Green Diamonds - Twin Earths


by Nina B. Bode

or Agent A
Your triumphant Will and brilliant, dynamic yet so discreet, generous, thoughtful, tireless and articulate Spirit embodies everything decent in my world.... You are and forever shall be an inspiration to me -- 'you are an Angel in disguise' -- thank You.



Author's Courtesy Notes...

April, 2010: Because the script of Green Diamonds was getting to be too lengthy, I decided to create a new page for the segments of Author's Courtesy Notes and Notes from the Energy File. And although these two chapters have been separated from Green Diamond's main text, still, they remain a crucial (if not the most crucial) part of Green Diamond's absorbing tale—and forever shall be.

In May 2008, just to test the waters of the publishing world with the manuscript of "Green Diamonds" I introduced a fraction of its content to a reputable Publishing House amenable to receiving manuscripts of Literary Fiction among other categories without being represented by agents. Of course, having taken into consideration the astronomical odds against being published and the fact that I write for my own purposes mainly, from the beginning, I never expected to capture the editors' attention, but, I submitted the sample pages for their consideration, anyways. However, a couple of months prior to sending the manuscript to the publishing house and then again half a year later after forwarding it to the Publisher, I had given (for critique purposes) short segments of the manuscript from the portion I had already typed to three individuals in their twenties who happened to be quite good readers. All three of these people have impressive academic credentials---ten university degrees and/or specialty diplomas between all three of them thus far with more on the way.

One of the three readers who specializes in education and who I think politically is a centralist, said that aside from the occasional grammatical and spelling errors, the story was greatly captivating and brilliantly presented. But it was nonetheless a little too advanced for laid-back reading in terms of vocabulary. On that note, I toned down a bit. The second reader---the politically indifferent and the most studious of the three said that it was a distinctly appealing composition of supreme interactions, suspense and intrigue, however, it was a tad too long on the environment theme. But of course!! No surprise there, indeed, this was a text of mystery and allure encased in affection, and, definitely it was a work of puzzling surprises with interesting environmental undertones.

Now, the third reader who politically is way too much on the right for me, said the story's account was truly engaging as well as it was gracefully presented, but, somehow it was unduly un-complementary to the capitalistic dogma.... Where on Earth did I go wrong I wondered? I was only being candid based on facts which surrounds capitalism's present framework. Who can deny the fact that capitalism's unregulated layout and operational mechanisms (survival of the fittest format) are not inhumane and antagonistic to both conscience and the Planet's environment? Unless one is genetically insatiable and/or dangerously hypocritical, who can contradict the absolute truth about the way the machinery of capitalism works? Isn't it true that via capitalism's present mode the Earth's riches throughout have been concentrated in very few hands and keep going their direction? In its current arrangement, isn't it also true that capitalism is the enemy of all of democracy's sincere principles in most of humanity's neighborhoods and that it is also terribly hostile to ethical innovation, whereas on the other hand it is the closest and most dearest friend of monopoly? Though they go by different names and wear dissimilar attire and they also try hard to disassociate from each other, who can refute the fact that capitalism, fascism and communism are not identical triplets which operate comparably? Anyways, the fact that this devouring monster had also turned viciously on itself as of late, I refrained from engaging in a debate with the third reviewer regarding this specific criticism.... I instead respectfully thought that everyone was entitled to her/his opinions and I let this ugly brute do the talking for me about its divine merits.

Since my first three readers enjoyed the manuscript of "Green Diamonds" more than they disliked it, though they have only read bits and pieces and given that the story beautifully deals with a compelling Energy File from the future among many other matters of intrigue, I thought to incorporate it in this Environmental web-site instead of keeping it all to myself.... On the whole, I have been motivated to include this work here for those who are kind to animals and also for those who enjoy this sort of story, but who were not infected by the indifference pathogen.... First and foremost however, it is included here for those with environmentally driven minds.

For the individuals who might show interest in reading this paper which in fact is a part of a greater dissertation to a certain degree, in advance they should take into consideration the following: Although I have completed this manuscript (subject to additions) in hand-writing, I have yet to finish typing it. For now, I include in this page a fair portion of the sections I have thus far typed. As I go along with the typing, I will add more and more to be sure: The manuscript of "Green Diamonds" (second draft) is presently entirely inedited, therefore, all grammatical infractions, including punctuation marks as well as spelling errors must be kindly ignored...for the time being I'm only typing.... Once I have finished typing this text, I will eventually set aside the needed time to correct it.

Furthermore, although the tale of "Green Diamonds" is highly engaging, nontheless, as I said on the "Green Diamonds" Notes of Interest segment, personally I would not miss reading out on the "Notes from the Energy File" for anything in the world for the reason that therein I might find some pretty interesting and/or thought-provoking stuff which is deliberately scattered here and there. For those who wish to visit the "Green Diamonds" page, here is the link.

P S: Last minute (April 2009) and strictly due to a matter of conscience, and also in the spirit of Earth Day I have decided to include below here somewhere in the following section (Notes from the Energy File) a couple of special paragraphs. What they have to say may not be of interest to some, but it could be of extreme value to others. In the case of the latter, the reader should consider passing on the good word to others and make sure to acknowledge its source. One however will have to traverse the entire 55 or so pages of gravel in that section in order to find this particular treasure/jewel (an exquisite File) which is not related to the Energy File. By and large, I have constructed (written) this pathway of 'gravel' with the spirit and soul of this Earth in mind and also with the Earth's 'other' tenants and the humongous segment of humanity all of which have been robbed of their rightful space on this Planet and of their Earthly inheritance. As one can imagine, all three have a lot to say. What they have to say is a tad repetitious at times, and justifiably so, after all they are three and all have comparable grievances with humanity's affluent, influential and with the well connected crowd. Now, I suggest that you the reader do not begin to read "Notes from the Energy File" from bottom to top speculating that I may have left the juice part for the end of that section.

PPS: For the reason that I do not perceive the Earth's ice caps as merely two covers, for a while now I decided to describe them in accordance with the shape in which I distinguish them to be. Therefore, since I see them as two oval crystal cups with exquisitely designed uneven edges and which therein hold something spectacularly precious, wherever and whenever I refer to the Earth's ice caps I spell ice-cups.

Notes from the Energy File...

Although it was not my intent to include the content of this section in the account of "Green Diamonds," since I have finished (with the exception of the manuscripts's ending section) the manuscript's first draft I have nonetheless been encouraged by both Aundria and A to consider embracing the idea of this piece's inclusion. In fact, in due course, I was swayed to retrieve the better part and more interesting matter of this segment from my special notes belonging to the Energy File and in turn integrate it without major alterations in the narrative of this work. After careful deliberation in favour of its inclusion and once I had added a great deal to it of course, this section consequently has been specifically formulated and was integrated here in order to give a brief yet comprehensive account of what had transpired prior to and during the time the Energy File therein came to be.

Definitely, the manuscript of "Green Diamonds" was not designed to be a story at all about cosmic conjecture and/or celestial events.... The script's thought-provoking account nonetheless, and especially the segments dealing with the astonishing contents of the Energy File from the future, is powerfully evocative of the notion of a live and eloquent Sphere situated at a near-by parallel world adjacent to the field of this Earth. Moreover, the manuscript of "Green Diamonds" is impressively suggestive that this Earth is the twin of its tangible twin Earth which in all probability is situated about at the edge of its dimensional system.

First draft, I had hand-written most of the manuscript of "Green Diamonds" during the summers and falls of 2006-2007 while on field research away in the bush and I have finished its conclusion (subject to additions and modifications) while away on special assignment for the duration of the summer and autumn of 2008. No question about it, for an assortment of valid reasons and right from the beginning, I had decided to present this text as a work of literary fiction rather than an essay just imaginary in nature. Whether I have succeeded in this undertaking, I'm not entirely sure, nevertheless, I had indeed endeavored to create it with this class of writing arrangement in mind.

For additional factors such as book length-configuration, palatability consideration and so on, as I go along with the task of typing the text of "Green Diamonds" I'm compelled to alter, add a little and adjust a great deal of my first draft notes and recollections of events. Indeed, I pick and choose while forsaking entire segments. While typing, quite recurrently I twist and even embellish the manuscript's description, but, on the other hand, I also suppress entire sections of my original storytelling in the account of Green Diamonds. It is rather thorny and quite time-consuming to do the choosing and picking of paragraphs, in a similar situation any author would attest to that. Although the original version is much-much closer to the source of events, nonetheless, for a collection of reasons, thus far I much prefer the revised adaptation.

Moreover, in this tale, there is nothing hypothetical or fictional in the description in reference to the knowledge of the Environment-Friendly Fuel. Theoretical solutions are usually fascinating, but, more often than not are unattainable. Abstract studies may be acceptable for some, but for the scholastic establishment I'm associated with, and being as I'm a perpetual student therein I know a little about how they my knowledge, it does not engage in the study of abstract topics.... Conversely, it endeavors to achieve applicable, common-sense and within-grasp solutions of all kinds. It especially caters to the faculty I am enrolled in. In an extraordinary effort however and seemingly out of the blue, several years ago, it had generously and with precision provided me with the perfect arena to explore for a commonsensical and pump-free Energy solution.

Beyond this point, and actually throughout every page here, it is entirely up to the reader of "Green Diamonds" to decide whether or not the storyline herein is totally fictitious and imaginary in nature or how much of this manuscript's content could be real, if any at all.... Keep in mind that though I'm a run-of-the mill person and a very straightforward individual, I'm nonetheless talented in creating imaginary scenarios and fictitious characters for my amateur-written (book format only) works.

* * * * *

When I initially decided to write this book, I had laid out its first conceptual draft while concurrently my thoughts had for a brief moment journeyed far and wide in the company of two expressive and engaging little birds with finely-tuned intelligence. Sometime before, and out of necessity, for a short-lived while the two of a kind, character-wise that is, had shared my home. One of these little beings had been picked up covered in human-made pollution, precisely, this stuff was a thick sticky grease substance. And of course, as was expected, while in my care they had tenderly captured the entire spectrum of my senses to the core including the limitless spiritual force in me. The pair's inspirational senses, passion for life and aspiration for peaceful coexistence, joy, sparkle and vitality, and celebrated creativity, in many ways, and just like Angels, the memory of them had motivated me to proceed with this work. Indeed, with them in mind, while I had managed for a fleeting moment to journey into their world, I felt an obligation to complete this manuscript.

While I had for a temporary time nurtured them back to vigor and having watched them grow feathers on their exquisitely-designed wings, in addition to having nurtured my being in kind, the two of them had also overwhelmingly expanded my horizons on the Environmental theme, to be sure. How is it for such a tiny thing to have so great a power capable of simultaneously evoking in someone feelings of unfathomable warmth, absolute peace and unbounded love of the best kind, I marvel?

At the occasion of their release to freedom out of the palm of my hand, they managed to lift my soul to heights of inexplicable range. At the same time however, as I watched the two fly in freedom, I became overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of their habitat lost due to human encroachment just about everywhere throughout their God-given territory. In any case, since then, in return for what I received from them, though I have always been on their side, as much as I can, I have become even more so their voice on this Earth, and I shall always be. Definitely, I have concluded this work while retaining these traveling little feathered souls in mind. As I proceeded with this paper I also thought of all those life-forms (i.e. deer, frogs, koala bears, ants, bees, the so-called wild horses, ladybugs, birds, wolfs, and the list goes on and on and on) which are being unjustifiably branded as pests and which are being prosecuted and deliberately exterminated by the most prevalent, by the filthiest, by the most dangerous, surely by the most violent, by the biggest schemer/conniver, by the greediest, by the most ravenous, indisputably by the most predatory, and certainly by the most damaging pest on this Earth.... Naturally of course with this characterization I'm referring to a species' sub-division which intrinsically is not in accord with the biodiversity of this Earth. In fact this is a group which maximally enjoys being at war with everything and everyone around it as far and wide as it can reach. On a brighter note, it goes without saying that in conjunction with these factors I have completed this work with a bunch of other (pleasant and inspiring) influences very central to my life, one of which of course being the loveliness of the two little birds and their zest for life while journeying in this world.

No doubt, there will be those from a species poles apart whom I know all too well who will attempt to mock the aptitude of this journeying little feathered duo. Not that I care, nor do I have control over what these others might think or say for that matter. Nevertheless, shall we take a moment to examine these others' intelligence, aspirations, objectives, ambitions and above all activities and accomplishments as compared to those of the two little birds on this Planet? Of the two, whose standing is dressed in tatters while on an adventure on this brilliant and magnetic Earth, I wonder?

* * * * * * * * *

Despite the fact that a) the Energy field is outside my domain of research and exploration, and b) due to a special set of circumstances and c) it all took place earlier than I had anticipated, and d) it happened in a way that it would have been impossible to refuse...several years ago I had been given the opening to go on a special field research assignment involving a surprise File. Initially, I didn't have a clue what the special invitation's purpose was all about though I had fleetingly hoped it would have had something to do with the Energy File. Effectively, the invitation may have been a summons from the command center of the Agency, I suspect, because it was expected of me to drop everything I was doing at the time and promptly go on that field study. Once there, to my utter delight and surprise, soon enough I discovered that the special assignment was indeed all about the purpose of exploring for the special element(s) capable of energizing humanity's world throughout. And sure enough, I did welcome the circumstance and the opportunity to endeavour in this type of exploration, and certainly I probed attentively though at the time I was not entirely prepared for something as big as this particular assignment I must confess. Nonetheless, and in spite of my meager readiness concerning the subject of energy, on two separate occasions over two consecutive days I aimed and went for it, with out any thought of the heavy burden I was about to assume with this Case File, however celebrated.

Although the Energy File was a very challenging assignment, or at least segments of it, still, on the whole, the experience was awe-inspiring and awesomely awesome. The study case involving searching for the component(s) for a responsible and efficient form of fuel (fuels) was thoughtfully and purposely divided in two separate and distinct parts. If it were otherwise, chances are I would have been confused and therefore unsuccessful. And so it was, my discovery in association with the Energy File consisted of two separate and dissimilar elements accompanied by a range of particulars, no doubt.

At the time, and just when matters were shaping up for me in relationship to this Case, I was more interested in getting the core knowledge that would go into the File rather than bothering myself with details. Therefore, while on these two special field study excursions, prudently and due to time constraints I had left the specifics of the Energy File for others to figure out at this moment in time or at some future point. Besides, I had been taken by surprise, therefore there was no time to bother with details. And sure enough, I identified the two core elements: one in each of the field work expeditions. On the first adventure, things were quite, actually incredibly discouraging. On the subsequent field trip however, everything was promising right from the beginning. Indeed, on the latter journey I did recognize the second element in no time at all. Still, while I was delighted to have identified both elements, I had a little bit of a problem. I wasn't certain whether the knowledge which came out of these two separate field study occasions was somehow to be amalgamated to where it would have worked as one, to create one type of energy, or if they would have worked separately. While on one hand it may have been conceivable for the two fundamental components to have been necessary in the innovation of a singular type of Energy, on the other hand, however, it might have been possible for each of the findings separately to represent a distinct type of fuel while both were suitable for the Earth's environments.... I had difficulty telling which of the two possibilities held the correct answer.

