane (that was the plutocrats' practice), simply, in rows the plutocrats along with their facilitators (the policy makers) will be asked to explain themselves about a few things of particular importance. Above all other violations, they will be asked to account for the rough-treatment they had and are still treating the world at large with.

And while, but only for a brief moment the world of the withered Blue Earth will embrace a mild sense of revenge against plutocracy's deeply insatiable constituent, this short lived sensation however, will be of no consolation to the world of the Twin Earth en-masse....

Well, the leading plutocrats had already projected this scenario in advance and had schemed an elaborate and detailed plan. Unfortunately, their plan didn't include provisions for a better socioeconomic opportunity for each and all or for the abolition of war, for example. Nor were there agreements amongst the plutocrats themselves for that matter that they were about to loosen up on the tight hold they had over the Earth's inheritance to the world.

* *

As was already hinted; implicitly in fact, in this narrative's version of events, the reader is also closely acquainted with a number of interesting characters, but especially with two outstanding people (the explorers) while on their adventure on the magnetic Twin Planet in trouble.

Absolutely, in unforgettable ways, the reader intermingles with these two intoxicating but clashing individuals of opposite genders.... It all takes place while these two persuasive people interact ever so forcefully in the account's dynamic realm.

While at a different point in time, these two people were enviable teammates and were greatly suited for each other, at this intersection in time though, things had worked out a little differently for them. However, each one's pathway was no less thrilling and their goals were in line with each other's. Their pathways just hadn't integrated in the fashion they once at a different time had hoped they would.

Although not quite in the original program, apparently, for some reason or other these two persuasive and fascinating people had been inexplicably pulled apart. Very much so, at this point in time, their life's pathways couldn't possibly be more dissimilar. It wasn't a matter that they themselves had chosen to drift apart and for a while lose contact with each other altogether, beyond their understanding, it just was....


By all indications, fate appears to be conspiring against the two explorers. Somehow and out of the blue actually, at some point, destiny decides to change the two individual's courses of events in life. Harshly it seems, it's prepared to pull all the strings with the intention of seeing these two people go through life apart.... This is so, despite the fact that these two shining people have an ultra-precious something in common worthy of both their unconditional attention....  

However, irrespective of their adventure's circumstances and irrelevant to the vast distances between them at times, these two people have mutual and influential alliances.... Without explanation and when least expected and on the whole without commotion, somehow these powerful forces show up in both the explorers' worlds. Once there, they operate in distinct and prevailing ways—truly magnificent and extravagant....

It almost seems as if fate had not betrayed these two consummate explorers. It may very well be that fate had nothing to do with these two people's preference in terms of how they went about in dealing with their shared assignment.... Obviously; they had gone about it differently despite the fact that each longed for the other's company. But, would they have sabotaged themselves willingly?

Of course, there could have been another angle to their tale; it may very well have been necessary to go about their separate ways while working on the monumental shared task. In the greater scheme of things, who knows; it may all have been part of the plan. Of course, whether or not each would have completed their side of the bargain separately or would they have come together at some point in time and dealt with it jointly, remained to be seen.... The undertaking at this point was midstream.....

Of course, the principal task was not the only issue the explorers had to be contented with... There was a lot else in these people's world and such where neither one of them could tell with certainty how things were to evolve at any given time for them while on this mission. The two explorers had a ways yet to go. In addition to the main project, they might still have had a chance to complete their personal (undisclosed) unfinished business, in concert.

Whatever on Earth their personal incomplete affair may have been, it was so ever vibrant and controlling—it was abundantly clear that it was responsible for a number of matters of importance in the center of the two explorers' shared task—it was capable of mitigating all deficiencies that might have existed in their spheres.... Above all, it was responsible for having so tightly and so intimately held them together all through the whole time while on the expedition on the battered Planet....

Oh yes; the shrewd and incisive Professor had figured it all out with precision and well in advance, it seems. Insofar as Agents A and Aundria were concerned, both discreetly and indiscreetly, were in attendance the whole time.... After all the two explorers' had distinguishable features from others, highly constructive ambition and productive perseverance and their minds worked quite unlike others' therefore, worthy of the exceptional Agents' generous support and unlimited time invested in them. One no more than the other, the Agents' continuous foray into the explorers' world was an agreeable one—always.


* *

What was certain though was that despite all the obstacles that capriciously stood in the explorers' way, the souls of these two individuals have a mind of their own. While apart, not only so ever powerfully are they longing to be reunited, but the two are constantly and fervently searching for one another. In essence, and irrelevant to the punishing barriers before them, these two compelling people are passionately entwined—forever.    

