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Hidden Botanical Therapeutic Treasures

Alien Ambassadors' account is about our Earth's twin Earth in the nearby System. Among other matters, it is also about our Earth's current coordinates. It especially elucidates on the poignant condition of the Twins' older and larger Sister Planet.... It tactfully exposes the humanoid breed responsible for rendering the older Sister's stunning and vast landscapes uninhabitable. As well, Alien Ambassadors' account touches on a lovely little Orb between the Twin Earths. This little Jewel Orb has 2 suns.

The photograph on the cover image of Alien Ambassadors was taken in the exact location its story begins.

In a nutshell: Alien Ambassadors is an environmental mystery book. However, it has been enriched with vastly more surprising substance. In addition to being displayed electronically here. In its entirety, this work is intended to be presented in paper book format as well. Alone, the narrative of the twin Earths (our Earth and her twin) and in particular how this alive and riveting Earth (our Earth) came to be in the immenseness of the Milky Way Galaxy, is both astonishing and thought-provoking in the extreme.

Just fussy and fancy theory some may argue, if so, so be it, it makes no difference. However, to assume that by chance this Earth (our Earth) had once upon a time found herself an ideal distance from the life-enabling sun, is entirely illogical and perhaps intentionally misleading, i.e. deceiving. Likewise, to believe that in the vastness of the Cosmos life exists only on this Earth, and/or that humanity was gifted with priority rights to this whole entire Earth, that would be particularly preposterous and blatantly hypocritical.

Moreover: To accompany its surprising and enchanting matter, Alien Ambassadors' text is purposely enriched with other useful, practical and captivating items as well. Example: in addition to the narrative regarding our Earth's twin Earth and the twins' older Sister Planet, fascinating data regarding high-ranking Healer botanicals splendidly roams about and harmoniously buzzes therein inside Alien Ambassadors' pages.

So, somewhere to be found in Alien Ambassadors' approximately 410 pages are scattered several curative Files on lifesaving Healer Plants. Not necessarily in all scenarios, but the data presented in the text about these Medicinal Green Jewels can make all the difference; even in the most hopeless of circumstances.

Furthermore: the powerful, yet humble and agreeable healing activities (works) of these Healer Plants are so surprising and awe-inspiring that they deserve to be celebrated, and of course benefited from. As such therefore, in my view, every ethical and compassion-enriched human being, regardless of background; ethnicity, race, location on this riveting Earth or economic status, should be afforded the opportunity to be acquainted (if one so chooses) with these Healer treasures and know about what these priceless Green creations can do.

Unquestionably, for diverse reasons, "Alien Ambassadors" deserves to have its own page in this Environmental (eco-friendly - Earth-friendly throughout) website, and in due course it shall be granted one, too. And while the theme on "Alien Ambassadors" doesn't quite belong here in this page, I thought to commence this page with a little of A. A's thesis. Why? It is because of its strong and luxurious association with my field research work.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

For now, in this page, one becomes acquainted with six unique and dynamically ethical and captivating 'humane' personalities..... They are a part of an assembly comprised of 12 individuals that I have put together to form an Environmental Calendar. Each and all of the six characters featured here, including their six calendar companions that are not shown here, have the ability to inspire and to infinitely enrich one's living soul (provided one is human enough) -- they have inspired mine.

In addition to being lovely, encouraging, fascinating and awesome in every way, all six of this page's celebrities are avid protectors of this world's environment and of this inviting and engaging Earth, which we all share in and nourish from.... All six are hugely resourceful characters and all six are very effective problem-solvers.

However, despite the fact that these six and the myriads of others from their own and from other species, currently are and have been for eons in conformity with the rhythms, rules and regulations of this riveting Earth, nevertheless, they are on the losing side.... All their merits and God-given rights on this Earth have been negated by a primitive and predatory breed within a species.

These enduring champions are faced with an unsolvable problem. This is not a new problem, but as of late it has gained momentum and the problem is unstoppable; explicitly, it has reached a crisis point. In fact, massive extinction is looming.

And so it is; in addition to having their homes and territories confiscated, ransacked, de-forested plundered and polluted, etcetera, there is more to the heart-rending predicament of these proudly agreeable champions.... They are ruthlessly hunted down personally and are enslaved relentlessly.

These Earthly residents are being tortured and persecuted especially violently by a single subspecies within a species that goes about as if it is the salt of the Earth where in fact, this rogue and conscience-impoverished species degrades and causes anguish and stress throughout, without qualms whatsoever. Not to mention anything about of course, the fact that the corrupt and taker breed carries out all of these ugly deeds while it massively multiplies itself -- out of control -- literally.

* *

Along with her companion animals, at the crack of dawn, the field researcher had just returned from a lovely walk in a daisy meadow in bloom with angelic beauty. She was now ready and eager to resume her work at her botanical field research station which was situated way in the bush.

About to reach the water's edge, and while still at the dawn of day, it was down by the lake when she came face to face with strange, yet remotely familiar entities on a hovering interstellar vehicle. Startled, "where did you come from?" The researcher asks.

"We come from other-dimensional worlds; we are here on field assignment to conduct an environmental assessment of your Planet, and as well as to advance you in your 'unusual' research work," responded the distinguished intergalactic visitors.

And so, here in a realm where reality and imagination passionately interact and intimately intermingle; the field researcher begins this tale's powerful and involving journey of compelling realism. The recounting of this vivid and astounding experience is such that it has enabled her to lucidly gather the events together in a fascinating and tantalizing fashion.

Absolutely, this work's narrative is capable of captivating readers of both genders and all ages throughout the world. Through the Twin Earths' older Sister, this manuscript's story is slightly related to the dynamic account of "Green Diamonds."

The following six environmental characters belong to the calendar above. One of them holds the file for one of our botanical pharmaceutical discoveries. The book, Alien Ambassadors, the cover for which is pictured at the top here, in its approximately 400 pages, also holds a couple of very exciting therapeutic files.

The contents of these files consist of the following: what the botanical pharmaceutical treasure is, what ailment it is applicable to, a description of the Healer plant or plants in it, how it is prepared, where it grows, how to take it, how to store it and so on. In addition to having the Healer plants available in their fresh state, the other two basic categories of storage are Frozen and Dry.

The objective is that once you know of this information, either you can go get this Healer plant or plants in nature on your own, or you can grow these therapeutic plants in your city garden, your country garden, at your farm, on your roof, your balcony, greenhouse, or wherever else plants grow.

Familiarise yourself with these unprecedented discoveries about these Healer plants with which to cure or control vicious diseases, even in hopeless situations. These curative (pharmaceutical) plants not only cure diseases, but also are safe and have the inherent capacity to rebuild the body that is damaged because of sickness or injury, rejuvenate the cells, and as well, they have the power to trigger the body to heal itself. In a biological ecosystem, be it a marsh, a human body, a stretch of forest, or a pond, for example, a number of the Earth's plants, due to their makeup and inherent constituents that they possess, their role -- their assignment -- is to institute harmony and balance. Their intrinsic elements perform in concert, like instruments in an orchestra. If their essential constituents (these orchestra members) are separated, then these wondrous safeguards perform marginally, or not at all.

Our goal to begin with, is to bring together as supporters of our organization 5,500 people from diverse backgrounds from every part of the world. This is less than 1000 persons per billion of the Earth's present human population. Even though this may sound like an insignificant number, our great hope is that these original 5,500 friends will be directly and indirectly responsible for passing on the highly beneficial pharmaceutical information found in this web site, environmental calendar and the book as well (not to mention the other book, Divine Laboratory, also about 400 pages long). We hope that these original 5,500 individuals, whoever they may be, and wherever they may reside, they will be somehow guided by providence and in kindness convey this hopeful news of these extraordinary and truly great therapeutic botanical discoveries to as many people as possible around them, such as friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances, and so on.

To become a supporter of the Daisy Institute is very simple. Just go to the application form link here, and print out the application form, complete this, and mail it to us.

Once we have received the support application forms that can be found on this site at the Support Form link from our first 5,500 friends, immediately at that juncture we will publish the book Alien Ambassadors (pictured above), and the Environmental Calendar, making them both available to our supporters for a nominal fee, just enough to cover printing and postal expenses, plus just a little extra to fund the Daisy Institute's research and the organization's upkeep. We may also consider publishing a revised edition of Divine Laboratory. This is truly an extraordinary work. It was compared to Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, but Divine Laboratory is presented very differently than Silent Spring.

Remember, the grand objective here -- the idea, is to have as many good and ethical people as possible know about these extraordinary Healer Plants that, without doubt, will enrich the existence and plainly save the lives of those whose disease may match up with these files that hold the pertinent secret therapeutic information.

These Healer Plants are non-toxic, they are edible, and in addition to being highly therapeutic against specific diseases, they are also exceedingly nutritious.

My name is Frederick,
I am an organic farmer.

I am Frederick Groundhog. I represent the month of April. Not too long ago, my job used to be a very pleasant one. Now, my assignment is arduous, and an urgent one. I have to hurry to store and catalog as many natural seeds as possible before all of them fall prey to this new bio-technological insanity and become G M -- Genetically Molested by the immoral and unscrupulous agro-pharmaceutical directors, their government collaborators, their shareholders, and their fiendish 'scientists.' Through meddling with food, their scheme is to enslave the citizenry of this Earth and divert the world's course away from a prosperous future and attainable security.

I am terribly sad because I fear I do not stand a chance in my task. My opposition's overwhelming greed is so ferocious that they have openly and unashamedly declared war against the long-lived seed that has through the eons in perfect balance successfully nurtured and sustained all of the inhabitants of this dazzling and shining planet Earth home of ours so capable of infinitely replenishing Her resources.

Please help to muzzle and cast out these toxic and evil GMO forces. Do not buy foods which are produced with GM organisms. Demand that all produce that is altered with genetically modified material be clearly labeled as such, even if is only has a little part of this disgusting stuff in its makeup. This will do it. These wicked and money-hungry directors will abandon these diabolical practices that they have forced upon the inhabitants of the Earth. Why will they do this? They are there for the immediate lucrative cash, not for your health. If you do not buy it, they will stop producing it. As it is, they do not give a damn about the irretrievable devastation that they have thrust upon our eco-sphere.

From what I have observed, I am afraid things will go terribly wrong. Their irresponsible and callous behavior on an unprecedented scale through their heinous GM science has the high potential to nurture and spread disease, destroy our internal organs, weaken the surrounding muscles of our hearts, incapacitate kidney function, confuse our hormones and functions of our enzymes and so on. Actually, this process has already begun. The architects of the GMO pseudoscience are on the prowl to disease and starve all of us randomly, on a grand scale.

This well-orchestrated 'phenomenon' of GMO technology is particularly deceitful. It is such that in different victims in different locations it will not produce the same outcome in identical circumstances. Consequently, in its early stages it will be very difficult to prove and even identify as the culprit in GMO-related disease and the failing body systems of its victims.

The building blocks of entire ecosystems and interconnectors that make up this nurturing Planet in its perfect order are in the process of being demolished at an accelerated pace.

From every corner of our common Planet home, let us join hands and scream out at the top of our lungs a loud and thunderous "No!" to this skullduggery, and to the perpetrators of these catastrophic acts. Together, we must declare void the patents on our natural botanical inheritance that these horrible entities hold. Let us free the Earth's seeds. Let us declare seed patents intrusive and illegal. These patents are a revolting form of pillaging. This is doable: let us use our democratic rights and boot out from their important posts these people who award these patents, and judicially pursue them criminally and civilly, both their organizations and them personally as well. We must declare invalid the self-serving protection of immunity that these public servants have so conveniently put in place in their public institution. These people have to be held personally accountable.