One thing was abundantly obvious though, what had transpired during the first of the two field study outings all around gave the strongest impression that it held a greater importance than its counterpart. This is not to say that the knowledge which emerged out of the second field study event was inferior...they were both special. Nonetheless the first of the two summonses to this extraordinary place of discovery and learning had particular status about it in every way.... Surely, the first finding had been given superior highlighting, but, it was not possible for me to know why. At the time, I wasn't even aware that there was going to be a second surprise in association with the first episode. Therefore, I was able to compare them only once both occurrences had taken place.

What's more, whether the two findings would have worked in collaboration or individually was rather immaterial for me at that juncture. Of course, after I had sorted out the entire amount of information on the allied affair and studied it in my own time, in a manner that did not compromise the Case File, nothing prevented me from requesting the opportunity to explore for additional enlightenment and comprehension. Above all, however, and absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, what was important for me was that I knew that one day these two elements, be it in combination or separately, would have been the perfect answer to humanity's sticky situation in terms of its energy.

And if I were to bet heavily on only one of the two elements in reference to which of the two would have made for better energy for the present time and foreseeable future, surely, I would have had no difficulty in my picking. Though it made less sense, still, I would definitely have picked the first unearthing of the two finding as the frontrunner. In due time however, considering that if the two findings worked separately, in all probability the two of them, like two sisters-in-laws would have dominated equally and, somehow without squabbling, would have complemented each other brilliantly. If it were to be the case, it made sense that their relationship would have worked out precisely this way.

While everything was proceeding nicely and neatly with this assignment, realistically though, the odds for these two findings to have been considered any time soon, either in combination with other fuels or alone, were pretty much low. Actually, while the mega-energy corporations of the 21st century were investing heavily in their traditional fuels with the intent to capitalize on their investments in 10-20-30-40-50 and 60 years time into the future, the probability of someone investing in this knowledge or investing seriously in any other form of energy that had solid promise other than the established forms of energies, was nil.

No matter what the world was being told about the environmental intentions of the Planet's influential elite and their commitments to defend the Earth's battered structures, this class of people had done nothing to protect the Earth.... Their actions, along with the dilapidated state of the Earth's ecosystems, were a testament to this sad truth and surely spoke louder than these people's words. Undeniably, there was no genuine Global political agenda set firmly in place nor was there an international corporate will to sincerely deal with the ecological impoverishment in spite of all of their hullabaloo made while at their environmental and economic summits. For an assortment of invalid reasons, and in spite of the fact that the Earth's foundation was falling to pieces, these people had failed to reach consensus to shield the little that had been left somewhat intact out of the Planet's meticulous arrangement and composition.

Nothing was capable of swaying these globally powerful people to amend their philosophy of the world even a little and modify their place in it. Their view of the world had not changed one iota, not even at a time when the middle socio-economic classes of humanity had been stressed to the core financially and the geopolitical tensions were brewing constantly as well. There was no such a thing as a New World Epoch for this group of people. That said, however, things had the power to twist and turn in surprising and fascinating ways especially in an economic environment such as the one the world had been thoughtlessly pushed into in the autumn of 2008. So, be it as it may---fortunately or unfortunately an issue, the dismissal of these other types of fuels at this particular point, would have been a matter of tremendous relevance. Logic dictated that humanity's affluent and influential and the well-connected were headed speedily for a rude awakening in terms of rock-solid change.... Their cardinal error was that they had literally brought the world all the way throughout the Globe to socio-economic and environmental insolvency, while at the same time they had no decent strategy in place of how to curtail the avalanche of human reproduction.

At this challenging time, even as the Earth's structures where being hammered down relentlessly, and when more than half of the human component on Earth had been left entirely out of the economic equation, the affluent, the influential, and the well-connected amidst the human settlements proceeded with the business of living as usual. Without a worry in the world, they continued to be enamored with their social sphere of lavishness while simultaneously they were busy with large scale exploitation of all sorts. They had not even bothered to slow down a little from their unrestrained gluttony, reckless selfishness, and life-styles of mega-waste. And while these beings were fully aware that it was absolutely necessary for them to reform their behaviour of insensitivity and their activities of blatant contempt for the world throughout, still, they continued to disrespect the order of civilized humanity.

One may argue that it was these self-indulgent people's prerogative to tease the world with their waste and continuous living of a life-style in the form of an overly extravagant party, overflowing with unadulterated greed and with their profound indifference towards the order of life. But of course, and while this may be true, though unwise and provocative a style of existence, that, however, did not diminish the fact that they were taking way too much space and too much of everything out of this Planet, nor did it lessen the persuasive evidence which pointed out that they were solely responsible for more than half of the Earth's people existing in poverty or utter poverty. It also did not take away from the unconditional fact that they had enticed and in fact forced the whole of humanity to viciously turn against its Planet. Indisputably, this group's view of the world was irreconcilable with all of life's principles. Just one look at the compelling ecological ruin alone, and the description given here about this faction of people is plenteously justifiable.

What could have been the core factor, however entrenched within the make-up of the overwhelming majority of individuals within humanity's affluent groups, and being responsible for enabling them to go about in absolute unresponsiveness? What would have enabled them to ignore so effectively the needs of the world around them, and as well as carry on with life entirely removed from reality? This surely was a phenomenon wholly unnatural. And to make matters more complicated, while the world was being saturated doggedly in humanity's atomic weapons, and while the human constituent on Earth was breeding out of control, the majority of humanity's uppermost affluent societies working by themselves, or via their middle men, kept operating within a world-wide network of big-time exploitation. Most of this breed of people were very familiar with corruption, and in fact, from the highest levels and all the way down to the last shelf of their ranks, they were intimately courting either bribery, deception, lies, intimidation, theft, even murder, and all of the above or an assortment of other white collar crimes. The rule of the law, by and large, was not applicable to this class of people, if ever, it was rare and usually occurred through inadvertent circumstances. What a vile example on both counts. Both these types of mega criminals, and those who were responsible for going after them, were blatantly making mockery of the judicial system. The good news in all of this toxic pile of dirt, however, was that that sweeping and far-reaching clean-up---change was hurriedly on its way.

The great gluttony of 2008 which had been paraded before the whole world was an unmistakable indication that the affluent, the influential, and the well-connected people of this Planet had no intent of changing the status quo in reference to world affairs. Therefore, the much needed alteration was not going to come from this group of people. Not only the worlds' most affluent and influential powers had failed to deliver common-sense and practical solutions necessary to ease the economic stress and tensions which plagued human society and also the Earth in a big way, capriciously, they had ignored the fact that the world was on a different page than previously, and therefore in need of considerable adjustment. Disappointingly, humanity's affluent, the influential and the well-connected and, to a certain degree, regrettably those from the middle classes who imitated them, had turned their backs on the idea of adequately enriching everyone in the world relatively evenly. It was elementary, really, had those from this uncaring groups included everybody in their thoughts and plans of success, a matter which was actually a right for each person (including the 4 billions of poor and ultra-poor human souls) rather than just a privilege, effortlessly things would have turned out fabulously well....

And it would have been okay if some were to be given more consideration than others, no one was asking for the inheritance of the Earth to have been distributed evenly. Nonetheless, had the ruling elite from their various posts and assorted jurisdictions thought of everyone just a little, not only it would have been the right thing to do, but beyond this, an action of this nature surely would have eliminated every bit of animosity and resentment between Nations, societies, cultures, between individuals and the sort of things which kept humanity divisive. In other words, this action would have beautifully cultivated in just about everyone the conscience element and this alone would have cancelled out the inhuman component in most of those who possessed it. In turn, speedily the world would have been showered with security, healthy and animated activity, and ethical innovations and such to where they would have had in short time propelled humanity to distinctions of excellence. Inevitably and with absolute certainty, just about everyone would have had the means to indulge in catering to their silent yearning which was petitioning them to engage in the cleaning-up of this jewel Earth.

Sadly, it didn't appear that the world's affluent and influential would have adopted this simple necessity (the inclusion of everyone) and the sort of thing humanity was in desperate need of at this moment in time.... Perpetually, they preferred to keep more than half of humanity out of the world's prosperity basket and in sadistic hardship. They favored keeping the world at war even as humanity had entered the new millennium. And though the world's leaders on the surface were giving the impression that they were governed by civility and that in the interest of all they were willing to shy away from self-centered special interest groups, and that they had reached consensus to be in unity, and that they were doing everything in their powers to tackle the world's major problems such as poverty, security, equal rights for women including those from the Bronze Age societies and also wipe out illiteracy among other sordid things, alas, their efforts amounted to nothing more than a pretence. Not only was each thinking only of their 'own' self-absorbed interests, in addition, from behind the scenes, each (especially the superpowers) were building added arenas to where from antagonism and selfishness was thriving and spreading at all directions. These peculiar people were very hostile to progressive change, regrettably. On the bright side, while the connivers amidst humanity were busy with their rusty schemes of how to most cheat the world out of its inheritance this Planet had to offer, subtly things were being stirred in a different direction. Even as the world was in the process of entering a new phase and while it was busy refurbishing its face, simultaneously something else even superior to that was happening. In the open for everyone to sense and see, ample evidence strongly suggested that a wonderful transformation---change would have taken place rather suddenly with or without the blessings of its inflexible opponents.

It surely would have been helpful if a device/tool (it didn't have to be hi-tech) would have been engineered capable of illuminating the mystery factor of inhumanity. This exposure in turn may have helped in identifying the segment of humanity which innately enjoyed keeping the human-kind component on Earth behind and in disarray. It would indeed have been interesting if the barbarous primitive ingredient in the genetic pool of the anomalous human-kind constituent have been recognized. It surely stood the chance of making a colossal difference on several levels.... Correcting the anomaly would have been perhaps one consideration. How could the individuals within certain groups of humans be okay with horrible acts and be involved in deliberate injurious decisions while still calling themselves human? How could these people be so indifferent, especially when they themselves were the cause of hideously inhumane deeds---such as war and destroying the structures of an entire Planet for example? What was the apparatus in the genetic arrangement in them answerable for rendering these beings undisturbed while their actions were responsible for keeping more than half of humanity in unacceptable destitution? What would enable them to think that they had arrived on this Planet to do repulsive deeds, or to think that they were bigger than the order of life? Why would they think that it was okay to starve waves of people to death everyday and think that more than half of the Earth's human population was dispensable and that this number didn't matter much at all.

These were well documented facts, 'these other' people, all four billion of them had been robbed right to the core of their rightful inheritance on this Earth. The affluent, the influential and the well-connected had pulled a big stunt while on their journey on this Planet. Adding to this anomaly, what was the unyielding factor in their make-up accountable for their having successfully enticed everybody else to be in acerbic animosity with the world in which they were a part of? Could it be that the breed which was afflicted with the indifference pathogen was not indigenous to this Planet? Naturally, of course, and it goes without saying, this bizarre group of persons from well-heeled societies had plenty of company from all of humanity's socio-economic ranks, but, these others could not have been blamed not even one speck for the epidemic of inhumane behaviour on this miraculous Planet of plenty.... These others were not in the driving seat, the blame therefore rested exclusively with the affluent the influential and the well-connected.

It was really shameful and entirely primitive on the part of the affluent, the influential, and the well-connected of humanity to not use their privileged positions to make a difference in the battered world they were a part off. It was doubly impious of them for not having followed the handful amongst them who were governed by conscience and ethics, and who had genuinely tried to make a difference. Unfortunately, these courageous few from the societies of affluence and influence could not have steered things the right direction without the back-up of those in the majority from their circles of corporate and or political powers. Whatever the anomaly, it was unlikely for the rough primitive element amidst humanity to have reigned for much longer, because the sentiment of the overwhelming majority of the human element on Earth was changing and evolving in a marvelous way. This lovely shift, of course, with almost certainty was to be backed up with a couple of other dynamics necessary for the complete makeover of the New World Order. Some widely knowledgeable individuals even believed that the days of those unresponsive people were numbered (in reference to holding onto power) and that humanity would have tapped vastly into the magic part---into the splendid inherent component of the true segment of humanity on this Earth.

Understandably so, one may ask how these extraordinary individuals did come to these sorts of conclusions. The answer to this was rather easy, and there was nothing remarkable or apocalyptic about these individual's contentions with reference to the impending arrival of the New World Era. In accordance with the awful state of affairs the environment was in, logic dictated that the badly-abused Planet would not have been able to deliver on humanity's heavy demands for much longer. The Earth's most essential resources would have been in short supply, and in a place ridden with nuclear and biological weapons held in the hands of many holders of whom each wouldn't have hesitated to annihilate vast numbers of others in his or her own interest exclusively, this combination didn't look like a very promising scene, though it was only a scenario for the moment.

Without doubt, the reality of dwindling critical natural resources and humanity's unforgiving arsenals was not a good combination to allow humanity to just sit around and wait for things to happen without seriously considering in putting into operation the common-sense available options. As far as stock-piling resources in warehouses, or building up shields in the skies to deter nuclear missiles, were both unsustainable, not to mention that the latter was by far the most ridiculous idea, not to mention the fact that it was comical, though deadly serious. This intent or groundwork of building shields, whatever that was, also proved that the architects of these sorts of projects in each of the super-powers only thought of 'themselves' in the blue-prints of their nuclear attacks or nuclear safety preparations. In their shield plans they don't seem to include the rest of the world. Apparently, the others or the damage to the Earth didn't worth a damn to them in a scenario of this much regrettable nature. The talks about these shields also proved that the nuclear arms race was alive and well though the holders of these wicket weapons were uttering that they had considered freeing the Earth of their much beloved inventions. Their idea to construct this sort of fortification wouldn't and couldn't have worked anyways. For starters, such posturing would have perilously escalated the arms race, and undoubtedly, it would have worsened things in the geo-political arena. It was therefore obvious that drastic change within the boundaries of common-sense solutions would have taken place collectively around the Globe and in the beginning would have been implemented out of necessity of course.

In the meantime, and while the international arm dealers and other war-profiteers of this Planet had no intention of letting go of their corrupt business practices and engagements of pure wickedness, could they have been asked to take a pause for a while and enjoy their families? After all they had ballooned themselves with arm trade money.... And even as these were living a fraudulent existence and their children were bathing in luxurious swimming-pools overflowing with the blood, and echoing with the screams of other people's children from war zones, could the Globe's war-monger policy makers have thought of something else for modern-day humanity? Since they were not willing to abolish war, could they at least have devised a weapon whereby their intended killing would have been done without demolishing the infrastructure of the war regions, thus eliminating live beings who usually are trapped under the rubble, and without contaminating the Earth's domains? Could it be they had not considered this because they were sadistic barbarians and because they enjoyed squandering the Earth's riches on war while fattening up the industries of war which were by-and-large run by their buddies. Wasn't true that those who were being contracted out to build humanity's war gadgets were usually members of the same clubs as those responsible for awarding these contracts? It was infinitely mind-boggling to know that at this point in time humanity's inhumane segment would have continued to waste human ingenuity on perverted military toys tailored to inflict atrocious death, ghastly mutilation and maximum infrastructure devastation? Isn't it also true that humanity's present-day war-monger element is prepared to wipe out this Planet and everything on it (the various factions of this element have told the world this much) with a single finger-punch to a key that they are so proud to drag along with them wherever they venture? Why that is if they really have no intention of using it? More importantly, why should the members of the nuclear club have the right to threaten the world unceasingly? Could it be because they themselves were terrorists of the most potent kind?

