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This website was created through Angelic input - - a plan in motion that began a long, long, time ago; so great a time that it was not possible for even myself in my earlier years to know about its origins.

This inspirational and superb page is named

Healer Plants
for the
Citizens of this Earth
simply because it is intended to encompass every good and decent person on this riveting and magnetic Planet of plenty. Absolutely, this essay (this page) has been formulated with each and all in mind; regardless of one's economic, social, gender, race, age, faith, ethnic, and/or academic status, geographic location, and so on and so forth.

Above all, this page (this essay) was created with this glamorous and alive Twin Earth's other residents in mind, big and small -- terrestrial, aquatic, feathered et al; in fact, without them in mind this page would not have come to be -- these are my guiding stars.....

Following here, the reader will find interesting and highly useful information on the chosen Healer botanical (medicinal plant) belonging to File 2-A. Further down, one will find the photograph of the Healer Plant that belongs to File 2-A.... 2-A is an astounding therapeutic discovery. I highly recommend to the reader of this page to take a look at all five of these sub-links, especially the paragraphs on leukemia, bone marrow cancer, and endocrine cancers. But before doing that, I suggest that one takes the time to read the entire page here.

Beyond any choosing of my own, since my early years on this riveting Earth, I have found myself in the middle of this great and subtly unfolding plan which in mysterious ways is continuously in the making. By the time I had began to comprehend some of its well-planned and purposely merged interconnections, I was in for life; and this was (is) the most spectacularly enriching and exciting 'place' to be a part of for me.

For the obvious reasons -- for the purpose of this page, it was rather difficult to choose one Healer File over the others (I could only have presented one Healer File here) that the Daisy Institute has completed and has amassed over the years.... However, the choice had to be made, and I want to share it with all (you), for you to explore and consider. Here then, the Daisy Institute presents to the citizens of this nurturing and glamourous Earth, Healer File 2-A with all the accompanying relevant explanations that one will find below here.

As well; somewhere farther down here in this section, one will find two photo-images, and these photos will give the reader the opportunity to see what this particular precious Healer plant (medicinal botanical treasure) that comprises 2-A looks like.

Yet farther down here, towards the end of this page, one will also come across information about the Daisy Institute and its inspiring assignment into research regarding Botanical Healers (involving very safe non-toxic medicinal plants) that have not previously been discovered and/or have been identified as such.

One of the principal reasons the Daisy Institute has created this website is because I want to reach out to as many good souls as possible from every corner around the world with these numerous great therapeutic life-saving discoveries that are not in use, and not for reasons of my own making, but simply because I have been entirely and unfairly ignored by impenetrable health agencies worldwide. Considering the fragmented state of these national agencies, and in view of the archaic rules and regulations that exist in these health protection agencies in every country around the planet, not to omit the strong hold that they have on the business of health, this little website is the only way that I can disseminate this vital information.

These monocratic agencies have so capriciously divided and keep dividing the citizenry of the planet in their most vulnerable times of suffering from life-threatening disease and declining health, depriving them of the powerful and essential botanical natural Healer (pharmacological) inheritance that this spectacular Planet in her diversity of splendour has to offer. They vehemently oppose the creation of an international agency that could deal with the fundamental issues of sickness and health, and refuse to share therapeutic information and medications encompassing all people. If such a useful and ethical organization existed, then this in turn would enable the citizens of the Earth to have a choice of, and access to existing medications from all countries. I do not know how these various international health bodies came to have such a fascistic total power giving them license to dictate to the world how the population should cure their bodies, and those of their loved ones. The WHO does not offer anything of use, or that can be put into useful practice on a unified global scale.

Without dispute, contemporary pharmaceutical multi-corporations along with their fierce lobbyists, greedy shareholders, and powerful investors are for the most part in business not to cure humanity's diseases, but rather they are in the lucrative business of finding ways to make the most money out of these diseases. They are the Mafia of therapeutics, exercising total control in the business of sickness. And together with their cronies in health protection agencies around the world, in a well-orchestrated conspiracy they literally dictate to the world how to cure itself and literally rob them of the Earth's exceedingly safe and efficacious natural pharmaceutical riches, and ultimately of their health, and often of their lives. Collectively, we have been robbed of our basic and essential natural healing birthright.

Insidiously, the citizens of the Earth have been made to look at medicinal plants as something inferior, something for the poor person to utilize only, something to keep away from. Besides organized war between countries, I cannot think of anything more sadistic and barbaric. I am using the words 'sadistic and barbaric' here in an effort to illustrate how people have been manipulated and fallen prey to the pharmaceutical corporations and their Health Protection Agency collaborators.

For example, these pharmaceutical conglomerates will not invest in finding cures for diseases that arise, say, in Third World countries, such as malaria and others. There is no money for them in these impoverished regions of the human world. Even though these people die by the millions every year, they cannot afford 'modern' society's medications. Yet all around them are nature's superior medications that could and will help them overcome the blight of these deadly and debilitating diseases, if only these botanical therapeutic treasures were explored.

