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Welcome to The Investment File.... While this page is suggestive of matters about investments, personally however, I'm not at all proficient in financial affairs; and I'm even less so in matters that involve stock market investments. Similarly, nor is this page intended to suggest to anyone where and how to invest.

Be that as it may, for quite some time now the stock market has been for me the vehicle by which to generate the financial requirements for my field research endeavours. However, since I'm not savvy in investing in the stock market, out of the goodness of his heart, Agent A has agreed to guide me now and then. Nothing complicated in my case; I only deal with buying and selling common shares—cash accounts, and nothing big.

Without question, and amongst other areas of expertise that he excels in, to my understanding, A is a flawless financial speculator and especially so when it comes to the activity of individual stocks.... A is particularly good with numbers. I do not know how A does it, but each and every time I listen to his advice or follow his guidance, not only have I not lost a penny on the stock market, but, for years and up until recently I have been able to consistently generate enough money to support my field exploration studies.

Conversely, when I do not seek A's advice or do not listen to his watertight 'hints' or simply because he is away, thus out of reach, invariably the outcome is disastrous.... Essentially, more often than not, and no matter how careful I am with the trade of any individual stock I deal with, still I come out the loser.

At any rate, the trick is to buy shares when their price is low and sell when their price goes higher (this is not to be confused with short-selling), this however, is a very difficult undertaking, at least it is for me and can be a nerve-wracking experience.

By the way, Agent A is intimately acquainted with the science of Time Travel. On a couple of occasions I have been invited by A and also by an astrophysics Professor to the 'spheres' of time travel. The experience was awesome, yet so normal and absolutely real. In my case, a number of the scenes I had been introduced to were from the near or immediate future—from the future, nonetheless.

* * * * * * * * *

Once again, welcome to the Investment File.... This said, I must stress that on occasion this section finds itself in a realm where reality and fiction intermingle and intimately intertwine in interesting and unforgettable ways.

Consequently, this page is only for those individuals who maintain an open mind regarding the reality of Time Travel. Likewise, it is also for those individuals who recognize and/or consider that it is possible to transmit and receive messages to and from Intergalactic Ambassadors, Cosmic Investigators, Angelic Agents and Space Explorers from other systems nearby and afar from this (our) Twin Earth.

In accordance with those in the know, our Earth has a twin. Sometime in antiquity it, our Earth, had migrated to its current system from the nearest parallel system. Our Earth's Twin Sister Earth is slightly larger than our Twin Sphere and it is situated at the edge of a nearby system of our Planet's Cosmic geographic arrangement.

Our Planet's Twin Planet has two suns and depending on its position, the time its surface is away from both suns is very brief, thus it has only a very small duration of night whereas the rest of its surface is lightened during each trajectory. While in and of themselves the two suns do not seem to change position, nevertheless, interchangeably, at any given time, one sun is further than the other from the twin’s surface.

At the same Cosmic location but further to the very edge of this System and approximately between the Twin Earths' systems, a much smaller Orb (an out-of-the-way or a covert getaway sanctuary if you will) is situated. The smaller Orb's poly-dimensional and superb geography is complimented with an assortment of remarkable ecosystems which serve as field research laboratories.

These open field laboratories are inundated in boundless and rich subject matter of the best and of the liveliest kind. And while in some ways this neutral sanctuary's landscapes present themselves in humble and reflective undertones, depending on the location of course and one's state of being, nonetheless, the smaller Planet's settings are radiant and animated throughout.

Absolutely, in permeated freedom of indescribable temperament this little Planet's engaging and spirited landscapes are vividly alluring for all sorts of observational field study investigations. The inspirational laboratories of the exquisite little Realm between the Twin Earths are in reality precious libraries of vast, precisely defined and effervescent knowledge.

Just as inviting and just as brilliantly, this little sanctuary's marvellous bionetworks are highly conducive to all kinds of ethical and superior research of unequalled nature. In comparison to the Twin Earths, the little Planet's dimensions (size) are approximately half of our Earth's.

The smaller Sphere at the outmost rim between the systems of the Twin Earths not only is endowed with the loveliest of landscapes of all shapes and kinds, this elegant Oasis is also endowed with hospitable (neutral) climatic and atmospheric conditions and such where they are conducive to everyone from the neighbouring systems and those from afar.

This little sanctuary (this exquisite neutral zone) however, in addition to having been enriched with the best and most agreeable meteorological provisions and with the finest and most balanced of environmental conditions all the way around, the neutral Zone at the farthest-most rim between the Twin Earths is complemented with an extra factor.... This captivating Oasis is vigorously protected in fact permanently and it is there where the permanent Headquarters of an unparalleled Agency is/are located.

While in rhythmic and perfect coordination our Planet's Twin orbits and gracefully criss-crosses (in a semi-horizontal 8-like pathway) the two suns, its neighbouring little Planet does its own rhythmical spin just as elegantly....

The small Orb (the sanctuary) from within its own micro-system orbits between the periphery---the space (closer to one) which separates the Twin Earth's two suns. When viewed from this secret Sanctuary's location the two suns rest diagonally. Moreover, the neutral and well-shielded little lovely Sphere, instead of night, has dense shade.

