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About the time the HIV-AIDS virus had made big news around the world, the Daisy Institute also opened a therapeutic File on AIDS with the objective being a possible cure for this wicked disease. This is how we proceed in this organization. I aim towards a remedy of any disease that I may be assigned to, or undertake. As a rule, I do not emphasize analyzing the anatomy of a particular disease. I go straight for its cure or control.

However, in the case of AIDS, nonetheless (not initially), it became very evident that this new disease was somehow tangled up: it had no structure of its own or order. At some point, the perplexity of the subject matter of the AIDS File became so mind-boggling, that it came to the point where it was decided to no longer allocate any time on this file — to skip it. I had suspected that this was not a 'natural' disease per se, rather, I had concluded that in all probability this was a 'cocktail' virus — a well-orchestrated 'phenomenon' of scientific interwoven deceit.

Nevertheless, since 1989, about the year I abandoned the AIDS File, as I worked on two other pharmaceutical Files, and in particular File 19-X, which had nothing to do with, or anything in common with AIDS or anthrax — so I thought. Nonetheless, as I went along in our work on these other two Files, inadvertently, at several intersections, intricate clues pointed towards the AIDS File. Briefly, I re-examined the complexity at hand, and each and every time I was unable to decode the intertwined pieces of clues, and solved the puzzle between File 19-X, AIDS, and Elephants. What did these three have in common? It was only after the disastrous chapter of September 11th, 2001 in USA, during the scary anthrax episode that in a matter of seconds the mysterious clues fell into place in perfect order.

Due to the severity and nature of this cruel killer disease and its rapid proliferation and continuous metamorphosis, with this information I have sent a message to the State Research Center of Virology to Novosibirsk Institute (Russia) and to the Pasteur Institut (France) urging them to thoroughly and vigorously investigate the Anthrax-HIV-AIDS virus connection.

More importantly, Inside this spectacularly enchanting as well as original and practical Healer Calendar, you will find information on a therapeutic (non-toxic) edible wild plant — a priceless discovery with the inherent ability with which to likely control or even cure leukemia, bone marrow cancer, and heart abnormalities even of the worst kind, and much more. With its charming characters (12 of them in all), this busy Calendar is accompanied by simple and orderly relevant explanations about what this wondrous Healer Plant is, its name (common and Latin), where to find it, how to grow it, how to make tea with it, and what this superb medicinal plant can do therapeutically. As well, the Calendar is accompanied by three colour photo-images showing what this particular precious medicinal plant looks like in its fresh green state. Furthermore, this splendid literary and artistic work was written, designed, and put together by the chief botanical field researcher of the Daisy Institute. This work was created for this impressive organization the Daisy Institute in order to convey to as many good souls as possible everywhere in the world the researcher's outstanding botanical therapeutic knowledge about this anti-leukemia Healer plant with the capacity to potentially restore health to absolute radiance, even in hopeless situations. This twofold Case File was brought into being for the benefit of the ethical Global Citizen. After all, this exceedingly rich Healer botanical treasure comes from this marvelous and ingeniously scientific Planet of plenty — the Earth — a timeless inheritance for the children of the Earth.

This hopeful and superbly enriching Medicinal-Healer and Environmental Calendar was created through Divine intervention — a plan in motion that began a long, long, time ago.

If you wish to have this unique Medicinal-Healer Calendar, simply visit the Healer-Calendar form link here, fill out the form, and send it with a $200.00 donation to the Daisy Institute, and promptly, you will receive the calendar by air-mail, anywhere in the world where public post can reach. By having this calendar, the benefits are that you will have complete information about this Healer Plant. This information is compounded in a very coherent way, with no other subject matter. Secondly, you will have a very artistic and charming calendar to enjoy, and thirdly, you will be supporting the Daisy Institute in Her never-ending and intellectually inspiring assignment in field research and exploration of life-saving Healer Plants.

The stems of this Healer plant in its dry form look like the ones in the package in this photo below here:

For those people wishing to utilize this plant in this form, then they should use one stick at a time to make this splendid tea. Always keep the rest tied up in a bag (paper on the inside) or a jar, and store away alone in a clean, closed drawer or a closet. Or, if one has some sort of sensitivity to dry or fresh plants in the house, then, simply, this dry plant can be stored on the patio or balcony outside the house or of any other dwelling. Naturally, it should be protected from rain or snow.

In celebration, inside the pages of this Healer calendar, the Daisy Institute, presents you with special, and very vital information about this perfect medicinal plant which the chief field researcher of this splendid organization has made into Therapeutic File 2-A. Therapeutic File 2-A is one of Daisy Institute's 'crown jewels.' It is highly recommended that you become acquainted with this compelling File.

Here then, beneficiaries and trustees -- Citizens of the Planet Earth... of all ages and backgrounds throughout the Globe... You are invited to find the secret — lifesaving botanical therapeutic treasures hidden somewhere in the pages of this home-made Medicinal-Healer and Environmental Calendar.

Furthermore, the therapeutic botanical knowledge contained inside this utterly beneficial Healer Calendar is intended for all ethical, generous, and compassionate people throughout this marvellous jewel Planet Home to explore, consider, benefit from, share this great news with others, and in good health celebrate life, and as well, acknowledge, protect, respect, and appreciate all the natural curative treasures of fundamental importance.

Complete information and details about this unique, beneficial, and powerful lifesaving therapeutic botanical discovery, are found inside this Medicinal-Healer and Environmental Calendar. Do not miss this rare and unique opportunity to know of this incredible Natural-Healer treasure, especially if you are in need of a heart cure, leukemia cure, bone marrow cancer cure, or a thyroid cancer cure, or, just stabilization of the vital systems affected by these anomalies.

Note of Importance

This narrative information of such vast significance found inside this Healing Calendar is truly intended for the Earth's good citizens. The primary objective here is, to share this great knowledge about this miraculous Medicinal-Healer Plant. This is a rich, powerful, and efficacious, yet gentle and safe botanical therapeutic discovery that every good human being should have and know about. The chief researcher of the Daisy Institute strongly feels that people should have as much choice as possible as to whatever will heal them, especially regarding choices that involve the natural Healing inheritance from the Kingdom of Flora, provided that these plants are safe. However, regardless of the figure of speech that is used in the writing of this Calendar, or grammatical preferences, no one in the Daisy Institute is telling you to use or not to use medicinally the information expressed in this Calendar. This choice should be yours, and yours alone.

It is an undeniable sad fact that in favour of excessive profits for the handful of giant pharmaceutical corporations and their directors and shareholders, the citizens of this exquisite jewel that is planet Earth have been misled, and deprived of the most fundamental right to heal themselves with the wonderful and exceedingly efficacious as well as safe pharmacological riches that appear here naturally amidst the Majestic Kingdom of Plants. People not only have been robbed of these Heavenly natural riches — their natural inheritance, but in times of sickness and in health, they have also been made to believe that man-made chemicals are the only way to go in order to cure themselves. This is even though these harsh and mainly inferior contemporary therapies most often outrage and further weaken the body, and often at the very best chronically leave their victims in a debilitated and weakened state, or worse yet, send them to a premature and painful death due to horrendous side-effects, inefficaciousness of these man-synthesized drugs, overdoses, allergic reactions, and so on. Surely many get benefits from these modern medications and treatments, but the numbers do not add up, if we are to take into consideration the energy, expense, manpower, research, time, redundancies, all of the elements of the 'modern' medical system.

And in spite of the much extolled 'modern' medications and therapies and medical systems; common diseases, and the frightening new ones that pop up (especially the deliberately man-synthesized ones), still continue to ravage the population more than ever before, and with younger victims than ever before. For example, kinds of cancers that were found principally in grownups are now seen in teenagers and younger children. One may argue that these diseases have become more notorious due to the fact that because of man's irresponsible and greedy conduct our living environment and the foods that we eat, the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink are contaminated with vicious and violent anti-life human-made toxins. One may also take into consideration questionable lifestyles, unwise eating habits, poverty, genetically modified foods, smoking, and what-have-you. All logical, realistic and sensible people do not dispute these facts, but regardless of the reasons or prophylactic measures taken, unfortunately, a reasonable degree of disease prevention cannot be achieved. So then, what do we do? Do we roll over and die, and bury our children? Or do we seek other avenues in search of better, stronger, more efficacious real therapeutic solutions in order to attain health normalcy? Each individual should have the freedom and choice to seek out the therapy that works best for her or him, without being dictated to as to what they should seek out or not. This is perhaps one of the most fundamental individual birth-given freedoms that any civilized society should recognize the imperative it represents. We should not have to negotiate this fundamental freedom in favour of multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates — this freedom — this right — is ours to begin with.

Needlessly, millions of individuals around the world, to a lesser or greater degree, have heart conditions that do not allow them to walk far and fast, carry out their daily tasks, engage in sports or enjoy life, because of tiredness. Many of these people are forced into confinement in their little environments for years, or forever, in spite of their doctor's medications and contemporary therapies such as pills, surgery and balloon treatments, for example. A few hours after taking 2-A, many will feel free to walk as much as they want to, and to freely carry out the chores of everyday life, as if they had never been incapacitated or restricted in any way. It is truly an unbelievable serene feeling of freedom.

It has been the experience that when this preparation (this distinguished plant) is taken as a tea, soon after, as if emanating from an invisible strong yet soothing force, a feeling of well-being flows throughout the entire body. This supreme tea can be taken by everybody. One does not have to be sick to take this tea. It has a very nice, smooth texture and a pleasant soothing taste. Through the ages, this Healer plant has been eaten and enjoyed by people as a replacement for spinach, in salads, casseroles, soups, pies, and so on.

Regardless of how one wishes to classify this powerful plant, be it medicinal or nutritional, or simply so-called herbal, just the same, it is highly recommended that you try out 2-A in the event that you, or someone you care for comes down with leukemia or marrow cancer. Give yourselves a chance. It stands to reason that nature is our perfect and greatest source of powerful healing goodies. The plant's entire constituents work in concert, and perhaps from prehistoric times to our present age, 2-A is one of the most revolutionary discoveries in the history of medicine. It frees individuals, it enables them to live again without being afraid.

This plant, this tea, can be taken as any other tea, at any time of the day or night. This plant, this tea, does not interfere with any medications.

It is not known whether or not this therapeutic treasure plant will help in all types and all stages of leukemia and bone marrow cancer. It is suspected that it does, perhaps to various degrees. Though it is also not the medication per-se for cancer, here too, it is exceptionally good in keeping various other cancers under control, especially endocrine cancers. If for nothing else, please invest the time to use this plant for leukemia. It will surprise even the most absolute skeptic who refuses to accept the Earth's real and natural pharmaceuticals. Please always remember that this plant, under ordinary circumstances, will never cause any harm. There is always the exception of course that it may not agree with someone. In such a case, common sense dictates that such a person does not take this plant. Regardless, if nothing else, this is a very nutritional plant — a merit that stands up on its own.

In Closing

As the head researcher of this ethical organization the Daisy Institute, it is my most ardent wish that this little Medicinal-Healer Calendar and in particular, pharmaceutical File 2-A, will bring hope and solace, not to mention the high probability of beneficial results, to those whose diseases have been declared incurable by their healers and through whatever medications they have been utilizing, and that they will regain their health by taking advantage of this imperatively essential knowledge here that this Medicinal and Environmental Calendar is offering. Likewise, and here I am taking the liberty of speaking for the Divine Laboratory's entire crew, we are also in need of something from those who will benefit from our research. I request of them to pass on this practical and advantageous information to as many good people as possible. We want you, whoever you are or wherever you may reside, to regain your health, or the health of your loved ones, and in the best possible health go along your journey of life on this stunningly spectacular and enchanting Planet — the Foundation Home of ours.

Even though we have experienced 'miracles' performed by the precious Healer plant revealed inside this Calendar, nevertheless, still, in all good conscience, we cannot guarantee that this lovely plant, special as it may be, will heal the leukemia-stricken individual, cure heart problems, or eradicate bone marrow cancer. What we can guarantee, though, without a shadow of a doubt, is that we are especially responsible, very ethical, and very compassionate directors and researchers in this organization. Take a chance. Check the Daisy Institute out. She is real. The only 'local' researcher with somewhat generous access to the Divine Laboratory, however exceedingly brief this access is in terms of time given once there, is the Daisy Institute's pharmaceutical botanical chief field researcher, who, in her indefatigable botanical field research work has amassed an impressive degree of experience and knowledge.

The Daisy Institute's Spiritual mandate is, in the most coherent possible style of description, to let you know of this humble yet superbly rich therapeutic botanical gift. Since this hopeful and promising information has been conveyed, it is entirely up to you to consider this special and inspiring Healer and nutritional treasure plant. If you, for whatever reasons, are unable to have this Healer Calendar, but you still wish to have the information on Healer File 2-A, then in this case, go to the Daisy Institute page, and there you will find information on this most compelling and most auspicious and helpful File.

Important Note

We do not want you, under any circumstances, not even for one split instant, to forgo any of your health professional's medications, treatments, advice, or visits to health professionals, in favour of using this plant (this tea), that is found in the photos and described inside this calendar. This knowledge is only a gift from the Daisy Institute in the event that you, or those you care about, can no longer be helped by your doctors or all the treatments that your doctors prescribe for you, or have applied on you.

For you (persons other than the Daisy Institute's researchers), the knowledge about this precious healer plant featured in the photos inside the calendar, or the actual plant itself, is intended only as a superior food to take (eat) nutritionally when you choose to do so. As for the researchers at the Daisy Institute, they will continue to eat this healer plant, and as well, make medicinal tea out of it, and therapeutically drink as much of it as they need, whenever they wish.

Briefly here, as the head botanical field researcher of this ethical and caring organization, I am taking the opportunity to tell you about the Daisy Institute. This is an environmental organization concerned with the preservation, well-being and protection of the Planet Earth and her flora and animal inhabitants.

Above all, the Daisy Institute is a field research institution devoted primarily to research, exploration, observation, and identification of medicinal plants with superior and unique curative properties as they appear in their natural habitats and environments. This is a field we have labeled Botanical Therapeutics for Real Medicine Without Borders, simply because its theme encompasses every person on this planet regardless of one's economic, gender, race, age, faith, academic, and social status, geographic location, and so on.

Moreover, the Daisy Institute, in addition to being a morally, socially, and environmentally responsible non-profit organization, is especially demanding of Her officers. They are always expected to deliver with excellence and beyond, and carry out their assignments with full respect for the sanctity of the environment. Most importantly, their work is required to be conducted without resorting to experimentation on animals.

This impressive organization and Her inspiring assignment in field research work into vital botanical therapeutics, and Medicinal-Healer Plants, that have not previously been researched, discovered, or identified as such, has been in place for a very, very long time. The Daisy Institute has been registered with the Province of Quebec, Canada, since 1985.

If you, in any way, shape, form or degree whatsoever, are an advocate of war, and in particular, a supporter of Bush's and Blair's barbaric and diabolical attack on the innocent and already vulnerable children of Iraq, then, this Healer Calendar is not for you. Nor was it created for your kind.

What follows immediately here was—is a request concerning the hideously violent and inhumane attack on the children of Iraq, and was sent to God, express, by the miracle of prayer.

Mothers and Warmongers
Mothers Against Warmongers
Bullies and Warmongers of the Pack

Sadly, all key people in place responsible for ensuring a durable peace have formed an unsparing war club — the Pack: against the outrage of the world's community at large. Steadfastedly and unswerved, they have decided to take a chance and inflict a lot of damage on this nourishing Planet and her inhabitants in exchange for pillaging the oil of a nation (Iraq), and getting rid of that country's tyrannical dictator whose range is only local (this lunatic is contained anyways). In the process, in order to achieve their goals and serve their interests, blatantly, in a fascistic manner, the boys (and lone girl) of the pack, from their opulent offices, homes, high-rollers' clubs, private jets, Rolls-Royces, Mercedes, and yachts have come up with an elaborate and very ill-conceived plan. They are about to impose violent death, mutilation, and terror upon millions of innocent souls. They are determined to gamble with the entire region. If we are to judge from the overkill, so to speak, of their ruthless, relentless and severely intimidating preparations, these hypocritical cowards' predatory and genocidal notion of conducting this war, regardless of what they say, has the high probability of spreading to the entirety of Europe, and parts of the regions of Eurasia, as well as reaching all the way down to the very tip of Africa.

Those who make up and join this nauseating 'elite' club — the Pack — are socially, mentally, morally, intellectually, and most of all, spiritually corrupt. They are empty of emotion. They have no soul in the Image of the Heavenly Lord. They are devoid of all of the splendid stuff that distinguishes a true human being from a subhuman one. Oddly enough, one of the members of the warmonger club, 'Judas' — the one from England, , has small children of his own: at this time and age, this is so unnatural of him to so desperately and obsessively want to wage war upon the children of the world. This is not normal. It is evil, it is bad, to trade oil for blood. Regardless of their relentless war propaganda, they have no justification for taking this atrocious route; not at all. These people surely have crossed the line. They have gone berserk. Clearly, the Packers are not only interested in Mr. Hussein and his 'goodies' of mass destruction if any.

Mr. Saddam Hussein, ruthless as he may be, he, or the Iraqi army has not in any way, shape or form, been a threat to the United States people, or their soil. The malevolent Packers — the international community's big bullies have zoomed in on the people of Iraq. This is a most opportunistic time for them to assault and conquer, in spite of the entire world's outcry towards their immoral and illegal plan. They do not listen. The chief Packers and those in their inner circle who support them in all definitions are a disgrace to the human species of the 21st Century. They have turned what democracy may have existed into fascistic, militarized rule. Instead of evolving and allowing all the wonderful things this magnificent Planet offers to bring joy and benevolence into their lives, and allow others to be, malevolently they are on the prowl to deliver unimaginable horror and harm to a faraway people and land.