As a rational individual, practicing logic, innovative science, and common sense, I cannot comprehend, nor can I in good conscience accept why there should be a monopoly in the healing arts, considering the fact that for the most part, a comprehensive medicare system does not exist in many of the nations of the world. Not only that, but in those nations in which a medical care system has been put in place, it is systematically being impoverished or it is collapsing altogether. Present antibiotics and other medicines are becoming obsolete, with no promise of new, effective medications to take their place. Still, the laws of health protection agencies and their Government Legislators, influenced as they are by the corrupt lobbyists of pharmaceutical corporations, do not allocate or encourage investment to be directed to real innovatively progressive and practical health solutions. Not only do they not allocate money to explore other avenues to research good and ethical therapeutics, but their immoral, illogical, and corrupt regulations in place make it impossible for willing individuals, ethical corporations, or groups to research new frontiers in the business of health. As it is, these cartels only cater to the dangerously illogical and outdated corrupt system that they keep in place.

Behind closed doors in million-fold redundancies the drug lords do their immoral research, tightly holding on to what they are doing, refusing to share information with their own kind in other places doing the same thing. Not only do they work by stealth, but often they go after one another in vicious litigations, quarreling over to whom the patent was first awarded.

There are three types or categories of healers on this planet, be they alternative/'new age,' contemporary, or traditional healers — the same three types can be found in any of these three systems involved in the business of health. In category one, you have those who were born to be in the field of health. For them, it comes easily — they are the naturally born healers, and usually they do exceptionally well. Then we have category two, who want to be in the healing profession — many of them are relatively good people, but they just do not have it, regardless of their degrees, experience, exposure and what have you. Therefore, at best they attain only mediocre levels of healthcare-giving ability. Now we have category three -- they were not born for it, no do they really care about healing, or want to be in the healing profession. They are there simply because they make a lot of money in this field of business, or simply it is just a profession. In this last category, many, through their incompetence and carelessness, and by being in the wrong profession, can be extremely dangerous. These people here, rather than healing, often create a great deal of irreparable damage, not to omit the fact that they are usually connivers and/or brutes. Simply, this group should not be allowed in the healing business. These people have been holding real medicine, real therapeutics, hostage.

A great number of botanical medications and supplements are sold in pharmacies, specialty stores, and what have you. We have looked into them for many years now — a few are very good products. But by and large these products are ineffective. The chief problem with the existing so-called natural alternative health industry lies with the preparation and packaging of their products. Yes, for most of them, the packaging is extremely attractive, but that is all it is.

The major reason for this ineffectuality is that when their targeted substance is extracted from the plant, a number of things are happening. The substance is now isolated from its auxiliary constituents which are the other constituents in the plant that complement the chief medicinal element. It is like a web. You break one strand, and the whole thing collapses. At this point, the extract is rendered less effective, or loses its potency altogether, and sometimes, because it has been purified, it becomes toxic, where otherwise it never is so, unless of course, the plant is toxic altogether. (Chlorophyll, for example, is the most healthful thing to eat, and we all eat it with our greens. But purified chlorophyll can be toxic.) The organization in a plant is truly fascinating, and extremely well put together in perfect order. Each one of its constituents, be it small or large, has its task — they complement each other. A chief medicinal constituent in a plant cannot be supported alone. Though the auxiliary elements may not be the chief elements, these nonetheless, are the other indispensable substances that work together in concert to make the medicinal plant what it is, just as the various sections make up an orchestra. The fact that these other substances cannot be measured, or are not the focus of the extraction does not make them less important.

The other factor to consider is that contrary to what the labels indicate, these lovely packages often turn out not to contain any of the advertised ingredients said to be included in them. In those who do contain the advertised substances, often the vital ingredients are degraded because of the methods of preparation. There are other factors in play as well. The reason we mention this issue concerning 'alternative' health products at all, is simply to illustrate the utmost importance of the fact that when a plant is used therapeutically, the whole plant has to be considered as a package, the way it comes from nature.

Though they are exceedingly profitable, we are not aware that any of the existing pharmacies, be they contemporary or otherwise, contain in their shelves medications that have eradicated any of the prevailing dreadful diseases — say, cancer, leukemia, malaria, AIDS, what have you. Yes, there are numerous drugs and therapies that offer great health and even save lives. But on the whole, pharmaceuticals such as they are, be they contemporary, traditional, or the so-called 'alternative medicines,' have not made a dent in adequately controlling or curing the world's diseases. The therapeutic industry, for self-serving purposes, deliberately has taken the very wrong path.

If we are to compare the 'modern' prevailing therapeutic industry as it exists with the so-called 'alternative' therapeutic industry, then even at their worst, the therapeutic practitioners and the therapeutics from the 'alternative' side are nowhere near as dangerously pervasive and notorious as the ones on the contemporary 'modern' side. When one considers medical practitioners whose license allows them to remove a child's eyes or amputate vital body parts in the name of 'therapy,' without being capable of regrowing or rebuilding these things, one has to say that in no way whatsoever is this wicked practice therapy. Nor is therapy, when drugs are used which further weaken and outrage a sick body due to the drugs' horrific side effects. Let us then examine here who of the two sides does the most damage.