On a more promising note, humanity's unresponsive segment---actually humanity's bad people, would have gone out of business before they had delivered large-scale damage. The way these outdated beings treated the world was no longer in fashion. Odds were that those in the war-monger category which essentially were one and the same with those in the inhuman category, were on their way to becoming obsolete. Whether they liked it or not, they would have evolved and would have adjusted with the New World Order. There would have been no more room on this Planet for these people's indifference. Their offspring, if they would have had any, that is, automatically would have been complete and caring beings.

One may ask what would have been the forces responsible for the careless people's shift? After all, they were innately inconsiderate, unfeeling and hellish beings and as a result the catalyst would have had to be of a prototype nature. Well, they would have had no choice for one thing, other factors may have played a role as well. There was very little doubt and it was immaterial to these people's presence that the formation of humanity's affairs would have changed........and along with this alteration, everyone else would have wanted to change as well. Irrespective of the underlying reasons, many had suspected that a smart and ethical transformation would have been inescapable because the sentiment of humanity, or at least the authentic segment of humanity, was changing speedily and this alone would have served brilliantly as a prerequisite for the kind of change the world was in need of and was demanding to have. Therefore, it would have been unlikely for the numb element amidst the human plateaus to have reigned for much longer in the way to which it was accustomed. It could not have been emphasized enough that it was more than highly probable for the people from the conscientious constituent to have taken over the reins. In such a scenario, the likelihood was that the true segment of humanity would have gone about the business of living just as it was meant to go on this rotating oasis of surprise and enchantment.

For a short while longer, however, the world would have had to endure the indifference of those in command. And just to make matters worse at this intersection of uncertainty, the elite group had put itself on a pedestal in terms of self-importance without taking into consideration an issue of enormous importance.... While humanity's various affluent and influential groups and nearly everyone else along with the people in these upper-class groups were busy catering to themselves only, they had entirely ignored the number one menace to the world.... No one was willing to look critically at the problem of excessive human reproduction. At this particular intersection in time, overwhelmingly, and above everything else with regards to world instability, human over-breeding was the number one threat to the security of the world at large. At this moment in time, the most potent and most horrible thing on Earth i.e. obliteration of the Planet's structures, rampant pollution, animal abuse, severe congestion, unforgiving war, poverty, animosity, greed, species annihilation, water shortage, just to mention a few, were all attached to human over breeding.

No one Government around the Globe was willing to adequately address the troubling issue of over-population, though each had the obligation and the right to do so because, environmentally speaking, the little Earth had no boundaries. Instead of taking explicit measures to humanely and responsibly deal with the matter of human propagation, they had allowed excessive human proliferation to make mockery of the ecological harmony. China had attempted to do something about this predicament, but that Nation had already been hit with close to a billion and a half citizens, seventy percent of which existed in poverty or in a state of severe impoverishment. It seemed as if human over-reproduction had become a taboo issue everywhere. Peculiarly enough, the Globe's most notable environmentalists as well as its most vocal social activists had also stayed mute on the issue of humanity's excessive birth-rate. Could these two groups have not understood that the human number was already disproportionate to the Planet's ability to house and nourish it?

And though the human birth rate was increasing recklessly and clearly it was the root of many of the present-day major problems on Earth, one wondered why no one was willing to responsibly and ethically tackle this mammoth troublemaker? Even at an elementary level, common-sense dictated that eventually, and especially at this unpredictable point in time, this insidious hazard would have hit with the power of a gargantuan tsunami.... What was their motive for not taking measures? Many, some quietly, some openly, had attributed the exclusion of this relevant issue from most of humanity's policy-makers' agendas to have to do more with the love-affair with irresponsible sexual habits rather than with freedom of reproductive choice and/or religious undertones. To justify uncontrolled breeding, religion was cleverly used by just about every society, even more so than the argument on the bases of reproductive freedom. But no matter how they were slicing up the issue of human over-breeding, at the end it correlated strongly with humanity's sexual addiction...a mad obsession which had very little to do with accountable human sexuality. Oddly enough, some, usually with religious affiliation, even uttered that sex had nothing to do with human reproduction.

Whatever, and by whatever means, the fact was, irresponsible human breeding had been left to run rampant and out of control. Consequently, due to excessive numbers of humans, not only every other organism had been overwhelmed on the little Planet, but this was a matter which couldn't have been emphasized enough in terms that it was the culprit of many undesirable things and the reason the Earth's environments had been beaten up badly. No one, even with a limited capacity to think logically, could have asserted persuasively at this point in time that the Environmental destitution was not a result of the fact that too many people inhabited the Earth all at the same time. Even those with severely challenged logic could not have failed to acknowledge that the ecological quandary was the front runner and at the very top of the list amidst the large pile of serious problems due to too many people and human over-commotion at this junction in time. Aggression as a result of intolerable congestion and not to mention unhealthy competition, were a couple more at the top of this list, all tightly interwoven and in direct connection with human over-reproduction.

On account of extreme human over-breeding, and though it was damned right unwarranted, the Earth's other species had paid the heaviest price. The Earth's other tenants had been condemned to live in a polluted world, to drink contaminated/poisoned water and nourish themselves on pollution-plagued foods which more often than not had been laced with industrial, military or agricultural man-made deadly-really-deadly chemicals. Adding to this, and strictly due to the vast volume of humans, the Earth's resources were diminishing speedily. Obvious human congestion had inhumanely suffocated just about everything all over the Planet. On top of advancing meteorological instability due to the release of offensive human pollution straight into the Earth's layers of atmosphere, dangerous levels of unemployment, profound greed on the part of some, brutal animosity, disease, hostility, stress, hassle, pressure building, unhealthy competition, crime, corruption, immense and wide-spread white collar thievery of the most provocative kind, all of these things were taking place in broad day-light and were thriving the world over. Indifference, smothering pollution throughout and especially water contamination and species annihilation, among other contemptible things, had also proliferated deeply, mainly due to the insanely careless human propagation and lackadaisical human activity. And by all appearances, these were matters beyond anyone's control to deal with adequately at this moment in time, not until, that is the New World Order has taken deep root.

While on one hand, the Global human authority had not taken measures to put the brakes on human reproduction, on the other, these very same 'authorities' didn't know how to deal with the huge wave of unemployed people, the majority of which could not have been absorbed in the arrangement of employment opportunities. For every one available working position there were ten or more people competing for it.... That was an extremely unhealthy competition for any society to endure. And for as long as this pertinent matter (human over-breeding) was not being addressed vigorously and curtailed assertively throughout the little Planet's domains, nothing would have changed, or so it seemed...if anything, the problem would have gotten much worse. Besides, this absolutely relevant matter had already reached the edge from which it could have erupted and evolved into something wild at any moment. Unwisely, the authorities had done everything to play down the immense degree of the people's discontent, suffering, resentment towards the elite classes of the corporate world and their simmering anger. Simultaneously however, they were doing nothing substantial to cushion the discontent. In fact, they were anorexic to the type of change with the capacity to restore poise and/or to bring comparative prosperity---hence stability to the masses and indeed to the whole world in such a challenging phase. They had failed to turn these distressing matters around and accompany them with actions of optimism and words of confidence capable of resonating in the psyche of the human constituent on Earth. And though they presented an image implying that they wanted to inspire hope and that they were taking measures to alleviate the volatile situation, all they were doing actually was setting the stage for the world's wealth to be concentrated in even fewer hands.

More frequently than not, when the influential policy makers were being asked point-blank to consider executing policies favourable to the people instead of policies solely being implemented in the interest of corporations, they would twist the question around or would respond with an off-the-topic remark. Clearly, they were not willing to change the status quo of doing business. And though the world's politicians in power and the prevailing crowd from the corporate circles were beings capable of reasoning, still, for some reason or other they had ignored the strong probability that it would have been difficult to curtail the power of massive unemployment and/or pathetic wages and all which accompanied the poor wages. They had neglected to take into consideration that it would have been difficult to hold back the large waves of very agitated people, especially if healthy employment relief to the world had not begun to be instituted insistently and rapidly throughout the Globe. Demanding of the working force to embrace the opportunity of minimally-waged jobs (salaries incapable of supporting the cost of living even if someone was working on a regular basis 80 hours a week) and on top of that to compete or beg for these types of jobs would have been nothing more than applying a cheap and used bandage on a very serious and badly infected wound. Regrettably, while all of these unpleasant matters were being shoveled down the people's throats, the Earth's other tenants were by far the biggest losers.... The Earth herself wasn't receiving better treatment either. Under the bombardment of economic stress, the masses around the Globe weren't in the mood to speak in favour of the environment and frankly there was very little that they could do to protect the Earth.

Pushing a huge group of the human citizens (in addition to the couple of billions who had been kept perpetually destitute) to poverty and unimaginable hardship and whipping this group persistently with profound humiliation to where large waves of people have had to beg for an underpaid job or food wasn't anything new. In fact, this abomination had taken place numerous times before the 2008 financial fiasco on a rather frequent basis. Overall, though, previous to this episode, the manner by which the masters would go about robbing the masses had been a little different than the mode the financial masters of the developed Nations had exercised this time. Before and in the underdeveloped jurisdictions of today, quite legally the powerful would literally club the people or right-out kill them in order to rob them. They would resort to all sorts of violations. They would invent and plot incriminating scenarios in order to squash the masses, seize the people's meager savings, create an environment such as deep unemployment where the working classes would lose their homes, their farms or other property, suspend and/or crash the youth's plans for education and when they would deem necessary (usually when they were afraid of themselves being squashed), they would conspire to do eviller acts. They would do anything to bring about a vicious civil war or fabricate things in order to viciously invade their neighbors. This was an effective tool in keeping the masses under leash. They would also engage in committing larcenies and do all sorts of evil things with the ultimate goal of staying in power. This time around, at least in parts of the world, unlike some notable marauders of the past, the modern age aggressor/raiders were more sophisticated even though their agenda and its end result was the same....

At this round of major attack, the individuals and their collaborators behind the cause of the extraordinary economic misery and wide-spread destitution evidently had decided to subjugate and conquer the whole world all at once and go for the whole pie of wealth in a somewhat different style that their predecessors had. Not that it was particularly original, nonetheless it was different in that they had not exercised physical force or engaged in war in order to overpower the world. During a narrow stretch of time, the contemporary human-kind rulers had also allowed a relatively impressive size of the middle classes to educate themselves or educate their children. In return, the newly-created wave of relatively well-fed people from the middle class layers had willingly put themselves on the side of the rulers, until that is, they were suddenly punched very forcefully. Rudely, the people from these middle classes found themselves without jobs and were systematically being evicted from their homes. Evidently, the masses from these middle classes were no longer of use to the big guys who operated in stealth.... It surely seems that these brazen characters had been bored with the status quo of the economic environment...... The chief larceners wanted some action, and action they got.

Though the people who had made up the Global Government and other powerful individuals from the leading corporations, religious organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations had pledged to wipe out hunger by the turn of the millennium, regrettably, nine years after that date they had not delivered. Not even close, in fact, there were more children dying from starvation or going to bed hungry by this time than in the preceding decades before this point. This was not all, just prior to the turn of the new millennium, those who controlled the world economically were not very pleased with the relative prosperity that segments of the world were enjoying. The master's plan now had been to scheme out a plan whereby it was capable of ensnaring a staggering number of souls from humanity's middle classes and force them to join the ranks of the three billion of humanity's already poor and very destitute people. On this particular occasion, however, the plot to squash the Global citizen on a large scale could not have worked---it had become outdated at this intersection in time. And although the world's oligarchs were more sophisticated than in previous times and were experts in bringing forth raw misery and successfully instituting choking poverty, still, they had made a momentous miscalculation at this round of attack. It seemed that the leading innate factor in their make-up---greed, was even more powerful than their sense of logic and/or sanity.

In all likelihood, the people primarily responsible for the Global economic meltdown must have sensed that they were above the law and therefore untouchable, immaterially of how extensive the damage they would have caused or how loud the roar of anger would have been. Irrespective of the consequences, this episode certainly gave the impression that basically they had been given the mandate to concentrate the peoples' wealth in fewer hands. Furthermore, it appears they were counting on the possibility that the citizens of the Planet would have adapted to this sort of misery and humiliation with very little fuss. It surely looked, sounded and smelled that this might have been their purpose precisely. Irrefutably, this small number of people was accountable for all that had been lost in a very short time around the Globe and unquestionably they were responsible for a lot of pain, but could they have created all of this wreckage all on their own initiative? Of course, many of those who had been robbed, essentially in due course would have recovered, some fully, some marginally, some so-so, but they would have come out of the hole. Unfortunately, at the same time there would have been many who, for an assortment of reasons, would have been left behind perpetually. This painful truth in many ways was irreconcilable with forgiveness. At any rate, wasn't it odd that many months after a cluster of the world's most well-off---a number of which were billionaires actually---had shredded the economies of the world apart and had caused large waves of people to go unemployed, go hungry, lose their houses, pensions, medical insurance, lines of credit, cash, cars, educational opportunities and some even their marriages and what have you, while none of the offenders had been reprimanded nor had they volunteered to give a little back from the mountains of their accumulated possessions. Had they offered their colossal mansions (the unoccupied ones) to serve as temporary shelter for those who had been evicted from their houses on account of their unconscionable behavior, would have been considerate and thoughtful.... No doubt, a gesture of this kind would have been especially appreciated if they had chosen to house those who were ill or old and or those with small children.

These horrible beings had done a lot of damage, it was in their make-up to be who they were. This said, however, there was nowhere an excuse to bring the world to its knees, though it may have been beyond their ability to stop sucking the essence out of life on this Earth. Nonetheless, the chief wrong-doers in this case were the watch-dogs---the policy-makers and if any one was to be on the Global citizens' radar it should have been this group of people who had requested to be given the world's most crucial positions. At any rate, could there have been a bigger story in this tale than the one the world had been presented with and thus a reason the persons answerable for this financial carnage had been left untouched? If one was to assume that these people had been outright commissioned to do this sort of expansive devastation, could such a person have exaggerated? Could such an individual's suspicions have been brushed away as nothing more than just simple little conspiracy theories?