But alas, while a charismatic and engaging individual, conscientious too perhaps, nevertheless, he happens to come from a world where money, influence and power reigns—he is a Global industrialist, a potent capitalist and a habitual plutocrat.... Although he doesn't view his stand in the world this way, all the same, he embodies plutocracy verbatim.

While alluring and lovely in every aspect of her being, she on the other hand is a resolute environmentalist. In addition to this pledge, she is an unwavering advocate for animal rights and for meaningful socioeconomic fairness for each and all across and all though this Earth's landscapes. She is also an atypical ecological field researcher—she couldn't possibly have more disdain for the elitist (plutocratic) society.

And while on the surface it seems that at first these two rather reserved individuals' pathways cross by accident, this may not be the case at all.... As per a rumour, at another intersection in time these two characters shared a comparable beginning.... In fact, a great deal suggests that these two people have unfinished business together.

Nevertheless, be it by arrangement or chance, the course of their journey on this electrifying Earth couldn't possibly have taken these two people to more opposing directions. However, and despite of their tremendous differences, these two souls are passionately drawn together on a frequent basis. Time and again, it all takes place under persuasive and cherished settings—most certainly unforgettable.

* *

With near certainty, under different circumstances perhaps, given the opportunity these two individuals probably would have attempted to eradicate one another—almost. However, despite their vast differences and diametrically opposed ideologies and irrelevant of either one's approval or disapproval for that matter, things have a mind of their own it seems....

Indeed, since the moment these two individuals have set foot on this riveting Planet, in unexpected scenarios and when least expected they keep bumping into each other. Somehow, on this epic journey their beings have been intimately and steadily entwined together by influential forces beyond their control.

Although neither admits it and while intriguing, by all accounts their interaction couldn't possibly be more thrilling for both, consistently in fact.... Their linkage couldn't possibly be more intoxicating for both equally. Whatever the driving force behind it may be, it couldn't possibly be more efficient; its processes were operating intensely. The question was, what was so prized and so sacred in these two people's world to have been invested into so hugely?

However, given the fact that these two people's interests differ vastly and especially considering that he comes from plutocracy's spheres, could there be a sinister hidden agenda somewhere on either side? Could either one of them have a secret agenda attached to this haunting, nonetheless gripping relationship of theirs?

By all indications there seems to be no hidden agenda on the part of either one; absolutely not; no; on either side. Nevertheless, there is a major agenda in the air.... It wasn't certain whether he is aware of what exactly that agenda entails. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with swaying political or even corporate decisions regarding anything about climate changing matters or about other issues involving other Environmental frontiers. That boat had already sailed away empty. Despite their reiterated promise to protect the miraculous systems responsible for governing their Planet and of the Planet of those they loved, those who could have made a difference had proven to be nothing but empty charlatans.  

As for her, she may suspect something, but her hunch stops right where it begins. She just can't quite figure out what it could be nor could she possibly ask him of his opinion on the indistinct matter. If she did, he easily could misinterpret her inquiry. For that reason alone, her suspicions are hers to keep secret....

There were no misunderstandings about one thing though, a great deal more was riding on these two people's liaison than just attraction between a man and a woman. Bizarre, but, it wasn't even certain that these two individuals were attracted to each other amorously, yet, like two magnets they were being drawn to each other tenderly and ever so passionately—she had a timeless worshiping-type of relationship with him, while he was endlessly infatuated with her.

* *

Be it as it may, above all other issues of importance in their world, and despite their irreconcilable differences, these two people have one pressing and overriding item in common.... Second to none, and yes even above the Environmental catastrophe in the making, the sizzling matter involves humanity's vast piles of ultra-evil creations and especially one. This of course has to do with humanity's piles of nuclear weapons in the care of human-resembling persons.

* *

Although the underlying reasons aren't at all apparent why their paths will interweave repeatedly in such an absorbing and dear fashion, but not quite complete, nevertheless, these are not dim people. Logic dictated then that at some point they will begin to put two and two together. Despite her acute observational skills, it may take her longer.

As for him, the situation may have been a little different. In terms of acuity, he might have been ahead of her; due to experience and exposure to the world out there, perhaps, as opposed to hers. As such therefore, he may have all along suspected (and even known, perhaps) the actual reason or reasons why their paths will interlink so frequently in such convincing settings.... If so, he then was the leader of the two in this thrilling and poignant liaison, both at the same time.

* *

As it was, in ideal and amazingly well coordinated ways these two consummate people are tied to a shared assignment of persuasive nature.... Whether they are fully cognizant of this from the beginning of their adventure on this Earth, it becomes rather irrelevant at some point....