Having said all of this, however, in all good conscience, we must acknowledge the incredibly sensitive and good work requiring a quick response that is taking place, particularly in emergency rooms and trauma centres. For the most part, the staff there truly do their best to do efficient and effective medical work, and they do save lives and put the lives, not to mention the pieces, of these people beautifully back together. But, if you are the person who needs the help, and is transferred to these rooms and you are not lucky enough, even here you can fall under the care or the hands of medical professionals who truly do not belong in these environments.

What this means really is that, say, we take a scenario where someone is brought in to a health facility with a badly injured limb or any extremity. Often what happens in this circumstance, is that the doctor or doctors would amputate the limb or extremity not because it was not salvageable, but rather because it was a matter of convenience for the doctors, the staff, the room, the hospital, medicare, health insurance — what have you. They will not invest the time and resources needed to repair these injuries. They will simply take the easy way out without caring in the least that this individual, after leaving the hospital, for life has to face the hardships of living under a disability, handicap, physical challenge, or discrimination in work, society, particularly in housing, not to mention all the other things, such as inaccessibility to little things and big things that are part of our lives. These are things which we take for granted, but which could be taken away all because at such a person's most vulnerable and painful time of her or his life, that freaking disgusting doctor or doctors takes the easy way out due to laziness, incompetence, or pressure from above from the hospital administrators not to invest a lot of time and resources particularly on people whose health insurance plan is not lucrative. In essence, these patients have been in many ways condemned to lives of unwarranted perpetual misery. That is really a crime, especially when the unfortunate person is young, with a long lifetime ahead.

Concerning good medicinal drugs though, many doctors have no say what medicines are available on the market. They are forced to prescribe what they are familiar with and what the big pharmaceutical companies dictate, mainly through what advertisements they receive, or through samples and pharmaceutical advertising in medical journals and magazines by these big drug companies. Even here, however, many of these doctors cannot be excused. They behave no better than the drug pushers on the street, due to the incentives given to them by pharmaceutical companies. Most often, they — the doctors themselves — are the drug pushers for these pharmaceutical conglomerates who are their suppliers. Basically, these unconscientious 'healers' use their medical licenses to over-medicate people unnecessarily, and often they will deliberately, or due to incompetence, prescribe the wrong medications and use the wrong therapies.

Here then, without undue delay, in celebration, I present you with the merits and gifts of Healer File 2-A.

For the formulation of 2-A I utilize a single plant, which has a high concentration of safe and exceedingly efficacious therapeutic potency. In addition to being the perfect Healer (medicinal) Plant, it is also highly nutritious, and utterly majestic to look at, with attractive yellow blossoms. The whole plant evokes strength and liveliness. This 'wild' plant can grow abundantly, and it can be found in most temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere and the rest of the world. It prefers cultivated soils such as gardens and plowed fields.

But most unfortunately this indispensable medicinal plant is viciously exterminated by ignorant misguided gardeners and by those in the business of polluting our planet with their diabolical man-made chemical plant killers. By and large, due to lack of knowledge this plant is considered an unwelcome weed. Little do these ignorant people know of its remarkable importance. It can be picked as an immature plant and transplanted into people's balconies, yards, gardens, pots, greenhouses, and whatever places plants grow. Or else its seeds can be sown in these places. It prefers a rich milieu of turned-over earth. The plant can be used fresh, frozen, or dried. The whole plant is uniquely medicinal and edible as well. It has absolutely no side-effects when eaten. This plant does not interfere with other medications.

This plant turns out to be the most perfect and non-invasive and simple-to-administer substance. It is a highly valuable and enriching botanical. It is truly a priceless jewel to cherish and to hold. It strengthens the cardiovascular system. It can be used to unblock and unclog cardiovascular passages. It literally melts down the buildup of plaque-like and similar residues characteristic of the highly prevalent condition of heart disease, including angina. Even in bad cases, this precious botanical gift helps to bring comfort, and in many such cases, even restores relative cardiovascular normalcy. It helps to stabilize weak hearts, tired hearts, arrhythmic hearts, defective hearts, abused hearts, and much more. It helps a great deal in the upkeeping of the incoming and outgoing 'tunnels' (veins and arteries) of the heart region.

When 2-A is taken by someone with coronary blockages, after a few hours in some of these cases a brief sensation can be felt around the heart area. It is a bracing sensation, something like that felt when we dribble a few cold drops of water and let them roll down someone's spine. The sensation is similar to this, except that instead of being cold, the sensation is warm. The reason for the warm feeling is due to the fact that the area of blockage has remained cold in the inner lining of the wall of the coronary passage, because the circulation of blood has not reached that part for a while. When the obstructive material is melted and carried away, the warm blood reaches this previously cold area, which has been blocked, usually by waxy substances, thus explaining the warm sensation.

