The early years...

Since the earlier days of Nina's journey on this riveting Earth there was a notable and distinct difference about her. While still in toddlerhood, instinctively she would venture into preferred natural landscapes where wild plants, water, soil of different types, rocks and various species from the animal kingdom would intimately intermingle in explicit and perfect harmony.... No doubt about it, these sorts of settings had a special and instant attraction for her -- always.

At first, these much favourite and agreeable landscapes would be near and around her residence or wherever she might have happened to be at any given time of her young life. While in these much-beloved environments and under the watchful eye of her primary caregivers, she would be discreetly watched from a relative distance as she went about busy for hours and hours at a time in the realms of her childhood years.

There was very little doubt that this little person (this child) was an innate explorer of the natural world as well as an instinctive observer. From the beginning, those around her knew that this child was different and perhaps it was due to this difference that she had been held throughout like precious crystal by those around her.

Absolutely, early on it had become abundantly clear that this little someone had a special relationship with the natural world around her. Similarly, she had lavishly expressed her profuse appreciation and astonishing reverence for this sentient and busy Earth...if she could, she would have hugged this Planet from end to end and all at once.

Not because of any indelible or traumatic incident, nonetheless, before long this kid had come to grasp of the fact that humans weren't at all the owners of this Planet but rather were merely transient tenants of this inviting Earth. By simply observing the seasons come and go, just as clearly she had also come to recognize that by far time was the most valuable commodity evenly for each and every one while on their adventure on this celebrated and impressive Oasis.

* *

While in these beloved natural sanctuaries, in profuse reverence and without in the least disturbing anything, she would be seen to be attentively observing every one of the plants, the activity of insects and the movement of water as well as everything that accompanied these. Bees and ants were her absolute favourites of all insects; their organizational structure had captivated her maximally. Frogs and toads had also captured her attention and in fact she would been seen caressing so ever gently the ones that would allow her to pat them.

Rocks, however, had a special place in Nina's heart and in fact had beautifully captured the being of her soul.... In addition to being beautiful, rocks for her were representative of solid and positive influence. Instinctively, she would seek their companionship and often she would be seen sitting on boulders or embedded rocks that were found immediately under or near magnificent trees. Once comfortably on these rocks, intuitively she would allow her soul to be caressed by the captivating sound of the soft wind while it enchantingly whistled in the tree canopy above.

Under the captivating influence of the gentle whistle as it went about in tandem with the invigorating singing of birds, unwittingly and longingly too at times she would vividly remember marvelous but unidentified places she knew she had been to before. In glimpses, and usually out of the blue she would also have unaccountable recollections of happy events, but not quite remembering where exactly they had taken place or when.

While perched on these handsome boulders or embedded rocks, it would seem as if she had found herself right in the middle of two beloved and loveliest of cosmos (places) while having viewing access to both of them at once.... It was there, under the influence of such Divine environments but not quite and while still in her formative years that she would mull over how she was to spend her life's adventure on this brilliant and radiant Earth.

Anyways, once in these much-enjoyed and greatly inviting settings, nothing would escape this little person's attention. While in these adventures which were taking place on an everyday basis actually or nearly daily, this rather finicky being would also take the time to write and scribble little codes on bigger rocks by using a pebble for a crayon. This is a habit which she has retained to this day.

Naturally of course, as this individual grew older, all by her own accord at this stage of her adventure on this alluring and glamorous Planet she would unceasingly venture to such attractive and inviting landscapes. As time progressed she would seek out locations of ecological treasures for specific purposes or study that would make sense to her.

Thus far and throughout the course of her voyage on this Earth, consistently, she would venture into wider and wider territories of spectacular natural beauty and awe-inspiring scenery.... Over the years, she would find herself in a number of this Planet's wild and natural habitats always looking for that special and surprise subject matter.

Luckily for Nina, throughout her stay on this electrifying Planet and to this point she has been afforded the chance to traverse in a number of this magnetic Planet's most stunning ecological landscapes of all sorts. For an individual such as her, having been afforded access to these sorts of landscapes was an auspicious opportunity because if she was to succeed in a number of the most challenging Files she had been assigned to, then these were the places she needed to be....

Be it by design or by chance, point was, whenever she would find herself in such exquisite landscapes it has been as if in a treasure-hunting expedition for her.... Truly, for this field researcher it has been a privilege.

Once in these marvelous natural settings, in humble approach, Nina would be on the lookout for and seeking out the utmost best of their natural and symbiotic order.... In these ecological milieus she would look at things from rather camouflaged and/or imperceptible angles all in the hopes of having a glimpse---even a fleeting one---of their secret and tempting world.

As it was, and as far back as she could remember, in the glorious freedom of these superb natural landscapes, incidents (for the most part lovely) would present themselves rather out of the blue.... In these lovely of loveliest of locales, on occasion she would even come to cross paths with noteworthy others who somehow ended up being of paramount importance to her life's assignment. Originally, she had thought that these were nothing but accidental encounters, however, later on she would come to recognize that these agreeable and highly interesting encounters were not fortuitous at all.