The members of the fascistic GMO industry, contrary to what they say in their deceptive rhetoric, their scheme is to create only mono-crops, in which case they have already fulfilled a great part of this ambition. Their ultimate aim is to have food control over all of us. Refuse to buy GM foods. This stuff is no good. These foods are infested with dangerously aggressive foreign organisms. GMO science is in the process of devastating the foundation of the building blocks of all living things. These thugs have released these horrible organisms into our living world without taking into consideration the consequence that once these organisms have been released, they are irretrievable. We have already seen how they insidiously creep into everywhere. They are corrupting and destroying our natural seeds. These viral-bacterial GM organisms are in a constant mutating mode. They are designed to be aggressive, and are in the process of becoming ultra-lethal.

In the postscript of Alien Ambassadors a brief but comprehensive update is given concerning this wicked GMO technology existing soley in the hands of the very few who are driven by brutal greed, and who have given themselves license to set out and reshape out common destiny by assaulting/raping the DNA in our biological world. These people and their government collaborators are not by any stretch of the imagination in the business of solving world hunger. On the contrary, through their insidious propaganda and outrageous advertisements with their own inferior and aggressive hybrid seeds, they aim to have total control of what the farmers plant and grow, and ultimately of how the world should be fed, who should be fed, and who should be left to starve. The people of this heinous 'science' have understood that this technology is anti-life, but they do not care -- they are too corrupt. They keep it in use strictly as a lucrative short-term pro-profit instrument with which to swell their bank accounts. GMO technology is deadly and immoral. It is anti-environmental, and it is just a question of time as to when it will decimate the Planet's plant-life ecosystems, and render the seeds of the Earth incapable of feeding the world. It will not be difficult to imagine the anarchy and the terrorism that will be unleashed between nations simply because there will not be enough good natural seeds capable of germinating with which to plant and harvest in order to feed and sustain life in this world.

In fact, farmers around the world, and particularly in India have killed themselves because of the yield failures after using genetically modified seeds, and the inhumane and barbaric pressure that was placed on them by officials with the Monsanto Corporation in contract disputes over these molested seeds. What it all meant was that these unfortunate farmers wanted to get out of these signed contracts because they recognized that these seeds were inferior, and bad for their environment. But Monsanto would not release them from these agreements, and by ferocious litigation tightened the rope around these benevolent peoples' necks.

The whole notion of biotech food is criminally disgusting. The forces of the axis of evil and destruction have conspired against life and against the common-sense wishes of the overwhelming number of citizens throughout this globe. The immoral and greedy CEOs and owners of these biotech corporations using irresponsible scientists and unwise and corrupt governments of various nations to achieve their goals. They have made themselves the emperors and lords of the whole world. Secretly they do their grotesque experiments with their deadly viral-bacterial organisms in open fields, most of which are crown-owned, without any posted warnings around. GMOs are pirate creations and they are active factories in the air, in the soil, in seeds, in the water, in our cells -- everywhere. These horrible organisms induce imbalance. They have been put together and in order to make this process of introduction take roots in our seeds, they are injected with incredibly dangerous antibiotics. The thugs of the New Age are left unchecked to continue in their vile and fraudulent techniques of reinventing nature, and we, unaware, have been forced to be their guinea pigs.

This heinous GMO 'science' which is being permitted by our elected officials to violently rape nature's genetic code is NOT to be confused with the healthy and ethical practice of 'naturally-achieved superior selection.' Such environmentally friendly techniques have been put in practice by nature and by man since the beginning. This approach can be, and usually is, both beneficial and healthy, but has absolutely nothing in common with genetically modified organisms.

Let there be no doubt, GMO science is a violent rape, and the rapists here, in their ferocious orgy, are rampantly jumping from one flora victim to the next. The hoodlums of GMO are hard at work, fabricating false and adulterated demonic foods with shapes and textures mimicking real crops that have been grown successfully in the soil for eons. Globally, for starters, we should immediately and massively BOYCOTT all products associated with these wicked and unethical corporations. But, we cannot do that unless we remind our policy makers that the Earth's food is a God-given right, and it is within our right to know what kind of food we buy and eat. We should demand of them to immediately mandate the labelling of GMO foods. And this should be of the highest and most immediate priority. We do have this right, unless of course, we live under the yoke of fascist or communistic governments where people have been stripped of their fundamental and human rights.

As it is, under international laws and agro-treaties, it is not mandatory to label genetically-engineered food as such. Boldly and insidiously, the apostles of this evil technology have proliferated in the decision-making rooms of entire governments. They are corrupting an array of government high officials, particularly they have infiltrated the departments of agriculture and health.

Designated gatherings that constantly take place around the world in order to create a 'protocol' on GMOs is nothing but a sham, nothing less than throwing ashes on the faces of the Earth's citizens.

Moral scientists who speak out about the dangers of GMO foods systematically and instantaneously lose their jobs. The GMO thugs operate by imposing terror and fear onto those who dare speak the truth about the dangers of GMO foods and science. Many ethical scientists who as much as raise little concerns about Genetically Modified Organisms have been professionally destroyed.

A case in point: Out of many, only a while ago, Dr. Arpad Pusztai was stripped of his post as a researcher scientist at the governmentally-funded Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland. Dr. Pusztai's crime was that he voiced concerns in public about experiments with genetically altered potatoes. When the GMO potatoes were fed to rats, the animals sustained damage to a number of systems. After Dr. Pusztai expressed his findings and concerns, he was characterized as 'muddled' by his corrupt and unethical superior.

Another case worth mentioning, taken from the many that have by accident come to light, is the case of a German biotech company which only a short while ago created a microbe named Klebsiella Planticula This microbe was a soil bacterium designed to produce ethanol. The CEOs in the company had gigantic plans. They brought it to the USA for approval and somehow this trial assignment in USA was given to a young and inexperienced Ph.D. student who was doing his thesis in an American university. He was assigned to test this microbe in his little lab. In his experiments he noticed that the microbe behaved as the original scientists said it would. Keep in mind that this was done in a sterile, controlled environment. But for some unexplained reason, though he was not directed to do this, the Ph.D. student tried the microbe out on three samples of soil that were not sterile. He went out into the forest and fields to three different locations and picked the samples up. When he introduced the microbe to these live soils, to his horror he instantly observed that the microbe was ferociously killing every organism present. The microbe at this point was in the final stages of being approved and released, and had this young man not done this extra work, we can only imagine the catastrophic horror to follow. It would have devoured practically every living thing on the planet. Of course, this was hushed up very quickly, and the authorities went all the way to keep it this way, and out of the public's knowledge.

In essence, what I want to ask is, how many more of these cases have taken place that we have not heard about? Worse yet, the governmental bodies that supposedly guard against such acts also do not have a clue about what goes on in laboratories and open fields around the world. In view of the malevolent white-coated psychopaths, who are hard at work creating these GMO abominations, we must stand guard and protect what is left of the Earth's magical and divine natural synthesis which has enabled us to go about the business of living.

The collapse of vital ecosystems due to GMO will be vast and irreversible. The biological chain that holds together our living biosphere has been weakened, and is in the process of being broken. These evil people have set out to decipher and diabolically distort the codes of the intricate and billion-fold intertwined connectors of our orderly biological living world. Now, the responsibility and task falls upon the so-called 'common folk' to globally unite and say a loud "NOooooooo" to the violent rapist of our Mother Planet Home.

My name is Emily,
I am a Marine Bio-Ecologist

I represent the month of October. Oh, this used to be a fine world. Now my assignment has turned into a hazardous one. I can hardly go about my investigation of pollutants in my marine living world without being choked and infested with ulcers. You humans have forgotten the importance of the water systems of this planet. They are the equivalent to the chlorophyll in plants, and the bloodstreams in animals. You have turned my home and my backyard into your toxic garbage dump.

With the speed with which heavy human-made lethal chemical substances are discarded into my living environment, the oceans are not given time to disperse or adequately neutralize this toxic garbage of yours. Not omitting the fact that there are many of these horrific substances that are entirely unbreakable and impossible to neutralize.

Thus, this is rendering my environment an unhealthy place to live in. As if this were not enough, military devices have been planted in my living world emitting continuous sounds that are excruciatingly disturbing and literally impossible to endure.

As if you do not know the real reasons, but I will tell you anyways. These devices are the only reasons why we marine beings quite often take to the shores. This is contrary to the misinformation that is given out by human 'scientists' who claim to know the reasons why marine inhabitants such as whales, dolphins and others often go ashore.

These 'scientists' say that in such cases, either the leader of these stranded animals loses its way to the deep ocean, or the group is stranded accidentally. And these two are the only reasons these animals become disoriented and sometimes come ashore. Some of these alleged authorities even have the audacity to say that they do not know why marine animals take to the shores. These evaluations and explanations are totally invalid, and the farthest things from the truth.

We take to the shores in a desperate effort to escape the painfully deafening and unending piercing sounds of the low and high frequencies that these electromagnetic devices emit which have been planted there by the human animals. Even though we are not terrestrials, under the circumstances the shore becomes a cruel and very sad means of escape from the torture by these evil devices with their sadistic unending searing sounds. Our natural acoustic system is very sensitive. We pick up sounds that the humans cannot. Please, for once be compassionate and remove these wicked devices from our homes at once.

This glorious planet is not the exclusive property of yours. You are here only a transient tenant. We do not comprehend why you choose to remain in a prolonged frenzy of disharmony, deficient consciousness, and perpetually engage in conduct of cruelty, and vile barbarism. We had hoped that by now you would have evolved. Unfortunately, you have regressed. Please understand that your electromagnetic devices giving out high and low frequencies force us to seek out this brutal alternative, and jump ashore. What deeds have we done to you to deserve this? Must you remain so disconnected from the rest of world?

My name is Gregory,
I am an Industrialist

I represent the month of January. As a heavy industrialist, I am proud to say that I have found ways to hugely succeed. Contrary to false and overly-inflated rhetoric, it is easy to both prosper and compete in the corporate milieu without having to resort to business practices and technologies that pollute, bankrupt, stress, and devastate our living world. At the top of our agenda, above all we must always keep in mind that all living things in their own ecosystems are interdependent, and in turn are linked together. As a consequence, due to the prevalent hideously irresponsible corporate practices and cave technologies that by and large persist, all of these indispensable, natural environmental life links are being impoverished rapidly. Sooner and later, this irresponsible conduct, as the old saying goes, usually comes back to haunt us all -- it usually does.

It is achievable, but it takes ethical leadership, and only a little guts, as well as personal and corporate responsibility to break away from the clutches of greed and from the 'stone age' corporate club whose capricious mentality refuses to let go of technologies that are passe, and of no long term service to anyone. Knowledge of technologies that could revolutionize our living and turn it into a splendid existence for all has been available for some time now - if only they were allowed to be developed responsibly and brought to the marketplace. Truly, they will change our world in the most positive and exciting way. It would free humanity from its appalling state of misery. It would free nations from aggression towards one another. It may even bring together old foes in a way where they would understand that it is in their best interests to let go of their fogy existences.