Therapeutic 2-A becomes a particularly great discovery if one is to consider the fact that on each given day, literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world, especially in the junk-food eating rich countries, are incapacitated from heart-related problems, many of which die while being rushed to hospital emergency rooms. Still others drop dead wherever they happen to have a heart arrest. Contrary to popular belief, there are more women than men who fall victims to heart attacks. This ailment also affects young people in their thirties and twenties, and even teenagers.

Needlessly, millions of individuals around the world, to a lesser or greater degree, have heart conditions that do not allow them to walk far and fast, carry out their daily tasks or enjoy life, because of tiredness. Many of these people are forced into confinement in their little environments for years, or forever, in spite of their doctor's medications and contemporary therapies such as surgery and balloon treatments, for example. A few hours after taking 2-A, many will feel free to walk as much as they want to, and to freely carry out the chores of everyday life, as if they had never been incapacitated or restricted in any way. It is truly an unbelievable serene feeling of freedom.

The plant's entire constituents work in concert, and perhaps from prehistoric times to our present age, 2-A is one of the most revolutionary discoveries in the history of medicine. It frees individuals, it enables them to live again without being afraid that they will drop dead in the next minute because of their heart problems. Having said all of this, we do not know whether it is effectual for everybody with these conditions. But, if it works for 80% of all cases, or even 50%, is that all that bad? But do not expect this plant to close up a hole in someone's heart.

As the years passed, after the Daisy Institute's chief botanical pharmaceutical researcher first identified this discovery, to my utmost delight I also discovered that this plant has the ability to control high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Yet the most surprising aspect of this medicinal plant was discovered by the organization's chief researcher 19 years after it was first discovered in 1978 to be so therapeutic for heart problems. In the later discovery, to my utter surprise and joy, it was revealed that 2-A was, without doubt, the most perfect gift from nature to fight leukemia. Even though this is not, per se, the therapeutic file on leukemia, I cannot, however, emphasize enough how effectively powerful File 2-A is when taken against leukemia. I highly recommend that you try out 2-A in the event that you, or someone you care for comes down with leukemia. Give yourselves a chance. It stands to reason that nature is our perfect and greatest source of powerful healing goodies. The testament of the connection between file 2-A and leukemia, in a profound scenario was consciously transcended straight from Heaven.

Incredibly yet, Therapeutic File 2-A can be applied against bone marrow cancer. Though the opportunity existed for me to identify this Healer plant's superior and unique pharmaceutical properties against bone marrow cancer years ago, and in fact have existed for as long as this powerful Healer and nurturing plant has been on the planet, I only made this discovery in relation to bone marrow cancer this past January 2003, under very pleasant and inviting of circumstances. Again, once more, I marvel at this Planet's gift, in the form of this wondrous and magnificent life-saving Healer plant.

I do not know whether or not it will help in all types and all stages of leukemia and bone marrow cancer. I suspect that it does, perhaps to various degrees. Though it is also not the medication per-se for cancer, here too, it is exceptionally good in keeping various cancers under control, especially endocrine cancers. If for nothing else, please invest the time to use this plant for leukemia. It will surprise even the most absolute skeptic who refuses to accept the Earth's real and natural pharmaceuticals. Please always remember that this plant, under ordinary circumstances, will never cause any harm. There is always the exception of course that it may not agree with someone. In such a case, common sense dictates that such a person does not take this plant. Regardless, if nothing else, this is a very nutritional plant — a merit that stands up on its own.

Other than fresh, the plant can be stored in two ways for year-round supply. The first method is to collect the plant at the end of the season when it is mature, wash it with cold, fresh water to remove particles of earth and dust. Then allow it to dry in a clean shady area such as in a room, on a balcony, patio, whatever. Turn it over daily in order not to allow mold to grow underneath. When it is thoroughly dry, which will take about a week or so, place the plant in clean paper bags, then place the paper bag in a plastic bag, tie it up, and keep it in a closet at room temperature for a year-round supply.

The second method is to collect the plant, wash it again, and for a few a seconds dip it in boiling water. Immediately after, drain it, and immediately after that, place it in plastic bags, as it is very hot. Tie it up, label it, and throw it in the freezer while still very hot. Do not allow it to cool down outside the freezer — it loses its medicinal effectiveness. Once the plant is frozen, the frozen method is now ready to be utilized. When you need it, simply cut off a piece of this frozen mass and use it for tea as indicated below. The plant can stay in the freezer for years — it does not go bad, provided it always stays frozen. What I mean by this is do not allow it to thaw out, and then re-freeze it.

The preparation process of this therapeutic plant is exceedingly simple and fast. Here we will use simple measurements so that all may understand. In its frozen state, slice off about two table-spoonfuls of the frozen plant, or in its fresh or dry state, take a branch (fresh or dry) of about a pencil's length (about 6 inches or 15 cm.), break it into several pieces, place it in 3 or 4 glassfuls (about 25 fl. oz. altogether) of fresh water, and boil for about 12 minutes on a medium-high heat (counting from the moment the water begins to boil). Serve whatever is left after boiling, immediately while very hot, and take it with or without sugar as you would take any other tea in this way. Remember, it has to be taken hot. It does not matter what time of the day or night it is taken. Depending on the case, and the individual's condition of course, for a few days this hot infusion can be taken twice a day, and then gradually reduced to once a day, and then after that, use your judgment and take it once in a while, as needed, if needed, depending on the condition, or recurrence of the original ailment or its symptoms.