This unpredictable invasion which is to be unleashed with such sheer ferocity on the part of this Pack is intended to leave nothing standing wherever they bomb. In arrogance, these people - these extreme advocates of war - are ready to impose the death sentence upon the innocent children of the world. Their orchestrated involvement here is nothing short of barbaric, well-premeditated sadistic torture of the most heinous nature: a clear definition of a war crime against children. The screams of mutilated, terrorized, and burned children, and tormented mothers unable to shield their children means nothing to the audacious members of this Pack. In fact, clearly, it seems that they relish such a prospect. Their action, posturing, and talk reveals that much. Some of them are even openly elated on the eve of such a sombre and mournful act. They unashamedly and without being disturbed say, "it's only collateral damage. It's unavoidable. It's not our fault. Don't fuss." This is unparalleled terrorism of the most brutal and inhumane degree. These people should know better, and find better ways in which to achieve their goals, without butchering children en masse — not even one.

Who would have thought that after all these years, in spite of promises, pledges, and treaties to get rid of their nuclear arsenals, the big boys have not done so. They themselves refuse to disarm. While all along, they demand that everyone else not have what they have in abundance. Not omitting the fact that they have used them on innocent civilian people, and in the last Gulf War have contaminated large areas with depleted uranium. An alarming number of babies in these areas are born severely deformed. For example, some will have no organs, or no face, or no genitals, and they keep coming with other incredible deformities of many different natures, as well. Leukemia is also running rampant in children who live in these territories. They cannot escape these contaminated areas: these places are their homes. They have no other place to go. Their water wells and their land is laced with this very harmful, anti-life irradiated stuff. These spreaders of toxins should be, and must be, sued heavily and criminally held and made accountable for their continuous war crimes against civilians and the environment. And now, as if they have not suffered enough for the past thirteen years mainly due to economic sanctions, with this round of attacks these children are doomed. What have these children done that is so wrong, to be so singled out by the bullies and snatched by the jaws of their gruesome and satanical instruments of war right from their mothers' arms and homes? The children are surrounded by opportunistic and merciless monsters. The Pack's evil forces of death and destruction are upon them. The little ones do not stand a chance.

You wouldn't believe who are some of the members of this 'elite' (but actually dirty) club. The Pack includes some of those which keep laws in their countries forbidding women to vote or drive, among other things. Literally, females, who gave them life, are the property of man. They have no adequate legal or social rights of any sort. Imagine that! They do not even rank second class. The members of the Pack assert that they want to 'democratize' Iraq, but conveniently, the leaders of the pack omit to point out who many of their co-architects are on this project. These are heads of nations of the most ruthless, monocratic and undemocratic regimes that this planet has ever seen. By brutal and extreme intimidation, they control the totality of their respective nations' wealth. These autocrats appoint themselves and their male family members to key government positions for perpetuity. They completely control and own the riches and natural resources of their nation's lands. By decree they dictate according to their moods and self-interests. In no different a manner, in ways, humanity's regimes operated one, two, three, four thousand years ago. They loot the inheritance of the people. Literally, they are the owners of many castles, palaces, ranches and estates around the world, while the vast majority of their country's people live in destitution. They deliberately leave their people illiterate, and most certainly rob them of their most fundamental right to express themselves. They themselves are no better than Mr. Hussein, if not worse. These co-architects of the Pack, even as we have entered the new millennium, they hold no parliamental elections, let alone democratic ones. These people are very allergic to liberty and freedom, (but only for others, of course). Where is Mr. Bush and his entourage in these cases? How come he closely associates and dines with these 'supreme lords,' and on top of this, he calls them his best friends and most valuable business partners? I am truly astonished at this man's hypocrisy and double standards. Nyeah, regardless, right now, all of them are the number one enemy of all life on this distinguished and vital Little Planet, with the capacity to shelter and nourish so much.

No way, positively: in this time and age they cannot butcher children and commit environmental assault in order to have control of the World's oil. In no way is their approach of waging war for lasting security going to work. If anything, it is going to make matters worse. This approach has never worked any time it has been employed before. It is outdated, especially now. It should not be considered as a vehicle for solving world conflicts. On the other hand, justice, diplomacy, inclusiveness, eradication of the rampant choking poverty which is encouraged to proliferate and widen by the day, constraint of greed, sharing a bit, education, medicare, home sweet home for everybody, and prosperity for all, is the only way to soften the people's contentions. It is truly all so simple. These are essential elements, and easily attainable ingredients for security and respect that will pave the way for all to stay the course.

So You see, Dear Lord, even though we, the citizens of this Generous and Nurturing Planet — the overwhelming majority against their definitely unnecessary and ferocious war, still, we have been cast as irrelevant by the warmongers of the new age humankind lords. Their version of order and justice is very problematic, and actually it is ugly. It cannot sustain a reasonable peace for very long. As they demonstrate their fearsome weapons, wagging them left, centre and right before our very eyes, upon this miraculous Earth, with inequivocable clarity, we do not matter, they say, as if they own the entire Globe — our common inheritance — our Home, for the duration of our stay here, of course, as you know.

Please, my compassionate Lord, because they do not listen to us at all, in you I trust — without delay, if possible at all, to send a delegation of your Heavenly deities, Angels and Saints with the assignment to somehow reach and touch the dark souls of the misguided 'governors' of the human world. Give them wisdom and courage to summon their armies back home from a gruesome massacre zone. By some comfortable compromise for all, instill in President Hussein enough common sense to leave office at once, for the children of the region alone, if not for nothing else. War is not the solution, especially this kind of war in this already excessively angry human milieu. We still hope, even though these very sick players so capriciously have brought us all almost to the twelfth hour of an unthinkable carnage, destitution and suffering beyond illustratable description or words. The world has had enough of these dehumanising wars. For heaven's sakes, who needs another one? The risk of doing irreparable damage is overwhelming. It is still possible to avert this senseless slaughter of children. The present war maker's calculations of a lasting 'victory' will be in vain. They will be wrong.

Now, why would the Packers conspire to go on a campaign to so greatly destroy so much? There is no emergency. What business does the head Packer and his handful of warmonger people in his administration have to traverse to the other side of the Earth to inflict so much harm, and send to violent deaths an untold number of souls? By all accounts, this guy Hussein, in addition to having been reduced to nothing, really has not provoked in any way Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair. The region enjoys relative stability. How about removing the sanctions and let the people live, instead of assaulting them? Wouldn't it be wiser for the Packers to stick with the task of dealing with that Al-Quaida crowd? Is this man — the leader of the Pack — playing too many of those violent video games where only the target gets hit? How on earth does he hope that the Iraqis will sit quietly without putting up some defence while his soldiers burst through their doorways and kills them? As an invader, is that a natural thing to ask of one's victims? Does he really expect not to have any resistance, and at the same time all of his young people to return home safe and well?

It seems that the eager members of this shall we say debased Pack are itching for war regardless of the near certainty of calamitous consequences befalling the citizens — humans and otherwise — of this lovely living Globe. These things — these life-haters — have foregone the benefits of diplomacy and wisdom of patience. They refuse to be mediators and constructive peacekeepers and fair conciliators for a viable co-existence. Psychologically, with their preparations they have terrorised the majority of us. By force, they have engaged the whole world in their illegal plot. They say their plan is to liberate people, but first they have to massacre many of them, of course. What is that? These individuals have no civility or character at all. They are psychopaths: as we have entered the 21st Century, on their journey's stay here, in the place of celebrating, benefitting and growing, the Packers would rather cause suffering, tension, and unrest, which in turn are the perfect incubators for a recipe to trigger an out of control global pandemonium and environmental catastrophe of unimaginable desolation. The Packers, instead of improving, have gone maddddddddd.

Oh, Heavenly God, I also want you to consider the ominous assertion of the Pack leader, Mr. President Bush; he is contemplating doing the unthinkable: he said he will not hesitate to unleash nuclear weapons in his looming attack on the children of Iraq, which is sure to have catastrophic far-reaching implications of erasing all life over the entire region, and contaminating whatever is left there, and possibly doing the same damage over the entire Planet. Such a grotesque notion on the part of Mr. Bush, and other atomic weapon holders who are menacingly chuckling between their teeth that they want to do the same, makes my soul quiver.

Only Satan and his associates can find satisfaction and justification out of war carnage. The Packers have completely surrendered. All of them have become avid apostles of Satan. They want to intitiate war. They are on the prowl. The theme of their assignment is to toxify and demolish all of your wondrous and ever-evolving creation of life on this energizing, rotating Globe which we with pride consider the crown jewel in our part of the universe. The Pack's members have made it abundantly clear that they have chronic and profound disdain for the Planet's diversified and imperatively interconnected systems in place responsible for the balance of life on this nurturing and stunningly beautiful and hospitable little Planet. Their utter disregard for life is unprecedented. With their disgustingly grotesque weapons, their focus and aim is to inflict total havoc and unparalleled destitution upon the miraculous Genesis of this Glorious Earth.

It is imperative that the other strong nations of the world, consolidated, should challenge President Bush and do their utmost to instill common sense in Prime Minister Blair. With clarity, and in no uncertain terms, they must tell Bush that under the circumstances, he should turn around and go home. They must consider very carefully that (not if) when things will go bad and out of control, Bush and America will turn around and retreat to the security of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean buffer zones, leaving behind with no means to protect themselves and their geographic environment all other people and nations of the region to deal with the horrible aftermath of extreme environmental catastrophe and unimaginable loss of life and infrastructure. Without the shadow of a doubt, these war players are prepared to use all three traditional types of weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, and nuclear, these are ready to be employed in this especially dirty war, plus some new ones they have up their sleeve, such as energy wave weapons.

And yes, I want you to know, that we are aware that all of this aggression and hatred reflects badly on us all. But God, this is not the time to look at us with skepticism. We are not all the same. We have been caught in the warmongers' violent outburst of discontent with life, and with this incredibly hardworking Planet. Truly, we are trying our best to curtail their ferocious appetite and extreme thirst for war by citizens staging mass anti-war demonstrations simultaneously taking place around the world. But the Packers remain unshakeable. They have gone gung ho and have made all of us accessories to their deadly and very much illegal war plot.

God, I wish that, if they must, the warmonger Packers can go and grab whatever they want without flattening that country, thus sparing the children and the other souls, naturally, from the jaws of death, horrific burn injuries, trauma, mutilation, and terror. Let the bullies have the damned petrol. In a short number of years, it will be virtually almost entirely obsolete and worthless anyways, because a much better — and environmentally friendly and abundant energy source has already been identified by the Daisy Institute with which to ethically power and illuminate the entire Globe, minus the pollution and present-day meters, of course. The information about this new energy source may be included in a compounded version in the postscript of the Medicinal-Healer Calendar, as demonstrated in this compelling page here, but it actually has not yet been decided whether to add this information to the calendar or not. Authorization is pending. This natural energy element is truly so fascinating and exciting, yet so simple and easy to 'grow.' And no, most definitely, though it is green, it is not marijuana. This superb green energy stuff with the high potential to solve humanity's energy dilemma for generations to come, until naturally, of course, something better comes our way, will fabulously enhance the quality of living in the World, advance humanity, and successfully will contribute humungously in saving the Earth's environment in which we live.

Recently, my Lord, President Bush and his regime, time and again in his short time as President, have made a mockery of the international community's efforts and sincere civilized commitment to establish an international criminal court for world order and rules, in other words, to hold answerable those who commit horrible wrongdoings. Mr. Bush, the President of the U.S.A, — the 'leader' of the world superpower refused to sign this crucial and much needed Global Common Legal Document. The U.S.A., via Mr. Bush declined to be a part of such a moral and legal binding document. They completely separated themselves (Bush and his group) from something so vitally important, something that sponsors and symbolizes security, civility, accountability, and morals. This international document gradually, but steadily, in a multiplicity of ways, conditions development and advancement in the context of reaching a civilized state of humane existence and being. Such an abhorrent disrespect on the part of Mr. Bush for international compliance on this important matter, says a lot about this 'leader' and his 21st century vision as to what direction humanity should take on this interconnected and congested human milieu. Mr. Bush boldly told the world that he refused to sign and be a member of this international court order because he wants to protect his ..., and that of the people around him. Now, he has the audacity to speak about world security, world order, and world conformity, which in itself would be such a wonderful and much-needed direction. But this man is most unqualified to promote such a Divine Thing. He is deeply contradictory. His mouth speaks of things that do not parallel his actions. Unfairly, he gives a bad reputation to the American people, who for the most part are wonderful, and very creative, peace-loving people. By the way, Mr. Bush, in spite of his portrayal, is a very, very intelligent individual. To bad he uses his gift for negativeness. One can only imagine if otherwise, how much good he would have been able to deliver to the world, because he occupies such a powerful office.

As if Mr. Bush's refusal to sign the World Court Document were not enough, only a few months ago, Mr. President Bush made an additional mockery of the entire world at the recent Kyoto Environmental Summit. He did not even participate, as President of this large and strong nation, he demonstrated total irreverance on such a crucial environmental matter that involved every nation and all life on our Planet. 'President' Bush sent that other guy, his Secretary of State, who, much to the dismay of the entire world, behaved like an imbecile. What a sickly statement! What an example! It seems that the neo-fascists - the Packers of the civilized 'modern world' are driven by a grander ambition to dominate over the Earth's domain. Their determination for this ambition is more powerful than that of Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler put together.

May I ask what is it with these entities, my Life-Loving God? What is it in their genetic code that makes them enjoy torturing and conquering the world? What makes them so unconscientious, and such lovers of misery? What is it that makes them so controlling and bent on imposing their way? Why do they enjoy blasting people's homes? Don't they know that home is one of the most sacred things for all living things? Is this genetic anomaly in them an anathema, or was it an unforeseen mistake?

In Your infinite Dominion of the Cosmos, Heavenly Parent, to You, vehemently I appeal to not forsake our present Home. In their conquest, do not allow the warmongers in so viciously an attack to take relish. I request of you to give the Packers and their legislators enough scruples to adequately revamp their notorious and utterly offensive unconstrained foreign policy, which has flagrantly demonstrated having no regard for morality and justice. By and large, it is responsible for promoting, breeding, and generating humanity's uncontained anxiety, malice, anguish, hatred, cockiness on the part of some, resentment, me-myself-and-I-ness, and destabilization big time. Their foreign policy is bankrupt. It is grossly provocative and discriminatory. It is humungously despised. It stinks. It divides, it contaminates. Right now it is the World's number one problem causer.

How about it, my God, from your Divine Office, instilling in the Packers some common sense in considering investing just a fraction of their military's budget in order to significantly improve the appalling human and environmental conditions, instead of spending so excessively on military gadgets and in the name of war.

On behalf of my compatriot Earthlings — two-legged, four-legged, aquatic, feathered, and all, big and small — on this Shining Home, and myself, of course, for all the remaining days of my life here, and beyond, I shall remain grateful, in the Divine above, and I thank You for any assistance You may be able to, at this critical juncture afford to allocate to us. Kindly give us the way to disperse this crisis that is hanging so heavily upon us everywhere. In this last hour, in a manner of speaking, curtail the Packers — these lethal terrorists — from carrying through with their pernicious and depraved design of war horror. Expel their urge to want to spread terror and unsurmisable pain, destitution, death, hunger, trauma, homelessness, orphanages, and despair. Please steer us away from the depths of no return.

* * * * *

My Heavenly Parent, please know that on February 15 2003, in my community, I participated in the anti-war 'Allow Peace to Prevail' demonstration. Thus far, in my life, rarely I have taken part in demonstrations. This one, however, was a must. At high noon, I arrived at the designated location, and as I looked around at the public square, I judged the number of demonstrators to have been approximately 3000. I was very disappointed, but I quickly justified the small number. I concluded that the citizens had failed to come due to the severe cold temperatures of 25 to 35 below Celsius.

I had perched myself at the top step of a building, seeking the warmth of the glittering sun as it caressed the walls of the structure with a sign hanging on it, saying 'Sun-Life,' of all things. From my high vantage point, I had an unobstructed view of the environment before me. Oh, my beautiful God, as I stood there, 45 minutes later, my feet turned numb from the bitter cold. The rest of me, though, was okay. But the reward for my discomfort was about to come. By one o'clock, the citizens of my cosmopolitan and vibrant, hospitable and alive, yet very orderly and very safe city, all at once, from every direction, came by the thousands. In a matter of ten minutes, at least 150 to 200 thousand souls who view our place in the world as I do had peacefully gathered together to tell the world leaders to not engage the world in Bush's and Blair's unconstitutional and unjustified war on Iraq.

Simultaneously, once more, millions of people in thousands of locations around the world — the people of this Nourishing Planet — stood firm against the malicious insanity of this vicious military attack on the innocent people of Iraq. Virtually 6 billion people, in some form or another, almost the entire human population of the Globe, told these indecent war-loving 'people' to not engage in their brutal war. In my part of the world, the people who participated in this demand for peace demonstration were between the ages of a few weeks old, all the way up to 80 years, and so on. Banners and placards I thought were truly ingenious. One of them said, "No SUVs for Blood." In any event, in such a large wave of people, usually, the atmosphere is boisterous and thunderous, but this time, it was eerily quiet.

In view of the enormous opposition to this ludicrous and plainly very dangerous assault, this was a day, I thought, for the warmonger Packers to reckon. Instead, I am told that immediately following the citizens' global massive demonstration, the female of the Pack arrogantly, on international television, trivialized the people of the world as ignorant. In essence, she alluded that we the majority are stupid. Once more, we the citizens of the world — the overwhelming majority — we have been invalidated by a handful of depraved war-pushers; plainly very dangerous individuals who have come together and consolidated themselves into a conspiracy to inflict heavy damage.