When corporate CEOs will come together and employ true and ethical responsibility, be made accountable for their conduct, and as well free themselves from their brutal avarice and loosen up a bit, only then will the disparity that exists between 'classes' be narrowed to the level where it will rapidly bring relative prosperity to all throughout the globe. This narrowing of the socio-economic gap will allow humans to forgo animosity and war. This would alone ensure security to the nations of the human world, not to omit the good that it will do for the rest of the Earth's inhabitants. Well, no matter what, I will never join my competitors in their corrupt plot, even though in the short term I may have to work a little harder in order to stay atop, and pocket for my personal yearly salary 5 million instead of 20. The recent phenomenon of the overwhelming greed that is so prevalent among the new age of corporate CEOs has become so seductive that they consider only short term lucrative gains. This is a diabolical lure that is brutally and systematically devouring and choking the human spirit and soul. This unprecedented and unaccountable greed that has so deeply saturated new age CEOS has impoverished and demolished all steps that were so painstakingly taken, aiming towards a moral and spiritually humane system that will have ensured a decent living and reasonable co-existence for all.

This alluring new-age greed that is so greatly celebrated by the entirety of giant corporations and their corrupt and basically stupid corporate CEOs and directors simply cannot carry humanity very far. It has already polluted the entire spectrum of life with aggression, discontent, sadistic poverty, worldwide homelessness, premature death, disease, hunger on a grand scale, as well as high unemployment, and near slavery working conditions and salaries, even in nations where workers were previously able to make a decent living, enabling them to nicely support their families and themselves. Of course, there are many who still live very well. But there are others, and more of them, whose living standards have been marginalised to the poverty level, and even many more for whom this greed has brought nothing but fear, insecurity, and despair.

This new-age greed sponsors blatant pillaging on a grand scale, and across the board, all on the part of giant multi-corporations and their greedy and corrupt CEOS. Their wicked and unchecked unethical conduct in turn insidiously becomes the perfect incubator for resentment and world insecurity at large. In their greedy existences, they never have enough. They scoop up everything that they come across. Not that they need it, or will ever have to utilise such excessive accumulation of monetary wealth, but rather, these ugly CEOs go after it for two major reasons:

Reason A: This largely unusable wealth that is often piled up in the Cayman and Caicos and Bahamas islands becomes the sustenance and nourishment in their spiritually, socially and ethically subhuman, and incomprehensibly bankrupt, filthy, decadent, and sterile existence. And Reason B: Even though it is crystal clear to them that they will never use this overly surplus wealth, still, they absurdly go and grab even more, so that no one else should get it first, and God forbid, make use of it. In the process, humanity's modern CEOs, with their ferocious orgy of avarice, perpetually commit genocide and infanticide around the world. Even their employees' retirement pensions occasionally are not spared. By the way, a short while ago, just about all of the human nations got together, proposed, and attempted to pass a resolution to make illegal these outrageous transfers of money to these shady tax-shelter islands, basically to be laundered. These well-meaning people who tried to bring an end to this traffic were defeated by the government of one human nation -- the United States of America.

The illustrated evidence of environmental trails of devastation and of starving and homeless children, and old people particularly, is all around humanity's corporate Lords. Just the same, this does not make a dent in the psyche of our modern new-age CEO. Contrary to what these shameless liars say, we have yet to see demonstrated responsibility in this largely unregulated corporate plateau.

One would think that as we have just entered the 21st Century, efficiency and common sense would be the direction taken on the part of the new-age CEOs who lead the world. Instead, these depraved entities demonstrate their total lack of credibility and, together with their venal legislators and unscrupulous lobbyists, they sponsor decay, stagnation, poverty, and distress. Together, they unaccountably continue to cheat the entire spectrum of the living world. They devour ethical competition, which is so necessary for a healthy marketplace, and essential for guarding against hostage-holding monopolizing market abuses.

Excessive bigness is not good. It is unfair competition. It is a powerful ingredient to hold smaller enterprises, individuals, and nations in poverty. It sponsors stagnation. This is a ruthless sentence of damnation in which to linger indefinitely. Bigness sponsors staleness. It implies that they have no competition. Why bother investing to introduce creative and innovative changes for progress? On the other hand, diversity of size, and competition is not only healthy and very beneficial for the consumer, more importantly it promotes innovation, and authentically progressive blossoming technological advances in the marketplace, and ultimately in the lives of everyone.

Blatantly, our gigantic corporate lords block movements to pursue major restructurings of technologies and systems in which they would immediately enrich the presently weak and appalling human condition. They vehemently oppose innovative new technologies, designs and concepts. They refuse to phase out their destructive, existing cave technologies that spread deadly pollution and destitution. Sadistically, they truly take relish in the suffering of the inhabitants of this Earth. Arrogantly, our corporate CEOs say "our technologies provide services. The fact that it may destroy our planet home, spread disease, perpetual poverty and war, for this we bear no responsibility. We do not care."

These new age pirate pillager CEOs, via their nightmarish economic control and tight monetary hold have total power and influence as to what direction existence on this nourishing planet is steered. 'Preserving our Planet Home' is an offensive little phrase to major corporate shareholders who are one and the same with the new-age CEO.

These avaricious types also venture into underdeveloped nations' pristine lands with only the intent to scoop up all the riches as cheaply as possible. In the process, they rampantly cause unprecedented environmental havoc. They create and spread uncleanable devastating pollutants. They incite and fuel barbaric civil wars. They sustain extremely cheap slave-type wages and appallingly dangerous working conditions. They promote brutal poverty, disease, and deadly animosity for the most part, wherever they prowl to conduct their filthy business abroad. It is nothing wrong when nations have foreign investors. In fact it is good. It creates good-paid jobs for the local people, it pays taxes, it teaches the locals how to do things, but this is not at all what happens.

A case in point are the International Diamond Cartels: Some international corporations and their CEOs perpetuate appalling slave-like working conditions so that they can get to the abundant diamond rock deposits in African countries and elsewhere. Then they stockpile these gems, and in turn, according to the market mood that they create, they release controlled amounts to be purchased by or for the selfish entities (of both genders) in the rich human world who do not give a hoot about how deep in blood these rocks have been bathed before. These occurrences of such diabolical corporate conduct are numerous, and take place everywhere.

Another case in point, among horrific and controversial instances: This is a brief story about a giant multinational energy/petroleum corporation based in Calgary, Canada. Their vile, deadly and disgusting and internationally condemned method of conducting their operation in Sudan is beyond comprehension. While they were operating in Sudan, they were allocating huge amounts of the earnings from the petroleum they were extracting to various warlords, enabling them to continue in their brutal civil wars. As bad as this sounds, that in itself here is not so gruesome in comparison to what they did to the inhabitants of a couple of villages that were unfortunate enough to have rich petroleum deposits exactly underneath where their communities were built a long time before, and years before anyone had discovered this fact to be so. Their land was adjoining the land where the drilling was taking place in full force, all along the principal directors of the corporations had set their sights on the villages' land as well. Evidently, they were not satisfied with a large piece of the pie. They wanted the whole pie, and they went for it. But instead of fairly compensating the villagers for their property, and peacefully persuading the inhabitants to relocate just a few kilometers down in the bush (which would have done the trick), the executives -- the CEOs of this excessively rich petroleum corporation basically invited brutal thugs from the regional armies to 'take care' of the situation. (The same method has been adopted and used throughout the petroleum-rich areas of Sudan.) Among other things, the directors of this company allocated the corporation's airplane/helicopter landing strip, which was built parallel to, or nearby, the villages and the drilling location for the use by these military killer-lords that they had been supporting all along in the first place. These collaborators came, landed, and swiftly they terrorised, gang-raped, mutilated and slaughtered the inhabitants of these villages on the spot, thus leaving the land with the petroleum deposits unoccupied for the drilling to go on uninterrupted. A girl, after she was raped and beaten, somehow managed to escape into the thick foliage of the jungle. The story of course came out, and after much political pressure a Canadian commission to conduct an investigation was dispatched. The principal person who conducted this commission was a very competent, impartial, and knowledgeable and ethical individual. He reported the truth as he found it. In fact, he was a former ambassador in the Canadian Foreign Diplomatic Corps. And even in view of the fact that the report blatantly outlined this corporation's horrific conduct in Sudan, no disciplinary action was taken against the multinational corporation and its officers by the Canadian government. And guess what: even though the corporation and its officers received worldwide condemnation and while the condemnation was going on and the shocking facts were coming to light, simultaneously, their share prices skyrocketed even higher on the Toronto stock exchange in Canada. Presently, it is believed that they sold their drilling operations in Sudan, not to the locals, but to other multinational mega-corporations. In Sudan, in the year 2002-2003, people by the thousands are dragged from their villages and homes, and sold and bought as slaves, exactly in the same way as the afro-slaves were captured and shipped to the New World.

Leadership filled with good will is desperately needed in a big way. This, in turn, would be the basic component going into constructing a solid foundation in which to build humane systems upon with mechanisms which could offer comfortable, enriching, and even reasonably luxurious existence for all -- why not? A decent living for all cannot be elusive forever. The raw materials for this are reachable and simple ones. Simply, adopting ethical innovative progress is enough for a good solid start. A fair reallocation of wealth, and land and water rights, is another must, for a viable prosperity for all. This in turn will facilitate a chance for a future and durable coexistence.

Presently, all arrows point to the fact that liberating, moral, and beneficial technologies and impressive knowledge and concepts are already here. In fact, these have been here for years. New ingenious inventions and vast rich knowledge that humanity already possesses, if these good things were allowed to be used, would be the fundamental factors enabling the earthlings to leap in a very short time into an existence of true distinction. These will bear and disperse basic prosperity and security in every conceivable way, minus the major human weakness, fraudulence and fakery. These will favour peace and would reduce tensions. They will be the source to advocate key social change in a way where it would embrace everyone in a very soothing and uplifting, trusting way. They would plough the little pathways to reinforce connectiveness with one another. They will make practically everyone's arrival, stay, and departure on this gracious Planet enjoyable, enlightening and interesting. But, regrettably, these superb innovations and wise knowledge and brilliant minds not only are not allocated resources for development and research, instead they are deliberately left on shelves to collect dust, they are received with indifference, they are laughed upon, they are blocked, and they are hidden or destroyed altogether.

Our modern age corporate CEOs and directors set out to completely obliterate the entrepreneurial spirit of medium and smaller enterprises, which have worked beautifully and efficiently, not only in terms of providing solid services to the consumer, but it has been a force of continuous employment, generating enough wealth to circulate around the community. But many of these businesses, of course, have been, and are being devoured by the unconscientious practices of hostile takeovers, or predatory acquisitions. The moment these businesses show a bit of weakness due to market fluctuations, or are in some kind of debt, then the hostile takeover lords zoom in like hyenas. They seize the opportunities, and creep up on weakness. They do damage. They drain the resources. They literally and systematically leave billions of people out of the system. Very frequently, these lords, who are in the business of hostile takeovers, they themselves create a weakness in the victim corporation. This is called predatory acquisition, or predatory competition practices. These predatory activities are notorious and very effective.

Among the various schemes and methods of takeovers, mergers, and acquisitions, the following two are the most prevalent: say for example, an airplane manufacturing company is the client of a company building for this client company certain components to go into the construction for the completion of the aircraft. The two have legitimate contracts, and both companies work symbiotically and with great profitability for both. At some point, though, our lovely CEOs, the greedy ones from the bigger and stronger company, malevolently decide that they do not want to share wealth arising out of this mutually beneficial relationship. They go after the whole enchilada. They want that other company that builds component parts for them. The predator now find excuses to terminate ongoing contracts, or does not renew them, and not for valid reasons such as that the service and merchandise were not up to standards. In fact, they are of top-notch quality, and excellent. This strategy depletes the victim company of cash. Due to lack of fresh cash flow, the victim company cannot make payments on loans and other company expenses. Consequently, the victim company is forced to join the list of bankruptcies.