Though the plant is exceedingly helpful in all its stages, by trial I have observed that when the plant is in its mature state, at the end of the growing season, when its main stems have grown to their fullest capacity, it offers the greatest degree of potency for cardiovascular applications. Particularly, this is the stage I recommend the plant be picked at when it is to be preserved by the drying method. Though the plant is excellent in all its growing stages, it has, however been observed that this wonderfully rich plant is best for use against leukemia while it is fresh in its green but mature stage, taken right from its growing place. This does not mean that the plant cannot be used for all of the above abnormalities, at all stages, and with all methods of storage. It seems that the best parts of the plant to use are the thick parts of the main stems. But do not discard the rest. What is recommended is that you use a mixture of all parts of the plant together. The entire plant — stems, branches, leaves, flowers and roots — is medicinal. At the end of the plant's growing season, make sure to collect the plant from the roots. The roots at this late stage are superior, be they fresh, dry, or frozen. But remember, never uproot the plant before the end of its perennial growing season, simply because otherwise, you are not going to have any plant left to regrow its branches during the growing season.

Another thing to keep in mind is that after boiling this plant, the tea should be taken immediately, as hot as possible. Whatever is left over is rendered quite inactive when it has cooled down outside the refrigerator. However, if you wish to keep the leftover tea of this preparation for later use, then it this case, it must be refrigerated immediately, taken directly from the fire to the refrigerator. Then, reheat at a later time only the portion you intend to take. It can stay in the refrigerator for a couple of days without spoiling. For best results, nevertheless, make a fresh tea out of this plant every time you need to take it.

When this preparation is taken as a tea, soon after, as if emanating from an invisible strong yet soothing force, a feeling of well-being flows throughout the entire body. This tea can be taken by everybody. One does not have to be sick to take it. It has a very nice, smooth texture and a pleasant soothing taste. Through the ages, this plant has been eaten and enjoyed by people as a replacement for spinach, in salads, casseroles, soups, pies, and so on.

And the plant, as you can see below here ... is none other than Sow-Thistle.

The two photos here above and one below are for you to become acquainted with this plant, and identify it. They are not the best photo-images, particularly the one below, in which the plant was found without branches and flowers. In this one, the plant was uprooted and was scanned directly, fresh. It was a task. The Daisy Institute's chief researcher had to run all over Montreal in late November, looking against sunny walls in hopes of finding it. It paid off. It was found on a tiny cultivated strip of land. This is unusual, because normally at this time of year here we have a lot of 'permanent' snow on the ground, which stays there until well into April. All things considered, it was also a miracle altogether that the chief researcher was able to find the tall plants in this good condition in bloom with its yellow flowers well expressed, and photograph them in late October in Canada. Normally, it is much too cold here at this time of year. Later, I will try to get better photos with which to replace these ones for a better view, or simply add the new ones (about three of them) alongside just below the old ones.

There are numerous varieties of Sow-Thistle (Sonchus Oleraceus). I use two closely-related types. These two related varieties are the only ones that offer these great medicinal properties that I know of. The one I prefer, however, is the one that has the perfectly heart-shaped leaves most prominent at the plant's base. The other one has leaves that are more narrow and more prickly. Not seen in the photos is the fact that the plant has very gentle, tiny thorns around the edges of its leaves. Some varieties have these little thorns more prominent than others. The inside of the stem is hollow, and when the plant is cut, it exudes droplets of a milky substance. Warning -- do not confuse varieties of Sow-Thistle which have long narrow leaves, with wild lettuce. Somewhat, they have a resemblance. Do not use wild lettuce. The flowers of both Sow-Thistle and wild lettuce are yellow.

Since 1978, the year that the organization's chief field researcher made the discovery of therapeutic File 2-A, I have researched through the shelves of libraries, and in my travels asked people in various regions throughout the world what they know about Sow-Thistle. Some said that they ate it, and others openly expressed their dislike for the plant. Someone, though, somewhere, said that this plant is very good against hemorrhoids. I have asked the same question of horticulturists, botanists, botanical health professionals, government agricultural agents, doctors, medical researchers, directors of botanical gardens, heads of university faculties of 'modern' botany, 'alternative' health professionals, what have you. I have looked in information that goes as far back as 2-3000 years ago, and in particular, I have investigated information from the Renaissance era, as well as from the Age of Enlightenment. Why? Because the medical practitioners of these particular times were using plants for their cures and medicines. I even looked at Oriental traditional medical annals, just to see if any of those people had identified or recognized Sow-Thistle's magnitude of power, therapeutically speaking. Nowhere have I found any references to this great news. I even looked on the internet for information on Sow-Thistle and found 2,300 sites, or so. I looked at all of them. No one mentioned anything about its powerful medicinal properties. All I saw was how much disdain these people expressed towards this plant. Shame, shame, to all of the above. Not because they are ignorant, and have encased themselves in arrogant stupidity, but rather because they have been made 'experts,' or they have declared themselves to be the 'experts' on this incredible plant. It is so obvious: how could they have missed Sow-Thistle's uncalculably powerful therapeutic properties?