In my book "Green Diamonds" in a quite unusual mode I make mention of the other Twin Earth and how the 2 Sister Planets may have come to have been separated. In the "Green Diamonds" account however, I have devoted an entire section to the concealed and surprising little Sphere at the edge between the Twin Earths and how I have come to know of this marvellous and welcoming realm....

The twin Earths have an older and much bigger sister whose heartbreaking story I describe in my manuscript of "Alien Ambassadors" in detail.

Should the constituents of the Primitive Barbarian Breed who walk this (our) magnetic Planet be aided by authentic humanity to engage in the unthinkable? Should the other breed's constituents be permitted to deliver the same catastrophic blow to this (our home) Twin Earth as their close relatives did to the older Sister of the Twin Earths? Should they, or should these ungrateful subjugators be told in no uncertain terms to seriously rethink their disquieting workings? What if they, in a frosty tone, the others be told to consider restraining their appetite for raiding, albeit according to my understanding this is without doubt an innate feature of them?

Point being: for reasons yet to be identified, or for no reason at all, perhaps; and irrespective of race and/or gender, alas, this riveting and inviting Earth is inhabited by two different human species (human – subhuman).While in terms of intensity their dissimilarity is accompanied with variations and is expressed to various degrees by both sides, and despite the fact that members of either one of them can cross to the other's 'territory' on occasion, still, they are poles apart.

While on the surface, the two species may look alike, and of course, this being an affair that over time came about due to their reproductive compatibility, nevertheless, the two are separated by a distinct differentiation factor between them. The headquarters of the differentiation dynamic is believed to exist somewhere in the RNA configuration.

* *

It is now mid-September of 2011 and for two specific reasons I have decided to visit this page. And while I find myself at this page with the intent to re-evaluate something and to incorporate additional text, I thought I might as well allocate some time to make a couple of fast corrections and slight changes such as amending the page's heading and whatever else I may deem suitable. Someday when I find the time I will go through this entire web-site with the intent to make corrections and changes and they are a lot of them especially in the pages I first created, but I do not quite concern myself with that matter at this time.

I must however say, that ten years ago when I first built this web-site I had to write several hundred pages in a very short time. Though an elaborate project, still, the bulk (illustrative and text subject matter) of this web-site had to be done within the context of a relatively short time. So, things had to be done without taking time off or allocating time for details for that matter. If otherwise, I would not have respected my timetable. Building this web-site was indeed a very taxing endeavour for me, but I'm glad I was able to generate this site.

If I however had to organize this web-site's illustrative subject matter and had to write the bulk of its contents today, as I have done approximately 10 years ago, with near certainty I can say that I would not have done so. The work was severely compounded. I remember, for several consecutive months I had to do everything fast without taking time out to recharge. Along with my other obligations and responsibilities, I would venture to write its contents without sleeping for 25 to 30 hours at a time. But that was then and this is now.

That said, I must remind myself why at the time of this web-site's creation I wrote its script (pages upon pages in fact) without any corrections (first draft) or particular style whatsoever.... It was because it would have been that or nothing. I will even write while on the go -- on foot.

Often I would write while I could hardly keep my eyes open. The objective at the time was to add a great deal of the text I wanted to assimilate in this web-site without worrying about the text's formation and anatomy. For example: My favourite stars which are found in abundance in this web-site's latter pages and which are intended to separate one major thought from another or symbolize something, are absent from my text that went into the initial pages.

This rather tender reminder might compel me to find the required time hopefully soon enough to do corrections that need to be done such as sentence structure, break-up of the long paragraphs into shorter ones and adding additional data when applicable into each of this web-site's pages or to any of the topics, individually.... Indeed, I must allocate enough time if not for all of the corrections and added data, but at least for some of the material because in addition to being different, this web-site's text is highly informative throughout -- almost.

And although I have added a great deal of text and additional pages ever-since the web-page's beginning, I never however went back to visit this particular page, So, today here I am.


At any rate, Professor, I have visited this page today because a couple of months ago I have made quite a blunder, I'm afraid.... I don't know how to go about this other than to straightforwardly say that I have invested 2-3 years worth of my research funds in a corporation in enormous difficulty at this moment. Its tribulations came about due to short-selling pressures that it had been exposed to for the past few months. In short: This Company has fallen prey to professional short-sellers. This is a Company that is listed on the TSX, but with operations in China. Despite the fact that it is listed on the TSX, this nonetheless is very much a Chinese Corporation, no matter how one goes about it; the thing is, its activities and processes take place far away from my location's periphery.

To make matters worse for me, this Corporation is in the forest cutting business, and as such, I had absolutely no business investing in this sector, but, to my absolute regret, I did, hence my reason for visiting this page today.... I very much hope that you are reading this page, Professor. As things stand, odds are I will never see this investment again -- the stock has been halted for some time now and the longer it stays halted, the less the chance that it will be reinstated.

In view of the fact that geographically it would be virtually impossible for me to gain access to anything pertinent to this corporation's affairs, I request of you to instruct Agent A at his convenience to do a comprehensive analytical investigation (field exploration, perhaps) on the matter.... I need to know a number of things in relation to this case. However, above everything else about this matter, I need to know whether this was a.....

Shortly to be continued - - Work in progress....