The predator company now moves in and takes over the victim company for almost nothing. In the process, hundreds of people lose their jobs. This activity is something that is going on all the time. By not putting the brakes on these predatory minds and schemes, ultimately, this is to the detriment of everybody else.

The other very potent way to get rid of existing or newly arrived competitors is also very effective. For example: say that a stronger, bigger airline company would, for just a few days or weeks lower their fares to levels far below profitability on routes with big prospects. This is done to eliminate the smaller aviation company competitors who cannot match those low-rate fares. One way or another, they go out of business instantly. The passengers will go for the lower rates. As soon as the victim company or companies here go out of business, the predatory company immediately turns around and elevate the fares to even higher levels. They can do whatever they want. They have no competition, and now the consumer is left with no choice.

Naturally, none of these unscrupulous business practices could take place if the regulators and the courts would institute ethical business policies. These people are left to regulate themselves, in which case, often the regulator is one and the same with the new-age CEO. And as the old paradigm goes, the fox is left to guard the chickens. All of these unethical financial business transactions and irresponsible worldwide business infrastructure spreads strong resentment and plainly impoverishes the world at large. These people are endemic throughout the world. With the help of their high civil authority pals, be they in democratic, communistic, capitalistic, monocratic, fascistic military regimes, what have you, it does not matter. The outcome is one and the same. The modern-age CEOs and directors have allowed to put in place a ruthless Mafia-style system in which to operate. With their monetary power they influence legislation big-time across the board. They crave to take everything, and they are effective. They avoid addressing the benefits of real innovations, capable of delivering long-lasting solutions. Tenaciously, these people choose to stay with the moldy ones. These entities put themselves in positions where they enable themselves to suck and vacuum everything that is needed to keep the world safe and afloat. They are not there to deliver in a way where it will encourage relative global prosperity. Their avaricious desire to have it all produces more vulnerable people. Among other things, they promote world-wide illiteracy. They have constructed wide avenues named poverty and despair. Poverty is a horrible thing, perhaps the most cruel form of punishment to befall an individual, a family, a community, a nation, and so on. It deprives you and robs you of all the possibilities. The modern-age CEO and directors have no souls. They are devoid of consciousness. They even have the audacity to pretend not to understand why their monetary leadership and policies are questioned by a vast number of by-and-large good people from everywhere on the human world. The so-called white-collar crime runs rampant among the very wealthy. Seldom are these offenders sought after. Even more seldomly are they brought to justice, and even less often are they convicted. These are the same people who reserve, or attempt to reserve entire coastlines all to themselves, thus making those God-given beaches, our common natural inheritance, inaccessible to everyone else. For the most part, these are the same people responsible for the creation of the ineffective or phony committees and agencies set up to deal with serious issues such as world hunger, human, animal, and environmental rights and violations, refugees, illiteracy. homelessness, child labour, health, worldwide infectious diseases, equal rights for females, and so on.

Again and again, we have been following, watching and listening to the G7, now G8 boys, trying to find out what they do behind closed doors in their opulent meeting places when they get together, supposedly to make the lives of people around the world better. This is a mockery of civilization. These most influential G8 leaders are the same people, have the same interest and values, and are cut from the same cloth as the common greedy CEOs of our times. We have seen these eight men come together and deregulate whatever rules that might exist. They are doing this strictly in favour of multi-national corporations. They meet with nothing but a corporate agenda. Together with the greedy CEOs, boards of directors of multinational corporations, the architects and authors of international trade agreement protocols, the directors of the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund); all of these players, they marginalise nations and people. Their policies and agreements dictate poverty, suffocating monetary control, corruption, bankruptcy, and global unrest, with dire consequences ensuing.

Free trade, in fact, could have been a good thing, had it been instituted and used the proper way, the ethical way, the orderly way. It could have stood a good chance to be productive if the designers of the free trade act and politics had begun from the head -- from the top -- and gone down. Instead, they started from the middle of the tail point outwards, omitting and bypassing every decent rule of common sense and moral step in order to service themselves and their collaborators. The smart and advantageous way of free trade among nations should have begun with the equal working wages for workers no matter where in the world. This would have ensured the absence of abuses on the parts of employees. This would have been the vehicle for healthy communication between the peoples of the world. It would have helped suspicions to subside between regimes and nations, had it been done the right way, and given the opportunity, it would have stood a strong chance to somewhat unite humanity. It would have been the beginning to a terrific co-existence. Done the orderly way, this would have abolished slavery, near-slave wages, and working abuses. This would have eliminated the massive illegal immigration of desperate people from poor countries seeking employment in richer countries. If these people had good-paying jobs in the places where they originate, there would be no need for the majority of them to immigrate elsewhere, with the exception, of course, of researchers, intellectuals, artists, and the adventurous type, and maybe a few more. The second most important thing the architects of free trade omitted to explore is the doable abolition of boundaries that separate human nations. This planet is too small to have been so intensely partitioned and repartitioned by the dysfunctional discontented human species. People should feel free to go wherever they want to on their Planet Home. At the very worst, nations can keep their imaginary boundaries for the sake of their individualities, or something somewhere along these lines. They can keep the acceptable parts of their culture in their places, and maybe their way of living, but nothing more. The rest should be integrated. Of course, everyone has to abide by legal, ethical, and the normal standards of law and order.

Erasing boundaries: this can be the fundamentally magic ingredient that is lacking in the human world. These ugly walls -- the human boundaries that separate people explain somewhat the aggression, animosity, hate, and anger that humans are experiencing towards each other. Opening the boundaries has the potential to empower humans to forego the need or desire to obliterate their neighbours in an effort to reset boundary lines and grab their lands. This idea of abolishing boundaries, if somewhat adopted, stands a good chance to do miraculous things. Given the chance it would dramatically improve the quality of life of everyone. It would unshackle the spirits of children, women, and men, (and not to omit the rest of us) over the entire face of the Earth. Under natural, healthy circumstances, unrestricting one's perimeter can be incredible, and would boost confidence. Without doubt this will ensure relative respect of people for one another, as well as mutual appreciation. It will also serve as the yeast for prosperity, freedom, and security for all -- things that thus far have eluded humanity.

What!? What do you mean, human, that this notion of abolishing borders is ludicrous, or too far-fetched? Before you knock down this notion, you had better come up with an alternative for viable reform ensuring stability good enough for all of us to live peacefully on this majestic planet of ours. Naturally, this will not be an easy task. Indeed, it would be very difficult to favourably persuade everyone to at least look at this proposal, compelling as it may sound, to make one human citizen. Still, this notion holds pertinent stuff. I firmly believe nothing else will suffice for an interesting warless coexistence, and the averting of collapsing vital environmental systems.

Armed with the free-trade protocols, the New-age CEOs enable themselves to conduct their business affairs as greedily as ever. And if they are questioned about their conduct, they retaliate viciously via the existing rules and guidelines of international free trade protocols, which were designed to work in their favour. No one can touch them: not the courts, not governments. In spite of all the wicked ways in which they go about making their pile, the human rhetoric coming from the new-age CEOs still goes on full blast with no signs of abating. "Don't make a big deal," they say, both verbally and with their conduct, "we provide jobs. You have no choice, you have to buy our products. It's best that you shut up. You cannot touch us. Free-trade protocols protect us."

I really think that all present free-trade agreements and protocols should be erased and thoroughly made invalid. All of them, simultaneously. Then the humans, if they choose to begin the process of becoming an international family of some sort, then in this case, new trade agreements and free trade protocols should be drawn up and written by a number of different and diverse groups representing all nations. Finally, all of these groups should come together and begin the process of integrating and discarding part of their notion of how these international trade agreements should be, and implemented. This kind of openness calls for the involvement of all nations. Without doubt, this would produce healthy input, reasonable compromising, and wise negotiations. Inclusion of all nations in such a profound matter would be felt and cherished by most. Resentments and suspicions would be filtered out and minimised in the event of a real system of inclusiveness coming to be, assuming now that this co-operation takes place without dictating pressure, or bullying of any degree, shape, or form from the rich countries who might be inclined to want to pull the strings.

Fair inclusiveness of all parties stands to serve as a potent stimulating prescription for humanity to galvanise, and united, build a solid co-ordinated foundation on which to erect strong pillars with safeguards that will encourage new approaches for co-existence. It would consolidate the human species. It would nurture the subtle tearing down of the heavy divisive borders. Obviously, on a global level, law and order has to be of paramount importance, and rules and regulations have to be implemented on a local level, but in order for this kind of security and orderliness to hold sway, equal wages for workers everywhere will have to be legislated, and put in place worldwide, without a hint of the possibility of abuse. Without this essential element of fair and equal wages for all, the idea of making one human community uniting humanity will create demographic imbalances, anarchy, and chaos. Inclusiveness of all groups will cultivate emotions of contentment, tolerance, and trust in the overwhelming majority of people. It will, across the board, suffocate the fury of conspiracies and plots of dominance that hold humanity back. It will somewhat neutralize the staggering contamination of dubious and blatant greed, and polluted human desires for the future. It would de-synthesize the behaviour of indifference that has saturated humanity, and has been held so dear. Indifference is a polluted chosen state of existence. In spiritual terms, it is not only the question of what good deeds one did during his or her stay here, but in equal measure, it is also a question of what good deeds that one did not do, that one could and should have done, but chose not to, is of critical importance.

At this intersection of human presence on this planet, humans have a giant window of opportunity to turn around and denounce systemic greed and injustice, violence, selfishness, and indifference, which are the root of all subhuman undertakings and inferior conduct of behaviour. The vast majority of individuals in the human species have the inherent component in their makeup to be fair, compassionate, and caring. If only this component, with the capacity to do so much that is superbly humane, would be dug up and brought to the surface.

In the year 2003, our modern CEOs have covered all aspects of trade, and they leave nothing out. They invent even more. In the new millennium, our mondial CEOs and their collaborators have strongly reinstated slavery, literally. In the year 2003 in India and elsewhere, children as young as five years of age are bought for as little as sixty dollars to work in filthy prison-like factories. They work in appalling conditions in brutal heat. They are given a ration of contaminated, stagnant water to drink, if any at all, for many hours. In India, millions of children work in the silk cocoon industry as slaves, producing silk for export around the world. The silk factory lords force the slaves to work sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. Every full moon (every 28 days)they are given a day off. Those who do not produce enough are beaten badly, and those who run away are beaten even more severely, and there have been cases where they have been soaked in gasoline and set on fire to set an example to the rest. Many perish by the thousands in these unimaginable squalors of filth and intense labour, malnourishment and disease. In order to hide this new-age phenomenon of slavery and avoid a bad image with the international public, the Indian government says that it is illegal to use child labour. But, the fact remains, children are bought and sold by the hundreds of thousands to work in the cesspools of the silk industry and other filthy sweatshops. So, you humans, when you purchase or have tailor-made a silk wedding dress with which to celebrate your special day, or a silk tablecloth, with which to entertain your dinner guests, silk sheets, pillows, purses, apparel, and so on, just take one minute and think of the slave children, who, instead of going to school, playing in the open fields or climbing trees, are withered, abused, and rotten inside filthy prison factories. The slavery of child labour is running rampant in many human nations.