Now then, as the chief botanical researcher of the Daisy Institute, it is my most ardent wish that this little website and pharmaceutical File 2-A will bring hope and solace, not to mention the high probability of beneficial results, to those whose diseases have been declared incurable by their healers and through whatever medications they have been utilizing, and that they will regain their health by taking advantage of this knowledge here that this website is offering. Likewise, the Daisy Institute is also in need of something from Her potential supporters and others who will benefit from Her research of immense value. On behalf of the the Daisy Institute, I request of them to pass on this practical and advantageous information to as many people as possible, and never, never try to profit commercially or monetarily from this. The objective is for you to regain your health, or the health of your loved ones, and in the best possible health go along your journey of life on this stunningly spectacular and enchanting Planet Home of ours.

It is an undeniable sad fact that the citizens of this exquisite jewel that is planet Earth have been misled, and deprived of the most fundamental right to heal themselves with the wonderful and exceedingly efficacious as well as safe pharmacological riches that appear here naturally amidst the majestic kingdom of plants. People not only have been robbed of these heavenly riches — their natural inheritance. But in times of sickness and in health, they have also been made to believe that man-made chemicals are the only way to go in order to cure themselves. This is even though these harsh contemporary therapies most often outrage and further weaken the body, and often at the very best chronically leave its victims in a debilitated and weakened state, or worse yet, send them to a premature and painful death. Surely many get benefits from these modern medications and treatments, but the numbers do not add up, if we are to take into consideration the energy, expense, manpower, research, time, redundancies, all of the elements of the modern medical system. Common diseases, and the frightening new ones that pop up still ravage the population more than ever before, and with younger victims than ever before. For example, kinds of cancers that were found principally in grownups are now seen in teenagers and younger children. One may argue that these diseases have become more notorious due to the fact that our living environment and the foods that we eat, and the water that we drink are contaminated largely because of man's irresponsible conduct, questionable lifestyles, unwise eating habits, poverty, and what-have-you. All logical, realistic and sensible people do not dispute this, but regardless of the reasons, unfortunately, a reasonable degree of disease prevention cannot be achieved. So then, what do we do? Do we roll over and die, and bury our children? Or do we seek other avenues in search of better, stronger, more efficacious real solutions in order to attain health normalcy? Each individual should have the freedom to seek out the therapy that works best for her or him, without being dictated to as to what they should seek out or not. This is perhaps one of the most fundamental individual birth-given freedoms that any civilized society should recognize the imperative it represents. We should not have to negotiate this fundamental freedom in favour of multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates — this freedom is ours to begin with.

Truly, in spite of the abuse the Earth has sustained in the hands of man, still, these better and real therapeutic solutions can be found in the Earth's secret treasures. I do not know why, but now and then, I am given a fantastic opportunity to have a glimpse into some of the Earth's secret healing treasures, and in good conscience, utilizing my knowledge and experience in botanical pharmaceutical research work, it is at this juncture that I capitalize on my good luck. But there is a difficult task: I have to share in my good fortune with others. Truly, it has been far more difficult relaying these terrific findings then it is to do research on any given therapeutic file, with the exception of one, of course — File 19-X.

I had absolutely no intention of creating and putting up this site. It is now late November of 2001. However, for about ten months now, certain powers and highly mysterious puzzling divine forces have been coming together and intertwining in such a way where about a month ago, right out of the blue, I was persuaded to create this site and put this therapeutic information up. Even though I was aware of these mysterious links and messages, still, I was unable to decode the information and what was demanded of me for a long time. In retrospect, though, I must say that all of the foundation blocks were put there in perfect order for me to utilize. Using the internet here seems to be the most logical way to proceed, because it has the potential to be the most efficient and practical means to reach large numbers of people who could be in desperate need of these therapeutic findings, and who may consider them. And for this, I am grateful and, for the remaining days of my life and beyond I shall remain grateful to the group of celestial emissaries who in a combined effort invested the time, gave generously, exercised incredible patience, and made this possible.