What can I say, my Lord, in order to impress you? The situation here on Earth is so urgent. Disarmament of Mr. Hussein is the Packers' feeble excuse, and with this outrageous rhetoric, they attempt to instill in people irrational hatred and fear. They lie, they intimidate, they call the people unpatriotic. They invent and fabricate things just so they can incriminate. In essence, they want to silence the voice of the world, in no different a way than how the hoodlums of communistic and fascistic regimes operate. Across the line, they are on a speedy course to shatter the order of life. In reality, what the Packers are after is simply regime change in order to control and loot the petrol. Strategically, they have derailed all efforts for peace. Their purpose is to destabilize as much of the world as possible, and produce enough chaos so that they can move in, given any situation or opportunity.

While the war machine preparations are firmly positioned in place, great strides have been taken to disarm Iraq from whatever weapons that country might have. On the Packers' calculations, this has important significance. They want the inspectors to disarm Hussein as much as possible, which in itself is a terrific thing for the sake of peace. But the Packers' calculations are very different. Yes, they would very much like to see the Iraqis be totally disarmed and without any means to resist occupation or protect themselves, so that when the assault begins, the Packers will meet no resistance. In other words, no matter what, even if Hussein had only tomatoes and grapes to use as weapons, the outcome would have been the same — the Packers would have attacked anyhow.

These people boldly have created an unnatural — fake environment in order to launch their war. In their daily statements and preparations, they have made this abundantly clear. Time and again, they have stipulated their profound disdain towards those who say "wait a moment Mr. Bush before you attack on this adventurous expedition upon which you have embarked here. Let us explore other avenues with promising possibilities with which to save and celebrate life, and lead the world to lasting and humane peace. Be reasonable now. Please don't blast these poor children with your evil arsenal, especially your satanic cluster and Moab bombs. Don't expose innocent people to this kind of mortal danger. Remember, using honey is better than vinegar. You may also consider just a bit the virtue of compromise. Without doubt it would yield satisfactory results. Humane progress is on the way. It will arrive." Unfortunately, all of this common sense and logic is instantaneously ridiculed and turned down by Mr. Bush and his 'special friends.' Because of their behavior, we assume these people have already made their decision. They will go through with their horrible war plans and creation of 'collateral damage.' In actuality, they will proceed with their indiscriminate massacre, regardless of what they call it. And the reason they have not done so yet is because they are detained by taking care of some loose ends.

Shamelessly, in their devious minority pseudo-coalition, they have gone out of their way to hold the whole world hostage. They intimidate, they harass, they blackmail, and most of all, they are engaged in a disgraceful campaign of extreme bribery, big time, no different from fascist hoods in their Third World countries (but of course, as we all know by now, not all fascist hoods are found in Third World countries). They set a very ugly and immoral example to all the young people around, especially those who are about to take positions as judges, prosecutors, politicians, law-makers, and what have you. In essence, they are telling these impressionable people that bribery is okay, and that is the way of the New World Order. Bush and company are hysterically in the process of manoevering with taxpayers' money, bribing leaders of nations who really want no part of Bush's war. They do not want to be members of the Pack. Those little nations should all ask for outrageous amounts in the billions of American dollars so that Bush will give up and leave them alone. The reason for the Packers offering these staggering amounts of money and other inducements is in order to have other nations join them in their dirty and excessively dangerous war. Desperately, they attempt to legitimize their illegal attack on the people of Iraq.

They say that theirs is an international coalition of the willing. God, this is a lie so outrageous. This pretend coalition has nothing to do with the willing. It has to do with arm twisting and brute coercion on the part of the bully Packers. Lord, the Packers thunderously and unrestrained are marching to war. Their military deployment is moving ever faster. They continue to cultivate a time of rising tension and divisions between the members of the United Nations. The Packers have exerted incredible pressure, and went out of their way in an attempt to implant disharmony throughout and across the board. Theirs is not a genuine coalition. Mr. Bush and his regime has shown total disrespect to the world, and to democracy and freedom of opinion. Unconcerned, they continue to say to the world at large "either you are with us, or ...." In reality, in their quest to dominate, they intimidate and lure world leaders to the point where the latter are often forced to betray their people and their personal values and opinions. At this very moment, the leading Packers very actively are choking and squeezing the exasperated leaders of the poorest and most destitute of nations who right now happen to have the misfortune of being in the rotation list of vote-eligibility in the organization of the U.N. Security Council. These leaders from these very poor countries, among other things are faced with the reality and the painful dilemma that if they do not vote in the Packer's favour, for war, their aid will be terminated by the blackmailer Packers. In utter contempt for order, the Packers twist things around in order to suit themselves. They also spy on U.N. Security Council diplomats in order to sway votes. No time or energy on the part of the chief Packers is allocated for peace or implementing lasting world ethical solutions, let alone conciliation. These ethical, diplomatic and humane alternatives are out of the question, from the Packers' point of view. Regardless, they want to preserve their aggressive ways and approach of going about solving the infestation of world problems. You see, my peaceful God? We cannot win with these people. A destructive and lethal storm is headed our way. You must intervene, you must intercept.

The head Packers, sarcastically and perennially persist in undermining and belittling the indispensible importance on the U.N. Security Council. I am of the belief, my Divine Authority, that (without arm-twisting) utmost respect for, and compliance with, this crucial and well-defined Institution in the midst of this selfish and divided humanity, is an absolute must. Regrettably, the head bullies of the human world would rather do without this united global authority. The truth is, the maintenance and voice of the U.N. Council is not in the bullies' best interest. The Packers refuse to coordinate. They do not want to be accountable to anyone. They do not comply. The neo-fascist Packers would like to dissolve this most imperatively important and crucial Body which had the task bestown upon it to look after international affairs and deal with complicated international matters. God, also take good note of the following: the strong possibility also lingers that somehow the Packers themselves would use chemical and/or biological weapons as part of their plan, especially in a hypothetical scenario case, should things go the wrong way. Then, they would turn around and probably say that Hussein did this. And furthermore, they will say to the world "ha! We told you so. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and didn't hesitate to use them." One must remember, one cannot dismiss this fact that, during the eight yeas of the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, the then USA Secretary of State encouraged and openly told Hussein to employ the cruel and forbidden chemical weapons against the Iranians. This is a historical documented fact. While on the subject, guess what, God? As if this is not scandalous enough, the immorality and double-standards of these people have no boundaries. One of President Bush's top Lieutenants, Mr. Ronald Rumsfeld, during the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war, was a most prominent chemical agent facilitator to Mr. Saddam Hussein. Mr. Rumsfeld then as a businessman was a type of broker between Hussein, and U.S.A. chemical companies who traded their goodies to Mr. Hussein, enabling him to use them as chemical weapons. The USA also assisted Mr. Hussein to use these weapons in order to shatter the lives of thousands of people. I am mystified and stunned as to why this former authority, together with the present one, have not been tried as having fomented atrocities and war crimes.

Do not omit, not even for one instant, my compassionate God, that these warmongers want to mobilize as many nations as possible on their side, simply because, in the back of their heads, they consider the possibility that things may go terribly wrong. They do not want to be soley accountable for their illegal and criminal war. They want to implicate and make accessories of as many nations as possible in their profoundly unethical and full-out illegal action. They do not want the responsibility for this attack to be exclusively on their shoulders. Not because they lack the means for this 'assignment,' but rather, they consider the strong possibility that non-participant nations may at some point, after or during this coming war, may go after them legally, for war crimes, 'unauthorized attack' on a nation which basically had done nothing to provoke such an assault, and also they do not want to be soley to answer for not allowing the U.N. inspection team to carry on with their task, and so on. As well, they do not want to be the only ones responsible and accountable for the expense of the costs of rebuilding.

This behavior of theirs is not a surprise at all. This is a clear characteristic of a bully's mentality and style of operation. The Packers know that the damage, suffering and loss will be of grotesque proportions. They most likely take into consideration the probability of things going out of control, in which case, they will retreat — they will run back home to the safety of their fortress, so to speak, protected by the surrounding oceans, leaving the battered region behind, and the people and the other inhabitant Earthlings in it to deal with the unimaginable carnage, uncleanable environmental destitution and desolation, extreme human rights violations, displacement, hunger, disease, death, trauma, injuries, homelessness, creation of refugees, chaos, rape, pandemonium, misery, polluted water, and all that which the 'glory' of war entails. And in which case, they will say to the world, "don't blame us. You were a willing participant. You are as much to be blamed. Too bad that things didn't go as were projected. That is war, now, get lost."

Only You, my Divine Progenitor, have the possibility to stop the Bush administration and its collaborators. Your evolutionary creation on this jewel Earth is in a collision course with a formidable force. This evil force will cause barbaric and heavy damage in Your garden of life and remarkable splendour. The strenuous efforts of the Earth's human population against this war has not made one dent in the psyche of the war planners. The Packers have ignored 95% of the world's population, including Americans. The entire world is against Bush's and Blair's war plot. Where on Earth has democracy gone? Even Bush's version of democracy and that of his special friends would have been very handy right now. God, the war has unofficially already begun. Please, You must hurry. We, your children, are in desperate need of Your compassionate intervention. Do not allow these people to dilapidate and disregard the Sanctity of Life on this Miraculous and Precious Little Planet.

Oh, oh, my compassionate Lord, I must share with You the following, in case You do not know. Mr. President Bush's most ardent pleasure as far as entertainment is concerned is, to put holes on enclosed defenseless animals. In the midst of the civilized world of the 21st century, Mr. George W. Bush, the present president of the United States of America, is a most prominent member of a most sickening and most sadistic and utterly merciless 'hunting' club. He, and some of his very affluent friends, some of which are his advisors, massacre animals: elephants and other exotic and otherwise species in enclosed environments. The tormented and terrified animals are pursued relentlessly by these sadists, with nowhere to escape. They become trophies of these humanoid killers and cowardly violent psychopaths. After the animals have been shot or arrowed, their sadistic and merciless killers stand nearby and watch as the animals in agony and suffering clatter their legs as they relinquish their few last breaths of life. It is said that these kinds of killers are sexually aroused as they watch the flow of blood as it escapes out of the animals' mortal wounds. Many of the animals in these cases are endangered species. It is also believed that these animal assassins, if it were not for the law, would also hunt down humans, some of which cross the line in any event.

* * * * *

Yesterday, March the 15th 2003, I attended another protest against the Packer's illegal war. Wow, my God. In my city, once more, the people converged, 300,000 strong. It was awesome. Half of that number emerged from the east side of the city, and the other half proceeded from the west side. It was remarkably powerful as both sides joined together in this common and very sensible objective. I observed that this time, the citizens of this dazzling Earth were very alert and very edgy. The banners and placards revealed how angry the people were (and still are) with the warmonger Packers. A great number of these signs said "Bush is the No.1 Terrorist on the Planet," others said, "Bush and Blair, the Axis of Evil," yet others said, "Bush and Blair do not belong on this Planet," "Bush, the No. 1 dangerous man to the security of the world," "Americans wake up," "Arabs, do not sell petrol to the USA," "Boycott USA from A to Z," "Kick USA out of the United Nations Council," "Bush and Blair, the very evil pair," and many more. The one I liked, though, gave me solace and reassurance that there may still have been a glimmer of hope. This one, which was held by a young person, demonstrated in beautiful, vivid colours the Earth, with human children and baby doves circling the Planet as they held wings and hands. Yes, my heavenly Parent, the power of this one placard clouded my eyes. Nevertheless, just the same, it was all in vain. Today, the Packers have gathered in the Azores Islands in order to reassure themselves in their wicked plan, reaffirming their commitment to unleash horror. The Packers have concretely announced that they will commence with their satanical act and engage the world at war.

Dictator Bush was all along interested only in having all other voting Security Council nations go along with him, in order to legitimize his illegal assault on the people of Iraq. No reasoning was going to suffice for Mr. Bush and his anti-life group. Their intent all along was to force their plan on all of the nations at large. Reaching a peaceful resolution was not even in the cards. The Packers did not allow the U.N. inspectors to continue with the success of their work. Bush's Pentagon also made clear that they will not permit the international media to report from the spot. Reporters are threatened that they will be killed or imprisoned unless they report what is dicatated to them by Bush's Pentagon. They are not allowed to report the atrocities and crimes of war. No one will be there to accurately chronicle the savagery and barbarism of this war, and crimes against humanity. It is feared by many people that the Packers themselves deliberately would unleash weapons of mass destruction and then turn around and blame Hussein.

These dreadful and very disturbed entities wanted a resolution by the U.N. Security Council, but only to give Bush and Company the okay to go to war. The Packers refuse to negotiate. They have betrayed the whole world. Bush and his evil group are in absolute defiance against the U.N. Security Council. They have removed themselves from the rest of the world. They have made themselves the supreme lords. Bush, in his own image of neo-colonialism expects everyone else to comply, or else. The Earth, my God, any minute now, is about to sustain irreparable damage from this petrol-thirsty group, including the fraülein of the Pack who was a trustee director of Chevron Petro-Corporation.

We are told that the son of Mr. Hussein is a sadistic and violent rapist. In all probability, he is exactly that. And, he should and must be dealt with accordingly. But how can I tell you this, my Lord, as we speak, young female cadets, practically children — teenagers and a little bit older — who were (are) accepted in the USA Air Force academy, are being systematically raped, by those in authority higher than them. Some of these girls were raped repeatedly by serial rapists known to the authorities in the military academy. Many of the girls were beaten and sodomized. These are young souls, the pride of their parents and communities, away from home and the security of their families. The brightest in their schools, hardworking individuals with aspirations and capabilities of becoming astronauts, engineers, doctors, and so on — the best that they can be. But unfortunately, their dreams and careers have and are being destroyed by this militarily-derived rape. These violent crimes are known to the directors of this organization, medical personnel, and all the way down the chain of command.

Rape, any rape, is extremely evil. Its intent is to destroy. Rape corrodes, it weakens. It destroys, it contaminates, it transmits deadly infectious diseases, it produces unwanted pregnancies, and it devours the families of the victims. Rape robs one's freedom. Just to make this documented story short, when some of these courageous girls reported these violent crimes to the authorities in the U.S. Air Force academy, instead of being taken care of by the person assigned to this job, the girls were told that they were a disgrace to the Air Force academy. They were told it was their fault, that they were promiscuous, and that they enjoyed being raped, beaten and sodomized. Imagine that. Military rape still goes on full blast, in spite of what the world witnessed and experienced in the last ten years alone concerning military rape used as a weapon against females. In this military academy, out of 99 cases reported, only 29 made it to the first stage. And out of them none, but one, went to the court tribunal, in which case the perpetrator was acquitted. It clearly seems that this crime against females is condoned in this American Air Force academy, and maybe even encouraged. If we were to believe otherwise, this pernicious problem would have been taken care of a long time ago. Now, if such a dirty and damaging crime takes place in the USA today with no punishment of any kind for the abusers, what will happen in a milieu under military occupation? Is this what awaits the young Iraqi girls and their parents? Who will dare speak up under the yoke of a violent foreign military occupation, and an environment of an enslaved land? We must stress here that not all military men are rapists, but many are, and even one can do a lot of damage.

MMMmmmm, my Peaceful and caring God, in the event that Mr. Bush's plan cannot be averted, in that case, please instruct Your Heavenly Emissaries to reach out and accept, soothe, and caress the wave of agonized and innocent souls who will undoubtedly perish in this senseless carnage of war. Make sure to collect the souls of all dictator Bush's, dictator Hussein's, and Mr. Blair's sacrificed soldiers as well. Kindly, right now, do not forget to light all the Pathways which lead to the Gates of Heaven.

* * * * *

Operation of Mass Slaughter, Demolition, Exploitation, Terror and Pillage
Conducted by the Pair — Bush and Blair

My peaceful God, it is now ten o'clock at night, Wednesday, the 19th of March in the year 2003. Bush's and Blair's evil and illegal war plan was not averted. 'Officially,' a few minutes ago, on this dark day of Humanity, the assault on children has already begun. The Packers' very first victim has been a very young child, while we, the overwhelming majority of the Earth's citizens, unable to make the Packers stop — we, by force, made witness to the heinous invasion and unconstrained orgy of indiscriminate massacre which is taking place on the grounds of the battered land. The Packers' cold-blooded and barbaric — pirate-style attack of horrific dimensions on the most vulnerable people, literally is taking place before the international community's very eyes.

Bush and Blair, by ignoring the international community, and all the courageous and intelligent people who have devoted their lives to work in order to bring humanity towards humane existence, but most of all, the Packers, by disregarding the Charter of the U.N. Security Council, have erased all the civilized steps and processes that for the past 55 years have been put forward, in order to unite humanity in a fundamentally accountable and responsible co-existence. These two entities, Bush and Blair, have brought humanity backwards. They have set a precedent where, in the future, any nation — any state with thug-minded rulers or not, can attack another nation without accountability of any sort. Fundamentally, the boys, George and Tommy, in their 'adolescent' defiant and bullyish state of being, have told the world that they do not have to comply with world order and civilized processes of attaining world peace. The warmongers' actions here will have far-reaching global ramifications, and detrimental impact towards instability across the Earth's nations for generations to come.

The armies of this pair — Bush and Blair, have blanketed Baghdad — a city of 5 and a half million people — with their deadly bombs. The Packers and their so-called 'coalition,' (in actuality, their mercenaries) have begun to violently seize the Iraqi land, and have already, much before the attack, commenced drawing the Earth's geopolitical divide. If they really wanted dictator Hussein, this would have been a piece of cake to obtain, but Mr. Hussein is not what they are after. The bullies and their mercenaries who have called themselves democrats — what a farce — very closely monitored the reporters as to what is reported out of the killing zones. Some ethical reporters from their own side who dared ask pertinent questions about the war found themselves in trouble with the head Packers. One prominent reporter was promptly dismissed from his job for having said a miniscule fraction of truth about this illegal and filthy war. So much for freedom of media and democratic speech. The Packers' aim is to at all costs conceal the brutality of the attack. They present forged documents, and lie after lie in order to make and legitimise their illegal case to stand. The Packers are spreading untrue — false allegations. They spread misinformation.