At any rate, alas, the timing for this type of assault couldn't have come at a more inopportune time. And to make things even worse, boldly it had been decided to be put in effect maximally just prior to the establishment of the New World Order. The elites and their collaborator's plan to concentrate even more of the Earth's resources/riches unrestrainedly in only a few hands---their hands, was malevolent. These beings had entirely ignored the world's fundamental needs. Their action to go ahead full blast and exercise their wicked designs to disrupt or disturb the overall schedule of the masses of people within the human society, was not a healthy thing to do. Inflicting financial stress to the greatest possible degree and causing impoverishment to a vast number of additional souls was not a bed of roses either. Their plan to cause unforgivable harm definitely was not a good idea, it had gone especially awry in that at this intersection in time, the situation of world affairs was different than previously, in three major ways.... Was it arrogance, miscalculation or just pure greed, or something even far more ominous on their part to have caused the world so great a stress? Of course, there were many who were well fed and were living the comfortable life and who had well paid and secure jobs, but there were many more who were being systematically faced with the exact opposite.

Having brought the world to insolvency, especially at this demanding intersection in time when the little Planet was flooded with a vast number of the human species, and at the time when the world throughout was being faced with a rapid increase of oligarchs, surely the situation was very risky. Humanity's darlings, instead of dealing in a smart and humane manner with the 2008 financial predicament the world was in, or perhaps in advance preventing it from happening in the first place, the world's Heads of States basically stood by the sidelines with their hands either crossed or well-greased and allowed all of it to happen. Not to omit, of course, that many of these policy makers---some secretly, some openly--- enabled humanity's oligarchs (new and old) to literally rip off everyone and keep for themselves just about all of the world's inheritance.

In an environment of absolute and wide-spread indifference on the part of most of the Global Leaders, could something else have been happening? While on one hand the prominent world leaders were telling the world that they were gathering at their G-8 and G-20 economic summits supposedly to solve the Global economic problem and beginning to institute a modest degree of socio-economic justice around the Globe, which by the way would have sufficed and would have been the perfect therapy for the time being, could they have succeeded to deliver, while on the other hand they were getting together not being prepared to trim even a little the feathers of the chief causal factor? Without keeping under balance the system of fascist-style capitalism which was not whatsoever concerned with the principles of reasoning or the merits of relative fairness, nonetheless, could these well-meaning G-20 individuals have remedied the worlds leading predicament at this moment in time? By not willing to muzzle the ferociousness of this barbaric and cave-age system which literally had left half of the Earth's people, if not many more way out of its fortified perimeters, could the G-20 leaders have been able to successfully hide their duplicity on the matter for much longer? Would these seemingly well-versed people have continued to underestimate the rational fortitude of the masses even though they may have believed that the so-called ordinary people amounted to nothing more than just gullible creatures, or had they begun to worry a little? Of course, it would have been both unfair and unreasonable to accuse them of not clubbing hard (vigorously renovating and modernizing) on the heavy hand of capitalism.... If they had done this, it may essentially have been an act the same as if they would have ruffled their own feathers, or perhaps the feathers of those they were in close association with, and/or those they were doing lucrative business with (no sarcasm was intended with this one). And although it may have been unfair to demand of them to reform their thinking a little, nonetheless, they were expected to make a little modification on the system responsible for nastily bringing the world to insolvency both socio-economically and environmentally.

Whilst a huge wave of social activist voices were casually pleading for smart and caring socio-economic consideration, and for anti-war sentiment, and also for climate change-related causes were being ignored, could something else have been brewing? What if, while these voices were getting bigger and louder, and were demanding meaningful changes in policies and such to a degree where they would have necessitated continuous order, would they have displeased a certain human component? What if, God forbid, at these extraordinary times these socio-economic, human rights and ecological activists, along with masses of conscientious observers would have joined forces and demanded serious change and such to where it would have presented the opportunity to humanely and civilly tackle the world's treacherous incongruities? Could this have negatively provoked the psyche of a specific constituent amidst the human colonies? Aside from this abnormal constituent's sheer idiocy, didn't logic dictate that once these problems had been nicely catered to one after the other, consequently on their own they would have promoted prosperity and indeed entirely on their own would have promoted general contentment, individual responsibility, calmness and serenity and most of all security? What if these conscientious and daring voices of activism in whatever capacity had ruffled the feathers of a severely anomalous group amidst the human stratum which had entirely ignored the requirements of the new world era? Was it possible at all for a handful amidst humanity's most affluent and influential people (humanity's covert think-tank crowd) who might or might not have been tightly connected to the G-20 leaders to have had an agenda involving socio-economic, geopolitical and strategic policies of their own? Could these strategies have been such that their architects were vigorously planning to re-institute world-wide slavery or something pretty close to it and if this would have failed, plan b would have been to plunge the world into an unforgiving third world war?

Was it possible that this economic larceny, hence colossal unemployment, had been orchestrated because it was the qualifier component needed for full blown world-wide war? It would not have been the first time humanity's special groups and their collaborators amidst the human colonies to have done this sort of thing whereby they would create a tense economic and geopolitical environment and garnish these schemes with rampant and indiscriminate unemployment and patriotism. Then use these tactics to enlist the jobless in the military, and in turn take the world to war throughout. If this sort of group existed, the world at large will never know of their true and exact intentions unless that assembly of characters behind this reckless and unwise collection of people was to tell, one imagines..... Documents however, unambiguously reveal that powerful groups comprised of unscrupulous individuals on a grand scale have treated the world with this extent of deception and contempt and in this exact manner repeatedly before. Wasn't the 2008 financial disintegration the sort of incubator that would enable opportunists of war-profiteering to act? One must also not omit to take into consideration that this sort of vile planning in the name of special interests (just so to service a handful and at the expense of many) is alive and thriving, and is in effect happening in a number of localities around the Globe at the present time. Who might be the biggest beneficiary of these confirmed topical wars at this moment, I wonder? Could it be humanity's chief arms or oil cartels, perhaps both?

In any case, if this was what the world's most affluent and most influential (the unprincipled segment amidst this group) were planning for the world throughout at this time, in all likelihood, things would not have gone their way. This time around, in addition to humanity's mood being very different than before, in combination with other powerful influences---the environment being one, it would have come together with the intent to dispel the war-mongers' war plan. So, before the world's war-mongers and war-profiteers and their teammates from behind the scenes would have driven the world onto an unforgiving world-war (if indeed they were planning this), at the nick of time their arrangement for world-wide war would have exploded on their faces. Among other things, their fascist-type capitalism would have been history and in point of fact, with or without war, it would have become outmoded in a very memorable way. Over all, they would have failed disconsolately in their efforts to keep matters status-quo. In other words, they would have evolved. This time around, common-sense dictated that things would have materialized in favour of peace, and of world prosperity and security. Chances were that things would have gone very much so in favour of the Earth's so-called common people (the Earth's genuine people), the Earth's other tenants, and most certainly in support of the Earth herself.

One may think that I have profound disdain for those who could have made a difference in the lives of many in this world as they had the chance and the opportunity while on their journey on this miraculous Earth, but which they chose not to deliver. Actually, I have only pity for them for turning themselves into such contaminated waste. Irrespectively of how one wishes to slice up the unhealthy situation before the world and/or irrelevant of the excuses, fact was, the world had been calculatingly brought to environmental, geopolitical and socio-economic insolvency by a careless, thoughtless and indifferent handful amidst humanity. In addition, these indecent entities gave no signs of remorse on their part or signs that they were working to help bring about a healthy and cooperative restructuring in the systems responsible for the greatest larceny and the greatest damage ever.... Far from it, instead, these anomalous beings (these potent and ultra-ferocious parasites) in close alliance with the influential Global Governments operating to the last minute of the 2008 monetary crisis and beyond this time actually, went on with business as usual in spite of the fact that they had maximally and deliberately battered the world economically as well as ecologically.

There were no proper regulations in place to deal with the monetary and/or environmental abuse and or abusers of these violations. Deliberately, there was no socio-economic system in place to where it would have encompassed the poorest of the world even marginally. The strongest Global policy-makers openly were also making mockery of the environmental dilapidation. Definitely they were not doing anything to deal with those who had sent waves from the various middle classes to join the world's poor and the poorest, especially the older citizens who had no time to financially recuperate even if the economic trauma were to be stabilized. The world's policy-makers however pretended to be on the side of the people whose livelihood and hard-earned savings had been stolen by a bunch of sophisticated thieves in broad daylight. It can not stated enough that on account of their ill-conceived economic policies, they were forcing people to give away the thing most dear in their lives. In addition to the magnitude of those souls who were already condemned to exist perpetually in utter poverty, more people now were being forced to join this massive community of the most vulnerable on Earth, some of which resorted to giving away their children because they were forced to be unemployed, consequently many were becoming homeless and had been left with no more money to feed and shelter their little ones. They would also give away or abandon their beloved pets for the same reasons. Really, a great number of the newly-made poor had been robbed of everything and had been dislodged from all they were familiar with. While the world's leaders were arguing, some passionately, some not, of how best to deal with the economic crisis without touching the culprit in the slightest, these others had been made to suffer profusely and to a staggering degree with no signs of easing the pain in view.

These were the facts. The penalties with which humanity's 21st Century Lords had imposed on the world at large were unforgiving for a large wave of souls and the Earth herself. The detrimental deeds of these fraudulent and wasted beings were well-documented specifics. These irresponsible and conscience-impoverished organisms had done immeasurable damage to the world at large and anyone genuine who would have attempted to straighten up things, clean up these people's filth and make a difference in the world would have had a very arduous time with the plethora of mess these human-kind subs had created..... Chances were the formidable opponents of smart change and ethical solutions for a prosperous and healthy humanity and an orderly world and a functioning Planet, would have had a field day of unremitting antagonism, trickery and sabotage. Logic however, dictated that things would have changed. And although change was in the air and imminent, not even the wisest amidst humanity would have been able to guess accurately of how this much important transformation would have come to be materialized...unless, of course, they would have been able to time travel. Naturally of course, it would have sounded entirely preposterous to think that one could have time traveled into the past of another system in order to see episodes of this system's/this Earth's future or the other way around...whichever. Time travel, though intriguing, was just a theoretical theme and one entirely unproven and unsure at this time and in all likelihood this was something not possible to have been exercised for some time yet to come...if ever......... Therefore, until such time one could only have guessed by what means the tide would have changed on the shores of this Earth.

One thing was unmistakably sure though, at the time when the economic disintegration of 2008 exploded.... At this junction in time when humanity's most potent sponging element had already polluted the Earth throughout and in abundance was lacing the Earth's shores and other places with its unforgiving petroleum slush on a continuous basis, there were no checks and balances in place to control it and the likes of it. Within a couple of months-weeks just prior to this financial crumple a handful of people behind the world's most affluent corporations had raised the price of oil/gasoline to preposterous heights and no one was there to stop them. Following the artificially-inflated oil prices, no one was prepared to say boo to the world's other leechlike element (the banking crowd) when it had proceeded worldwide to stop lending money indiscriminately to individuals and to small and medium-size business for commerce transactions, for mortgages, for tuition fees and for the sorts of affairs which make the world go around in a functioning and orderly manner.

No one questioned in a language the members of the financial parasitic group would have understood for canceling approved credit lines, for raising credit card interest to exaggerated percentages and what have you...if they had, everyone would have been spurred this hurting and humiliation. Legislatively, the mammoth wrong-doers of the world had been given the right to do as they pleased. After the terrible conduct of some of these elements responsible for badly beating the world and who basically were above the law, on behalf of the Global community and on behalf of security and world prosperity one would have thought that such a crucial system (the banking institutions) would have been instantly Nationalized worldwide. One would have projected this action to have been considered by every legislator in the world especially after the various banking systems had been given astronomical amounts of taxpayers' money to service the public in which case those who controlled these important institutions had deemed it not necessary to do so. Not only these audacious characters were not accommodating even those with excellent credit ratings, in fact they had hoarded the whole amount that had been given to them and they had demanded to go about with no accountability whatsoever. Clearly, they were making absolute mockery of the entire financial system and the whole world in fact, during which time, of course, the world's watch–dog (exceptions aside) was more interested in the bones it was thrown at it by its masters without even attempting to do some damage control, which might have helped a little....

At such a difficult financial time and at the time when the working classes were losing their jobs en masse to places where near-slavery wages were the norm, as well as when the banking/financial executives were badly looting and mocking the world, one would have thought that immediate and sweeping changes of a meaningful and consequential nature would have been instituted in order to deal with the economic and environmental calamity in progress.... Even the least indifferent individuals amongst the affluent society had a tendency to disregard the fact that the world at large had begun transformation and that its needs could no longer have been ignored. Worst of all, the world's legislative decision to exclusively stick with the crowd which was running the world's multinational corporations could not have come at a worse time. Against every bit of common-sense, humanity's most influential law makers and the worlds' most dominant and controlling business executives had conspired to carry on with the apparatuses of Globalization, deregulation and Free Trade in the malevolent format in which they had been designed to operate. Arrogantly, these two groups had plotted to carry on with business as usual and concentrate the wealth of the world in yet fewer hands.

At these particularly difficult economic times, the affluent Global policy-makers, instead of seizing the chance to encompass everyone in a caring way including the Earth's Environments, had opened the doors wide open for the richest multinationals to cherry-pick and freely devour companies and natural resources from any Nation they wanted to and for just about free. The opportunity for those with plenty of cash for opportunistic and predatory buying activity across all sectors in the midst of the 2008-2009 financial Global collapse was unparalleled and exceedingly offensive, though legal. They had made possible for those with the biggest hoardings to sweep up everything for a song. The tentacles of Globalization were choking the world. The beneficiaries of Globalization were allowed to snatch and take even more from the Global citizen. Too bad really, because it had the potential of being the instrument of something fantastic. Alas, it could not have expressed itself in a hopeful and positive way in the format in which its architects had designed it and definitely not in the way in which its foremost beneficiaries had spun it around and had manipulated it to work solely in their favour. Case in point: While the proponents of Globalization were parroting that Globalization had brought about three hundred million of India's citizens and the same number in China up to the middle class ranks, they conveniently ignored the fact that a billion of citizens in each of these two Nations had been left out of the prosperity basket, with no signs or arrangements for them in place of ever-ever being allowed to escape the clutch of poverty and/or extreme poverty.

South Africa had an analogous story to tell: While the merits of reconciliation were celebrated world-wide and may or may not have been responsible for averting civil war in that part of Africa, that type of transformation however had done nothing, absolutely nothing, for the majority poor of South Africans in terms of affording them to live even a semi-enduring existence. Other than accommodating a handful of South African natives (relatively to the number of native people) to join the ranks of millionaires and middle classes, that kind of change had in fact pushed a greater number (in the millions) to absolute poverty and had condemned them to live in dilapidated and over-crowded neighborhoods built of shacks and where very high unemployment, disease, raw misery, hunger, desolation and crime was prevalent and unforgiving. On top of it, the water tabs of the people in those communities (those who had water) were running on meters for corporate profit ,and those who could not pay the water bill, to this day (year 2008) on rainy days resort to fetching their drinking water from filthy street pot-holes. Evidently, the gentle hand of reconciliation somehow had forgotten to touch the shoulders of these most destitute people while it had not omitted to caress the most notorious of the apartheid regime and those who gladly supported it and benefited from it for a very prolonged time.