For my part, building this website has been both very taxing and time-consuming. I would rather be doing research for my unfinished pharmaceutical files than constructing websites. Indeed, it was an arduous task. I took hundreds of photographs of trees, birds, rocks, and all the way down to the type of grasses in order to select and use them as illustrative subject matter that went into the formulation of the website's design. The ivy plant that is hanging from the tree inhabits one of my bathrooms, and was actually scanned in its live form on the scanner that I purchased for this purpose, and then was electronically transferred to the home page. The first draft of the entire text of this web page was composed and thoroughly handwritten by me for many days between the hours of four and seven in the morning, and then was typed into the pages of this website. The electronic computerized work and typing was done by Jack, who understands computers, and who is also a fantastic typist, but for Jack as well, it was the first time that he was involved in this kind of demanding project. So, after I collected all of the pertinent subject matter and had authored the text, Jack and I sat side by side in front of his computer for several weeks, night after night, for many hours at a time in order to do this work in accordance with my design and specifications. It was a learning experience for both of us as we went along on this project. But especially for me, indeed it was a cyber-experience into the World Wide Web, which I had never given it any consideration before. And, in spite of the computer crashing very often, because of lack of proper computer power for this kind of work, and because of numerous partial demolitions and rebuildings, finally, the web page was done. From now on, it will be rather easy to correct, add, remove, revise, or adjust sections of this website. But even at this, because of the fact that this web page is large and contains many important pages with vital information, in order for the manuscript (the writing parts) not to be entangled or be confused, I had to devise a practical, orderly, and coherent formula as a means to successfully do revisions, corrections, additions, and adjustments. It is neat. All I have to do is do my corrections and additions at home and then go back to Jack and put it in the web page. It all worked out well, even though it cost me five times the time, energy, and expense than what I had allocated before I started this project. But the work was done, including the Celestial Emissaries page, which was dome some time later and remains in continuation. I will continue with the Celestial Emissaries page even after I have put the final touches on pharmaceutical File 17-RJ which deals with the infectious disease tuberculosis and its frightening worldwide comeback.

I had always looked at the internet with indifference. And this overlooking of the internet's place in the modern world was not because I did not want to share my pharmaceutical findings. The contrary is the truth. In fact, I have tried everything under the sun for the past many years to bring these therapeutic findings to the attention of the world. I contacted pharmaceutical companies, I contacted health departments in many countries throughout the world. I met with a number of ambassadors from different countries, and influential businesspeople from all over, among others. Obviously, nothing happened, and I resigned myself to the idea that it was not meant to be.

Nevertheless, though, and in spite of the insurmountable obstacles, for as long as I have been part of the Daisy Institute I have never wavered from my wish to come up with a plan and devise a way in which to disperse this highly beneficial pharmaceutical information out to the populace. But the walls that have been put there by the hypocritical people in the health departments are truly impenetrable. The so-called alternative medicine field is no bed of roses either. Both of them, in addition to their ineffectiveness and dangerous sides as well, are true rip-offs. On both sides of the spectrum in the healing professions, I encountered all kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds. A few of them were competent and sincere as well as compassionate health professionals, but the majority were as disgusting and repellent and as dangerously incompetent as anyone can be. A great number of them were consumed by arrogance, cockiness and ugly greed. Professionally, what they were offering was very marginal at best.

Through the years, and through my efforts I was able to have meetings or telephone conversations with several pharmaceutical executives. The response that I received was truly mind-boggling. For the most part, they wanted me to give them my files and through legal means and by signing papers, I was supposed to relinquish all rights to my work and my files, as if I never had any association with them at all. For these and other reasons, I have long ago stopped approaching these entities. Nothing can be gained by pressing the matter with these people of mediocrity.

For example, one time I sought out a doctor who was a researcher in cystic fibrosis. I approached him with my pharmaceutical File 11-DI, and his reply was as follows: "It would be very embarrassing for us to tell our sponsors that we are looking for medicines in plants. Even if these medicinal plants could save the lives of our patients, we cannot consider them because it would degrade our prestige and reputation."

At this, I said to him, "What about the people who needlessly suffer and die. Is your reputation and prestige worth more than their lives? ... And if I may ask," I added, "what do you have against plants?"

"Yes," he said. "It is worth more." And he added, "We lose some, we save some. That is how the system works. It is not a big deal. And as for plants I don't care very much about them."

Later, as an experiment, I once considered giving a pharmaceutical company one of my files. I would be going along with their terms, obviously, but after studying the situation, what would have happened is this: They would have taken my file, I would have relinquished total control of this file as if I had never existed or worked on it. Then they would have taken the information, placed it on the shelf, and let it stay there indefinitely. Then one day, probably a century or so later, when the environment will have become highly profitable for this pharmacological finding, then they would invest the time and money to take what steps are required by whatever agency, and finally they would put it on the market. But not before the demand of the market becomes such that this pharmaceutical file would bring billions into their pockets and those of their shareholders. So in view of all of this, I abandoned this illogical, futile, and basically useless experiment of mine.

I am compelled to also include here the following: Once I contacted a physician here in Montreal, Canada, who was a researcher at a prestigious educational institution, and he had ties with pharmaceutical companies. He listened very attentively to what I had, and what I was proposing, and then he proposed in return that I should send him the entire sum of information in the file that I was willing to let go, with all the relative details, major and minor, attached to it. He further reiterated that I should not leave any of the information out, but his condition was that I had to send it to him totally and completely anonymously, and entirely vanish from the picture.