By the way, my Lord, it is America who had empowered Hussein. American foreign policy has made him and many others like him the brutes that they are. America hand-picks these thugs, puts them in power, gives these monsters weapons and the expertise with which to attack their neighbours, and by the might of military law and force, America enables these traitors to terrorize and abuse their own people. This is a well-known tactic that is repeated all over Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and many other Third World countries. In essence, these monocratic — fascist military rulers, under the direction of their 'lord,' have, and are betraying, terrorizing, killing and torturing their own people, all in the interest of their own masters, of course. Margaret Thatcher's best buddy, Chile's Pinochet was one of those violent and cruel traitors. Panama's Noriega, and the Philippines' Fernando Marcos were among the many, just to mention a few. But, sometimes these dictators get on their masters' nerves, and in such cases, are replaced by another traitor and violent tormentor just like them, or even worse.

The U.S.A. gave Hussein all of the crude materials with which to build chemical weapons. Most people know of this documented fact, but what most people do not know is the fact that England had, in the 1980s, sent actual experts into Iraq to build — to put together the fabrication of these chemical weapons with clear instructions to use these deadly agents on Iran during the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. Also, consider this: during the Korean War sometime during the first part of the 1950s, the military planners of the U.S.A. of the time very much intended to detonate about 20-30 atomic bombs over Chinese cities. But for some reason they were restrained from doing this horrific genocide. These weapons literally de-skin people alive. It does the same to other animals.

While the warmonger-Packers had zoomed in to the prey like opportunistic hyenas, we, the 95 per cent of the Planet's population, and in many nations, 100 per cent of the female population, some of Bush's closest friends and cherished advisors, notably one of them who advises the Pentagon and is the pillar behind George Bush's Iraqi policy, is going around the world saying that "neither Blair nor Bush will be put off by the feckless mobilizing of 'peace' lobbies, or the unsolicited advice of retired generals." Who is this character with so powerful an influence on the President of the U.S.A. who is calling 6 billion people 'feckless?' This is quite a prerogative on his part. Why is that man so acutely anorexic to the processes of peace, as well as towards people working towards humane solutions.

The head Packers, since 1999, were openly and elaborately setting the stage for this assault on the people of Iraq, and they waited for the opportunity in order to proceed with their plan for the possible control of the Middle East. And in this case, Iraq was the easiest target with which to test the waters. And the fact that it is 12 million Iraqi children who bear the biggest cost of this war means nothing to the warmonger Packers of the 21st Century. They call these children 'collatoral damage,' which really means dead, mutilated, burned, tormented, and terrorized innocent targets.

The corporate mainstream media, particularly from Bush's and Blair's nations and their friends is scandalously complacent where this war and its atrocity is concerned. They have given up their journalistic obligation and integrity. They are a journalistic abomination in their coverage of this illegal war. What we hear from them is thoroughly disgusting, highly disturbing, and completely unnatural. Here are a small sample of their exact comments about the attacks and the demolished burning cities of Iraq as they were bombarded and smothered in choking smoke:

"Fabulous. Colourful. Spectacular. Splendid. Artistic. Amazing fireworks. Dazzling explosions. Fantastic. Tantalizing."

These are only a few of these sick comments expressed by the reporters of the attackers, without even making a small effort to consider what these bombs do to the inhabitants on which they fall and explode on. These satanic weapons are designed, and in this case are used, to utterly devastate an entire nation and people. They kill, they burn, they mutilate, they terrorize, they make people by the thousands (those who survive) to irrevocably lose their minds.

It is imperative for warmonger sympathizers to grasp that in every war, grand or local, the ones who pay the biggest price, the ones who are harmed the most, and the ones who are maimed and die in the greatest numbers are not soldiers or civilian grownups: they are always children. And for anyone who has no problem with this, their morality is beyond me.

Today, my God, April 6, 2003, as I am writing these paragraphs to you, the predator's armies are literally door to door brutalizing and terrorizing the five and half million of Baghdad's human inhabitants. The heavily armed soldiers Gestapo-style violently bust open the doors of innocent civilians and menacingly burst into people's homes under machine guns ordering entire families to vacate their homes with hands over heads in absolute submission. Children of two years of age are forced, under the terror of machine guns pointed at them, to do the same. Today alone, the warmongers announced with pride that they had slaughtered about three to five thousand civilians and army personnel alike. By all definitions this is a mass murder. Lifeless and grievously injured people are sprawled on the grounds everywhere. In the face of all this carnage, no one can convince me that these invader 'predators' are human.

The warmongers and their armies are very angry because they have not been received by the people of Iraq with rose petals and rice, and the red carpet, of course. The screams of maimed and burned children and other innocent people are extremely hard to endure, even over the airwaves and the safety of my home. I was intellectually and spiritually shocked, and my body went numb right in my living room as I heard the screams of badly burned, maimed, mutilated and dying people. This state of shock was an involuntary reaction to such a dehumanizing reality no doubt.

I have concluded my Lord, that without any hesitation, literally, that the Packers are not really humans. In my estimation, no human being even a bad one, is capable of so great a barbarism. I don't know why such things exist on this amazing, spectacular, and orderly Planet.

However, in all of this madness and evil war, if I have to pick on one single thing which disturbed me the most, then in this case I would have to pick on the inactivity and unwillingness of the international nations at large, and in particular, the governments of the strong nations. First, with the exception of France to some miniscule degree, these Heads of State allowed themselves to be castrated by Bush and Blair (so to speak), and then stood by the side watching in total submission while Bush and Blair screwed (so to speak) the international community at large, and went ahead in their illegal war after a most vulnerable people. The noise that these powerful people in positions of governmental responsibility and powerful organizations made against this attack on Iraq was not enough, and provisions were not put into place for Plan B by these other nations such as Russia, Germany, China, India, France, monetary organizations, and the Arab nations, which is another headscratcher case altogether.

No one is suggesting that the international community should have gone after Bush's army and his collaborators' (the so-called 'coalition') militaries, but they could have gone after them by very effective alternative means: There are many of them, the most effective of which in this instance was where they could have chosen to literally collapse the U.S. economy overnight by simply ceasing to do commerce with this economy. Even more effectively, they could have massively dumped the American Dollar, thus rendering this currency cheap and unattractive in the milieu of the world's economies and monetary movers. If they would have inasmuch made such a threat to do this, they would have been taken very seriously and very quickly. Obviously, the objective here is not to impoverish people or nations, but rather to stop warmongers in their tracks everywhere on this lovely Planet, thus coming a few steps closer to eradicating war, and illustrate to warmongers throughout this Nourishing Globe that they have only two choices: reform — become human, or take off. By the way, the Packers have basically flattened the whole of Iraq, except for the oil wells — how convenient.

The Packers, with relish, cheering themselves as they proceed on their grotesque act and are openly congratulated by their handful of bloodthirsty supporters. Literally, these beings are bankrupt of all the humane stuff. God, I cannot adequately express to you how awful it is having to experience the Packers' wicked demeanor. They say they are winning the war. They cannot contain their pleasure at what they have done by their bloody act. They have asked for no forgiveness. On the contrary, they are proud of their cowardly performance. They have remained thoroughly unrepentant. I am using the work "cowardly" here, because the deadly military force the Packers use is no match for Iraq, even if the latter was to put up resistance. The analogy here can be compared to a situation where a crippled brand new baby is abandoned alone, and is zoomed in on by a pack of hungry hyenas. In this scenario, such a baby does not stand a chance. And this is exactly what has happened to the already vulnerable people of Iraq. They were targeted and zoomed in on by the Packers, while at the same time, they were abandoned by the international Human community. Throughout all of this, one can identify utter satisfaction smeared all over the Packers' ugly faces revealing the nature of their disgusting and sadistic makeup. They even have the audacity to use your name in their bloody act. In this most desperate of times, please God touch the courageous spirits of Iraq's twelve million children and their parents. I do not know how many of them will make it intact through this dirty and terroristic attack.

You see, my God? The word 'terrorist,' and the work of a terrorist has many faces and shapes. The Packers say and brag that they are the world's leaders. Sure they are, but leaders to what? To irresponsible and intimidating conduct, no doubt. If otherwise, the world would not have been in this state of utter misery, shamefully illegal poverty and confrontation today. These so-called self-proclaimed world leaders actually, in all definitions, and in all reality as we witness and live it, they are the world's New Age Oligarchs. These entities demand to be respected. But true respect can only be earned. Respect can never be dictated. The oligarchs' democracy, which is kept in place by connivance and force, is thoroughly immoral, and belongs to the caveman's Survival of the Fittest scenario.

There have been attempts by numerous humane and ethically-inclined organizations, governments, and individuals around the world, especially within the last ten or so years, to bring about fundamental changes in order to at least lessen the vicious poverty that is growing so prevalently throughout the Globe, and which has been nurtured by the 21st Century oligarchs who claim that they are democrats. Unfortunately, all of these moral people are defeated by the rules of international trade, which are overwhelmingly dictated by people like Bush and associates, whose vision of the world is to control, possess, dictate, and to re-establish slavery big time. Since the establishment of the World Trade Organization, in spite of all of the summits, pledges, and free-trade agreements all in the name of this organization, the quality of living for the overwhelming majority of people around the world has dramatically declined. More than ever before, families live in cardboard boxes which they call homes. Slavery has come back and has been allowed to thrive and expand. I do not use the word 'slavery' here as a metaphor to explain the low wages and horrible working conditions for workers. Actual slavery has been re-introduced. People, women and men, children: girls and boys, in just about every nation, are bought and sold by slave sellers and buyers. Some of them are utilized for sex, others for labour, yet others for their body parts. Yessss, their body parts, such as kidneys and what have you, in order to 'harvest' and sell them to wealthy people from North America, Europe, and rich people from everywhere else for transplants. I found it grotesquely wrong on the part of the international community's law and order that they would allow this kind of trade to exist. How can I express this, my God. My Planet's 21st Century oligarchs: Capitalistic, fascistic, communistic, monocratic and all, what have you, are actually cannibals. They devour the spirits of millions of souls around the world. Given the opportunity, I am certain they will eat the flesh of humans as well, and they will brag about it as they brag about having eaten live animals.

In the new Russia, for example, as we speak, so many people have been robbed by so very few. This has never happened before in the history of man. Not even in the czaristic times. This nation, since it went a la American capitalistic style, a handful of thugs have stripped the entire wealth of the country. They, a tiny number, have been allowed by the government to intensely control and concentrate the wealth in their bank accounts offshore. These very few who are called oligarchs by the starving people of Russia control everything in that nation: the oil fields, gas, metals, banks, courts, the police, and so on. They run the courts and judges as well. They have absolutely no intention of allowing even marginal distribution of the nation's wealth. They influence and control everything. They blatantly rob people and law-abiding companies time after time. They pay no taxes to the state. Money-laundering is an everyday thing. Money, in the billions of American dollars, leaves the country in private jets, and is deposited overseas in places where all the other money launderers from around the world hide their money: places such as the Cayman Islands and others amenable to that purpose. By the way, a few years ago, it was agreed by every other nation that these offshore unregulated money havens should be abolished. Guess what? The U.S.A. shakers and policy-makers said no to such an abolition, and so they remain untouched by any means of law enforcement. Wow! One country to have so much of an influence against all others. Wow! again. At any rate, that's where the Russian oligarchs put their money. They use the corrupt and weak laws in that nation to their advantage in order to sweep it all up. They are seen driving in Hummer cars surrounded by heavily armed men, while all along massive numbers of Russian citizens are shamelessly forced into deeper poverty and despair. These oligarchs are there to do as much thievery and damage as possible. They have been seen to dine and wine with the American Vice President Mr. Cheney. They do all kind of business transactions with American and British multinationals. The Russian oligarchs stay within close proximity of their latest and most extravagant private jets, just in case some conscientious, moral, compassionate and courageous army general will say, "enough of this savage humiliation. Now is action time."

P.S. Early today, on Earth Day, April 22, 2003, My Most Beautiful and Caring Lord, in order to celebrate Your brilliantly artistic and scientific ingenuity and gift to us on this splendid Planet, I went to a specific location out in nature into a mountainous terrain. Although still relatively cold in my region of the Planet, especially this year, again, I had the privilege of being witness to the Planet's Eco-Environmental expression as it rhythmically unfolds in anticipation of the coming of spring. As I traversed magnificent interconnected locales, I came across a number of individual ecological systems, very close to each other in proximity. Once more, I became deeply acutely aware of the importance, and of how closely connected these ecological systems are, in their linkage around the Planet. I cannot adequately enough express to you how truly grateful I am to You for enabling me, even though I am only a tiny dot, to journey on this Glorious Earth — the Garden of Life, and of course, of my destiny at that.

Now, about a few weeks ago, we the citizens of this world were informed that a new disease, a bad virus, had made its appearance. It was named SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), with the characteristic of a pneumonia-type mystery.

With regards to who I am, being a botanical-pharmaceutical field researcher in the organization, it was natural that I would be curious to know about this new disease. On Thursday the 17th of April, I spent a lot of time, more than I should have, on the internet, trying to find as much information about this new and mysterious virus from the 'experts.' There were many web pages belonging to different authors about SARS. A lot was written, but nothing meaningful was said, at least to me. I came out with nothing out of all of this repetitious information that offered nothing. Specifically, I was looking for a connection between this new virus and tuberculosis. I found none. Somewhere though, someone in one of these web pages said something about tuberculoid leprosy. I became so thrilled, but only for an instant, because this type of tuberculosis is not connected to leprosy, so the author said. Nevertheless, after terminating my internet search, I immediately then sent word asking permission to access the Special Lab. By the next day, in the very early hours of Good Friday (Easter) of 2003, permission was given, and speedily I found myself in the Divine Laboratory.

The speed with which I was given permission was unprecedented. In fact, this has never happened before: not only was I given permission, but it was done expeditiously. Usually, my request to enter the Lab for a specific project is never granted this quickly no matter how many times I request. Anyways, there I was, and my approach this time was different. I went there with the intent to verify whether or not any of my other completed or semi-completed therapeutic Case Files on infectious diseases can be applied for the eradication or control of this new type of pneumonia (SARS).

Before I entered the Lab, however, I had hoped to make the connection with any case file, except one: File 5-SS, which I immediately dismissed from my mind as not having any potential against SARS. I absolutely have no explanation as to why I would even think of File 5-SS, which, by the way, was my very first Case File way back, when I was a teenager. It was completed in 1972, and which consequently was deleted some time in the late '70s for valid reasons.

File 5-SS was an incredibly valuable and great file, but had (so I thought) nothing to do with infectious diseases, or any disease per se, for that matter, but, ..... lo and behold, guess what, God? Ironically, File 5-SS came up, and can be applied against SARS. I must confess though, that I came out of the laboratory very disappointed. Nontheless, I was intrigued with this odd coincidental connection. It was truly bizarre. I found myself scratching my head in puzzlement, in spite of SARS' deadly nature. Of all the file cases, why did it have to be this one? Could it not have been a new one altogether? All things considered, if anyone wishes to try File 5-SS, then in this case, he/she/they would have to approach me. I might, however, attempt to send a message to the Chinese Ambassador in my vicinity, informing him or her of File 5-SS, to which I have added an extra "S" for SARS. It goes like this: File 5-SS-S.As I have earlier promised you, my Lord, here then is my surprise. It concerns Therapeutic File 17-RJ which is against tuberculosis disease, and at the moment it is held by Anton from the Discover page of this web site. At this time, there are three million humans who every year, die from tuberculosis, one million of these being young women between the ages of 16 and 44. Imagine, how many of them leave orphans and/or parents behind.

There are plentiful and effective medications for tuberculosis, but these are not available to people without enough cash. The very rich pharmaceutical corporations which produce them are not willing to lower their prices for medications against tuberculosis, let alone donate them. Anyways, that's how things work with these entities.

Therapeutic File 17-RJ for tuberculosis was 98 per cent completed by February of 2000, but most unfortunately, because of unforeseen circumstances and out-of-control events, this File, in the late spring of 2000, was put aside. However delayed, here is the File now.

For precise information about 17-RJ, Click on Antony here. Antony holds all the pertinent information about this fine and literally colourful therapeutic file.

* * * * *

My exquisite God, about six months have elapsed since Mr. Bush declared the war on Iraq over. But still, the bombardments and massacres go on. The destitution in Iraq is now of unimaginable proportions. Slowly, we are seeing the extent of the grotesque devastation after Bush's and Blair's relentless bombardments and barbaric invasion. The entirety of Iraq, half a year after Bush declared the war to be over, is without electricity, and at best has it only sparsely at times. There is no adequate water or food, or simple medications with which to address the wounds and burns. The Americans a few months ago experienced a local blackout of a few hours, and they said that it was unacceptable. No one of them took the time to say anything at all about the Iraqi people left in over 50 degree celsius heat (120 degrees fahrenheit) without electricity , refrigeration, or air conditioning, water, and under the most desperate living conditions and circumstances since the invasion began. All of this remains a calculated and deliberate effort to further demoralize and weaken these most destitute people. Of course, the chief architect for this round of attack and neglect is none other than the Head Packer and his associates. These unfortunate survivors are forced to endure power shortages and, basically, deprivation of all of life's essentials by the very person who was overwhelmingly supported in this illegal war by the very people who complained because they were left this past summer without electricity for only a few hours.