All in all, since childhood and to this day these ecological locales of marvel served as her field research laboratories and which she refers to as Divine Laboratories. She views these precious and sacred places as libraries where unequalled knowledge has been deposited over millennia. Based on her experiences, Nina Bode is convinced that this Earth's scientific sophistication is unparalleled. In her opinion, man is too little and too inferior of an organism to even remotely begin to understand let alone duplicate nature's eons-old superb creativity and scientific superiority, in spite of man's supercilious claims.

Moreover: Ever since early childhood this individual, Nina Bode had understood that nature held all of man's answers. Above all, and from early on, however, instinctively she had understood that though seemingly complex, there was nothing complex or disorderly about nature or about the Planet's operational systems. Nor was there anything defiant with regards to this Earth's flawless and greatly celebrated rhythms.

That said though about nature's orderly and operational systems in place, she had also come to understand all too well as a matter of fact, the impressive mightiness of nature. As well, and like the overwhelming majority of this Earth's other tenants (the other animals) do, since she was little, instinctively Nina had actually come to appreciate and celebrate infinitely the fact that this radiant Earth was both ingenious and highly proficient. To be sure, throughout, nature has been this unassuming researcher's rock to lean on in times of sorrow and in times of joy and also in times of deliberation.

In accordance with Nina's observations, nature was not only ingenious, it was also a solution-solver and as well a perfectionist. If anything, that may have been deviant inside the periphery of the natural order, difficult, or anything that had to do with the development of anomalous occurrences that may be entirely out of place out there in nature such as an unnatural (grotesque alien) mutation for example, it was due to a reason and that reason usually was in direct association with humanity's activities and engagements.

Likewise, Nina had implicitly and explicitly understood that in perfect order and in perfect dosages, nature, this miraculous Oasis in space held all of the curative ingredients for every health-related anomaly (ailment). For her, this alive and busy Earth among other things of supreme marvel was an awesome pharmaceutical treasure....

From very early on, the power of Healer Plants have captured and to this day have held Nina's imagination. And so it was, this reserved yet engaged and highly thoughtful individual had been groomed by the absolute best to become a researcher of Healer Plants.

However, that was not all.... In addition to becoming an explorer of Healer botanicals, Nina had also been tutored and prepared by highly erudite tutors and especially by an astute Professor to be an effective researcher of ethical and greatly accommodating and very much beneficial solutions that could have been applicable to other areas as well. But alas, in return for all of their thoughtfulness, time invested in her, and as well as for all the benefits the superb assembly of intellectuals had afforded her, there was a catch.... Indeed, there was a catch, but, nothing to think about twice though because this was a stipulation of the most agreeable and most fulfilling kind....

Nina's findings and solutions, however big or small, not only had to be ethical, they had to be practical enough and attainable and within the reach of everyone uniformly without discrimination.

First and foremost and unequivocally above all, this field researcher's solutions had to be ideal and her research's findings had to be accessible and within easy reach of the underprivileged and forgotten, and much-ignored populations. If otherwise, truth dictated that her study's discoveries would have been rendered worthless and entirely useless for the majority.... And for that reason alone, that is, should it have been the case, Nina's decision to cater only to the privileged, however unintended, nonetheless, would have been considered indefensible on her part by her superb benefactors.

And so it has been for this fastidious yet humble field researcher.... Nina's research work has to be such where her study's findings had to be accessible to all equally and such where it was capable of making a difference in one's world and/or changing the/one's course of affairs for the better, in however small and simple or large and fancy ways.

Furthermore: Since very early on, without a doubt Nina had also turned into a resolute environmentalist of the best and most understanding kind.... Because this nurturing and much-exploited Earth had been irreverently humiliated and vastly belittled and despite the climate change deniers, she steadily held the belief that this graceful and breathing Earth was in need of immediate respite.

For this conscientious and attentive field researcher, this nourishing and spectacular Earth along with her extravagant and enigmatic Genesis deserved to be protected from the overconfident, over-consuming, self-interested, over-breeding, fraudulent, grand charlatan and the over-polluting and violent predator breed of a particular species.

This assiduous researcher also is and has always been and forever will be an unwavering advocate of animal rights. To her regrets, she had understood all too well in fact that she and the likes of her all through this greatly abused Earth have not made a dent in the animal rights frontier....

Likewise, Nina has always been and to this day is and will always be an unyielding backer of the God-given rights of the underprivileged.... Those who come to know Nina even a little, consistently and straight away come to recognize that this practical yet meticulous individual is a natural and passionate worshipper of fairness....

But above all and always, it was abundantly apparent that this inconspicuous field researcher was an innate environmentalist and that she was born a resolute animal supporter.

More To Come....

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