Sixteen years later, I read a little article in the newspaper about this shady-minded 'healer' saying that he was an expert in cancer of the colon. The article was written in such a way as if the guy had invented the grand and all-time cure for this kind of cancer. Of course, this was entirely misleading and utterly false. Colon cancer is still ravaging people more than ever before, in fact. I do not know what 'expert' implies here, but he certainly had not found the cure for colon cancer. So many years have passed since then, and I still have not figured out why he demanded that I should forward my research work to him anonymously. It does not matter anyways. That's how the medical and pharmaceutical system works, leaving absolutely no place for researchers such as myself to enrich the world with our life-saving findings achieved through hard and tedious work.

Now with this internet thing, which I have never considered in my work because it has nothing that I want or need to assist me with my research in making my pharmaceutical discoveries, perhaps now it will become the avenue to disseminate this vitally helpful information. For me, the computer is nice because I can make changes and move things around, and delete easily, a perfect typewriter for my manuscripts. That is all. After I have handwritten the first draft, of course, which, as a rule and a familiar habit, I always handwrite. I also correct my manuscripts by hand, and handwrite my letters as well. And, in fact, wrongly or rightly, I resisted having the internet in my house. But this past September 2002, I fell prey to this technology, and now I cohabitate with it, but not because of my own choosing. It seems that the internet may yet offer the needed link that has the potential of providing a means of passing on this life-saving information to the world. I can remember the words of my wise and compassionate Professor clearly resonating in my head, saying that I should be patient, continue in my work, and things would come to pass. Could it be that the internet now is that vital link needed in the equation?

About the Daisy Institute

And about this impressive organization and Her inspiring assignment in field research work into Healer Plants and other areas just as important for ethical and fantastic solutions of the best kind.

The Daisy Institute is a highly conscientious Environmental and innovative field research institution. This Organization and its officers are devoted to the exploration and to the identification of non-toxic (edible) Healer Plants with superior therapeutic properties. Although surprisingly powerful and safe, throughout time nonetheless these Healer Plants have escaped the attention of other field researchers in comparable fields.

Under the careful guidance of its Parent Organization, thus far the Daisy Institute has assembled together an impressive amount of unsurpassed data regarding Healer Plants and this data have been formulated into The Investment File---The Humming Forest Incidents. These natural treasures---these Healer Plants can be easily used against a number of serious ailments. As a rule, a disease or other health anomaly is paired with a corresponding Healer Plant.

Out of unparalleled knowledge and strictly for the purpose of fabulous, practical, attainable and first-rate solutions of all kinds, since antiquity specially-tailored Files have been formulated by this little research organization's (Daisy Institute ) Parent Agency.... In conjunction with its Parent Organization (The Agency), under special circumstances and under particular arrangements, for some time now and to this day such Files continue to be created by the Daisy Institute.

While my research work and especially my field research ventures demand that I work diligently and tirelessly and basically without respite while on my adventure on this gripping Earth; nonetheless, in my capacity and in more ways than one I serve as a liaison (a messenger) between this commanding Agency seemingly incognito and the little Daisy Institute. I must also say that although inconspicuous; still, the relationship between this supremely superb Agency and the Daisy Institute thus far has been particularly inspirational, riveting and motivating and is being sheathed in trust of indescribable nature.

The Daisy Institute's Healer Files by no means are restricted to human causes alone. Nor have all Files been formulated exclusively in the interest of the human-kind species---far from it.... For instance (and while by definition it might not be considered a Healer File though it is one of my best Healer Files and one of paramount importance), "The Energy File" is a research File which deals strictly in the interest of this Earth's wellbeing and in the interest of this withered and polluted Planet's recovery and healing. The fact that humanity and each of this Earth's other life-forms stand to benefit vastly out of the Energy File's knowledge (should this knowledge ever be adopted), is a fabulous bonus---as one can see, it is all connected.....

In addition to being an unwavering supporter of animal rights and wildlife habitats, the Daisy Institute and its parent Organization's viewpoint is that its priceless knowledge about these extraordinary new, but in reality old---eons old Healer discoveries (Healer botanicals) should be available to every good and conscientious person throughout this magnetic Earth, regardless of one's background or socio-economic status.

Our research never-ever engages in animal experimentation. The Daisy Institute's objective is and has always been to recognize and come up with effective solutions which, while undemanding, inexpensive and easy to put to work, above all are within reach of the marginalized and neglected populations right through this miraculous Oasis in space.

All things considered, with abundant confidence I can assert that in their own unique ways all of the Daisy Institute's Healer Files are interesting and promising, some more than others of course.... The Energy File however; in addition to being a favourite of mine, is an especially promising and absolutely riveting File. Provided it is invested in, in due course then, the data within the Energy File has the capacity to be used for the Healing processes of this withered Earth...hopefully in the not-so-distant future.

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The information throughout the pages of this website is not presented with the intent to offer cures, diagnose diseases, or prescribe medications. The therapeutic information presented throughout every page of this website is not meant to replace the advice or services of physicians, other health professionals, or dietitians. We do not advocate that anyone abandon his or her present medications or therapy prescribed by their health professionals. The Daisy Institute's researchers and directors assume no responsibility for the use of what is contained herein.