Oh, my compassionate Heavenly Parent. There are no words to definitively demonstrate the head Packers' audacious behavior. Every day, they brag about how great, wonderful, and powerful they are. Oh yes, indeed they have military might with which to terrorize the world. Definitely not to improve living conditions, or lessen world discontent. Or, protect the environment of the planet, for example. On the contrary, they have armed the world to the teeth. They devour just about everything. For example, the U.S.A. alone, even though comprising one eighteenth of the planet's human population, with their lifestyles, they yet consume twenty-five per cent of the Earth's resources. They, in company with the I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund) have bankrupted most of the world's economies. In reality, the latter has been established, and is kept in place by the world's 'legitimized' loan sharks. These all-devouring loan sharks have created this monetary institution as a means to forbid world prosperity in a manner where everyone could benefit, however grand or marginal. The role of the IMF is to exploit and expand its suffocating tentacles as widely as possible. The objective and assignment of the top people and architects involved with this organization is to control the wealth of the planet, and to disperse this wealth into only a few hands. A number of wealthy nations on my Planet give less in charity or loans than what they get from the poor nations to which they've allocated these crumbs. The USA, however, has the lead in this pretend generosity. Whatever crumbs this nation's government distributes around in the form of aid always comes with unbendable strings attached. Whatever it allocates, it claws back many times more. Also, the policy-makers of this nation, in company with top directors, majority shareholders, CEOS, boards of directors, and the owners of their powerful corporations leading the way, and theirs is the number one country that sells weapons to poor countries without considering that they further impoverish the world around them. These weapon sales have nothing to do with security. It only has to do with profits for the top executives and shareholders of these arm-producing corporations. These weapon sales are the absolute contrary to everything that signifies harmony, security, or peace. They have transformed entire societies into slums, and the planet into a wasteland. They, these policy-movers and shakers, their multinational corporations and the IMF, the World Bank, and a handful of their cronies around the world have pushed the earth's population into deep bankruptcy, poverty and despair. These lords have literally created conducive environments in which slavery is allowed to come back, especially sex slavery. One doesn't have to go far to see what is happening to thousands of young girls from the former soviet union. But democracy, the masters preach.

There is nothing wrong with the true principles of democracy. Democracy and freedom in fact are good for the living spirit and the advancement of the soul. In the USA today, my understanding God, there are one million (1,000,000) black men of college age (between 17 and 24) that are incarcerated in prisons throughout the country. In the USA today, there are 45 million (45,000,000) people without medical or dental coverage at all. One does not have to traverse Third World countries to see the vast disparity between the rich and the devastated poor. This man-made phenomenon is found throughout the dehumanised slums and ghettoes of USA's cities and towns. A few years ago, I attended an environmental and animal-rights convention in Washington D.C. and while driving somehow lost my way. I found myself in the midst of a slum/ghetto neighbourhood very close the White House and the Capitol. To make a long story short, I was escorted out of that grotesquely nightmarish hell on Earth neighbourhood by a good Samaritan black police officer in his cruiser who felt concern for me and the bunch of kids in my car. The ugly and dilapidated state of housing that I came across there left me with deep sadness, outrage, and a peculiar fear that has not completely left me yet. What I experienced in that forsaken place there, however fleetingly, was a different kind of poverty and neglect than the type I have seen in other places around the world. This one type of poverty, in addition to being thoroughly unacceptable, no matter by whose measurements or standards, had a sadistic and very merciless air about it. Before I parted paths with my good Samaritan, I asked him whether this experience had all been a nightmare, or had I died and for some mixed up reason I was sent to this condemned place because I did not recollect having done anything bad to deserve being exposed to this hideous and unliveable place.

"No, no," he said, "you are very much alive. But..." and he lifted his hands in exasperation because he knew what I was trying to express. Then I asked whether anyone actually lived in that hellish type of dehumanising environment, or did this large number of people I encountered there happen to hang around for some bizarre reason. And why did they look so abandoned and harshly sad? They seemed to go around endlessly — "why is that?" I wanted to know from my good Samaritan.

"Oh yes," he said, "all kinds of people live here, including families with little children." I was shocked to hear that. I could sense from the faces from most of those I encountered in that dilapidated zone during my brief passage there that they were in silent agony begging and screaming to be released from the heavy chains of brutal poverty that had been thrust upon them, and with which they had been chained perpetually. Those people, no better or worse than those other hundreds of millions of souls around the world had been thoroughly robbed of their God-given potential and rights to fulfil their dream during their journey here, however grand or small.

It will be humane, wise, and advisable for the head Packers, in company with the elected members of Congress and the Senate — the ones who recently agreed to the allocation of hundreds of billions of dollars to be used in order for their army to traverse half-way around the world with a mission to kill, maim, burn, orphan and terrorize the children of other mothers. These policy-makers, along with their President, and the other Washingtonian money-shakers should take a reality field-trip into the ghetto I was lost in. It is within walking distance from their opulent offices and private clubs. Then, though it is highly improbable, but nevertheless possible, they might redirect their policies in an effort to forego spending as much of the people's and the Earth's wealth and resources on military purposes. They might even swiftly reverse global trade policies that had been put in place and dearly guarded by a handful of exceedingly avaricious things, for the purpose of human exploitation and to illegally keep vast numbers of people in conditions of savage poverty.

There has to be a better version of democracy, and a system of security and fairness than the one the Packers advocate and work hard to export. Look at how they have infested Russia and reduced it, with the 'merits' of their version of democracy. There has to be a better model of democracy, with which to build a just, secure, caring, and prosperous form of society for all. There has to be a moral and humane system of democracy with which to build a prosperous environment, and with which to embrace the entirety of humanity, and to guard the Planet's ecosystems. At this time and point, no one is suggesting that the rich should allocate their extra palaces and ranches to homeless people, or distribute their wealth equally. God forbid, no one in his right mind can inasmuch visualize such a thing. But what can be done, and should have been put in place some time ago, is a form of system where everyone is allowed to enjoy the benefits of essentials at least: such as medicare, denticare, education, food, water, shelter, and so on. The same system should forbid the excessive accumulation of wealth (money, land, water, and natural resource rights for example), to be concentrated in only a few hands. After the needs of everyone are taken care of in a fair system of opportunity, or at least with a system that echoes and represents a somewhat humane societal responsibility, and workers are not abused and given near slave wages, and the environment is not polluted, I, for one, have no objections should the rich wish to live in a large house built of gold bricks.

Unfortunately, the Packers' version of democracy is very questionable and troublesome. If I am wrong in this assessment, then I would like to ask the millions of children who suffer from curable ailments, who go to bed hungry, who are forced to live in contaminated environments, drink polluted water, be terrorized and maimed by man-made military weapons and allowed to die by the millions every year, before their fifth birthday. I would like to know what these little ones would say if they were asked about democracy a la Packers or a la Bush and associates.

Please know, God, that only after some conscientious reporters who covered the Bush and Blair war in Iraq, and who at the time were censored by their bosses and told not to show the brutality of the attacks, and who now are slowly beginning to speak out about what they witnessed and filmed, we begin to see the sheer ferocity and damage this war has done. A particular case that is difficult for me to dismiss from my mind is the case of a family — mother, father, and their six children, aged between two and twelve. Much after the war which was declared ended, Bush's army decided to bombard the village of this family with cluster bombs because they felt like it, or wanted to have live target practice, perhaps. This was done for no particular given reason: there were no insurgents for hundreds of miles around. The outcome was that the father was injured, and all six children were blown to tiny bits and pieces. The mother is now seen staring in constant oblivion, no doubt waiting to join her children, who were sent so violently by the warmongers into the care of Your angels. And, which, of course, brings me to the subject of Mothers and Warmongers. We are now in December of 2003. A couple of days ago, the American invaders announced, "We got him." This is how they began telling the world that they had captured Saddam Hussein, which in my opinion was much overdue. But the way they paraded and handled him, it seemed as if they were searching for weapons of mass destruction inside his mouth. There had been accounts that he, Hussein, was captured or betrayed long ago, but Bush and associates staged the whole thing now in order to suit him for the upcoming elections. Anyways, personally I found the whole demonstration crude, thoroughly devoid of everything that marks civility, and kind of offensive, I might add, in spite of the man's horrendous crimes and grotesque human rights abuses. This statement of "We got him," was immediately followed by a statement delivered by warmonger Mr. Blair. In his speech, he repeatedly used the word 'reconciliation,' and he also utilized the expression 'rule of law.' What a farce coming from him. Shamelessly, he utilized in his speech both of these expressions 'reconciliation,' and 'rule of law.' I wonder where the 'rule of law' had gone for him only a few months earlier when he himself, against the outcry of six billion people and the international rule of law, disobeyed and entirely disregarded the very rule of law this man conveniently adopted in his speech only a few days ago.

As for the word 'reconciliation,' and what meaning it has for the Packers, listen to this, God, and consider the fact that only a few days back, very u-n-r-e-c-o-n-c-i-l-a-b-l-y, the Head Packer, Mr. Bush and his spokespeople, on international television, told the world that they awarded the contracts to supposedly rebuild Iraq to companies whose governments supported them in the attack on Iraq. Just to be fair, they also allowed some others, who did not object to this war to supposedly bid and compete for these exceedingly lucrative contracts. Furthermore, they proceeded, saying with glee and sarcasm, emphasizing that they punished those who objected to their war on Iraq, and they openly said that companies from Russia, Canada, China, France, Germany, and the other nations who objected to the attack on the people of Iraq, and the countries themselves, are not entitled to bid for contracts on the reconstruction of Iraq because these nations posed a security threat to the United States of America. And again, much to the dismay of the citizens of this Globe at large, the leaders of the international community, in particular those who have been blacklisted, stood aside, like castrated slaves, and on behalf of six billion people quietly took this unacceptable, wildly diabolical and depraved, wicked, and inaccurate branding. This was an insult and a false accusation equal both in scope and intent to that used to brand innocent women as being witches: a kind of deadly terrorism that was used by powerful and wicked people, and in particular by religious male personalities who were guided by superstitions that thrived centuries ago. Oddly enough, for some unknown reason, all these otherwise intelligent and courageous leaders expressed was that they wished to have the chance to work with the 'headmaster.' They did not say 'boo' to the sickening behavior of Mr. Bush who inasmuch has proclaimed that he can say and do whatever he wants without being accountable. They didn't even do as much as react as a normal person would, or say anything. Should an ordinary individual be put into a similar situation, this person would say something, unless of course that person is petrified for some reason.

The Bush administration and his ultra-rightist associates also are vigorously using these 'homeland security' things in order to suit their interests, justify their illegal actions, and to take away the rights of the American people. This is called power of abuse. It will not sustain, though. And as the expression goes, because of the abuse, it will blow up in their faces. They, the Bush administration and its advisors, actually are the biggest threat to the United States of America, because of their uncontained and irresponsible cavalier attitude. Eventually, and very soon, with the exception of a few of the world's nations, the world will come together and shun this nation and its people.

Under the circumstances, it is almost certain that the people of Iraq will not enjoy the benefits of the oil that is found under their land. By the way, the Halliburton Corporation has long ago awarded extraordinarily monopolistic contracts to reap up the rewards of the war. The theft — pillaging of Iraq's wealth by this company and its associates has already begun big time. Halliburton is an American multi-corporation closely associated with the Vice-President of today's USA, Mr. Cheney. Oh yes, my God, the very avaricious one, residing at the core of Bush's democracy system.

Democracy cannot survive in a milieu of a mentality of indifference, or an environment where the 'boldest' is left to rip — harvest — and pocket the most. This is what Mr. Bush's best personal friends and associates from Enron did, and of course many others like them. And in spite of their inhumane indifference towards a humane world and their gross control of the fair distribution of wealth, personally I have no objection to Mr. America being the leader of the world, but, Mr. America will have to demonstrate that he is willing to change attitudes and adopt ethical, honourable, and moral standards with which to carry out this leadership in order to serve everyone on this Earth. Presently, in their leading role, they have done very little other than militarize the world with their sales of arms, and thus entice other nations into civil wars and wars among neighbouring countries.

As we speak, in the last three or four years, in Congo Africa, there have been three million people killed in genocide. Where on Earth is Mr. Bush and his military might in this instance? How come he doesn't run to liberate these people? These people, by the way, have no petrol. They also happen to have black skin.

Anyways, my beautiful and understanding God, I hope I have not tired you with my lengthy prayer. Please bear with me a while longer. In spite of the complexity of my present world, however, I vehemently believe that mothers alone have the power to instantly eradicate war globally. Mothers everywhere have to stand up and effectively say no to the warmongers of the human world.

Mothers, all mothers on this Planet, were given the inherent instinct to unconditionally protect their children. I have seen this wonderful maternal instinct in just about every animal mother species that I have had the privilege of observing over the years while on assignments at my field research stations away in the bush and around the Globe. I do not understand why human mothers cannot allow this incredibly spiritual and biological instinct to fully express itself. It remains an enigma to me as to why human mothers (not all, but by and large), down deep, permit warmongers to kill their children, terrorize their children, rape their children, maim and mutilate their children, poisoned and starved their children, make homeless and orphan their children, burn their children, all in the name of war games, of course. Through the years, by and large, human mothers have (when it comes to war, of course), relinquished their responsibilities towards their offspring. They have become willing participants in the power and policies of war propagandizing. They have allowed themselves to be caught in the web of the ugly and irresistable desires of the very few who enjoy engaging in war. In this web, mothers have become helpless pawns in the schemes and policies of war-thrilled people who propagate war, and who stand to benefit out of war.

It seems that mothers have lost track of the cruel fact that these warmonger/avaricious leaders, their lobbyists and associates, even after their ceremonial pledges and promises to turn things around in meaningful changes in order to improve somewhat the living conditions for all, and make possible for some level of comfort and security around the world, have not only not delivered on their promise, but on the contrary, they have chosen to go even farther than the ones before them in depriving the citizens of their Earth of their God-given right to exist humanely and go about and enjoy even the most fundamental of life's needs. These 21st Century absolutist lords, the so-self-named 'civilized leaders,' have in fact lured and steered humanity deeper into discord and onto a path of extreme and prolonged misery of unforgiving destitution and have altered the Planet's environment and turned it into a wretched state of being. These third millennium 'absolutists' have thoroughly disconnected from the order of life, and the principles of civility and sustainable survivability. Liberty, security, and prosperity for all is attainable, but it will never happen unless the women of the human world demand to be in the 'driver's seat' as far as decision-making. This much-needed change of leadership is of paramount importance, and it is so easy to obtain. Women leaders and female policy-makers only have to insist on four doable things. First, they have to curtail and put controls on environments and situations where it allows rampant avarice. Secondly, abolition of war. Next, elimination of global poverty, and finally, the reversal of irresponsible overbreeding of humans.

Women must look head-on at the wretched truth all around them. They would not have to look far in order to see the vile and irresponsible conduct of leadership as it is conducted and disseminated through the policies and directions of by and large unethical and avaricious men at the top throughout the globe and across the nations of the world. A deliberate and sadistic stewardship which allows for millions of children and other people everywhere and every minute to die from starvation, simple misfortunes, curable ailments, violence, hatred, polluted water and contaminated food, homelessness, unsuitable living environments, cold, and of course all that the 'glory' of war entails (not to mention what it does to the Earth's other inhabitants). It is thoroughly unacceptable, and downright immoral for the mothers of the human community to so readily have accepted and gone along with the rules and stewardship of basically evil men who are the number one enemies of the security of the world, and the Earth's sustainable environmental balance. These men, even though they are devoid of the human stuff, have nevertheless been allowed to hold the balance of life, and dictate as to who lives and who dies, and under what circumstances and conditions. Not only is it not moral, but more importantly it is not normal for mothers, the 'lifegivers,' to have become accessories to something so evil, so bad, and so degrading, and which serves only a handful of super-avaricious capitalistic and fascistic 'cannibalistic' thugs who tear and devour the spirits of billions of souls, and the uncaring and selfish women who share and accompany them in their contaminated and filthy garbage state of existence, many of which display and brag about that they are literally billionaires, and they that they are in control of so and so. Yes, my God, billionaires. A number, and an amount of wealth which is not possible for them to utilize on their unwise and wasted stay here, even if they wanted to. Yet, they pile it higher and higher up, while at the very same time, children and other people within blocks from them die from starvation or are left to wither without being permitted to fulfil their destiny, aspirations, and dreams during their arrival and stay here. Definitely, this kind of thievery and indifference is not the work or desire of a true human. This is only the work and desire of someone who is mimicking a human. What a terrible waste ... on both counts. What a grand theft.

We have seen the grand thieves of the 21st Century boldly and unaccountably rip and hold hostage the inheritance of the peoples, and the riches of the Earth. These are the very ones who are self named as being aristocratic and refined. Nothing is further from the truth. These humanoids definitely are not refined. And as for the word 'aristocrat,' which in actuality is two words and which means 'perfect citizen,' definitely it does not apply to these entities who inasmuch have stripped the world of its rights to have a decent existence, and many of whom have also erased the hard-earned old-age pensions of their employees while all along they pocket and still pocket untold wealth. These are the same entities who either end up by and large as heads of governments and legislators, or as avid supporters of the same. The intent and function of the New World Order oligarchs is to retard and altogether reverse the trend of some equality, progress, stability, and the elimination of global hunger and illiteracy that has been proposed and striven toward by ethical and real human beings. The evidence of this dehumanizing conspiracy is illustrated all around us for everyone to see and experience. The New World Oligarchs openly put policies in place where it crashes the brilliant minds and fresh spirits of thousands of university graduates with aspirations and intents to succeed in their diverse fields, and make the World a better place for them and their fellow humans, only to find themselves (with the exception of the few, of course) in humungous numbers forced to take employment for minimal wages that do not support the cost of living. These young and exciting people have been reduced dramatically by the dictator policies and sick desires of the 21st Century grand oligarch/warmonger looters and their sympathizers.