Theirs was a complex shared task. Even if one of them had chosen to bail out at some point, it would not have been realistic; the other wouldn't have allowed it. As per their joint assignment's terms, these two people had a great deal to cover. There was no time for regrets for things that may not have gone exactly their way in the past. As time went by, they had to proceed faster and work harder. Time, sweet time was of the essence in their world—it went by in indifference.....

From their individual angles on things, these two people were expected to deliver more or less evenly—it was requisite of them—after all, they had been equipped with every one of the best tools available they needed for their assigned work.... Moreover, this particular assignment had to be completed within a certain frame of time.

They both knew, all too well in fact that at some point they would have been recalled. Like all others, this assignment too would have come to an end.  Showing up empty-handed would have been unconscionable, one would think.

For whatever reason or rationale, misguided or otherwise, in the event one of them was to stumble on the way, automatically it would have dragged the other one down as well. Therefore, despite his plutocratic air about him and despite her rather complicated temperament about her, it was in their best interest to be fully and completely cooperative with one another.... It was expected of them—after all, eventually they would have to account for themselves, or rather elucidate on their accomplishments.


It was not easily apparent why the incisive Board of Directors of an awe-inspiring Agency in incognito unanimously would want these two terribly incompatible people to come together. However, one thing was for certain; these two people's recurring encounters couldn't possibly come to be without the involvement of Time-Travel or without its elaborate reality....

Time-Travel may sound somewhat mystical and perhaps even spiritual; as in ethereal. In actuality there is nothing strange or unreal about it. If anything, its governing principles are every bit real. Time Travel is part of the Cosmos at large. It operates like a vehicle of some sorts. Via Time Travel, individuals are drawn, summoned, invited and are transported to realms or other time zones or just other places for ultra special reasons. It is all so very natural; it isn't like one is being carried over to the moon, although in theory it could do so....   

More often than not Time-Travel occurrences happen under particular circumstances. Rarely, the occurrence of Time Travel comes about for no particular reason. Once in a blue moon, it's reserved for the enjoyment and experience of a handful.... Albeit difficult to grasp its workings, still, it is what it is.

Time Travel is the fastest way to go places and surely is the most 'economical' mode of transportation. It could take one to places impossible to reach by other means. If any, very few individuals can comprehend how exactly Time Travel works, I suppose.... It isn't exactly like one will decide to go Time Traveling, but, when it occurs, it can be ultra useful.

The Time-Travel experience is accompanied by the entire array of senses and all mental faculties. I'm not entirely sure, but in accordance with some tales, on occasion Time Travel may even involve physical transportation or else teleportation.... For the record, I have completed a number of my most important Research Files while away via Time Travel. About the skeptics' opinion or their attitude—I couldn't care less....

To my experience, Time Travel is always spontaneous, never random. For this tale's account and specifically regarding the scenes that involve the mysterious works of Time Travel, nothing can be more vibrant. The settings are well thought-out, beautifully organized, and are arranged by an extraordinary someone, for a compelling purpose, perhaps.... All the way around, the experience has been -- how shall I put this? I think I got it!! Out of this world, I suppose....  

I would have be an idiot, truly a moron little someone to discount or ignore such extraordinary happenings, especially because what others may think or say. And if they do show their acerbic side or become arrogant or mockers—well; screw them, they exist in an antiquated world. Besides, they have nothing I want or need; life is too short and too precious to waste it on their twisted perception of the world.  

In Green Diamonds' case, without the marvelous workings of Time Travel, it would not have been possible for its account's characters and especially for the pair to acquaint themselves. Nor would it have been feasible for the two to locate one another's co-ordinates.

All considered, it is entirely up to the reader to figure out which parts could be factual and which could be creative imagination (fiction) in this account.... As I've said in this section's opening, the two are intertwined.

* * * * *

In the account of "Green Diamonds," positively, theirs (the pair's) was not an accidental encounter.... If anything, these two people had been diligently sought out and had been summoned to the Agency's compelling sphere. Precisely, the two explorers had been summoned aboard the Submarine Alliance for a cause of paramount importance.... Apparently, the stakes couldn't possibly be higher.

As part of their shared assignment these two ideologically conflicting people find themselves in the midst of a lively and busy jurisdiction where more often than not instant attraction rules. Absolutely, this is a sphere of influence where temptation is virtually impossible to resist and where dangerous love affairs are inevitable—in fact, they are predestined.

However, like the most exquisite of roses or similarly to a thistle meadow in lovely and divinely scented bloom, this place too is accompanied by protruding and punishing thorns....


To be continued .....

I have yet to finish typing Green Diamonds' conclusion, once I have completed this task, I will post the entire text here.