There is nothing wrong with children having to work for a few hours after school in fields alongside adults, planting or harvesting food, for example, or, to help with house chores. But, these should be limited. Children, no matter where, should be allowed to live their childhoods, and be free of fear and tyranny.

Slavery in the human world has come back in big ways. Child-labour slavery is one. Sex slavery is another lucrative trade which the humans have recently engaged in, big time. Literally, in many nations around the human world, children and young females are sold and bought, resold and re-bought by their slave lords and their counterparts. A great number of them, after they are diseased by human sexually-transmitted contamination, are discarded, and perish soon after. But again, no one does anything to halt this. The authorities in every human nation have no qualms about this type of trade. By their unwillingness to stop this kind of commerce, they very much endorse it. Recently, in a large North American city, an investigation into sex slavery was done by a police department. In short, one of the investigators pretended to be a sex-seeking client, and called the importer, interested in a young girl. The reply from the slave keeper was captured on tape, and goes as follows: "Yes, every week we receive fresh shipments from the Orient of very young virgin girls. Whatever you desire, we can provide you with."

In the new Russia, sex slave trade in young unsuspecting and beautiful girls seeking legitimate employment overseas in order to escape the country's poverty has become a lucrative export form of commerce of immense proportions. Without realising it at first, these girls fall prey to the sex slave traders and middlemen. They are sold and resold from dealer to dealer with no possibility for escape, one way or another -- alive anyways. The new Russian entrepreneurs, in haste have joined the old, greedy capitalistic club: our way or else.

So, our diverse CEOs of the new millennium have odiously reinforced slavery and brutal child labour in every corner of the world, one way or the other. "We are within our rights," they say. "Free trade protocols for globalisation allow us to do so. They even have invented and put into place the human organ harvest industry. They have not planted anything of the sort in order to harvest it, but anyways. The CEOs and directors of these organizations call this new industry 'organ harvest,' or 'human parts harvest.' Most humans believe that this 'harvest' takes place when a person has died, and permission was given to 'harvest' the parts. In some instances, this may be the case, but, to a great degree this is not at all how this type of 'harvest' is achieved. Recently, in some parts of the human world it was uncovered that healthy young women and children were slaughtered in order to have their organs and body parts stolen and in turn, sold and exported to the highest bidders. In China and maybe in other human nations, young healthy political prisoners and other human rights activists are very hastily and routinely executed and have their organs ripped off, to be shipped to satisfy the underground lucrative organ trade abroad. In Latin or Central America, openly and legally, specialised opportunistic and greedy medical doctors, on behalf of their rich clientele, seek out the organs of live people who are destitute or in desperate need for cash. The sellers, in this case, get the crumbs, the clinic and the doctors, on the other hand, become very rich fast.

Today's greedy CEOs, directors, and executives are also the biggest freeloaders, and a burden to the tax and welfare systems. About 85% of their personal expenses and those of their families and mistresses (or 'special friends,') are integrated with their incorporation expenses, which means that this amount spent comes before taxes, and is untaxable. Also, they extract huge amounts of money from their publicly-traded corporations to acquire lavish personal properties. Their corporations also receive huge amounts of welfare money in the forms of grants and subsidies, or extremely low-interest loans. The majority of these grants are not given to companies under financial stress. On the contrary, they are unwarrantedly given to the richest of corporations. It is simply a case of who knows whom, and whose shoulders they rub during their cocktail lunches at their powerful private clubs.

This anomaly in the big money world of not sharing the wealth or bounty is not endemic to the private sector CEOs. We see the same callous behavior on the part of state-sponsored monetary funds. A case in point: many of the developing nations have been bankrupted, and overwhelmed in debt. They have to pay huge amounts of interest money to the rich lender nations, and foreign monetary funds in aid loans. In essence, the lenders here are no different than the common extortionist loan shark. In defiance, these power-starved and pathetically avaricious sick people who just about control everything choose to separate themselves from the rest of the majority. They are in constant collision with the living world. This makes for a very sorry state of affairs.

The greedy CEO boys and their collaborators in high posts would rather see destruction of our living world instead of relinquishing, or allocating just a tiny fraction of their wealth and choking power of control to people who are competent and willing to do wonderful things for the common good. Their abhorrent high hold on the planet's wealth and monetary resources is against everyone on this lovely planet. These wicked and devious ultra-greedy people need to be brought to justice and personally held accountable, if not for any other reason but for pushing a humungous number of earthlings to beg for food and for robbing them of their God-given chance to belong.

In this time and age, collectively, the beneficiaries of this marvelously nourishing Earth with the capacity to hold and give so much should be celebrating the miraculous way life has evolved through the passage of time on this planet. Instead, despite the signed promises and ratified agreements that took place in 1992 at the International Environmental Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and subsequent summits, pledging to allow the Earth to regenerate and attain a fair distribution of the Earth's resources, more than ever before we stand witness to the Earth -- this exquisite and shining jewel -- viciously abused and deviously misused -- we stand witness to an unprecedented mood, and gear up for violent wars, demolition and despair centre, left, and right. It is not natural.

Regardless of humanity's given excuses and protocols, I am convinced more than ever before it is terribly wrong -- it is not normal -- to so deliberately, so inhumanely, no matter how the subject is worded or looked upon, to, by starvation, curable or induced diseases, mutilation, homelessness, and terror, send children by the millions every year to their death. Nor is it normal to deplete the Earth's resources down to the core.

Lastly, but not least, lately we hear a lot of the provocative and shameless international intent to re-open the ivory trade in its satanically gruesome helicopter-style elephant slaughter. The carnage can be accomplished by other horrific methods, of course, so that these humanoid pathological liars can rob these majestic 'animals' of their God-given tusks. Not long ago, the humans promised that they would not engage in this lethal activity of elephant murder again. But, not only did they not completely stop the elephant slaughter, the poaching continues. In fact, now, we may have to endure again this human legitimizing of elephant murder.

Appendix i With similar beginnings to the looming re-opening of the elephant slaughter, the following here is a deja-vu scenario of how the Canadian government shamelessly went about making a mockery of the entire civilised international community at large. We are now in the year 2002 on the Gregorian Calendar. Since February 10, 1995, the Canadian government has once more reopened the door that joins humanity's other dark pages. On February 10, 1995, with great regret and horror, the world learned that the then Minister of Fisheries and Resources in Canada, Brian Tobin, had reopened the seal hunt on a grander scale, and once more allowed the slaughter and torture of seals to take place on the ice in the seal nursery.

Keep in mind that in 1983, the European community banned the importation of seal pup pelts, and other products, and the United States has vigilantly prohibited seal products coming into their country since 1972. This took place many years after the horror and atrocious butchery of the baby seals was first uncovered. Great Britain in particular -- consumers and food store chains -- boycotted fish coming from Canada, and an international boycott of Canadian products was in the making. And this was it -- it worked most effectively. In 1987, after the boycotts, and threats of other retaliation, the Canadian government immediately prohibited the infant seal butchery, and stopped licensing the killers. And we thought that once and for all this diabolical practice of torture of innocent animals had ended.

But, since 1995, every March, the Canadian government subsidizes hunters to go into the Gulf of St. Laurence off the coast of Newfoundland, and allows them to perform gruesome killings. This frozen part of the world is where, for millions of years (a long time before man appeared on the planet), seals have returned to give birth to helpless babies. The killers go there, invade the seals' nursery, wait for the babies to be born, which they are on a daily basis, wait until a few days after the births, and then, as the babies and parents nurse and rest, they massacre them right on the ice.

The killing practice of this yearly ritual has assumed the proportions of an orgy of slaughter. The images of this orgy are compellingly disturbing. Particularly difficult is to watch the mother seals as they frantically try to intervene to save their babies. In the process, they are bludgeoned as they place themselves between their screaming babies and the subhuman killers. The genital organs of these baby seals, and other seals as well, are sliced off while many of the animals are still alive, to be sold as aphrodisiacs for human over-sexuality, to produce more 'glorifying' humans.

Since 1995, the Canadian Government has been openly going along with the search for even wider aphrodisiac markets in which to trade baby seal penises. They truly seek these markets out. In order to justify this immoral and brutal massacre, the Canadian Government falsely accuses the seals of eating the codfish. This is totally untrue, and a deliberate, outrageously malicious lie.

In fact, the seals eat the fish who eat the codfish, and according to the Government's own scientists, the seals eat relatively small amounts of codfish, if ever. In their greedy practice of allowing overfishing, and due to mismanagement in the Department of Fisheries, the Government officials are blaming the seals for their own incompetence.

The reopening of the seal slaughter was and still is a political move, made in order for the Government to pacify a handful of unemployed and greedy voters. This orgy is subsidized with taxpayers' money, and the aphrodisiac market continues to thrive.

Since the reopening of the savage and ferocious massacre in 1995, in an attempt to avoid being painted with a bad image and the likelihood of being hit by retaliation via an avalanche of international boycotts, the Canadian Government is strictly prohibiting reporters, filmmakers, or any person other than the killers to go out on the slaughter grounds. The whole massive frozen area is policed by helicopters. Anyone who dares to enter the area at the particular time of killing is taking enormous risks. This area is impenetrable due to strong police security.

In the March slaughter season of 1997, however, a film was made by the killers themselves, and for unknown reasons, it was made public. The images on this film are so gruesome, and so satanic that they even disturb individuals who work in slaughterhouses. The film shows living seals being viciously and deliberately tortured in the most grotesque and to the most heinous degree. The individuals who commit these horrors are seen to revel in these acts, shocking and subhumanly horrific as they are. The Government pretended to have imposed some, ridiculous kind of punishment, and of course, this only took place, because images of this sadistic torture were made known. Additional films have been smuggled out, with even more horrifying images. Baby seals and other seals have been found half-dead and in agony and pain hundreds of miles away from their nurseries, which have become killing places. Parts of their bodies were missing from them, sliced off by the subhuman killers.

If there is any hope for humanity to abandon these diabolical killing practices, then it becomes imperative for this film to be televised world-wide, for the entire world to see and take note of this illegal atrocity, and brutal activity perpetrated on peaceful, helpless and innocent animals as they give birth. Bad as this is (or any killing at all), how much more appalling it becomes when one considers takes place on the birth grounds of the innocent animals.

Since the Canadian government reopened the slaughter in the nurseries, year after year, the killers exercise ultra-sadistic and unprecedentedly merciless methods of slaughter that literally are beyond the scope of believability. We are dealing with people who are given the blessing of the Canadian Government to go into the seals' nursery and unleash with no constraints unimaginable hateful terror. The methods and degree of the abuse, torture and mutilation these subhumans release upon the unfortunate mothers, the new babies, and other seals are so far gone in barbarism, so ferocious in nature that one has to see this in order to comprehend the incomprehensible.

The nursery has become the grounds upon which the killers go, partake, and perform an orgy of sadistically satanic proportions. We will be infinitely grateful and in debt should someone or ones from the media -- television tycoons for example -- would televise these short films of sheer horror, or portions of them on the international media platform for all to see. Should this arrangement be possible, please feel free to e-mail us, or contact us in any other way, and we will arrange to send the films. We have no doubt this would create an international public outrage. It may even create an avalanche of boycotts, and a threat of international corporations and companies refusing to come and invest in this country. A boycott is not at all our objective. There are enough boycotts and sanctions around the world already. We just want the seal slaughter to stop once and for all.