Mothers — females, even though they comprise 54% of the human population, have allowed notably in the last 12 years alone, violent warmongers to profoundly alter the course of their children's lives, and indeed their own. It is all so bizarre as to why human mothers would be so mesmerized and brainwashed by warmongers to the point where they accept acts of war as a matter of course. Accept something that inflicts so much damage on their children and to life at large. This is not a normal maternal characteristic, in spite of the warmongers' excuses as to why they engage in war. This is an especially unnatural phenomenon for mothers whose warmonger leaders initiate war. I do not have to go far back into time in order to find such a case. As we speak, 76% of American mothers went along and in fact gave their blessing and permission to their warmonger leaders to traverse all the way to Iraq halfway around the world, and against the whole world, in order to blast apart, maim, obliterate, terrorize, burn, starve, suffocate, toxify, and kill other mothers' children, in essence to inflict so-called 'collateral damage.' How would these misguided American mothers feel, I wonder, if the chips were reversed, and blown their way. They say that war is a complex undertaking. But there's nothing complex about war. War's purpose is to obliterate, kill and be killed, all in the name of profit, and nourishing humanity's oligarchs.

The task of mothers against warmongers is a must. It would be humane, it would be intelligent, it would be beneficial and advancing, it would be spiritual and moral. It would be splendid in the image of all that represents life. It will serve true justice in the eyes of the Universal God. Mothers must keep in mind that in the very near past, females had been branded by religious warmongers as beings having no souls. Imagine that, my Lord. Even as we have entered the Third Millennium, millions of females around the world are not allowed to vote, drive a car, or own property by Bush's and Blair's partners and best friends, and are actually the property of these entities on Earth. Mothers and females everywhere should realize that they have superior and sharper brain power compared to that of their male counterparts, and they should utilize this in order to come forth with solutions that would be beneficial for all. Females should take the reins, just like that. And should their males object to this, the females should stipulate to them that males have had this power for the past ten thousand years, and look where the world is after all this time. Not only has humanity not advanced, but we have gone backwards in the last ten years alone. This is not to say that all males are no good. On the contrary: I myself have been blessed in my short life here with three incredibly humane male individuals. My father, my dear friend, and my husband. Mothers against warmongers everywhere should also declare the national debt and the body of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) illegal and invalid, because its purpose is to further deepen the debt responsible for pushing millions of children and other people around the world into deep and inhumane poverty and despair. The crowd that makes up the IMF are no better than the crowd of the warmonger club, and in many instances belong to the same club: the Pack.

The IMF is the mother or sister agency of the WTO (World Trade Organization), the latter having been born in 1994. Among other things, the IMF gives the stamp of approval to indebted countries to gain investments of foreign capital. However, these investments are tied to strict conditions imposed by the heavy hand of the IMF, conditions properly known as SAP (Structural Adjustment Plans). Basically, and outright, these strict conditions are meant to further impoverish the indebted countries. The IMF is nothing better than a vicious, calculating, and very cruel loan shark. They have encouraged entire nations to borrow money from them mainly to buy military weapons from sellers closely associated with the IMF. And now these poor countries, because of those strict rules, are unable to pay this debt. They are perpetually trying to catch up to paying the interest alone. Whatever money they make goes towards paying the interest the IMF is charging. These underprivileged nations are kept forever in debt by the shameless directors of the IMF. The structure of the IMF and the manipulation tactics of this organization in doing international business has bankrupted many nations, and is intended to perform this way. Almost all of these impoverished indebted nations are rich in natural resources, and have plenty of arable land in which to grow an abundance of food, but because of the heavy interest they have to pay to the IMF 'lord,' and because of these SAP conditions, there is nothing left at the end to go towards education, health, social programs, local (small-scale) economic growth progress, or towards agriculture, irrigation, energy and so on. And in fact, the people of these 'indebted' locales around the globe, they cut down pristine forests and clear the land in order to grow enough food, most of which goes toward paying the debt, thus destroying the Earth's environment delicate ecosystem, and push the wildlife into smaller and smaller natural habitats. So you see, these IMF and World Bank all-devouring machines are inadvertantly or deliberately very bad for the environment.

Argentina only a few years ago used to be the bread basket of the world. Now the citizens of this nation have been obliterated in bankruptcy due to their interest payments to the IMF. Sudan is another example. It has one of the world's poorest and violent living conditions, yet it has humungous oil riches and other natural resources. It should have been one of the richest countries in the world, but its wealth is drained out by the immoral international trade rules. International multicorporations who do business there are interested in extracting as much as possible of that country's natural resources without giving back to the people, except in aiding and fuelling local warmongers in their perpetual and gruesome quest for control. And of course, we all know from who these local warmonger thugs receive their weapons to be used in their civil wars.

Females, and in particular mothers from every corner of the World, should establish an international coalition, a Universal Action Network for the Abolition of War (UANAW). In the event that this much-needed action is organized and adopted, individuals and groups of females around the world can adopt this little title here for this purpose if so they wish. This assignment is doable, this task is workable and achievable, especially with the use of the internet. For starters, women have to adhere to three standards. They should use their money and consumer power when purchasing things, small or big. By this I mean they should cast out companies that are associated with the warmongers. Secondly, they should use their vote to cast out the male war-driven power influence that kept and keeps the world at war. In other words, they should elect women to positions in government and as policy makers and demand that women attain positions of influence and power in big numbers of representation across the board, from hospital directors and all the way up to orchestra conductors, pilots, top CEOs, Prime Ministers, Ministers, religious authorities, military and space program heads, chiefs of UN and associated institutions, boards of directors, legislators, lawmakers, and so on. Women, by using their majority numbers should and must instantly demand an immediate revamping of representation in all key positions, public or otherwise. Corporations (their directors) who might resist complying with this fairness program, or if they drag their feet over it, then, in this case, the female consumer, along with her young offspring, must initiate a thorough boycott of services and products provided by corporations or organizations such as these, and as well initiate a legal action for gross discrimination.

55 per cent, if not more, of the faces in all top and mid-level positions must be those of females. Nothing less will suffice. Only the resolute assertion of females for drastic change will break the man-made barriers which keep humanity by and large in a perpetual stagnant, barbaric and miserable existence. Only the consolidated power of females will wonderfully transform the living conditions on this Earth. It has been proven that by themselves, men, for whatever reasons are inherently incapable of resolving the shameful conditions that 'plague' humanity. They remain unwilling to adopt solutions for a humane and prosperous world. A valuable clue for women to consider is that the moment a woman is asserting her superior intelligence and points out logical ways of doing things, she is at this point labelled as being a 'bitch,' especially if she is contradicting her male bosses or co-workers for example.

This level of power revamping, without doubt, not only would fairly quickly improve the living conditions dramatically for just about everyone on this planet, but would also give a chance to the Home Earth to heal and rejuvenate. It will also bring forth formidable effective changes with deep roots for a just and humane humanity. In this project, females will have lifted global poverty.

Greed and war, which are the roots of all problems, will never be reversed unless decent women everywhere consolidate, and once and for all take control. This splendid assignment for the eradication of war can only be conducted by women. In itself, instantly, it would eradicate poverty. It is destined to be highly successful. It will be liberating. The outcome of this much-needed assignment would be so grand and so Divine. It would be a cause for good and decent men and all women to stand side by side and in triumph together to celebrate. It would be something to look forward to: nothing but ethical advancement in accordance with the Earth's system and balance, beneficial things and joyous times.

Finally, and thirdly, (but again, just for starters), the third standard is that women should rise and put aside their petty jealousies, and be vigilant not to sabotage other women who might be in a position to be the leaders of something so noble and morally humane as the cause of abolishing war. They must keep in mind that frivolous upper class woman of 90 or so years ago vehemently opposed the courageous campaign for women's suffrage, where generations of women were demanding to be allowed to vote. Women, when they vote, have to be very vigilant not to follow in the steps of the males in their lives. Androgynous women have no place in this hoped-to-be organization. Margaret Thatcher was one such female, who in her lengthy term in power did nothing, jinx, to bring some solace on the international scene, and work towards alleviating misery and discomfort. She did not use her power for the good of humanity. In fact, this woman is a warmongeress herself. She, during her mandate as Prime Minister of England some years back, conducted a ridiculous and baseless trivial war.

Once this international coalition is in place, a great numbers of the Earth's fathers and male peoples of all kinds will want to participate and be a member of something so liberating and so beneficially logical and humane. Again, this assignment of such imperative importance to liberate the world from war is the spiritual, ethical, social, moral and legal responsibility of the Earth's women. It's a must. Just for a trial, if for nothing else. It is about time, I believe, that women exercise this responsibility and right of theirs. It is their calling to liberate the world from the Earth's criminal warmonger thugs.

Only the output of intelligent/strong activist women can achieve workable solutions between the interrelationship of economic, social, geopolitical, and environmental balances, which in turn will pave the way for humane objectives and survivability on this electrifying and vibrant Planet.

Globalization and democratization, in the image of the 'New World Order' (i.e. a la Bush and associates) and war go hand in hand in achieving the destruction and submission of the majority of the Planet's nations. It is also the protocol and the tool of the New Age lords in condemning to impoverishment and total submission an additional hundreds of millions of people. Their aim, through their global market system is to crush the spirits of people. The means by which they do this is, in an unprecedented way, concentrate the World's wealth into fewer and fewer hands, by way of the control of energy, food (agriculture), natural resources, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other financial conglomerate establishments. These are controlled by a few oligarchs, and their lapdog corporate media representatives who powerfully distort world events, and fabricate news in order to propagate the grotesque vision of the Third Millennium lords and their closed society.

The doctrine of a free market system as it is exercised today, and is preached and pushed by Bush and Co. as the only choice in a new world order is entirely wicked, immoral, anti-environmental, indecent, and dangerous throughout. It will not sustain itself. It corrodes people's lives. It pushes an even greater number of people into merciless poverty. It creates even more jobless workers and landless farmers, and it progressively decimates social programs that are so indispensible for a balanced and healthy society. The New World Order plot will not only not sustain itself, but it will swiftly dismantle itself with a big crash. This, of course, is preventable. It is calculated, though, that Bush inadvertently, of course, will be the most effective and swift environmentalist ... unfortunately. This much can be achieved on this rich and generous Planet, but not his way. Only the power and will of women in the company of decent men, of course, can redirect the devastating course that these lords have chosen and adopted in which to lead the way.

Women with a profile of intelligence, unwavering determination and strong will, will be highly qualified and very suitable for this important endeavor here. The task is theirs to turn things around. But also these potential participants have to be logical, flexible and versatile, and above all, not avaricious. They have to be just and caring. 'Monsters,' or those who by nature survive only in the shadow of men in their lives will not be good candidates for this humane and advantageous project of abolishing war and redirecting the human course to a path of humane and prosperous sustainability. Their system has to encompass and benefit the whole of humanity, and indeed, the entire spectrum of the Earth's life. This humble, yet commonsense assignment can be carried out even without the American 'mother,' should, for whatever reason American women decide to abstain from something so incredibly intelligent, wonderful, prosperous, and humane. They can always join later when they are ready.

There is more to the world and life than just military strategic economic gains. Militaristically, strategic economic gains are only the vicious visions of the 'Realist School' of dogma. Something its predominately male proponents seek to promote and would like people to believe in. These warmongers, The IMF, and the people in their companies constitute a minority of the Earth's human citizens who, however, have a disproportionate power. These connivers will lose credibility and their international political forums should the mothers of the World wake up and tell these incorrigible loan sharks and violent war thugs: "Enough of you! Now step aside, or find another Planet to habitate."

All considered, dearest Divine influence, in view of the warmongers and the oligarchs' presence among humans on this miraculous Earth, with infinite sadness a few months ago I did the following.... I asked to be pardoned by my trusted Professor for my decision I had made at the time to resign my position (although humble, nonetheless this branch's most coveted) as a head field researcher. I realized then and I realize now that my decision to stop being in the service of its splendid and advanced parent Organization in my capacity as a field researcher was not only a hectic one, but a foolish one, but I did so anyways. Simply, the head war-makers' and their collaborators' (the willing) inhumanity I had been exposed to at this time albeit over the airwaves was so shocking and such to a point where I refused to be in the service of such ultra-violent elements. Really, my spirit refused to be in their service or in the service of those who support war, war-mongers or arms profiteers. This was so, even if only one of these contaminated organisms was to benefit out of my life's hard work at the time I had arrived at that decision or some time down the road.

However, and as was expected, my resignation was flat out rejected. In her own mysterious ways, the Wise Professor got involved shrewdly and effectively. The Professor sent word with Agent A. saying that I must, and had an obligation to continue with my work, and in due time, things would have come to pass. In fact, I was told point blank by A to ignore the others. Effectively, in a nice way it was suggested to me to be even more unselfish before considering straying away from my assignment's responsibilities; for any reason in fact and especially not for something such as the existence and works of violent humanoids.  Moreover, without explanations or reasons why, once again I was reminded to vigorously attend to File 19-X. Truth be told, I have yet to figure out what is so important about this Case File; even if its completion was possible, still, the File's findings couldn’t possibly have been applicable. Truly, I have yet to recognize this File’s merits; in fact, I once regarded it as being insignificant or useless—still do actually. This said though, from time to time I also consider that it could prove to be quite imperative at some point in time down the road, why else will they make mention of it yet again?

P.P.S. On October 16, 2003, as I found myself hand-writing Part One of Part Two of my manuscript “The Compassionates (if I ever finish it, it will be in two parts, and hopefully, I will make a little new page for it on the Daisy Institute website), a little something occurred. While playfully wrestling and chasing each other, one of the furry companions (for whom I serve as the "staff") stepped on the power switch of the TV controller which was on the floor. The television went on, and a story already in progress caught my attention, to the point where I stopped writing. The reporter, a female, in her segment of her documentary was relaying the story of a young child, a boy, who had been afflicted by a rare disease, of which I didn't even catch the name, but the name might be “progeria” I think. Anyways, this rare disease afflicts a small number of children around the Globe. The children age very rapidly. Their cells mimic those of a very old person, or so the doctor guest said in that report. The affliction is such where while the children, even though chronologically they are seven years of age or so, they nonetheless have the body of someone seventy, eighty, or ninety years of age. How terrible, I thought, to have had the privilege to be born and then die at such a young age (while very old physically). Really, what a pity having to depart without first having gone through all of life’s stages while journeying here on this riveting Earth.

Of course, being who I am professionally, I immediately embarked on this project with the intent of identifying a botanical substance or combination with which to reverse, retard (slow down) or cure this speedy aging affliction. At least I thought to it to give it a chance for whatever my efforts were worth. In order to proceed with this project, and because at the moment I do not have access to a place where I can go on field exploration concerning this health anomaly I had to improvise or create a makeshift working (lab) place, if you will. So, I found myself conducting this project quite differently than was customary, and this was the second time around I have done this. In the evening after everyone else had gone to bed, with the exception of Advoff, of course, who insisted on examining every step I took and every move I made, I did the following.... I utilised the floors of my entire living room, dining area, and all the way down to the hall way and kitchen as well, obviously after I had cleared everything out of the way as much as possible.

Once the floor was clear I spread over it every bit of knowledge and experience I had amassed over the years while conducting research on Healer botanicals (Healer Plants). Every corner became its own compartment. If I wished to initiate work on this project, this is what I had to do at this moment in time and before I abandoned it; I filled the floor with pages and hypothetical scenarios where different elements could come together in perfect symbiosis. As I said, the best I could do at the time was to invent a makeshift working environment (a laboratory). Mentally and intellectually this was extremely demanding.... It was truly challenging because as I examined the pieces and various unexplored potentialities, I was given the opportunity of only milliseconds to grasp what I could extract and match and connect. To even begin to describe the arduous task at hand would have been useless, that’s how taxing it was. At any rate, by the dawn of day I requested permission to access Divine Laboratory. If I was to get anywhere with this unexpected project I then needed to have access to DL for a number of things but especially in order to examine some loose ends about something that I had come across while working at my makeshift lab.

To my utter delight and surprise not only was permission granted, I was also abundantly aided.... This indeed was a huge surprise because it was unheard of that I could find myself in this amazing place without first being adequately prepared. While I came out of there with limited information, still, considering my unpreparedness what I had gained on the matter was plenty, at least for starters. I had understood that it was possible to discover the Healer botanical applicable to this new Therapeutic File which I had given the code name "File 05-RCA-GTP" (Zero 5 – Reverse Cell age – Green ? Plant). So, to my understanding, the solution to this irregularity existed. However, while I was there, once more I was asked to delete "File 5-SS-S" whatever remnants of it I might still have had in my possession.

But why, I asked?

* * * * *

My Universal Source of infinite energy and light, today March the 20th, 2004, I find myself inadequate in words in order to fully express to You my hope, optimism, and joy, and of course, the depth of my gratitude. I shall attempt, nevertheless, to highlight my experience of this most amazing journey to the Divine Laboratory that was afforded to me in the very early hours of this morning, and which left me with an indelible impression so abundant, to last me for the remainder of my duration here, and forever, in reference to the power of generosity, kindness, and ingenuity is involved.

To the best of my ability, as I ascend to the summit of the mountain on my hike today, in handwriting I am composing this paper enveloping these extraordinary occurred experiences of earlier today, and findings of monumental impact, which involve a number of my research files. After I have it typed, which I intend to do at Easter Eve, in celebration and acknowledgement of the Spiritual Prince of Peace, Generosity and Compassion who ascended to Your Kingdoms of Glory some 2000 years ago, who is not to be confused with humanity's various religious god warriors, and who also with revulsion weeps on account of humanity's warmongers, and with humanity's satanical religious rituals and traditions involving animal sacrifice in the name of God. Subsequently, I shall post this remarkable essay to You on the organization's web page within a month's time from today: exactly on Earth Day.