The promoters of Globalization, Deregulation and Free Trade, they can chant all they want to about the worth of these three commerce apparatuses. Fact is, in their present format and in accordance with the international arrangement in terms of how they have been operated, these three have ruthlessly bankrupted the world over and over and have caused immense damage and stress just about to everyone and everything throughout---literally. Facts of their value speak for themselves. Whatever perceived benefits they had brought to some in the past were not sustainable---obviously. It was time to dismantle them and swiftly replace them with the true machinery of Globalization. And how about starting with non near-slavery wages and a safe work-place for every worker on Earth? Something of this nature is surely to substantially alleviate the immigration/refugee predicament and is a matter which so many of the host Countries have a difficulty with.... And who knows, one day this may prove to be the beginning of something even greater...such as the Earth being without human boundaries for example. And yes, I know I'm stretching it here, but, can a notion of this nature be so sinful, really?

Everyone knew that the elite's system of international commerce dealings (Globalization and Free Trade) had resulted in commercial monopolization, unforgiving pollution, rampant corruption, near-slavery wages for most of the Globe's working force, bribery, pathological greed, hostile take-overs of smaller companies, fraud and deceit, lies, corrosive resentment, crime, deregulation, arm twisting, extreme hording, massive unemployment, and waves of homelessness among other objectionable things. Conveniently, it had also resulted big time in corporate welfare (only for the very wealthy companies) in the expense of everything and everyone else other than the handful of sophisticated hooligans who were running most of the giant international corporations including the IMF and the World Bank. Without doubt, these were the people responsible for having attacked the world's economies and for having brought the world to its knees in the autumn of 2008 and had realized these related offenses in the company of injudicious politicians and the war-profiteers among them naturally, of course.

Carelessly and while a mixed bag of different tensions and pressures were building up around the world, the Global legislator-the Global policy maker in the company of the elite corporate crowd had ridiculed and badly humiliated two potent forces.... In a very short time they had economically assaulted a staggering-massive number of the Earth's human citizens from the middle socio-economic ranks more or less evenly throughout the Globe and this unfortunate or 'fortunate' matter had coincided with the ecological insolvency at a time when the Earth was inhabited by an enormous number of people and at the time when the Earth was already inundated with very poor people. These were extremely serious violations, it wasn't like the influential elite from all jurisdictions had just ruffled the world's feathers. To have accomplished these matters concurrently, good-old unsophisticated common-sense dictated that it had the potential of being the elite's most grievous error. On that note, I'm of the firmest belief, along with myriads of others no doubt, that this Sphere would somehow have survived men's onslaught even with all of the environmental gloom and doom though that is valid and authentic, unfortunately. Like many others, I could only have projected but not quite fathom precisely what shape or condition the Earth would have been in, say in 20 years time. And like everybody else, neither could I have had figured out under what circumstances matters would have commenced to go in favour of this beautiful Planet and in also in support of the graceful armies of species including the developed human constituency amidst humanity who respected and appreciated this classy and intricately sophisticated being---this live Earth.

Without being just wishful, but rather having predicated my assertion on the ecological reality and the socio-economic screaming evidence in association, this Planet one way or another was to endure in my humble estimation, albeit it may not have been intact by the time sanity would have crawled into the neighborhoods of the human-kind. Ample data pointed that it could not have gone any differently.... Sweeping change of the positive kind was on its way at a fast pace in spite of the Earth's adversaries. Odds were that this change would have resembled the analogy following here or something to this effect.... First, with the exception of the wealthy and the very wealthy, just about everyone else would have had to traverse over a narrow---a very narrow---stretch of terrain (in terms of time) of very dry conditions. Following this barren belt of land, another stretch of green terrain with an animated environment (as in a farmer's healthy meadow with lovely blooms and also lots of vegetables, fruits and grains, but not quite ready to harvest) would have been right there but one would have had to navigate through the dry area in order to rich the dynamic landscape with the vigorous garden. At this point, and while everyone waited for the juicy fruits and vegetables to fully ripen, out of thin air something else would have come into full view. Neighboring this lovely stretch of garden, suddenly a wide/expansive, healthy, and very rich and serene field which had been freshly and pleasantly plowed over and was ready for robust cultivation would have appeared.

Somehow and much to the disappointment of the anomalous human constituent and regardless of the projected initial hardships and difficulties and trials of adjustments for the Earth's tenants which were surely to present themselves in unforgettable ways, logic dictated that things would have shaped up robustly in support of the Earth and in support of an orderly and responsible humanity.... In accordance with the mood of things and the needs of a changed world, in all probability the banking system worldwide would have stood the strongest chance to have been the first to have undergone bright transformation. Irrespectively of the extraordinary efforts of its powerful and unyielding supporters (the old guard) to preserve its status quo and irrelevant to those who refused to conform to the needs of the New Era World, everything suggested that the banking system would have been nationalized throughout every Nation.

Now, for those amidst humanity who are allergic to a world encased in the virtues of caring, thoughtfulness and kindness for all, or for those who detest this sort of humane makeover, relax, no need to be stressed out or resort to nail biting.... After all, this is only a scenario in the realm of fantasy......perhaps, plus the fact that life is too short. Besides, if this sort of imaginary event was ever to take place in real life, the millionaires could still have kept plenty of their millions and still retain/live in their numerous gargantuan mansions and spacious penthouses as long as they had made room for everyone else to live in at least semi-adequate space. And no, this type of change surely did not mean that humanity would have created a grand system in association with Fascism, Theocratic and or the Maoist/Leninist dogmas (especially far from it). Equally, nor would it have been a system structured to favourably revolve around (very far from it) the notoriously gluttonous and corrupt capitalistic system. Capitalism, in the format in which it had been instituted and operated lacked even traces of morality and or of humanity.... It was responsible for destroying the world's economies and monetary systems. Surely it was to blame for bringing the Earth's ecosystems to insolvency amongst a full lake of other reprehensible things such as keeping a vast section of the world hungry, abused, exploited at war, homeless, sick, destitute and/or uneducated.... These four Bronze Age systems in all likelihood would have been replaced worldwide with a socio-monetary arrangement similar to the one adopted by the 'Scandinavian' Countries except multiple times better in terms of efficiency and maximum effectiveness. For these kinds of progress and programs, however, to have taken place peacefully in every respect, immense cooperation and ample applied discipline would have been a requirement, especially on the part of the affluent, the influential and the well-connected who had thus far operated outside the limits of a thoughtful framework. Even base-level rationale dictated that little else would have sufficed under the emergence of so many socio-economic, geo-political and environmental tribulations the world had been heavily blanketed with.

In the meantime and before this new world system would have undergone all of its germinated stages and before it had extended its nurturing and caressing roots throughout, just about with absolute certainty humanity's mainstream money lenders---the world's bankers who operated no differently than the unscrupulous loan-sharks would have been out of business. They would also have been questioned rather severely for having created a treacherous environment of stress and hardship for billions of additional souls and for having brought the world economy to a standstill. Switzerland's secret banking organism and its counterparts of safe-haven accounts elsewhere, where untold looted or untaxed wealth was being deposited for safe-keeping, would have been outlawed altogether. Following these changes, education and healthcare including pharmaceuticals and dental care from A to Z would have been nationalized and each Nation's scientific/pharmaceutical research institutions would have operated in synchronization with each other in order to exchange data in the benefit of everyone and also to avoid unwarranted redundancy and waste.

The energy enterprises on the other hand and peculiarly enough, seemed that they would have stayed more or less in the same hands for a while longer, but out of necessity would have reformed a great deal.... With the exception of the continuation of some high density coal to be used for specialized purposes and a bit of petroleum for non energy use, straightforward reason dictated that eventually, and in no time at all, everything---absolutely everything which required energy including houses would have run on long-lasting batteries. Hydro power stations would have been entirely and throughout the globe eliminated. Batteries surely would have beaten those intimidating gaseous and gasoline storage tanks, be it mobile or immobile. Those unsightly energy wires which hung all over the Planet and the likes of them beneath the ground or water surface, along with those hideous meters would have been something of the cave age and something the following generation would have looked upon in utter dismay. Nuclear energy stations would have been completely out of the question, but it would have been a daunting task to decommission the existing ones and neutralize/deactivate---yes deactivate their dreadful matter.....

The bewilderment of the new world persons of the immediate future ranging in a bracket of 20 or so years from now, when they would have looked at the energy systems of their immediate predecessors (today's people), would have been shocking and beyond comprehension. Their puzzlement no doubt would have been multiple times greater than that of the teenagers of today when they compare the technology of their cell-phones to the telephones which are still attached to the wall by warped wire.... By all indications a marvelously amazing epoch was around the corner---it was splendidly gravitating towards this Planet. In spite of the financial mayhem and economic turmoil and hardship the select few amidst the human element on Earth had caused to the humankind and everything else on this live Globe at this round, suddenly, the fundamentals around a permanently changing world seemed to have been slightly hopeful and promising. It was my conviction that the anomalous category of people, i.e. warmongers, war-profiteers, innate human-rights violators, animal and environmental abusers and the likes of them (the conscience-deprived) amidst the human-kind, would not have been the victor. If anything, these types would probably have been the biggest losers. These kinds, though they had an obligation and the means to beautifully cater and deliver to the world, they had instead opted to ignore even the most rudimentary needs of the world around them. Worst, they had chosen to take for themselves just about the whole thing from the world, though they knew that this activity was not sustainable in the long run.

Nonetheless, what factors would have come together in order to make room for the much necessary changes in favour of this precious Planet and of lasting peace, accord and prosperity? In the midst of permeating arrogance on the part of some and the increase of self-importance and attitude of indifference on the part of the affluent, the influential and the well connected, was it safe to assume that matters would have changed drastically, especially in a setting of monetary collapse? In addition to arrogance, indifference and selfishness and a host of other things such as the elimination of workers unions, the revival of minimal wages (near slavery salaries) for the Global work force, extreme unemployment, hazardous aggression throughout the human environs, profound greenhouse gasses and other human pollution, what else would have taken place on Earth to where massive and prompt transformation would have been inescapable and actually obligatory?

What would have made the difference in a very condensed time just prior to reaching the point in time where war would have been eradicated---where peace would have predominated much to the dismay of the human-kind war-monger and war-profiteer? What would have transpired where everyone would have shown respect and appreciation for this jewel Earth to the degree where the human-kind tenant would have allowed her to recover? What kind of forces would have come together to where they would have enlightened the good quality and evolved human segment of the population to the level where it would have propelled itself to distinctions of delight while simultaneously it would have speedily engaged itself in the activity of inspiring and ethical innovations and exciting advances of the best kind? While the Planet had been faced with climate change in rapid progression, what would have to had occurred rather abruptly for the excellent sector of humanity to have been the victor and in order for all of these uncomplicated yet excellently superb things to have reigned and been instituted in an orderly way at an accelerated speed? Though based on logic, could my supposition/guesses on the above topics so dear to my soul be just wishful hypotheses? Maybe, but I'm not alone in believing in the power of miracles as they present themselves in mysterious ways. At the same breath, who could have been foolish enough to discard the awesome power of the conscience-enriched segment of humanity? The conscience-enriched share of humanity was a big crowd and was just about evenly spread throughout the Earth's superbly inviting domains.

It was not possible for the outstanding breed of people of this brilliant and nurturing Planet to have let this beautiful Earth gone to waste. Of course, it would not have been an easy job for the members of humanity's conscientious group to have accomplished this without the help or cooperation of humanity's unresponsive and/or withdrawn group, but somehow they would have succeeded. On the other hand, things could have proven to be very easy.... Who knows, one of those days and strangely enough the indifferent and evasive human-kind group amidst the human settlements might be persuaded to be reasonable and lend a hand in a meaningful way. Those in the unresponsive group might even have been swayed enough to where they would have been pleasant, kind and nice in tandem..... Surely they ought to, but that could only have had happened or rather would have been consequential only when and if there was to be one---only one impartial and detached armed military force policing the Earth throughout under the umbrella and watchful eye of the UN Organization, or something to that effect..... Was it at all possible even in an imaginary world for the entirety of the human constituent to have come together in unity however? Perhaps...and one hopes it would have happen much sooner rather than later.....

In the wake of the environmental and economic debacle accompanied as it was with the torrent of human beings in terms of numbers the world had found itself in, everything pointed to the notion that it was no longer feasible for humanity to have been kept behind, in insolvency and in perpetual animosity artificially. Was it at all likely though at this epoch of fast-pace and in the midst of unwarranted selfishness, squandering, and excessively un-proportional standards of living for different individuals along with systemic indifference for the affluent society to welcome the necessary refurbishment? Irrespectively of this group's assessment of the world around it, it would have been a gigantic leap forwards, say if every Nation on Earth had reverently put the influence of their various religions and political aspirations aside for a split moment and given enough time where they could have contemplated something different for a change.... One can only imagine what would have been if, say, the world's Governmental leaders and the world's most influential corporate crowd and the rest of humanity's prominent people were to give themselves the time to come to the consensus that it was in everyone's best interest if they had aimed for and had achieved reasonable, practical and sound unanimity instead of threatening that they would make pancakes out of each others cities? How unreasonable could something along these lines have been, say, if they had chosen to go for world-wide prosperity without leaving anyone behind? How sinful would it have been if they had chosen to institute permanent peace and gotten rid of humanity's most potent weapons, at least the atomic arsenals, especially under this extraordinary state of affairs and tense circumstances that were beyond belief, circumstances which this world and this Earth herself had been pushed into? It is unfathomable to come to terms with the fact that this community of powerful people had behaved as the world's foremost asinine and most incompetent constituent, though these characters had the opportunity and the resources to do the proper thing, but had decided to let it all go waste.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

At any rate, though while quite unexpectedly I had found myself in the midst of an expansive and appealing landscape conducive not only to field research work on the Energy File I had been assigned to, but also suitable for other areas, at first I had suspected nothing of what was about to transpire.. I really thought I had been given privileged access to this place of favour to carry out my usual line of research. And more specifically, initially I surmised that I had been summoned there to conduct field work on a specific File of enormous interest to me at about that time. While that particular Case File dealt with a groundless hypothesis, and amounted to nothing more than just pure fiction, it was actually an interesting File.... Pointless as the case may have been, even so, at that particular time and for sometime before, I was hugely interested in identifying the natural formula (unlocking the secret) responsible for re-growing of missing body parts in amphibians.

Just about immediately, however, after my arrival at this virtually inaccessible region of precious extent, I recognized that I had been presented with the golden opportunity to search for something that would have for once and for all solved humanity's energy quandary, before the human-kind---my kind had completely demolished the foundation of an entire Planet---the very Planet the said species inhabited.