Canada has put legislative laws in place where it is a crime to torture and abuse animals. I must say that either the government representatives are unaware of these laws, they were probably napping when this took place, or they are liars and hypocrites. The Canadian Government is breaking the law. It licenses and encourages these boorish entities year after year to go into the seal nursery, and perform and partake of their gruesome game while all along, they are guarded by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force. For those who do not know who the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are, simply, they are the proud equivalent of the American FBI. They are very efficacious in their work while remaining very humane. Why in God's name would this appealing men and women be sent to guard something so appalling? We do not understand why such a terrific nation would engage and pay these people taxpayer's money to go to the birthing nursery place to commit such notorious atrocities and crime of slaughter year after year against these fabulously fascinating and innocent gregarious marine mammals.

In spite of what I witnessed in the direction of my counterparts, I remain hopeful, though. My vision is that I choose to believe that ethical, progressive technologies, some of which are already been drawn up in blueprints, and others that keep coming along, but have not been implemented altogether, will be allowed someday soon to triumphantly revolutionise our world globally. If I am to bet, I bet that this will happen, out of necessity, of course. This vision of good things to come (which presently is ignored by the big boys that call themselves CEOs, directors, and executives) is to collectively focus on common sense, and alone, this will be the force that is so desperately needed in order to halt the savage mistreatment that a handful of the human animal has so callously imposed everywhere in the environment and the citizenry at large on our common Planet Home.

In a vision of ethical progress, peace, and hope of good things to come and thrust upon us all, ultimately, the Earth with her powerful ability and her symbiotic connective systems will be given the opportunity to recharge, thus giving her the chance to go about her fascinating business of nurture, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Though I have seen no signs of fundamental emerging reform for fair reallocation of wealth in the human plateau, nevertheless, if by some unforeseen luck, corporate greed be curtailed, and instead, common sense and justice for the common good prevail, then, ah, this will then be the grandest jubilation for eons to cherish and to hold.

Notwithstanding overwhelming odds, I remain confident that humans will someday -- soon I hope -- will allow their species to be showered in heavenly enlightenment and in clarity go beyond the five senses of the human animal. Allow wisdom and spirituality to free themselves from the heavy load that they drag along perpetually, wherever they go. And, as in a blossoming explosion, I pray that humankind embraces the concept of fair and steady justice, benevolent ingenuity, ethical innovation, inspiring creativity, and angelic compassion. These are essential ingredients, yet simple and attainable, that would pave the way for all of us to, in joy, health, confidence, dignity, peace, harmony, and energetic vitality, prosperity, generosity, and freedom, go about the business of living and stay the course.

My name is Alexandra. I am a Botanical Pharmaceutical Researcher

I represent the month of May. My assignment is such a pleasant one. As a botanical pharmaceutical researcher, my preferred location for my work is the Northern Hemisphere. Somehow, through divine providence I have succeeded beyond my expectations. Having said that, however, I must remind myself that there is a lot more work to be done. Too bad, though, the human animal does not take advantage of the Earth's superior, real, and safe pharmacological treasures.

The healing scientists of the human world go the full moon to downgrade, downplay, and falsely malign the unique medicinal powers of plants. They even punish common-sense health professionals who as much as consider these natural treasures. These short-sighted and unhealthy arrogant scientists and their government collaborators have a profound contempt and little reverence for plants, even though they take full advantages of the nutritional value of flora. Whenever they are faced with the question of how they perceive life is sustained on this planet, and even though they are reminded that without plants this planet would be just another rotating rock in space, only then, out of nutritional necessity, are they forced to admit that all food sources come from plants. But even with this, in their distorted view of the living world and its links, they think very poorly of the kingdom of medicinal plants.

It remains a mystery why these seemingly intelligent people in the healing profession would for such a long time choose the harsh, intrusive, and often inefficacious and deadly artificial man-made therapies over those of the remarkable ones -- the Earth's therapeutic Healer-Plants that have been growing for eons on our spectacular planet, with all of the mechanisms in place to counteract many diseases and natural pollutants, viruses and harmful bacteria that exist in nature and also those that are man-made.

But the biggest puzzle is, why would the masses of the world allow themselves to be looted of their Earth's natural inheritance comprised of these life-saving pharmacological botanical gifts? As individuals, what happened to the people's choice to treat their bodies and those of their loved ones as they see best?

Then again, why should they have such a choice and not be deprived of the healing powers of the Earth's plants? After all, disease, pain and despair, and disease-induced misery are exceedingly lucrative commodities. Why would the masses of the world permit a handful of gangsters to dictate to them how they should heal their bodies, and those of their loved ones? Of course, this question is not an enigmatic one. The answer here has definitely something to do with licenses and patents, and their holder-lords.

Likewise, on the other side of the mainstream's healing arts, the so-called 'alternative' therapeutics, there will be found some who will exploit people in their desperate search for helpful and ethical therapeutics. But, because of a few rotten, disgusting predators, it does not justify that an entire vast pool of the Earth's real therapeutic riches be shut down and made unavailable to those who choose to seek them out. As in anything else, buyer beware. Shop around, use sensible logic and common sense. But, I can tell you this much, these few rotten eggs from the so-called alternative side, even at their worst, are less dangerous and create less damage than, say, for example, a medical practitioner whose license permits him or her to remove a child's eyes in the name of therapy, of course. In no way is that therapy. That is the practise of sadistic satanism.

What would be wrong with integrating and making globally available with no boundaries both sides of therapy naturally for those who choose to employ them?

Worldwide the argument in place that is used by the numerous fragmented so-called health protection agencies is a complete farce. In essence, they are not there to protect the populace. For the most part, these sham agencies have been put in place to protect the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical lords. If the executives of these agencies had any morality at all in them, long ago they would have come together and created a fair system for allowing pharmacological therapeutics without borders. The cancer of a person, say, in the United States, and the cancer of a person in Timbuctoo at the other end of the planet doesn't differentiate between agencies and their so-called standards. Diseases are the same wherever they are, and there should be no boundaries in seeking available treatment for them.

The directors of the world's health protection agencies have been shown to be entirely devoid of socio-humane responsibility. Capriciously, they have divided the people of the world even when it comes to sickness as if disease requires different types of attention in different parts of the world. They are keeping the human world of this small planet fragmented. If they wanted to, it would be truly easy to devise an international pharmaceutical formula with which to encompass all the human citizens of the Earth. But it requires morality and compassion. Unfortunately, these people lack both.

Enough of this already. Sad, though, but for some reason I do not give one iota whether they will at least consider looking at my hard work's findings of these powerful and abundant pharmaceutical riches, or not. One can take the horse to the water, but one cannot make the horse drink. My job is only to explore, identify, and research the Earth's providential pharmacologically therapeutic botanical riches, as well as to disburse this knowledge.

Now, of course, in the last few years, just as we thought that humanity was about to exit its dark and stagnant existence, in horror, on a large scale we have been introduced to GMOs -- man's latest invention of impending danger. The architects of GM mutants work very hard to promote second-class citizenship en masse, and slavelike dependability. To a frightening extent they have already accomplished this. We simply are not totally aware of its full effects yet. They aim to hold hostage the whole world and they use their corrupt and violent seeds as their weapon as they see fit. Their plan is very simple: no good seeds with which to sow and germinate crops, no food to feed the world. Farmers throughout the globe -- the breadbasket providers of the world no longer have the choice to plant their fields as they see fit, nor do they have the availability of the earth's nourishing long lived real seeds. They are constantly being threatened and seriously intimidated by the GM fascist lords when the mutant and inferior GM seeds are questioned. Genetically molested breeds of seeds have proliferated across the globe, and through pollination's free-range means of transportation, the wild flora is also not spared.

The anathema of GM organisms is one that will not be easy, if possible at all, to curtail. What makes the architects of this pseudoscience and their 'scientist' cronies especially dangerous is the fact that theirs is very poor knowledge concerning their GM creations. Arrogantly, these entities, in their own image, blindly set out to decipher and change our complex yet perfect living biosphere. For these greedy boys (maybe even girls), this was a good opportunity to swell their pockets even more. So, they set out to do so, by raping our living world.

We were never consulted about their disgusting intentions to randomly release these grotesque organisms everywhere in the open spaces of our common Planet Home. The subject, in fact, was never debated. It was all done in secret. Not figuratively, but rather, literally, in a fascist way, these horrific organisms are being shovelled down our throats whether we like it or not, or whether we know it or not.

These thugs, in their own perverted image, decided to make these dangerous changes in our natural world. They were not pleased with the impressive GENESIS, and her luxuriously precise interwoven mechanism that we are, or rather have been, so generously bestowed with.

These people, in their filthy, sterile labs, created their own 'genesis' of how things are to be. As if this were not enough, without questioning, they hurried and released these forms of deformed creations. They deliberately infested the planet without having the slightest clue or mechanism in place of how to keep control of, or how to recall these incongruous distortions -- they are incompatible and extremely stressful to our miraculous but elegant web of life.

From what I have witnessed, in the world of GM organisms, not one day passes that I do not call upon a higher power for assistance in getting rid of these mutants and distortions. Not a moment too soon, under an international umbrella, I would like to see proceedings undertaken against the GM creators and their primary financiers. They should and must be brought to justice. They have unleashed their wicked creations to spread and contaminate out of control throughout the globe. Individually, the GM culprits must be held accountable and have their corporate and personal immunity rendered invalid.

As a botanical field researcher, I have spent the greater part of my stay on this spectacular planet amidst Her natural environments. I have walked extensively among exotic alpine stretches, soothing tundra environments, lavish meadows, tranquil fields, whispering hills, breathtaking wetlands, lush deciduous forests, celebrating estuaries, and murmuring coastlines. I have been captivated by the freedom of the soft wind as it enchantingly whistles above the canopy trees. I have had the privilege of travelling to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, and to the Pacific rainforests. I have hiked mountain ridges of dignified beauty and splendor that goes beyond reverence, and visited other such magnificent places in my botanical field research. I have watched the power and mystery of tides as this nurturing sphere rhythmically rotates in space like a jewel.

Since my childhood, and throughout my entire life, nature has provided me not only with the powerful tools necessary to permit me a glimpse into some of her intricate secrets, but has also generously given me invaluable information, and the opportunity for remarkable achievements in the field of work that I have been assigned. To the seemingly complex, yet in truth uncomplicated, but splendidly and radiantly orderly ecosystems and families of species in nature whom I have come to revere divinely, I offer my profound gratitude for my peaceful coexistence -- to the Earth's spiritual freedom, I shall forever remain indebted. But, what once I had enjoyed and benefitted from, most of these life-giving places have now been demolished and destroyed. Forests standing just a year before have entirely disappeared. They have been totally shaved (clearcut), leaving only ugliness and a wasteland abundant in sterile loneliness with no signs of reforestation. Mountain streams and rivers on whose banks I have once sat to eat lunch and refresh myself in their crystal-clear waters filled with animal and plant life, are now muddy and grey, and devoid of all life due to the effects of land erosion. This comes as a result of total deforestation, caused by logging and shortsighted farming methods. Wetlands where once I could find priceless substances of immense benefit that others have failed to see or recognize are now drained out and empty. They have completely disappeared because of land-greedy farming practices and the heedless construction of luxury resorts. Vast areas of land have been reshaped for the trivial purposes of establishing private golf clubs and other places of entertainment available only to the few. A tiny majority of people have bought up most of the coastlines, if not all, for either private or business use, depriving the overwhelming majority of this Planet's citizens access to the beaches and waters of the Earth's coastlines. Such an abhorrent vision of greed, and such utter disrespect for the environment is not endemic to a particular locality, but rather is pervasive throughout the globe.