Refreshed by the whispering crispy wind, as I am headed towards the summit, in the inviting woods, I am inspired by the robust excitement of the forest residents: birds, squirrels, and others. In their activity and joyous behaviour, the forest tenants, as they, in jubilation, go about the business of living on their lives' journey here, in a mysterious and celebrated way, have inexplicably managed once more to lift so ever high my spirit, and have aided me to complete this very special paper right here today. After the long and bitter cold winter, I observed that the gracious forest has already stimulated an invigorating environment of renewal and replenishing, even though spring is days away in my part of the Globe. As a rule and a habit, almost, I always formulate my important works and hand-write my texts surrounded by the Planet's natural environments of splendour. In these marvellous and full of life locales which I consistently seek out, I am deeply guided by the Earth's spiritual freedom. For me, in this familiar way of writing, not only do I not lose my thoughts, which would be sure to happen if I initially used electronic typing, on the contrary, by using pen and paper, the old fashioned way amidst the libraries of nature, it enhances my faculty to concentrate and describe comprehensively on the topics and events I choose to write about and/or design.

Anyhow, without advance notice, at the dawn today, I was unexpectedly called to this most spectacular place, and I was asked to bring along my unfinished File on the Environmental Energy, which I have named File 2002-CAH . Before I elucidate what resulted while I found myself in the Divine Laboratory, and before a couple of my superiors, please permit me to briefly explain what has transpired prior to today, as far as this particular File is concerned. I will also brief you about Healer File 21-DI-LF (21-Daisy Institute-Liberty Fields), which deals with spinal cord injuries.

Approximately a year ago, I had submitted my resignation from my position as a Chief Pharmaceutical Botanical Field Researcher in the organization, and which of course, was flat-out rejected. There were two points in the reason for my resignation. Reason A was that I felt that I was not making a dent in the area of my botanical therapeutic research on Healer Plants, even though I was abundantly successful in my research work. My discoveries were not, however, utilized, especially by those for whom I had been commissioned to do this kind of work. These unfortunate souls (the poor), not only deprived of man's 'modern' medications, and man's 'modern' medical system, but also, by and large, they are kept in the dark as far as the abundance, safety, and availability of the Earth's natural and far superior real therapeutics that exist.

Without the shadow of a doubt, there is in place a very successful and well-calculated global conspiracy of governments and health agencies around the world to where they are deliberately withholding drugs and therapies from people who are considered undesirables, unwanted, and useless. In their subhuman and sadistic states of being, which is condoned and fed by the masses of the apathetic psyche 'club,' the decision-making lords of the human world have conspired to make everyone believe that their vision of the world is the way to go. And this vile and diabolical system is their way of population control.

And Reason B for my resignation; after taking into consideration Reason A, as an environmentalist, I felt I should try to instead benefit this Glorious Planet of Plenty, and the best way to do this is to come up with a formula for an ethical and advantageous real fuel energy solution for all. This can be achieved by making obsolete, and putting out of commission, man's present means of fuels for energy, which, as we all know, all are environmentally reprehensible and destructive. They create uncleanable pollution, ecological havoc, unsustainability; they impoverish everyone and every system on the planet. They cause disease, premature death, horrific birth defects, suffering, expense, war, thievery. They unleash extreme greed in those involved in the energy enterprises, dilapidation of the environment, gross disruption of the Planet's order and system, and obliteration of the earth's wildlife and their habitats.

Flagrantly, man's energy has degraded the Earth Herself, and Her ability to renew and rejuvenate. Dripping pipelines are everywhere. Man's energy has even begun, big time, to melt down the Globe's ice caps, which are so indispensable for keeping this planet alive, moist, and temperature and climatically regulated.

Man's energy system robs the Earth of her natural inherent ability to nurture life. It smothers and suffocates the biological world, literally. Man has engaged with total irreverence and conduct of extreme abuse against the waters' glorious influence, so indispensable for life on this magical planet. Man, for energy purposes, redirects the Earth's eons-old water pathways and floods enormous pristine lands. It contaminates and stagnates the Earth's pools of water reservoirs. It decimates the Earth's wetlands and their botanical treasures in the same way it obliterates and corrodes the forests (the Earth's lungs) by its toxic by-product of acid rain precipitation (acid rainfall) impact. Its dirty emissions renders the quality of air poisonous. Energy-related radioactive fallout has already taken place with catastrophic consequences and long-lasting 'Frankenstein'-nightmarish anti-life mutations. Worse yet, nuclear energy remains a constant and imminent threat of unsurmountable proportions. Big time, in their activities, energy corporations are disturbing the ocean floors. Not to omit for an instant how they condemn to unforgiving misery and cruel slow death an untold number of wildlife earthlings, when they lace wildlife habitats with their spills of deathly petroleum slush. More now, than ever before, marine life and marine ecosystems bear a heavy price, due to man's subhuman conduct, and immoral indifferences as energy corporations go about every day, one way or another, in their vile practices of deliberately, or negligently dumping their sticky and greasy petroleum slush into the Earth's aquatic environments. And for these unforgivable grisly crimes, the perpetrators —the shipping tycoons are never punished, or at best, rarely, some of the people who work for them are given a slight spank on the hand.

Man's existing and costly energy stinks, both metaphorically and physically. It is not in accord with our biosphere. It is a constant and unabating antagonist with the biological world and the Earth's interconnected systems of balance. It also very rapidly pokes holes in the ozone layer. Filled to the brim with cockiness and greed, humanity's energy oligarchs go about business as usual with no provisions of how to adequately control, let alone permanently defuse — render inactive — neutralise their humungous piling of lethal energy-related byproduct compounds. Their stuff is not biodegradable. Always, avaricious rich men's pockets supersede environmental urgent concerns. Laws are in place to protect the Earth's environment, but are never implemented, nor do they give enough punishment to the polluter violators, in order to set a precedent, if nothing else. On the contrary, environmental agencies set up phoney tribunals which make mockery of man's judicial systems, sometimes taking place in a pretence of dealing with these ruthless ultra-greedy and criminal environmental polluters.

Regardless of what they say, giant petro-corporations and their energy counterparts are not really regulated. At a whim, they hike their energy prices, or create conducive situations in order to justify their price gouging. The 'entities' running the energy business are consumed with deep greed. Their view of the world, in their disgraceful short stay here is as bad as it can be. They abhor the idea of becoming environment-friendly fuel facilitators. They refuse to invest a little in technologies for meaningful and true energy changes. They loathe the possibility of real energy solutions. In addition to doing a lot of damage to the planet and her inhabitants, humanity's ultra-greedy and most indecent energy oligarchs in the name of excessive profits in arrogance pillage the peoples' pockets just like that.

Audaciously, the energy lords and their counterparts in other areas, in defiance, keep in place numerous and complex pseudo-science and aggressive technologies, and nurture these to predominate, and indeed prevent true and innovative science and engineering to flourish. Without question, amidst the large numbers of humanity exist an abundant and diverse number of ethical people with impressive intelligence and ingenuity where, if cultivated or permitted, would deliver stunning changes for an auspicious, orderly, and civilised existence. But, unfortunately, the sublevel greedy-diseased ones who presently dictate how humanity is run and shaped, zealously keep a tight hold on what is allowed to be promoted and built upon.

With impunity, the present energy rulers concertedly go about spreading their filthy and toxic waste all over this rotating live Sphere, all over this miraculous orbiting live Garden in space. These subs refuse to evolve. With ardour, they go about protecting and sustaining their intrusive and insane 'cave' technologies. In their expeditious pleasureful assignment of carnage, these 'foreign' intruder subhumanoid occupiers deliberately inflict heavy blows onto the Earth's energetic and eco-environmental links, responsible for keeping as a whole this nurturing Jewel Planet alive and in vigour. By force and connivance, these innate barbarians, one way or another, keep the true and legitimate residents of this planet in compliance with them. And what is the most effective way in which, for these fierce and savage primitive beings to satisfy their desire for greed and the game of carnage? But of course, one doesn't have to dig deep in order to recognise this hateful to nature group. The testament of their business conduct reveals with absolute clarity this group's dark desires. Their aim is to render dysfunctional the Earth's foundation of life habitats. Ultimately, their purpose is to violently plunder and grievously contaminate this spectacular revolving oasis in the Milky Way.

These apostles of havoc have conspired to maximally ravage, wreck, and obliterate as fast as possible the live habitats of this marvellous and hospitable planet, upon which we depend for our continuity here. In their inferior level of existence, humanity's energy oligarchs do not care for the conservation and purity of the Earth's irreplaceable, indispensable and interconnected natural treasures, such as water, waterways, forests, wetlands (the natural purifiers), topsoil, minerals and more. All they care about and are involved with is how fast to accelerate the means with which to excessively swell their coffers even more. It is very much in doubt that these types belonging to this crude sub-species will ever evolve enough in order to bring themselves in conformity with the biological World around them. They have the upper hand. These irresponsible humanoids have prevailed, and lately have proliferated more than ever before. These anti-lifers do not render humanity or the Planet a favour with their services and products, really. On the contrary, they loot and pollute our Home Earth. It seems that common sense, for the common good, has entirely escaped this illogical group of individuals. I do not know why these human-looking 'people' are here. All I know is that they severely lack in the essential element conscience, thus making them a sickly yet formidable force to be reckoned with. No true human beings, no stewards of Yours, would have the inherent capacity (unless they are forced) to exert such extreme and profound brutality towards the live World of which they are a part, and which they nourish from.

The energy oligarchs and their lobbyists give very little value, if any at all, to the governing laws of nature on which all life here on Earth is dependent. These entities are obsessed and consumed with how fast to demolish the building blocks of life. Indescriminately, they go about ripping off the natural treasures in order to hugely serve their self-interests. They are not governed by common sense, they are selfish way beyond recovery. These outrageous characters are not oblivious to the damage and harm their actions cause the Planet. But, unfortunately, beyond comprehension these 'people' do not care. They do not blink. It does not bother them in the least. They willfully belong to the atrocious and debased group of hunters and trappers who are sadistic by nature.

These two groups, the energy oligarchs and the hunter-trappers, have a number of common denominators. Both are in constant conflict with order and the beautiful live things. Wherever they venture, they cause stress, and disrupt the tranquility and equilibrium of the living world all around. They grab and destroy. Further, in the case of the hunters and trappers, sadistically, these cowards roam the natural habitats with one predominant goal in mind, which is to inflict the Earth's 'wild' inhabitants immediate and maximum pain, emotional and physical suffering, distress, utter fear, harassment and shear terror. These terrorists rove the Earth's lovely environments not with the intent of enjoying the natural world, and for an instant allowing themselves to be part of it, but rather, cowardly, these primitive cruel barbarians, while in these amazingly life-ful locales, unleash their innermost dark desires of killing for pleasure. They hide behind bushes, or in shacks, or by riding in helicopters and other vehicles, and also horses, they poke holes with their lethal weapons in the bodies of their 'unarmed' victims, as the unsuspecting innocent forest inhabitants, in harmony, go about the business of living. Given the opportunity, these savage, human-looking life-takers will do the same to humans. For a great number of them, it is only the law that stands in their way of doing this. Often enough, they cross the line, they hunt humans. The lesser number of them, are, however, to a certain degree, but not entirely, able to modify their killing desires. They block, or keep under control these violent killing game pleasures of theirs.

As for the majority of them, not only eagerly looking forward to the next 'legal' hunting season, but in fact. 'illegally' at all times and all around the globe, they indescriminately kill, terrorize, and maim the Earth's other inhabitants, including nursing mothers and their infants. In orgies of sadistic and brutal killings, they wipe out entire herds. They also murder and intimidate wild habitat — National Park Rangers, when the latter stand in their way.

Humanity's pseudo-law-and-order has the audacity to classify this kind of sadistic activity as being a 'sport.' But they omitted to willfully engage their opponent team(s) in this outdoor 'sport' of theirs. The animals not only never were asked if they wished to participate in this kind of 'game,' but also were never weaponised in order to become a fair match with their opponent team coming from the side of the pseudo-civilized human animal species. Similarly, as I said earlier, like the violent cowards they are, these human-looking 'beings' (the hunters and trappers) are given the license to ambush, murder, torture, and terrorise the Earth's 'wild' but orderly residents.

The energy lords, in their self-centered states of being, not only do not commit to preserving even small pieces of the natural heritage, but rather, at an accelerated pace, are on a course where, with their lethal 'goodies,' they are constantly aiming at reducing this splendid and alive little Planet into a lifeless and dusty rotating rock in space. For some reason, they have profound disregard and disdain for the live world around them. In addition to being vicious towards the order and foundation of life, fathomlessly, humanity's oligarchs are immersed in a mode of being, perpetually ungrateful. They are not impressed with the Earth's Miraculous Genesis. They are incorrigible takers. They do not give. They rob, take, and rip, and extract while they dilapidate the natural environment of the world, incrementally reducing it to a state of decay, ruin, and disrepair. In a nutshell, man's 'highly-prized' energy stunts the growth, both technically and biologically. It bankrupts throughout. So, You see, my God, in this most pivotal of times, an environmentally friendly energy system is of paramount importance.

Anyways, in regards to my resignation, after it was rejected, a fair compromise was reached, and I was given permission to allocate unlimited time on the energy research File. Down deep, though, nothing really has changed. I still have to attend to my botanical pharmaceutical research, and work under the same rules and conditions, and I still have to negotiate, and at a greater frequency. It all worked out very satisfactorily.

Prior to this deal with my directors, two years ago, in 2002, I had considered and requested permission to post on the organization's web page two additional therapeutic files of enormous importance in terms of having the power to help and enrich the lives of millions of people around the Globe, and for free. I was told that at this time, in order for me to release the proprietary information on these two additional Healer Files, as an experiment to test the level of human generosity and compassion, on a tiny scale, I would have to ask something very reasonable in return. I was to ask for a grant or a money loan on behalf of the Daisy Institute for the purpose of research. And in spite of my misgivings at the difficult task at hand, I accepted this ultimate challenge. I am saying 'challenge,' because I know that it is virtually impossible for a research institution such as the one I work for, even though it is superior, to get loans and grants from anyone here amongst humans. Just the same, I gave it a first-class try. I omitted to say that I was allocated two years to be successful in this secret endeavour. The last day of this agreement is April 22, 2004. During this time of two years, if I received the requested amount from one source, then this would have entitled me to release the knowledge of one Healer File, and if two sources had responded favourably, in turn, I would have been in a position to promptly release the second file as well.

My job on this secret experiment was to present my appeal very legitimately, and as real as possible. I had to go out of my way to give it the greatest chance of being successful. First, I sent a very well formed and professional true application for a research grant to about eighteen government departments and 'philanthropic' organizations around the world. Each and every one of them refused me. Some of them even took the time to respond in the most unbecoming of ways. The one which made it to the top, though, was the one that arrived from Bill and Melinda Gates 'philanthropic' organization. When I read their e-mail, initially, I shook my head in dismay, but then immediately after, I burst into laughter, because what they had said was so preposterously laughable. And that was that. A possibility for a research grant had all evaporated.

Now, Plan B had to be put to work. I looked at and considered all the people around me, excluding the ones who do not have extra money. I came up with eighteen of them, and placed them in three categories. Group one, I picked the actual multimillionaires, among them a sole and close relative on my husband's side, and another one for whom I had worked as a teenager. Then I grouped together the second bunch: those with a lot of money and property, but not necessarily multimillionaires. And thirdly, the ones with moderate wealth. I met with just about all of them, separately, of course, and I presented to them my proposal-request. From every one of them in all three groups, this time around, I requested a loan, naturally, after explaining myself in the most coherent manner the purpose of this requested loan. The amount I was to accept in order to be worthwhile for all intents and purposes was anything between $12,000.00 and up, whatever they felt comfortable with. Except for one, who I offered seven per cent, I was to pay all others nine per cent yearly interest, payable every year, until I had returned their capital.

Exactly a year ago, one of these people, a very good friend of mine, a businessman from the second group, as soon as I asked him for this loan, he gave me an amount as a loan, and I of course, reciprocated promptly. I released one of the Healer Files.

Keep in mind that all of these people knew nothing about the deal I had with my superiors concerning this experiment of level of generosity. With the exception of this one, all of the others refused me. Some of them were truly not very nice, and treated me with gross insensitivity and indignity, to put it lightly. Truly, I took emotional abuse. I had to tolerate humiliation even though I had approached all of these people with respect, and I was asking for a business loan, no different than any other business loan transaction. Anyhow, that was that, and I must report that I have recuperated from this unpleasant experience.

Having said that, though, I remain very sad for not securing a second loan in order for me to thus release Healer File 18-HH whose publication I personally had strongly favoured. This is a powerful therapeutic File whose ingredients are easily accessible to both poor and rich on this Earth. As little as a $12,000.00 loan would have enabled the publishing of this compelling File. I am not at all looking forwards to facing my directors as I must, when I have to report to them on the outcome of this little level of generosity test.

File 18-HH is an extremely useful file in terms of the health areas it covers, and the number of people it encompasses. Even though I presented my case for a loan or grant so well and so professionally to all these people, and there was nothing more I could do, still, I have failed on this one. In the part of the world I live in, $12,000.00 is an insignificant, indeed, a very small amount of money if one is to consider the cost of living.

I truly wanted to publicise and disseminate the knowledge of Healer File 18-HH on which I have worked intensely during the summer of 1997, at the field research station by the lake, and which I have since discovered to be applicable to a greater number of grievous and deadly ailments for both women and men than my original discovery and finding.

In the early part of 1997, I read somewhere, totally by chance, of how mares (female horses) are used by pharmaceutical companies in order to obtain and make some human hormonal replacement. The animals —these horses, in the hands of these barbarians are viciously abused and tortured. And this is what compelled me to find the natural botanical replacement for these hormones, in the hopes of abolishing this vile practice of obtaining horse-derived hormone material.