Be it by pure chance or by arrangement (I will never know I suppose), while at this marvelous domain advantageous to field research study in a multiplicity of disciplines, I came across an exclusive researcher named Alexa who was conducting comparable work there. She was such a rich and complicated being and an individual with tremendous ambitions and extraordinary drive for unraveling complex matters. Certainly, she was someone who worked tirelessly on her abilities for ethical and valuable solutions. As it was the case, she was also intimately connected with the Command Center of this High Learning Institution I had been admitted to sometime before. And though I had sensed a lot of coincidental comparisons between my own circumstances there and Alexa's, still, her place at this priceless place of erudition, and her accumulated knowledge as compared to mine, were high, whereas mine were at the absolute bottom. On the other hand, my argument on the Environmental theme appeared to have been a touch greater than hers, and this scored me a few noteworthy points in so far as being someone who was viewed with solid ecological commitments, and I got the most out of this recognition.

Although up to that time I had only been an amateur author of more than a few written works, nonetheless, Alexa's journey into this spectacular place of discovery and learning and her astounding experience therein, were such to where they persuaded me to approach her with a specific proposal in mind. And despite the fact that for a while I had struggled with the decision to go forward with my idea, nonetheless, I went ahead with the suggestion as soon as she had agreed to hear me out.... Accordingly, and to the best of my faculty, I tried to convince her to permit me to formulate into book format a fraction of her captivating story in association with this unparalleled organization and its highly consummate ambassadors within. And so it was, in due course, with her permission and in harmony with the conditions attached to the agreement I had made with her of course, this unusual and gifted field researcher ended up to becoming one of the dominant characters in Green Diamond's fascinating tale of intrigue, twists, alliances, passion and unfolding mystery. What a great gesture on her part to have agreed for me to create this manuscript in accordance with my style of writing!!

* * * * *

To this day, I have yet to be told of the reasons why I have been admitted to this extraordinary institution of deep learning. I have yet to discover the reasons why I have been given access to places therein where under normal circumstances, I would have thought they would have been off limits to me. To make a long story short, in accordance with what I know with regards to this astonishing tall honor, the following few paragraphs here outline what had transpired early on while on my humble journey on this electrifyingly riveting Planet I call my temporary home.

Since my earliest coherent thought processes, my most ardent desire had been to be an animal health professional and/or an aviator. Once I had grown up, the opportunity had been presented for me to trail (or at least try) my dream of veterinary medicine or something in relation to this field to where it would have allowed me to pursue a career in animal (especially wild-life) rehabilitation. Someone from afar yet very prominent in my immediate surroundings however, since very early on had somewhat different plans in store for me and indeed this was someone who in a quiet manner but ingeniously had exercised tremendous influence over my life's trail.

As it was, while still a young student, I had been approached rather subtly by my trusted Mentor/Professor with an attractive field research work proposal. Initially I thought that the judicious educator was mainly interested in picking someone suitable enough and worthy of her standards in order to pass on some of her accumulated knowledge, surprising discoveries and experiences and hence build on the principles of her chosen research approaches and methods of exploration in the proposed field of study. Alternatively, I also thought that she might have been looking for someone with the potential to advance her research projects just a nudge within the context of her organization's aspirations and objectives.... And since the Professor's contract offer in one form or another dealt with all the things I treasured and which since my early childhood had captured my attention to the brim and had fascinated my soul infinitely, I gladly and with delight accepted this privileged working post with all the strings and stringent conditions attached to it.

In response to my fleeting reservations about possible impediments along the commission's way, the Professor had alluded that I should stay the course and that I should pay no attention to any potential hindrances that might have arrived. She had also said that things will have come to pass anyways. And although I had been given room to expand on this dialogue and specifically on the subject with regards to her indirect reference to the task's certainty, instead, I opted to remain indifferent to her response in vague.... Nevertheless, at the time of this communiqué, even if I had been the age of an adult in which case I had a while yet to reach that stage, not even in my wildest imaginings would it have been possible for me to suspect what the thoughtful teacher had in store for me with this assignment. Similarly, had I been asked to speculate as to who would have been aiding me persistently and patiently in this ever-evolving working obligation, even if I had tried a gazillion times, I couldn't have guessed accurately. There was one thing though which lacked ambiguity surrounding the Professor's comportment on the proposed matter...I had sensed that this assignment was to last me for ever and until the very last day of my voyage on this orderly Earth.

Nothing, if any, very little, had been left to chance with this persuasive assignment which over time ended up being a lovely collection of individual files in association...with more to come, hopefully. The astute intellectual had taken into account the whole lot about this type of field work she had embarked me into. Although quite uneventful and nothing out of the usual with regards to my assignment's affairs, nonetheless, when looking from the outside and in consideration of how things have emerged along the way since my official introduction to this task, it surely looks like the gracious, but shrewd Scholar had more in mind than what had been talked about initially.... In reviewing the past, indeed the scene is plentifully indicative that there might have been a bigger plan of some sort in the works all along and, one perhaps scheduled to present itself sometime down the lane at the appropriate time.

What is more, in reflection over the timing at which each of the core components came to present themselves in the order that they have, it is surely something strongly suggestive that the good Professor beforehand had projected just about everything, including the secondary components which accompanied this persuasive undertaking. In retrospect, it almost seems as if someone, somehow, from somewhere, way in advance had with precision figured out everything about this Energy File and had in detail programmed the whole lot that which was relevant to this assignment, therefore, making it highly unlikely for the favored/anticipated outcome to have turned out any differently, irrespectively of the occasional disappointments and stumbling blocks along the project's pathway. As for me, I'm indebted all along for having been given the opportunity since such a young age to work in my capacity on several Files so utterly meaningful, each wrapped with incredibly fabulous rewards in every way and all the way around. And although all along I had deemed File 2-A to have been my crown research accomplishment because of the areas it covers, its readiness, and due to its rapidity of its many operations, still, I now concede that this marvelous and awe-inspiring File has been superseded by the Energy File. Though I have spent a big chunk of my existence on this Earth in environments of solitude away in the bush, nonetheless, mine has been a dream assignment---it has been my world throughout. I can't imagine having spent my stay and time on this miraculous Planet on anything else. I am humbly honored to have been and continue to be in the service of this superb organization. Above all, I'm infinitely thrilled with the prospect of the Energy File, however delayed.

* * * * *

Anyways, while on my special excursion to this splendid oasis of large dimensions, due to my limited knowledge in the field of Energy I went about as best I could under the circumstances. At the outset without knowing that this actually was the first of two excursions, both having been coordinated for the Energy purpose, I had hoped to come across something complex-less and such to where it would have been possible for my untrained mind on Energy matters to grasp on. Therefore, initially that is, I didn't expect that I would have been able to pick on anything strikingly impressive during the course of my exploration for a reasonably benign and successful 'green' fuel source while roving around at this extraordinary domain of influence. However, at the very least, I was interested in something good enough until something better would have come along down the road while on a analogous outing, perhaps.........

Soon enough nevertheless, even as I was submerged in the Energy File I recognized that I had been presented with a once-in-a-life chance only, to fully do right then and there what was expected of me. And although I moved about expeditiously in my work, still, at this point in time, I didn't know what to expect or what I was looking for in this auspicious locale, despite the fact that the stunning surprise was staring at my face and waving at me with both hands, in a figure of speech of course. While thrilled to have distinguished it when I eventually did, this surprise, however once I had come upon it, was such that it simultaneously compelled me to scratch my head quite a lot with both my hands and for a while, until approximately twenty Earthly hours later actually, when the cause of the bewilderment had been lifted.

On the following field research expedition which of course could only have been coordinated for one of two purposes, nonetheless, at the time and for a brief moment I thought it had been strictly for the purpose of researching for the companion core ingredient and one just as essential as the Energy File's first component. Indeed, initially, it never occurred to me that the second outing may have been synchronized for the occasion to search for a different fuel source altogether. In any case, either way, soon enough matters had begun to be clearer for me. Once I had identified the next element, sure enough, I was no longer puzzled with the characteristic dynamics of the first component.... How could I have been so badly versed on the subject of this particular form of fuel, I questioned, especially considering that the Planet had been abundantly enriched with the element I had identified first? But, what can I say, such were the facts. Obviously, due to my lack of knowledge on the energy theme, and in consideration of the element's naturally occurring properties, I must admit that for a while I had considerable difficulty equating the first part of the discovery to fuel, especially with eco-friendly fuel, hence my earlier bewilderment on the matter. Ohh well, ignorance is an awful thing, with apologies I acknowledge.........

* * * * *

On the first of the two summons in relation to the Energy File, while freely roaming on the inviting grounds in search of the fuel component(s), I was aware that I was being observed from afar and specifically by someone exceedingly instrumental in this whole affair. This someone was highly versed in the File's details and was an individual who had understood very well the File's needs and complexities, in fact, without his unfaltering and excellently coordinated input, very little of this would have taken place, if any. His unobtrusive presence there was not disturbing in the least nor was intrusive in any way whatsoever with my being, I went about with my research on the Energy File as if I was the only one around. Pretty close to the end of my time allowance there, nonetheless, and only out of absolute necessity, I imagine, he interfered delicately on the first segment of the assignment. Once again, A's ingenious and constructive input was invaluable and his timing of inconspicuous involvement could not have come at a better time.

For a split moment and while roving around I would have sworn that I had picked on the agreeable scent of someone I knew very well from the time I was little, but this could not have been possible I had thought to myself. Anyhow, even if I had elected to search for this other matter, I couldn't have. I was fully cognizant that there was not enough time to use on other matters or time to misuse pondering about, every micro-moment was counted in this engaging open field laboratory. Promptly at some point, but not before I had used up approximately two thirds of my allocated time there without anything to show for it, I drew together every bit of my intellect and swiftly consigned it along with the entire spectrum of my senses to speedy and heavy duty labour, in a manner of speaking, of course. At this point, I operated my mind pretty much as savants maneuver theirs.... Because all of my intelligence antennas were roaming everywhere, I had to do something quickly. Had I not, pretty much I would have picked on all sorts of information from a wide area not necessarily wholly productive for this particular File. Temporarily therefore, I compelled the entirety of my intellect to focus only on the Energy theme and block everything else out, however captivating.

Humor aside, just about at this point pretty much I had fully recognized the enormity of this special summons, and therefore, in addition to the time constraints factor, the realization of the expedition's importance had added extra pressure on me. Such as the circumstances were, still, I went on with my work with absolute dedication in total equanimity. Down deep though, I was beginning to fill up with sadness and actually just about before I grasped onto the discovery, my whole being had been overwhelmingly encased in silent grief. Why would I feel so badly, one may ask, after all this was a very hospitable and a highly inspiring and encouraging environment with a riveting view at all directions and with superb natural loveliness everywhere?

Well, I was feeling sad because of two tightly interrelated factors: I was somewhat aware of the abundance of energy required in order for me to be there and I was fully conscious of the enormous and lengthy amount of preparation and arrangements it had taken in order for me to be at this marvelous place at this particular intersection in time. Therefore, I had sensed that I had an obligation to do my utmost best, but instinctively I felt I had not delivered even minimally. First and foremost however, it was for the reason that at this point in time pretty much I had already projected that the chances would have been very high for me to have come out of there entirely empty-handed irrespectively of how hard I would have tried for the remainder of my allocated time at that promising region. Thanks to A's intervention, of course, at the absolute very last minute, but not before the experience of the deeply felt disappointment, everything turned out perfectly. His added input not only had made all the difference at this field research excursion, but A had also managed to lift my soul caringly.

In any case, from the beginning and all the way through I went on with the task without knowing that this actually was a two-part assignment the first of which I ended up having an enormously difficult time, but an incredibly easy, fun and stress-free time on the second part, on which occasion I grasped onto the answer immediately---almost. I was particularly searching for a source of some sort with which to generate 'electrifying' Energy of the best kind capable of inspiring confidence all through the human plateau. It had to be unequivocally favorable to the benefit of the Earth's ecologies and the Globe's coordinated meteorological systems in place necessary for a live Planet. It also had to be simple or relatively straightforward to put together and with accessible and abundant raw materials for its end result synthesis. Overall, it had to be such where it had to embrace the entirety of humanity across and throughout the Earth's fields and indeed the whole world and the Globe over affordably and without bankrupting it.

* *

At this day and age, everyone understands that the solar energy or what is otherwise commonly referred to as the sun-power makes the world go around both metaphorically and in some ways quite literally.... Just about uniformly, everybody realizes that without the Earth's continuous fueling force having been exactly calculated and accurately regulated in terms of the Earth's distance to the sun and in terms of the Earth's rotation around her source of Energy respectively, very little of life, if any, would have endured and or would have evolved on this Earth. In an otherwise scenario, obviously then, this Earth would have been like its neighboring planets, either a frozen mass of some sort in space or else a very hot and inhospitable rotating desert.

Irrespectively of the "Big Bang" theory, more likely than not, most people, myself being one of them, may have at least fleetingly pondered at one time or another that the probability of this Planet to have ended up by sheer chance at the ideal distance from her sun would have been just about impossible. Similarly, the odds for this extremely busy Earth to aimlessly have found this tiny place yet perfect to perch on amidst an inhospitable vastness in space, would have been nearly nil. Surely, there are plenty of logical and interesting or even comforting questions, amusing too, that arise out of this extraordinary and all too remarkable occurrence. Indisputably, this is the million-dollar question that no one has ever yet been able to figure out the correct response to, and it will not happen for some time yet to come, I suppose.

Though I have read in a couple of languages actually, and strictly out of curiosity both the books of the Old and the New Testaments, however, being as I'm not a religious individual whatsoever, their content has no influence at all in my perception of the world around me. Without suggestive religious influences, or similar connotations or some other deep-rooted beliefs therefore, the following immediately here are the sorts of questions I ask from time to time about this dazzling and alive Earth.

While on the subject of special books, once while I was strolling escorted up and down the aisles of a one of a kind library and one very much tangible in every way, I had been given the opportunity to glance in the pages of an immensely interesting book with only a singular copy in circulation titled "Consciousness." Once again, the following here are a couple of questions I have posed about the being of this magnificent Earth.

At one time in antiquity, what were the forces responsible for having anchored this surprise Planet in the most privileged neighborhood in this part of the Cosmos at large?

Why is it that this Earth's electromagnetic fortification is so precisely measured and is such to where it is proficiently conducive and marvelously accommodating to the explosion of Genesis on this Planet?

Although the notion of evolution and or modification within the framework of natural selection of species on this Earth is a fact, evolution however does not occur out of thin air. It has to have a base---it has to have seeds and or roots from somewhere in order for the process of this kind of evolution to advance. Advancement such as the astonishing parade of Genesis so abundant on this Earth and one with such a nearly flawless representation and/or purpose had to have beginnings from somewhere. Of course, it could have commenced from some pond (an incubator) enriched with the entire spectrum of amino-acids for all I know, mixed with some seeds (cells-eggs) for example, but, if something of this sort were to be the case, where did the assembly of amino-acids and/or seeds come from?

Whatever the force may have been responsible for the developing stages of the Earth's biodiversity and also in connection with the Planet's construction and overall configuration, one can not help but marvel at its impeccably structured order. Are there any mishaps with the whole process of arrangement? Possible, but on the whole everyone, some innately, some not, do sense that this Planet is governed by a pattern of closely interconnected systems which operate in perfect collaboration and which as a whole are governed by a greater energy from somewhere beyond this Earth, but, where exactly is that beyond and what does it look like?