Humans deliberately have failed to take into consideration the creative interrelationships of all living things that rest and nourish on this generous little planet. Humans stubbornly refuse to free themselves from the ugly attitude of dominance and the disturbingly disgusting notion that this Planet -- home to many species -- is subject only to the benefit of humankind. Under humanity's subjugation, the avalanche of irresponsible continuous human overbreeding, and as well, the tyranny and greed of man's ill-conceived approach to economics, the principles of nature responsible for sustaining the entire living community inside the biological wisdom of the evolution formula of creation have been ridiculed, abused and misused, or entirely ignored. Very troublesome is the alarming encroachment of human habitations into pristine, vital, natural ecosystems. Once these natural treasures have been demolished, they can never be reinstated. We must not omit the cruel fact that the rightful inhabitants of these indispensable natural areas that have lived there for eons, who are the other Earthlings, are pushed out of their homes into obliteration, because of rapid and irresponsible human proliferation due to an uncontrolled birthrate in the human population. This over-consuming species have crowded our wondrously precious little Planet.

Last but not least, in the last several years, progressively, my botanical field research work has become increasingly difficult, due to the release of GMO contamination into our free environment. Suitable GMO-free geographical range has overwhelmingly shrunk. It is alarming to know what it means to be bombarded by this New Age plaguesome nightmare of GMO's violent pseudoscience. I have seen firsthand how irrevocably it distorts the natural order and balance, and systematically compromises the entire biological web of the order of life. GMO pseudoscience also means that as I search for Medicinal-Healer Plants, soon I fear, I will not be able to find these indispensable treasures with their natural genetic information intact.

My name is Anton (Antony)
I am a United Nations

I represent the month of August. Well, what can I say? I am slow. But, when and if I want to, I can reach the light in time, ahead of everybody else.

In any event, I believe I am about to be commissioned and entrusted with a very special task, delivering the sealed pharmaceutical File 17-RJ to the link page for Celestial Emissaries, part of this website. It will take me some time to reach there, of course. In confidence, I am told that this file contains something of great importance. As soon as I am summoned, I will expeditiously set out my course. If you are curious enough to know the secrets in this file, then, in that case, you may wish to come along. Additionally, once I have reached my destination, there, I also have a terrific story to tell.

Yes! Good news! I have just been summoned. Come along with me to the Celestial Emissaries page here.

Furthermore, I highly recommend that if at all possible, invest two minutes of your time and visit the impressive link here: Appendix i. It will guide you to a section belonging to my good friend Gregory. Read it. And then you be the judge. Gregory holds a uniquely special completed pharmaceutical File, but will not release it until of course, you collectively put a stop to this outrageously despicable heinous conduct, and stop the perpetrators of this subhuman act and behavior.

Moreover, I invite you to come along with me here to the Celestial Emissaries page and read the lyrics of a compelling song entitled "Stay a While Longer," written by my very special friend Ivy the Surveyor and Environmental Geographer.

My name is Ivy,
I am a Human Population Surveyor and Environmental Geographer

I represent the month of December. My assignment as a surveyor is such that I am compelled to travel all around the globe in order to comprehensively study the case file. This, in turn would enable me to accurately document the facts and make up my report.

I have traversed the globe by foot, helicopters, single-engine aircraft, balloons, trains, cars, boats, what-have-you. An adventurous task, but often dangerous. On numerous occasions I was shot at by state sponsored and non-state sponsored military warmongers. I was also shot at by 'landowners.' I was chased, had rocks thrown at me. I was given the long face, I was spoken to in a frosty tone, I was shunned, I was even accused of things that were totally untrue and entirely fabricated, by humanoid liars. Not to omit the fact that in several locations of breathtaking natural beauty I came very close to being blown into pieces because I had to cross territory infested by landmines buried underground. Unfortunately, along national borders partitioning and re-partitioning the Earth, I have witnessed wars and massacres of the most heinous kind, committed against humanity and other animal species, and all because of a couple of inches of disputed boundaries or land claims.

In all good conscience, I must include here that while on my assignment I have come across numerous humans of splendid character, who uphold justice, and keep it dearly in the palms of their hands. These were also intelligent, disciplined, generous and caring. They were not corrupt. They had developed lovely spirits, they had shining souls. But, regrettably, I have come across some of the others who repel me to no end.

I have seen human children suffer in brutal pain and unacceptable conditions due to starvation, disease, and if this were not enough, they have to endure all of that amidst deplorable environmental conditions and nightmarish habitations, living in forced refugee camps among other scenarios, or have no homes at all -- many of these children, but not all, were brought into this world with no provisions of any kind to sustain them. Would it not be wiser and more ethical to have some checks on the birthrate, and population control rather than allowing these children to be born with no possibility of escaping the clutches of brutal poverty and war, which are the primary reasons for them being deliberately condemned to a slow death from homelessness, starvation and disease?

With the exception of babies arriving as a result of toxic rapist fathers, and born to mothers who are violently shredded and raped (usually gang-raped) and impregnated during war-time by these poisonous 'fathers,' oddly enough, I have seen many other children born in zones of war. Along with other factors, war, of course, is in itself responsible for massive death and ruin, poverty, despair, terror, homelessness, and painful hunger among other filthy human-related sadistic war crimes and acts. Occasionally, I wonder as to what compels people to bring children into a violent and deranged world during precarious times of war? Anyways, as I said above, births taking place out of war-rape are excluded from this oversimplified query, and irrelevant fleeting thought. War-rape, as we have come to know, has become a powerfully fashionable strategic weapon, and is systematically, calculatively, and rampantly employed and deployed by human men in uniform.

Children who are born out of these violent and thoroughly unacceptable war acts, assuming they survive infancy, do not stand a chance for a reasonable quality of life at all. As I have traversed the globe in order to amass relevant information that could enable me to complete my assigned task, I have very frequently come across horrific prison-like orphanages and institutions of all sorts, filled with abandoned or forgotten little occupants. These are humanity's hidden 'war-rape children,' and others who end up there by various dehumanizing excuses. The physical, psychological, and mental perpetual pain and suffering that these little ones are exposed to, and are forced to endure, is, simply put, unparalleled by anything that resembles life or civility. It is a case of a very dark, deliberately unconscionable syndrome of indifference that has permeated humanity at large. Human society has always had the audacity to say, "Oh, too bad for them. It was after all, a war. It is their parent's fault," and shrug their shoulders. The fathers who do not give a hoot about their war-rape children, by and large are not brought to justice. They are in fact seldomly sought out, if at all. Basically, humanity stays complacent and quiet about this 'strategic rape-weapon.' It is used all the time and continues to do untold damage, even long after a given war has come to an end. In fact, for life, this outrageous and unchallenged 'weapon' continues to inflict misery and pain. The wounds of the war-rape victims can never heal. It is most unfortunate and frankly incoherent that human females, even though the majority, are complacent and go along with war. This is a strange anomaly that no analysis can decode or explain, especially when it involves their little ones. If human females could only take the initiative to simultaneously and globally forgo war, then it can be said with certainty that they will be joined in this anti-war action by their partners, the male humans.

A footnote here, for humanity to take notice of this ugly 'one size fits all' classification that has been put into place and is vigourously implemented by the Russian government, and whoever else now has jurisdiction. Shortly after April 26, 1986, when radioactive material was released into the atmosphere from the Chernobyl reactor power plant in the region of the Ukraine, with fallout that spread over a vast surrounding geographic area, to this day, hundreds of thousands of children have been born, and keep being born to parents who were contaminated by the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. A great number of these offspring have been and are being born with physiological defects to various degrees. Some, however, have been and are being born with defects that vaguely resemble mental defects, but in fact these children are highly intelligent and aware. Guess what? Because it is an easier and cheaper way for the government to deal with this medical problem, immoral laws have been enacted that classify all of these children, whether born with mental deficiencies or not, as having mental/psychological conditions. Even in blatant cases where the children bear obvious radiation scars, such as missing arms or legs, or ears, or are born with cleft palates, for example, regardless -- to this day, these unfortunate little victims are sent to mental asylums to endure brutal isolation, and withstand conditions of unimaginable physical and mental abuse with no possibility of escaping these institutions of sheer horror, and total and complete dehumanised environments of the most vile and subhuman degree.

When the institution of the political system of 'democratization' took place in the former Soviet Union, rather than Russia taking care of the country's social needs in a way that would make for a strong, proud, and prosperous nation for all, instead, a handful of ruthless opportunists focussed on the extreme capitialistic socio-monetary system, which gave them the license to literally loot the nation and become multi-millionaires in only a couple of years. This has nothing to do with being successful in a market economy -- not in the least -- these people and their counterparts are pillagers. All along, these Chernobyl and other children are still being sent to these asylums, while the shameless looters live a life of extreme opulence aboard the largest of yachts cruising around the world, including to the Cayman Islands, in the company of 'Who's-Who' in international human society, consuming nothing less than champagne, caviar, and cigars, and who are accompanied by mistresses, of course, which they change more often than their shirts. On a global scale, this overhwhelming greed is a sure recipe that will make the Bolshevik Revolution seem like child's play. Appetite for ferocious greed has always been part of humanity. However, at the present time and age, humanity's ugly appetite for greed cannot be sustained -- it is a sure formula for a calamitous postscript to follow.

It is incomprehensible to think that for even one split minute that children in whatever circumstances were allowed to be brought here on this stunning and generous Planet and then soon after sent away in the most horrifying fashion. This is a sadistic form of infanticide and genocide. It is deliberate, and seems to be highly enjoyed. It is inflicted by slow, agonizing death, primarily due to greed, bringing starvation, induced disease, homelessness, and by man-made war-o-philiac gadgets. If this were not the truth, it would not have been tolerated by real human beings, or nor would it be happening at all. Unfortunately, due to these disgusting facts, one would be permitted to reach definite conclusions that humanity in all its 'wisdom' and pretend civility, was taken over by carriers of the subhuman genetic code.

For God's sake, for a long time now, the human animal has taken to the stars. How it is possible that so readily and intentionally the human continuously gives the death penalty to their young. This painful anomaly will remain an unexplained mystery, I suppose. Nevertheless, it is highly disturbing to know that the human animal continues to execute all these anguished yet full of life little souls by the millions per year, before their fifth or so birthday. As if this is not evil enough this accepted practice of mass child-killing is carried out in the presence of their tormented parents, and the whole human world. The style of executions and the executioners have many faces, and come in many shapes and forms. One does not have to pull the trigger in order to be classified so.

"Hey, you human, why do you frown? Do you by any chance or stretch of the imagination have a problem with the naked truth?"

The amount of wealth that goes into producing instruments of war, and supporting the militaries of the human world, catering to aggression, massacre, mutilation, demolition, and terror is mindboggling. In addition to the insanity of absurdly unlimited spending for ultra-evil purposes, all of the human rulings involving human wars and acts of war-philia have another bizarre common denominator. Most of the members of the human nations, in an irrational and inappropriate ritual of some sort, petition their gods to stand by them as they prepare to make or partake in war. All of them, or at least most of them, freely exercise this anomalous human behavior -- all of them, -- about all -- regardless of the circumstances and their war agendas, in the name of their spiritual faith, ceremoniously, in groups, they come together, and in prayer, seek out the assistance of their god(s) to bless them and aid them in obliterating their opponent (in essence, to kill more) so they can declare themselves victorious. Immediately after their selfish and scandalously hypocritical worship of their god, they lash out to enact their extraordinarily brutal acts of barbarism, death, maiming, terror, extreme suffering and loss, decay and destruction that war entails, regardless, all along, expecting their gods to accommodate them in the glory of their mass killings. They have even come up with plenty of excuses for their so-called indiscriminate 'collateral' damage, and all the horrific destruction and damage that war represents and transmits. In addition, if this anomalous request that they place with their gods is not enough, the troops of people who have been commissioned to carry out these wars, in jubilation are received when they come back home from their killing zones.