What started out as wanting to liberate female horses turned out to be beyond anything I could think of or imagine at the time. Healer File 18-HH , it cleans, it flushes out all of the accumulated harmful and unwanted debris in the entire reproductive canals, caves, tubes, and tunnels, in addition to stabilizing the diminished or dysfunctional hormone system in this case. It guards and stimulates a healthy environment on the lining walls of these areas. It protects against breast cancer, and in the latest connection I have made, it is also applicable, and it does miracles against prostate cancer just as much as breast cancer. It works in the same way for males as it works for females. Probably, it is good for other abnormalities, that I am not aware of, as of yet.

Maybe someday, I will be able to negotiate the release of File 18-HH. For now, my universal source — my lovely God, I would like to finish telling you of how things developed in the Divine Lab in this most recent admittance. Keep in mind that in 1997, I was also enlightened by the Ambassador with whom I briefly crossed paths at the lake field research station. He had pointed at an abundant energy source with which to energise the world. He had very briefly mentioned the element cobalt and Vitamin B12 and in particular, cobalt derived from the tobacco plant. Cobalt, of course, is an important constituent of Vitamin B12. In turn, Vitamin B12 is one of 12 vitamins that makes up the group of B vitamins. They assist in the process by which energy is produced in the body, as you already know. Cobalt is found in abundance in the tobacco plant. Cobalt 'salts' are at the core of Vitamin B12, and as trace minerals are essential to a large number of life forms. But the Ambassador had also alluded to the fact that he was going to come back to me on the Energy File, which left me with the impression that it was expected of me to open the Energy File. But at the time, I couldn't grasp what he was referring to. In any event, through the years, since the compassionate Ambassador planted the seeds in my mind for need to create and work on the energy file, though I kept this thought and information in mind, and tried, in the last year to make some connection between it and energy, there wasn't very much else that I could do about it in reference to the energy fuel dilemma here on Earth. After all, even though I have highly impressive education, and training, and vast experience in botanical pharmaceutical field research, unfortunately, for now, I do not have the expertise, adequate required skills, or trained comprehension of mechanics in the energy fuel field. More information was needed in order for me to easily grasp and connect the dots that would produce the essential first large linked steps to answers for clean, healthy, abundant, practical, environmentally friendly and affordable energy. In my mind, I never expected any additional clues to come together, until of course, I found myself in the Divine Lab this morning.

Oh, my ever-spectacular Heavenly Guidance! It was really amazing. The compassionate directors were truly generous and patient. They presented me with an open range field, and gave me a free rein to find what I was brought there for, and identify it as such. They really wanted me to come up with a solution, and I am convinced they have prearranged the whole thing. In this long and involved process, their intent in a large way was to facilitate me. They staged and unfolded the scenario with clarity and logic. There was nothing for me to stumble over in thought, or be bewildered by. Nevertheless, without wishing to brag about how well I did, I believe, I am fairly certain that given the same exposure, it is doubtful that anyone alone or in a group from the 'experts' in man's energy vocation would have been capable of connecting the clues and figuring out what they represented. Having said that, I must stress that my superiors' generosity ultimately enabled me to arrive at this conclusion concerning this file. Without their input, this would not have been possible.

What the Compassionates had left out was only for me to connect the pieces of the energy fuel puzzle together. I hope good energy is what these findings will lead to someday. I don't dare second-guess my superiors, or receive their generosity with scepticism on this File. Once in the past I did something like that on a different File, and it cost me dearly. All things considered though, and as I have told you previously, I can never be grateful enough to them.

I do not know how they operate, or perform these 'miracles,' but just the same, in their debt I eternally remain. At this point in time, I believe my mentors and guides have sensed my profound disappointment and felt my sadness in regards to my not being able to secure the second loan, and for which I was not entitled to release File 18-HH. For this failure, I can say with certainty that they compensated me with the energy file. Or course, a lot of work remains to be done, but I have identified the basic core ingredients in order to produce safe, abundant, and non-polluting energy, and naturally, without meters, stations, or long wires. This kind of energy will be packaged in long-lasting battery-like units, some bigger than others, and which will of course be recyclable. For example, a large airplane would require a bigger-size battery of this kind (the size of two or three bricks, perhaps) than, say, an average-size house. And my discovery, in the Divine Laboratory for man's energy power, was none other than Alumina, which, followed by the Helium discovery link two days later, when I was summoned back to the D.L.

Decent and ethical people, with technical expertise in this field will have to ask the Daisy Institute's permission to adopt this monumental milestone of knowledge. Hopefully, humane energy-skilled environmentalist will come together and utilize this powerful knowledge in order to create the essential thing that this planet is in desperate need of right now. It would be the grandest liberation which has befallen this nurturing Planet and her human inhabitants. In the hands of greedy men, this luminous and fertile Planet has grown very fatigued, and her riches have dwindled. Due to man's energy fuel pollution, anti-life environments continue to thrive on this otherwise generous to life Planet.

Greedy corporations, or greedy governments or other avaricious institutions or selfish individuals are absolutely and strictly prohibited from utilising this proprietary knowledge, which is and remains the property of the Daisy Institute and which is meant to be easily available and within reach of all, and for everyone on this planet. Including the unwise and ungrateful anti-environmentalist ones.

I must also share with you that in the excitement of what I have identified today in the Divine Laboratory, and in my haste to put things into perspective and enrich File 2002-CAH I entirely omitted to participate in the Iraq anti-war demonstration, which took place in my vicinity.

Equally, I must also share with You that without any hint that I was about to be summoned to the D. Lab, yesterday, of all times, I contemplated asking permission to release File 21-DI-LF, which is a supreme solution for spinal cord injury. I conducted successful research on this file ten years ago, back in 1994. What prompted me, however, at this time, to re-examine File 21-DI-LF was the fact that amidst the scandalous hullabaloo of the one-year 'anniversary' of the American violent invasion of Iraq, I viewed some segment of news where two female American military personnel, one of whom was a medical doctor, or so the news anchor said. In any case, these two women somehow managed to bring to the States a thirteen-year-old Iraqi girl who was grievously injured and paralyzed by an American bomb, which also killed the girl's parents and three of her siblings. The girl was brought to the United States for treatment.

I am not at all skeptical of the two soldiers' sincerity in wanting to help the child. Nor do I wish to diminish their good intentions and compassion. But, overall, the act was worth a 'crocodile's tears.' Would it not have been much better to not have bombed and consequently not have badly hurt the child altogether? Indeed, this is one case among the thousands of violent and dirty acts of war (the famous and notorious so-called 'collateral damage'). The severely paralyzed kid is to be returned to Iraq and face a life of unforgiving misery in more ways than the obvious one. She is deprived of the ability to walk, or take care of herself, or carry out her life's assignments, however small or grand.

In honour of all these courageous souls, who are brutalised and made to suffer, all in the name of war horror and war profiteering, to them I dedicate this file. It goes like this: 21-DI-LF (21-Daisy Institute-Liberty Fields). So, while at the Divine Laboratory before my Superior Professor and Her associates earlier today, I brought up my wish and intentions for File 21-DI-LF. They said emphatically that this decision was my call to make. Wowww, my Divine Source, I was so ever thrilled to hear these few little words today.

As I exited the Divine Laboratory today, I couldn't help but allow my mind to pleasantly run away on the subject of the Alumina substance. It must have been that this marvellous illuminating perfect stuff didn't arrive here by chance, but rather, I concluded it was the ingenuity of your Divine Scientist responsible for showering this Planet with the abundance of Alumina (Aluminum) and Vitamin B12 when they engage in their creative work on this part of the universe, and particularly on this Planet, in order for things to take place, evolve, and be. In their far-seeing capabilities, probably the intergalactic scientists, artists, and engineers from other-dimensional worlds and the cosmic universal vastness had considered the probability that some time down the road, this Planet — my present Home, would have also been inhabited by the human animal species who may need to make good use of the Alumina stuff together with Helium for its energy consumption. But, as usual, it took a lot of time, and with generous heavenly input, in order for the Earth's 'dummies' to realise this combination's real purpose and rich potential when utilised for the purpose of energy.

The following is a small summary of Alumina, and what I know about this important stuff, my unwavering advocate of true justice, order, generosity, creativity, kindness, and peace — my Gracious and Ingenious Goddess or God, whatever You are, it makes no difference to me, I adore You just the same.

Alumina is found in the form of oxides. These oxides (Alumina), make up approximately eight to eleven per cent of the Planet's crust. It is the Earth's most abundant metallic element. It is plentiful in nature. It conducts heat extremely well. It is very energy efficient. It was about in the beginning of the 1800s that Alumina was discovered by a few people. In 1821, P. Berthier from France also identified Alumina in a clay mud-like mass near the village of Les Baux and called it Bauxite. Aluminium has been used by humans for less than 200 years. It is reported, however, by Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79), who was a Roman Author of Historia Naturalis (Natural History), that around 2000 years ago, a goldsmith in Rome had created a dinner plate that was very light, and almost as brilliant and shiny as silver. The goldsmith had succeeded in making this 'new' metal out of a compound he had found in plain clay.

The brilliant Roman goldsmith, after his discovery and creation, made the cardinal error when he went to the Emperor with his shiny aluminum plate. His objective was to impress the Emperor, and hopefully get his permission and backing in order to mass-develop, promote, and propagate and make use of his new discovery of this 'new' metal. In addition, his second error was that he told the Emperor that no one else knew of this discovery. He had kept the know-how of how to make this special plate between himself and God. The Emperor, instead of congratulating or even rewarding the goldsmith for his hard work and ingenuity that went into this earlier Alumina discovery and application, had the goldsmith instantly beheaded. The Emperor reasoned that if this new shiny metal from clay was produced by people, then all his treasures of gold and silver would lose value.

Now, my Wise and Compassionate Cosmic Divine Parent, with the exception of Helium, the fact remains that Alumina, in spite of its heat conductivity, and Cobalt, both are metals. Somehow, though, Alumina and Helium, are the promising core ingredients, and can be linked, intertwined, and converted for humane, abundant, and environmentally friendly energy fuel (I don't know where Cobalt and Vitamin B12 fit in all of this, if at all). Alumina, however, and Helium, are the core ingredients. Please guide someone to pay attention to this compelling energy fuel potential. Direct someone towards File 2002-CAH, someone who is decent, ethical, humane enough, and moral, and with the technical ability and willingness to put this fuel project of this environmentally fantastic energy file together. Probably, the task will prove to be challenging and demanding. But it is doable, and it will prove to be victorious and splendid. I believe I have identified the needed core ingredients for this liberating File. I have worked diligently and hard. I have done my part.

Oops, my Inspiring Divine Light Guidance, in my excitement over the Energy File, I almost omitted to include here the therapeutic botanical which I have identified to be the curative source for spinal cord injuries, and which of course, constitutes my Therapeutic Healer File 21-DI-LF. The botanical — the Healer Plant for the healing, stabilizing, mending, repairing, and rejuvenating of spinal cord injuries, or maybe even further cases of nerve cord damage throughout the body is the 'V'ictorious olive tree. This wonderful Healer Plant enables the body to restore its links. The olive tree aids the body's own systems to regenerate and reconnect.

The inside of the bark, and the part that comes after the bark of a well-developed (mature) olive tree branch can be used to heal spinal injuries. A thick-enough piece, the size of an average leg, of an olive tree branch can be cut in order to expose the inside juices. This either can be saturated in one or two glasses of fresh water for a few hours at room temperature, and then be drank. Or, a part of this piece of wood can be boiled for a few minutes in one or two glasses of water and then taken as tea. For both preparations, economise the piece of olive tree. Use a little piece of the wood at a time, and keep the rest for later. The preferred solution would be the first method, which is to dip the olive tree in cold water for a few hours, and then drink once or twice a day. Repeat this every day for several weeks. Both methods can be used by the same individual. It also works on other animal species. Hopefully, it will work for each and every case.

Note of importance: because the olive tree does not grow in all parts of the Planet, I strongly feel, my Creative Divine Influence, that, a piece of olive wood can be donated, mailed, delivered, or carried to far away lands where it cannot be found naturally. Even though the piece of olive wood is cut from its mother olive tree, it does not spoil, nor does it lose its healing ingredients for a very long time.

I take the opportunity here to demand a little favour: I expect no one to be opportunistic with regards to File 21-DI-LF (21-Daisy Institute-Liberty Fields). I ask of You, my Giving and Compassionate Divine Cosmic Parent, to guide all those who have olive trees to make available, to give for free an olive branch or two thick enough, to those who may be in need of this most marvellous natural gift, that You so generously have endowed this Planet with.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 22, 2006

Hello again, and yes, how thoughtless of me, I haven't been here in my private corner for some time now, but do remember, You are found always in my thoughts, and shall remain there. Hope this Earth Day was a splendid one for the Professor, wherever she is. Mine certainly was. For the obvious reasons, I was not able to add this note here for Her in time for this special Day. Sorry for the delay.

Just to apprise You a little, please know that as per the agreement, the elusive and long sought-out 18-HH was finally returned back to me today. I cannot however make use of its principal contents, at least not until the completion of this entire deal, that is. But I am utterly content with how things turned out. I am looking forwards to including the File's info here, however delayed. If I only knew what more was expected of me to do in this matter then perhaps I could speed up the process. But the Professor knows, doesn't she?

Now, this said, I am still bewildered as to why Aundria and A both will choose this scenario. I should not complain, because the alternative they presented me with would have been out of the question, and I would have forfeited this amazing chance, had I not reconsidered this one. But please know, in the beginning, not everything went completely smoothly (actually, not at all for me). I was terribly uncomfortable, especially after I discovered that I had made an uncorrectable idiotic error. Not to omit, that on a number of occasions my tolerance was tried maximally, and I retaliated where I shouldn't have.

Overall, thus far, in the company of this assembly, it has been both a positive and an eye-opening experience. What a surprise!! Considering the fact that earlier I thought that my counterparts would easily have crawled under my skin and that I would have come out of there having suffered a very yucky experience. But to my delight, even though I have now and then provoked them with attitude, I must admit, exceptions aside, that the overwhelming majority are really human, after all. Either that, or I am ignored big time. I prefer the former, and naturally of course I do not necessarily view these people as always being lily-white with everyone. Some may even be insensitive, and uncaring about the environment and animals, but that is their problem. That said, just the same, the discovery of the fact of their kindness was a pleasant and indeed an uplifting feeling consistently.

Actually, several in this group I find them to be considerate, distinguished, very intelligent, and diplomatic, hence a lovely bunch, really. However, notably one, this one, is miraculously special and like an angel sent straight from Heaven to stand by my side when I needed it most at this time, and I thank You for that. Keep in mind that these individuals here, are all, or almost all, very sharp, and have vast experience in business. Many of which in this group I suspect hold MBA, Chartered Accountant degrees, and the like. And therefore they know all too well how the corporate world is run. Nonetheless, I have noticed that on a couple of occasions they missed the obvious, and I question, how is that possible with people such as them who have so much knowledge to have ignored important aspects of the issue at hand? But, beyond this, and also taking into account their awareness of my awkwardness and lack of experience here, and if one were to add to this all of the other appealing elements that I mentioned above, still, throughout I remain immensely uneasy with them, even by the nice ones. I have also observed that they exercise softness and understanding towards me, mainly by ignoring me, or by going around me, in which case it is indeed a good thing, otherwise I would not have survived long in this male-dominated environment. What were A and Aundria thinking when they brought me into this group? There is zero question that I am inferior to them in regards to the subject that brings us together. They have the experience, knowledge and expertise as far as this issue is concerned. But, on the other hand I have A, who occasionally feeds me with key valuable stuff and solid suggestions from his experience and immense reservoir of knowledge on specific aspects of business matters that they most likely are not privy to, I think, perhaps.

Nonetheless, and here regardless of their makeup, I don't understand why they chose not to be mean-spirited with me or deliberately make me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, especially considering the fact that with my introduction alone I invited unfriendliness and ridicule. Honestly, initially I had feared that I would be blatantly picked on. Many, most likely must have shook their heads in dismay when I joined them. I have also over time on several occasions infuriated and annoyed the majority by simply being assertive, or plainly stupid, or contradictory on a number of key issues. Oh well, it had to be done this way if I wanted to have the File back by today, otherwise I would have kept a low profile. Interestingly enough, in spite of my several outbursts, inexplicably, they behaved in a remarkably tolerant way towards me, a fact for which I remain grateful. On account of their understanding I got this important file back, and they don't even know it. Wow. I'm also afforded the luxury to say some things about our attractive sweetie. It all worked out superbly this time. I believe, in due time they will be rewarded beyond their expectations with the returns here. That goes for myself as well. I hope.

Time and again, I have requested of Aundria and A to tell me as to why both of them have prolonged their stay on this assigned project, but to no avail. They remain tight-lipped. I even tried to extract some info out of A behind Aundria's back, regarding their strong interest in this case. And I am certain I would have gotten something out of him. Exactly, I cannot guess what well-kept secrets I was to unearth, had I had a bit more time. Never the less, I very much had hoped for particular info on one matter above all others in this set of events of methodical order. The only things he said were that interesting developments are shaping up and that the case is very closely monitored from A to Z as it unfolds. But then, simply put, Aundria swiftly put me in my place and rightfully so. I crossed the line, and I knew it. Whatever the case may be, I suspect the wise Professor is behind the whole thing, in her discretely creative way no doubt. And rest assured, I am in full compliance with them both. I wouldn't have it any other way, anyways.

PS: My entire report for review will be forwarded to the Professor by Aundria, sometime later, I am told.

This Case File is to be continued...

Please accept this Case File Prayer,
with infinite reverence,
I remain.