Most people sense as is the case with all of Earth's other inhabitants, that in the grand scheme of things (exceptions aside of course), everything on Earth is guided by the sophisticated force of nature and that plenty of the Earth's stylish arrangements are meant to function in an orderly system of mutual symbiosis. But, how exactly did this natural force came to be? How does nature manage to carry out the billion-fold of her operations with such classy and astounding order? Highly unlikely that it would have been the work of chemistry and the work of accidental physics alone.

Speaking of symbiosis, we know that water evaporation is crucial. Being as it is, it is transported from the Earth's atmosphere by clouds back to the Earth's surface in the form of the much needed rain or snow. In other words, this is a well thought out irrigation system and one very accommodating for cooling. Naturally, of course, this waterfall is not necessarily proportional everywhere all of the time, nonetheless, this recycling water is sprinkled widely over the Earth's domains, if otherwise, the Earth would have dried out eventually. In addition to replenishing the Planet's water reservoirs, it is also dispersed in places where it is the only source of water available, but, what do the Planet's various layers of outer environments get out of this elaborate liaison? Let us assume for a moment that there might be a coordinated relationship of mutual compensation in this case, what would then that association be? Isn't water one of the most essential elements on this Earth? Why water would not then be equally necessary in every one of the Earth's closest atmospheric layers from the Earth's surface in a way of chain reaction affiliation?

The grandest question, however, in relation to the Earth's location and specifically how She came to be where She is at this moment in time, in my humble opinion not only has it not been studied adequately, in fact it may have not been investigated properly at all.

Oddly enough, the better question about the Earth's origins may have altogether escaped humanity's renowned astronomers, cosmologists, theologians, philosophers, theorists, the great spiritual sages and the rest of the prominent human-kind thinkers alike.

Could the Earth have been immigrated to her current location, and if this were to be the case, where has she immigrated from? More importantly, and however ludicrous a notion for some, could it also be that this Earth along with her package including her collection of her menagerie aboard her some of which in primeval stage, has been thoughtfully expelled from her original position in the Cosmos and somehow was precisely guided to her present system? And if in fact She has been moved from her original place, why, how, when and by whom? Could it be that the Earth's relocation has been a controlled experiment of some sort? Could it also be that some of her life-forms had been added at a later day? .....The above here are just a couple of fleeting thoughts in inference---nothing more.....

* * * * *

Given the fact that I have enormous attraction towards solar energy, and also for the reason that I have touched a tad on the theme of solar energy however indirectly, it is quite possible that I may have been a little ambiguous on the subject of the Energy File herein, though I haven't yet said anything about the identity of the elements, at least not here.... Surely, it was not my intention to be hazy, nonetheless, and in all fairness to those who might decide to read this manuscript strictly on the worth of the energy theme, in advance I must pronounce that the relevant core data in relation to the Energy File about somewhere in the pages of "Green Diamonds" is not related to solar energy. This is not to say that I do not believe solar power one day will dominate and be used for all of mankind's needs, it may very well be, and it should. In the mean time and until such an illustrious time, let us all hope that humanity will work with the next best things. It is not like humanity lacks alternatives with which to advance the world without ruining it.... As it is, out there in waiting are a mountain of wonderfully ground-breaking yet trouble-free and undemanding innovations of all kinds for ethical solutions and for all sorts of applications of good sense.... Humanity is swamped with energy solution---especially.

Would however any time soon, the powerful figures behind the mega-energy corporations have adjusted their business model? Would they have switched to efficient and environment-friendly fuels? In the foreseeable future, would these extremely well-provided and notably well-spoken people have considered stopping humiliating this graceful and alive Earth and instead permit her to mend her wounds just a bit and go on with the duty of nurturing and sheltering her children?

Though just a scary thought, nonetheless, was it possible at all that the human members of the anomalous segment amidst humanity and in specifically the powerful and affluent amidst this group would have continued to be indifferent to the needs of this Planet? Would they have unremittingly assumed that it was perfectly fine to gorge on the foundation of this Planet and that it was okay to continue to hammer relentlessly on its overall structure for the reason that eventually humanity's space explorers would have spotted another Earth-like Planet with the capacity to sustain life the same as on this Earth? In such an inopportune scenario (that is if they would have been capable of getting there before they had evolved at least minimally), would their intentions have been to say hello, to cordially shake hands and/or make acquaintance with its residents or simply respect it for what it was and leave it alone?

In such a situation, how "off" one would have been if he or she had assumed that their intent was (IS) to invade this other Planet(s), to subjugate, to disease, and/or to assault its inhabitants in a barbaric and unforgiving fashion, colonize it, exploit it, contaminate it and over-populate it with their 'beautiful and ultra benevolent' genus? Or perhaps their intent would have been to aggressively and violently haul out its natural resources and simultaneously use it to dump their toxic and filthy garbage there, or maybe all of the above? We all know that these types are accustomed to these sorts of inhumane activities and that this sort of culture is deeply imbedded in their make-up. This category of people and in particular their financiers have been very efficient and have succeeded in these sorts of performances before, regrettably.... The un-conscientious characters comprising the barbaric, indifferent, hypocritical and overconfident human component on this Earth have abundantly demonstrated that they are experts in exploiting, polluting and/or ruining Planets to the core without being bothered in the slightest. I do not make up this class of stories nor do I embellish them in the least. In vigilant impartiality I simply extract this information from personal observations and or from humanity's depository rooms where records are kept for posterity.

If I'm wrong in my characterization about the Earth's leading abusers, than why are the both the world and the Earth in such shocking state of being? If I'm mistaken about this class of people, why than are the powerful energy people as a whole mocking the world with their pretentious bio-fuels derived primarily out of corn, wheat, potatoes and or rye for example? Corn for Ethanol (sugar cane Ethanol aside which is a Brazilian thing) is the grain they have zoomed in on most it seems. Corn Ethanol which is just as reprehensible as are their contemporary fuels (fossil, hydro, nuclear), if not multiple times worse at the end of the day, is just another expression of their callousness and of their indifference to the world around them. Instead of teasing the world with their alluring yet absurd commercials on energy alternatives of this nature which don't even qualify for ephemeral solutions in the first place, would it not have been better if they had in their place allocated adequate resources for real, efficient and lasting energy solutions? The world has seen their catchy commercials on bio-fuels---they are both deceptive and empty, even to a three year old, and especially a three year old would sense that they are not the answer to humanity's energy quandary. Would it be unfair if someone were to question the sincerity of the Corn Ethanol profiteers? Shouldn't the Corn Ethanol guru ought to have known that by diverting this central grain to fuel it would have compounded to the Earth's major ecological problems and humanity's foremost troubles?

Corn Ethanol, right from the start was a dissolute innovation and whoever came up with this idea was/is a cruelly irresponsible being if not altogether wicked. Corn ethanol, in addition to being a green house emissions contributor and in fact it pollutes not that much less than the fossil fuels do, badly depletes away the world's food. By the mere fact that large tracts of arable land are needed to grow corn for ethanol, that in itself alone is disturbing. Using corn to solve humanity's energy quandary even in part is a ludicrous initiative, plain and simple. The land which traditionally has been used to grow this grain for food can not be held hostage for the sake of 'growing' ethanol---it is needed to grow this stable vegetable for food consumption the world over.... Instead of being used to grow this indispensable grain in huge amounts strictly for ethanol, common sense along with morality dictates that this precious land is required to grow food to feed the world.

Corn ethanol, in addition to right-out robbing away this nutritious and delicious foodstuff (corn) from an already hungry humanity, is also conducive to high food prices throughout. Of equal consideration, one must not omit for a moment to reflect on the immense irrigation it requires to farm corn for the purpose of ethanol. Moreover, one must also consider that it takes a lot of fossil fuel energy to produce Corn Ethanol. Similarly, one must also not neglect to take into account the deleterious agrochemicals which are aggressively used to grow Corn for Ethanol. By the way, those agrochemicals are synthesized a great deal out of the same fossils the fossil crowd characters are in love with and swell up their pockets with. There are plenty more compelling reasons as to why corn cannot play a role in man's energy solution.... If anything, Corn Ethanol hugely adds to the energy predicament.

* * * * *

What would it have taken for humanity's leading corporate directors at large, to have sensed that the world had entered a new era and that it had been faced with a new generation of tribulations which demanded prompt attention? Was it possible at all for these excessively dominant people to have distanced themselves from indifference and narcissism? Would they have refrained from corrupting the Globe's policy makers, and if so, would the two of them then have worked in partnership with decency and common-sense? Would they have stopped engaging themselves in the business of unconstructive exploitation and cheap labor? Would the fossil fuels crowd in particular, in the company of humanity's other jumbo polluters, have conspired in a classy and accommodating manner and such to where they would have allowed this busy and giving Earth to decongest her lungs, to cleanse and re-establish her circulatory systems, to renovate her core structural arrangements, to begin the process of reinstating her eons-old rhythms and to replenish a little?

What were the chances for the energy barons and the Globe's policy-makers and regulators amidst humanity's colonies, at some point in time to have chosen to free the genuine human-kind constituent from its appalling petrochemical addiction especially? The world at large knew that the human-kind affluent, and the influential along with the well-connected had seriously curtailed the processes of ethical advancement and beneficial progress, nonetheless, what would had to have taken place for these people to change course? Since energy makes the world go around, at their own initiative, would these powerful people any time soon, have allowed for rational and efficient fuels to embrace and invigorate the world throughout or would they have continued with their grand larceny? If they had a plan, other than bringing the world and the Planet they nourished themselves from to absolute insolvency and reinstate near-slavery wages for the hard-working humanity throughout, what was the outlook of humanity's controlling constituent for the near and/or long term future, makes one wonder?

Was it possible at all for the human-kind element of affluence and influence along with the well-connected amidst the human settlements, while in the mode of hypocrisy and while disconnected from reality, to have paused for a moment to reflect on the matter that they had bankrupted the world badly? Would these people have accepted the fact that they had impoverished the world on all three major counts---socio-economically, geopolitically and environmentally? Would at some undetermined point in time, these well versed people, have been forced to openly acknowledge that they had deliberately partitioned the Earth more so than the likes of them from past times with the sole intent to suit their inhumane agendas of gluttony, exploitation and indifference? Would they have any time soon considered to use their format of "Globalization/free trade" to amalgamate humanity instead of using it as a tool to exploit, ransack and litter excessively while pointing the finger at each other for the world-wide spread of ugly pollution and poverty?

The human heads responsible for assessment and decision making, be it from the so called democratic Nations, socialistic or theocratic, fascistic, or communistic must have known that by keeping the human family divided and in hideous animosity, they had in fact engaged the entire human component of this Planet in a violent and raw crime of unprecedented proportions with them of course being the leading force in this unrelenting, and ruthless crime.... Wasn't it true that the indisputable evidence throughout and across the Earth revealed that humanity had turned ferociously on the Planet it depended on? Wasn't this a performance capable of boggling the mind even of a half common-sense person? Wasn't it also true that without firm and consistent action from the world's political and corporate arenas nothing would have changed? Sure, little gestures for environmental wellness and attempts at poverty purging as well as gestures for achieving universal peace coming from individuals were commendable, but, alone these superb people could not have made a dent in as far as alleviating this sort of problem and the likes of them so tightly interwoven, let alone solving them.

Do humanity's 21st Century affluent and influential and the well-connected feel awful for having enticed humanity to turn its back on its Planet and for having given humanity the tools to systematically chip in a very hostile way on the Earth's foundation? Did these people, if they could be called people at all, but anyways, ever feel embarrassed or even a little guilty perhaps especially when they prayed to their tailored gods, whoever those various gods were, or whatever they perceived them to be, for the numerous hideous chips on their shoulders? Of course, having brought this generous Earth to insolvency was one of those hideous chips, but, did these seemingly civilized and apparently well-cultured people ever made mention to their gods of the well-documented fact that in one way or another they were in the business of giving children the death penalty en masse on an everyday basis? At their confessions or equivalent to God, do they articulate that they had delivered very poorly and that systematically they were expelling out of this lavishly marvelous Earth every year 12,000,000 (twelve million each year, approximately 33 thousand each and every day of each year) of little children under the age of 9?

How about the tens of thousands of the world's most vulnerable children whose organs are being stolen from them in order to serve the markets of transplantation solely for the benefit of the highest bidders amidst humanity who do not give one iota of consideration where those precious parts come from, or under what circumstances? Is there anything more selfish and more disgusting in the world than having to walk around with the aid of stolen body parts? Should not the medical practitioners who are involved in this kind of brutal and entirely inhumane exploitation have their medical licenses revoked and themselves be locked up for life or better? Should not these types of stolen items be returned to the rightful owners at the expense of those medical practitioners and all those who are involved in this kind of international trade as are the various looted artifacts when they are spotted?

At any rate, did these excessively well-provided people (the ones on whose account and by whose decision millions of children perish every year) ever bring up the subject while in the presence to their gods that they were in the serious business of terminating the lives of these children via means of war, starvation, via deplorable housing conditions, for the reason that they had been deprived even of the simplest of therapeutics or due to their not having a home at all and due to water contamination, devouring greed and merciless broad daylight/legalized larceny and all that which accompanied the war factor?

A case in point amongst a large wave: Sudan is one of the richest Nations on the Planet in that it is very rich in natural resources, yet it has the most destitute and most tormented people on the face of this Earth.... Its natural riches are harvested by the foreign international corporations who are in an exceedingly cozy relationship with the brutal war-lords of the region and/or the violent Sudanese Government thugs. The Talisman Energy Corp. at one time was one of those multinationals, this questionable entity is now hanging around in another war-torn spot---Iraq.

Sending to death every year this number of children under these dehumanized conditions is unfathomable. That's a heck of a number, and more so than any other previously. What did these little souls did to these grown-up and well-fed people to where they would be compelled to return these little ones back to God in a traumatized condition, screaming, neglected, hungry, terrorized, dehydrated, burned, and diseased and/or with their little bodies torn to pieces?

What would the Heavenly Angels (the ones who had been assigned to the task to sooth the pain, mend the wounds and to caress the souls of these littlest people) have thought of these well-fed full-grown people whose actions and deliberate decisions were turning away this huge wave of defenseless children under the most merciless and sadistic manner possible? Wasn't this child-killing and/or infanticide? Wasn't this an indefensible and entirely inhumane crime and one beyond comprehension? Did these people feel humiliated or at least a little uncomfortable every time they appeared before their God, if not for anything else but for having the audacity to classify themselves as being civilized organisms and/or God serving beings?

Even if they had tried, how would the Angels have been able to give details to these children as to why they had been punished so aggressively and so brutally? How could they have elucidated in a language the children would have understood without being further traumatized, that it was primarily due to the wicked policies of some human-looking people responsible for them having been thrown out of the Earth while only at the dawn of their journey on that marvelous place were life was supposed to be nurtured and treasured? How in God's name the Angels would have been able to explain the thing the human-looking constituent amidst humanity called "collateral damage" and the repugnantly diabolic rationale behind it? How could the Angels have gone about in explaining to these children their torturers' reasons for having branded them unimportant and useless and that they had for those reasons been dehumanized and been humiliated, left hungry and hurt very badly during their brief journey on a beautiful Planet? Was it feasible for the Angels to have found an easy way to tell these children without further shocking them, that some people of importance and prominence had in fact deemed it okay for them to undergo the suffering that they did while on Earth, before being chased away?