One perhaps may attempt to understand this abnormal phenomenon of wanting to solicit God to partake in war when it comes down to protecting one's country and one's people against blatant invasion, but, historically, most of the time this is not the case at all. Remember, the invaders also pray to their gods to make them the 'victors.' Many, not only military personnel, but civilians and sadly, children as well, openly express their satisfaction derived from making and partaking in war. In fact, undisturbed, they cheer war. This odious desire further plunges the world into a precarious situation.

The financial resources that go into supporting the militaries of the world's nations for one year are more than enough to support the entire population of the Earth, all of them living in luxury for at least fifty years. Try to explain that to those little kids and all of the people who are left out of the 'system,' homeless, hungry, and unattended in poor and rich nations alike.

I would like to know, who is this god of theirs? What does this god look like, who is called upon to assist and guide these humanoids to go on the prowl and unleash their heinous war plans? What happened to true diplomacy and common sense for the common good? What happened to the approach of equitably and fairly addressing the fundamental differences between the peoples of the the Earth? What happened to the peacekeepers? Where on Earth did they go? In the past, their good gestures of undertaking and enforcing peacekeeping were welcomed and appreciated. Why is this peacekeeping no longer in full force? Where are the peacemakers and the pacifiers? But of course, as long as war gadgets bring immense wealth to the corporations who produce them, to their nations, and to their shareholders, unfortunately, war will not be declared obsolete or something that belongs to humanity's dark pages.

My God has absolutely nothing at all in common with the humanoids' god. My God is beautiful, compassionate, and caring. My God respects and celebrates life. My God is merciful. My God is a creative artist; is a scientist. My God is an ecologist, is a builder, is an engineer. My God is a healer and a mender. My God is a teacher. My God is generous; most definitely a nurturer and a giver. My God is a gardener and a musician. My God does not approve of bombing hospitals, marketplaces, nurseries, delivery rooms, schools, bridges, old people's homes, or any other homes. In fact, my God abhors any bombing at all. My God stands for all that is right and benevolent. My God is not discriminatory, nor is my God a racist. My God is reliable and trusting. My God, above all, is an avid advocate of justice and fair rights for all. Definitely -- categorically -- positively -- my God is not a warmonger, or has ever been so. My God is repelled by violence, injustice and greed. My God detests war and its consequences. My God is infinitely and profoundly saddened by acts of war. My God weeps for the souls of those who advocate war. War is fueled, supported, promoted, and invested into only by those who down deep worship Satan. There is absolutely no excuse or human justification -- none -- zero -- zilch -- for engagement in war. Those who push for war, those who benefit from war, and even those who are complacent in the face of war, but unaffected by it themselves are nothing more than abominable and disgusting sub-humanoids.

As I have criss-crossed the Planet in order to do my assigned work, more than ever before I have come to appreciate my dearest friend Gregory's well-thought out and well-studied thesis for the abolition of human borders. Among other many great things with far outreaching benefits, one Earth would eradicate the evil and illegal poaching and execution of animals, the ruthless animal persecution, and as well the deadly pursuit and torture committed by humans in innumerable and hideous ways against animals that is rampantly taking place over the entire surface of the planet, in every human nation's jurisdiction. At the anguished cries and unforgiving agonizing predicament of animals snared in leg-hold traps, and that of enslaved animals kept and raised and abused in tiny, filthy cages in order to have their fur coats stolen from them, and the other animals which are heinously and mercilessly tortured by personnel in organized state-sponsored military facilities, other facilities belonging to terrorist militant groups, and 'medical' research laboratories for experimental purposes, such as chemical, biological, and atomic weapons programs among other useless but grotesque experiments, and we shall not omit the marine animals who suffer a slow and agonizing death trapped in fishing nets, in their suffering, in terror I shiver. Only one species could come come up with and implement these kinds of evil torture devices and undertakings -- the sub-humanoid 'human'.

One Earth will inspire change for ecological and natural conservation. One connected 'community' will abolish the illegal logging that has so deeply proliferated among the most sensitive and sacred of old growth forests, and forests in general. Forests -- the lungs of the Earth -- are chopped up and badly scarred at a highly alarming and constantly accelerating pace. The Planet's other inhabitants, who for eons have lived in these forests are being cornered or made to lose their ways. Many of course, perish. Those who manage to survive the carnage of the electric saws, trucks, helicopters, and muddy roads that criss-cross their territory, live in terror, unimaginable stress, and are faced with starvation because the forests and their ecosystems within which they have roamed in sustainable cooperation for thousands of years, now, rampantly and systematically, are being mercilessly destroyed and disturbed by only one animal -- the human. These natural sanctuaries that have offered the animals for thousands of years, abundant sustenance, solace, and peace, are now instantaneously turned into polluted, and odiously stinking naked wastelands.

The destruction of forests is a scenario comparable to the violent war-rapes. Our rapists here, of course, are just like the war-rapists, who go on the prowl to inflict immeasurable damage to their victims en masse, and after the act, leave the victims, if alive, to deal with the aftermath of the unhealable wounds and scars. In the meantime, our war-rapists move onto their next victims, with only the intention to inflict even more damage and terror. So, forest cutters are no different from war-rapists. As soon as they finish devastating one forest, immediately, and indiscriminately, they move on to rape and ruin the next. The crime, damage, and spoilage the human animal inflicts on the Planet's forests is so profoundly barbaric that restoration is impossible. I have seen first-hand, how, after the saws and trucks have moved on, these once lavish and full of life locales have been turned into miserable and pathetic barren greasy lifeless lands.

One Planet will eliminate the 'illegal' and barbaric barb-wire jail refugee camps that have been, and are being established around the human nations with the sole intent of keeping refugees in miserable confinement for years -- indefinitely. These so-called 'refugees,' are people who are courageous and bold enough to try to escape persecution, poverty, or both, fleeing in search of lands where freedom, justice, and access to relative prosperity reigns. Ironically, these are the very same rights and principles that carry the banner of symbolism, so to speak, that should set these people free. But in silence refugees suffer as detainees as life passes them by. The very people who are responsible for the construction of these long-term refugee camps are the same ones who preach the rhetoric of freedom for all -- these blatant two-faced ugly and disgusting hypocrites -- are nothing less than self-serving liars. These refugee-camp jailers further rob these unfortunate refugees of their God-given rights to enable themselves to live a life of freedom, security, and prosperity. And so this is how humanity solves its problems: in this case, it jails the helpless 'refugees.' These implementations of long-term refugee policies are especially wicked and evil because directly, or indirectly, the politicians here -- the foreign and economic policy-makers -- who erect these dehumanising long-term isolation compounds are the same crowd responsible for the misfortunes of these refugees in the very countries that they are trying to escape. These humanoid refugee camp builders have not progressed. They behaved the same way towards their own kind when refugees were trying to escape persecution and death in the Second World War, not to mention subsequent wars. And in fact they turned many of those boats back after the vessels had reached safe shores, with all of those on board facing impending certain death. Obviously, despite their rhetoric, humanity has not learned a thing.

As I traverse this nourishing Planet of Plenty, repeatedly, I have been the witness of the grossest betrayal of 'pet' animals. At the slightest inconvenience, these faithful companions are discarded and abandoned by their 'human family.' These are inconveniences, which, if any at all, could have easily been remedied with a good, ethical, and humane outcome for the loyal yet helpless companion 'pets.' These companions, among other hateful and abusive treatments, without qualms, are brought to so-called 'animal shelters/humane societies' to be executed en masse, or worse, sold to medical research experimentation facilities. All of the subhumanoids when they discard these loving and trusted friends, utilise the same excuse: all of a sudden, they have all become 'ALLERGIC,' which is a filthy lie, of course, in 99.9 per cent of all cases. These people are entirely devoid of souls. Later on, these dirty humanoids get another animal, even if just to match their carpet, but with the same outcome for the 'pet' victim. But once the animals are sent or returned to these 'shelters,' these innocents do not stand a chance. Even if they make it to the stage of adoption eligibility, the number of animals finding homes is extremely small. In some places, none of the animals are even put up for adoption at all. From the moment their subhuman companions decide to send them to these horrific extermination facilities, the animal 'pets,' due to their superior and acute senses of rich consciousness, know of this merciless intent. Pet horses, and working horses as well, are routinely sent to slaughterhouses by their subhumanoid user-keepers. The experience of this unconscientious abandonment and betrayal is profoundly distressing and difficult to endure for the animals, and one can easily witness this deep emotional pain in the eyes and faces of these trusting and beautiful companions -- the Earth's and God's other children, as they are forced to depart this Earth in these most painful and saddest of ways.

A note for a practical solution here: Often enough, however, when people adopt pets which use litter, they do become allergic, but not to the pet animals. These individuals become allergic to the crushed rock and equivalents which is sold and used as cat litter. In this case the solution to this situation would be to instead of the rock/clay particle litter, utilise sawdust, or even a bit bigger and chunkier wood chips -- this size is even better, especially those from the evergreen/pine/cedar family. This can be found at lumberyards and building supply stores that sell wood, or sawmills. This easy and very affordable dustless superior kind of wood-chip litter is ideal, even for people who are not bothered by dust. This has a very light scent of mountain freshness that dissipates quickly. It is a terrific natural cleaner. The whole amount in the litter tray or pan should be changed accordingly, and particles of the wood litter carried outside the box by the companions' little feet can be easily vacuumed or swept from the floor and carpet.

There is no way out of it: I cannot fudge my findings. I must report that not once did I come across a geographic location large enough that it was not being occupied or disturbed by this selfish and irresponsibly overly-prolific human species, whose absurdly excessive numbers have created such congestion that it has come to the point where it has speedily and steadily, by progressive increments, reduced this dynamic and pristine Planet of plenty to a wasteland of contaminates, undissolvable plastic, abandoned rusty metal, shattered sharp glass, terrible barbed wire, dangerous, destructive GM organisms; and explosives. As if this littering that they refuse to stop, and their ever-expanding overwhelmingly choking numbers were not enough, the humans ignore outright the indisputable fact that their destructive technologies, that they stubbornly keep in place, create industrial pollutants that are directly responsible for destabilization of climatic systems, with linked devastating changes in weather patterns throughout the globe, delivering dire consequences.

My recommendation is that I urge this one overly-consuming species to curtail their wicked lifestyles, to drastically phase out the production of man-made toxic substances and immediately prohibit the indiscriminate spread of the existing human-made toxic chemicals into the Earth's environment, at once and forever cease humanity's 'cherished' but in reality perverted nuclear blasts (tests), put a cap on excessive greed, muzzle their ferocious appetites, check their frightening numbers -- put a halt to their irresponsible and out of control breeding, clean up, and vigourously replace their long overdue and outdated destructive technological gadgets, and cast out the warmongers -- abolish war. By doing so, the humans will make way for our little Planet Home to heal and replenish.