Due to the well-known fact that children are greatly perceptive and also because they are creatures who like to question relentlessly, the Angels had some serious explaining to do. Somehow they had to let the children know that in addition to the bad experience and shock they had undergone while on their short stay on Earth, right from the start it had been decided by some highly sophisticated (though primitive in many ways) people that they would not be given the chance to flourish and express themselves even to the most rudimentary extent? Surely, this would have been a very difficult job for the feeling and compassionate Angels, but, being the considerate and understanding beings that they were, would they have told the children anything remotely close to the savage truth or would they have colored the brutal facts about the little people's awful incident while on Earth?

What was the likelihood for the Angels to have told the children that those who had treated them so inhumanely were actually border-line cannibals? What were the chances for the Angels to instead have told the beautiful and full of life little special gifts that those responsible for having separated them from their parents while at a tender stage of development, though they looked like any other human, they were not quite? Would they have told the children that their torturers were essentially parasites of the most ruthless, most opportunistic and most manipulative and devious kind whose aim in life was to go about on a continuous frenzy of feeding and hoarding? And to make matters even more bizarre, this group of people went about with an air as if they were distilled and great....What audacity........ Not only was there nothing refined about this clique of people, conversely, they were a gigantic problem for the Earth. Everything implied that they were not a part of the socio-economic and/or environmental solution. Even by Angelic standards of disciplines, without getting upset it would have been virtually impossible for the Angels to explain to anyone let alone to little children the pitiable mental state of being of the Earth's unquenched and indifferent people. Nonetheless if the children were to heal properly, they had to be told that there was nothing superior about their tormentors though they viewed themselves as being important and powerful. On the contrary, every single cell in them, was inferior---sadly.

As an experiment, what if someone was going to suggest that the affluent, the influential and naturally of course the well-connected amidst humanity, at least those who had experienced parenthood, if they were for a month to take the place of those parents whose children had been ruthlessly returned back to God ahead of time due to reasons of starvation and/or war? What if it were those well-fed people who had to watch helplessly as their children were being withered due to malnourishment, due to water contamination and eventually see them as they relinquished their last breath while in their arms after a prolonged and agonizing time of pain and experience of despair and/or terror? What if they were them having to pick up the mutilated little bodies of their children due to bombardment or due to the little ones having stepped on land-mines while on their way to school? In scenarios of this nature---in a reverse role, what would humanity's affluent, influential, war-mongers, war-profiteers and the well-connected have said or felt? Would they have said, that's the way it is, or would they have said, no need to make a big deal out of this, and then proceed to go on in indifference as they normally would? If it were them having to watch their children depart this world under these dehumanized circumstances of the extreme, was it possible at all that they would have experienced profound pain and that every single cell in them would have been heavily blanketed in sadness? Would they have felt that intangible overpowering stuff which is commonly referred to as helplessness, one wonders?

No question about it, the Heavenly Angels had to use all of their Angelic ingenuity in order to deal with the painful situation before them. How were they however to explain that humanity's policy makers the Globe over, that by and large were easily susceptible to dishonesty and bribery in an assortment of ways? In fact, a great many of them were innately very corrupt beings and were willingly operating crookedly. As was expected, the Angels would have also let the children know that amongst the impious policy makers were a number of daring others, but fewer and farther in between, who just about always ended up paying a high premium simply because they had the audacity to propose changes, or who attempted to make a difference in whichever way they could and also because their soul had not vacated them. Unfortunately, the same could not have been said for humanity's other type of politicians. The Angels had to say to the children that it was chiefly because of these other's fraudulent and inhumane legislated policies that they had been robbed of their most precious possession---their lives.

In their own unique way, the compassionate Angels had to inform the children that the corrupt policy makers had actually legalized thievery exclusively to suit the interests of the affluent, the influential and the well-connected segments of humanity while two-thirds of humanity had been partially or entirely excluded from the Earth's inheritance. These beings were a dishonor to everything which represented decency. Instead of serving for the broader good, they had become the most effective lobbyists of those who were killing the Planet and to those milking the riches of the world and keeping it all for themselves. Of course, these sophisticated thieves and their accomplices didn't classify this kind of thievery as such, though in reality theirs was the biggest larceny ever that the Angels had ever come across.

It surely would have been virtually impossible for the Angels to find the appropriate words to explain to the distressed children that a segment of the human-kind policymakers were literally corrupting themselves unnecessarily.... They were selling themselves to the big industries and to all those who wanted their evil and utterly unfair system of socio-economics and geopolitics to remain unchanged at the expense of more than half the human wave on Earth, at the cost of the Earth's other tenants and at the expense of the Earth herself. But would the Angels have told the children that the Earth was actually strewn with these decrepit beings, and that it was because of that reason the decent and good amongst these policymakers couldn't make a dent of difference?

At any rate, while on one hand it was somewhat mandatory for the Angels to tell the children the facts of how they had come to be thrown out of the Earth, on the other however, they had to downplay the reasons behind their painful ordeal. No matter what however, if the children under the care of the compassionate Angels were to be healed completely, first they had to pardon those who had robbed them of so much while on their journey on Earth.... They had to forgive them, not necessarily forget, for all the raw suffering and humiliation that the insensitive people had caused them. But in order for that to take place, the children had to be told the truth one way or another. Somehow, the Angels had to search for a painless way with which to agree with the children's difficult recollections and in fact they had to tell them that while on Earth they had been robbed greatly---that they had been denied the opportunity to experience adulthood and be all the wonderful things that they were capable of being. At the same time, the Angels had to convince the children to view their wrong-doers---their killers as lost and wasted beings who either had willfully impoverished their souls severely or some of whom as beings who had no soul at all for the reason that their souls had escaped them since they could not endure them anymore.

The little children in all likelihood would have had plenty more questions in store for their kindhearted healers. Most likely they would have wanted to know whether these very much well nourished and over-confident people from the safety of their well-heeled neighborhoods on Earth (exceptions aside of course), ever, even fleetingly experienced repentance for something hugely diabolical they were involved with? In all probability, they would have questioned as to why the Earth's grown-up people would permit, would aid, and in fact would entice humanity's war-monger and war-profiteer constituent to plant and infest the Planet's inviting landscapes with land-mines of the most unforgiving type?

While they were being tackled lovingly under the wings of the compassionate Angels and while in the process of healing, in all probability the children would have asked a very important question. In fact they would have been very adamant with this inquiry. In a whispering sound from their place of warmth and safety under the Angels' wings they would have asked why a great percentage of people on the Planet they had just been expelled from would have no respect for the marvel of life on Earth while others would? In puzzlement they would have questioned why it was possible for some people to have such immense disdain for the Earth's biodiversity? And to add to the children's curiosity, in accordance with their recollections this unimpressed group of people seemed to have even less admiration for the Earth's dazzling architecture and its structural engineering of awesomeness. In essence, what the children would have attempted to get across with their questioning was really basic and simple. Since these people, from whatever socio-economic or academic background hadn't appeared to be impressed with the meticulous coordination and flawless organization of the Earth, or with the miracle of life on Earth, could they themselves have built a better and more sophisticated Planet? Could they themselves from scratch have created any of the Earth's life forms? Beyond and above all however, the children would have wanted to know why would anyone have wanted to turn a marvelous and openhanded place such as this Earth into a hostile environment?

* * *

Sometime in early 1997 I had read somewhere of how the pharmaceutical corporations go about in obtaining a certain hormone (I assume they still resort to this practice to this day).... They withhold water from mares (female horses), in essence the animals are subjected to relentless and severe thirst. Due to water deprivation, the horses' urine then becomes thick and this is what the horses' barbarous exploiters are interested in. Because horses are especially special and I know this first hand due to the fact that as a child I have spent a lot of time in the company of my very own much-loved female horse, I was both emotionally and spiritually obligated to help. Without delay, I thought of something useful rather than just feeling sad for the unfortunate horses' predicament while in the hands of those who were afflicted with the indifference pathogen most severely. After reading the horse-hormone article, straight away I opened Healer File 18-HH in the hopes of one day liberating the horses from the torture they were, and still are subjected to by their conscious-deprived tormentors. All I had to do really, was finding the botanical replacement to this horse-derived hormone.

To make a long and arduous story short, it was by now mid-August of 1997 and I was by my field research station down by the lake working assiduously on File 18-HH, precisely. I had put all of the other projects aside and I had concentrated every bit of my efforts on this particular File for several months already with not very much to show for it, up to that point. I wasn't sure at all at this point in time that I was going to have completed the File by mid-October when my field research work usually comes to an end due to the arrival of winter. It was a beautiful summer day about two or three o'clock in early afternoon when the children, one of which was a guest from Switzerland who was staying with us for the entire summer had asked if they could go canoeing. Originally I had said no, though they were excellent swimmers, but eventually however, I allowed it provided they would not venture too far away from my proximity and that they would speak loud enough at all times in order for me to hear them in the event they navigated in the small bays and thus out of my sight.

At some point, I lifted my head from what I was observing attentively and looked up the pathway as it invitingly crossed through the glorious white-pine, cedar and spruce conifers. There they were, side by side, gracefully yet silently they were both descending through the pathway towards my direction. Right there, in broad day-light, the Professor Herself had paid me a visit. I remember being neither startled nor surprised. My recollection of that incident is one of utter joy, absolute emotional comfort and infinite peacefulness.

"We happened to be passing by this neighborhood and we thought to stop by to see how you're doing," She said calmly while simultaneously She placed a couple of oranges in my palms which I had spontaneously held together in a basket arrangement. Instinctively, I knew exactly what had brought them to my solitude of surroundings and what the generous gift of oranges represented. What a thoughtful and direct action, and one especially coming from the Professor Herself!! Once more, my dearest tutor had come to my rescue.... She had sensed that if I was to finish File-HH, I was in need of her assistance. This visit must have been particularly important because She had invested the time to come in person, whereas she would normally have sent one of Her assistants or alternatively She would have sent for me. Nonetheless, at this time their stopover, though very brief, was remarkably longer than what it would normally have been.... After the short visit, they departed as silently as they had come and I was left to figure out the grueling details of File-HH. And so it was.... I completed File-HH within weeks after their considerate and caring stopover. And though I might have been bewildered for a while due to the fact that an orange has many different parts, at the end nonetheless, it was all so simple.... My conclusions were easy to arrive at and complex-free.

Further, if it wasn't for the Professor's kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity, in all probability, I would have never thought of the orange component no matter how long I would have worked on File-HH.

The following here, are details about the dynamics of File-HH. An orange must be washed well, then in must be peeled. It is the interior of the orange peel---the inside of the orange peel---the white part which represents Healer File-HH. When the orange-peel of an orange is boiled for approximately ten minutes in four to five tea-cups of clean water, it makes for an interesting tea and one very tasty as well. Personally, and because I enjoy the flavour/essence and the lovely colour of it, once a while I go about drinking this particular tea as I would drink any other warm or hot tea.

* * *

Similarly to the children, and along with many others, no doubt, given the opportunity, I also would have liked to have known a few things about the intentions of the people of affluence, of those in positions of making major legislation, of those of influence and also of the well-connected. Principally, had I been given the chance I would have addressed myself to the ugliest, the uglier and the ugly amidst the above assembly. In particular, I would have been especially interested in asking them personally about their plans concerning a couple of issues involving everyone and everything on this awe-inspiring place. Naturally of course, having been influenced by the incalculable damage the Earth's ecosystems had already sustained, and also due to the plight of animals, being as they were under relentless attack of the most unforgiving kind at the hands of the human-looking constituent, surely I would not have been very courteous with the tone of my questioning. As well considering the reason that war and starvation were encouraged to flourish and dominate on this Earth, in all probability I would not have been particularly guarded with my words. Therefore, and with all due respect to humanity's 21st Century leaders, be they corporate, heads of state, royalty, heads of academia, heads of religious institutions and/or in other positions of prominence, I would have begun by asking these powerful people the following query: Whilst being well fed, and while they had embarked on the task of dictating how things should be operated around the Globe and who lives and who dies where and when, and under what circumstances, and whilst they were roaming around in the safety of their ultra-comfortable environments, and at the same time being as they were in a sophisticated and well-informed state of being, would they have had any time in the foreseeable future considered improving on their disgraceful performance? I surely would have pointed out to them that a little would have sufficed and that their sheer indifference had very badly hurt a great deal on this surprisingly marvelous Planet.

And if their response were to be one detached from their performance's reality, or indistinct, excusatory, and conceited, or if it were to be a categorical 'no,' next I would have asked them if they would have seriously considered reflecting on the possibility that they may not have been precisely human.

Did this chronic and repulsively contaminated waste (humanity's affluent, the influential and the well-connected---the ones amongst them who had been afflicted by deep indifference) cared at all that it made no difference how they sliced it up, reshaped it, moved it around, coloured it, and no matter what, at the end of the day their decision and/or actions, be they direct or indirect to starve children to death or mutilate them by blowing them to pieces and also bringing this Earth to insolvency, were all indefensible achievements?

At any rate, fictitious or not, a topic in reference to the possibility that a segment of humanity, being not precisely human, would the Earth's alpha consumers---the affluent, the influential, and the well-connected have improved in their performance a little? Would these loveliest of human beings amidst the large human wave, especially those who asserted that there was no such thing as Global warming, have cared enough to take note that under their watch---under their dominance, the Earth's ice-cups had already suffered irreparable damage? Were these people aware that whatever had remained of the Planet's ice-cups and millions of years old glaciers were in the process of being melted away rapidly within the frame time of the last one or two generations? Did they know that the incapacitation of the Earth's air-condition and specifically the decommissioning of its main component (the ice-cups), had a trickle-down effect of an unpleasant nature?

They must have known that their sordid avarice, repulsive waste and hideous selfishness along with their inborn indifference eventually would have shown their ugliest side at some point. They must have suspected that their abysmal unresponsiveness on a matter of paramount importance such as the melting of the Planet's ice-cups would have had greater consequences? Were these well-educated and well-informed people aware that the indispensable oceanic currents---the Earth's most essential cooling systems had already been disturbed and disrupted and that this was a matter overriding all others with respect to importance?

Judging from the elite's detached deportment in regards to the topic involving the environment, one automatically assumes that the affluent, the influential and the well-connected across the board and from all of humanity's plateaus (exceptions aside of course and there were numbers of superb and praiseworthy people who were as powerful as the Earth's adversary, but there were not enough of them to where they will have made a difference, whereas the Globe was inundated with the hazardous others), were in favour of the Planet being brought to total insolvency.... Taking as guidance their aloof posture on the ecological predicament, everyone, even those with minimum common sense had realized that the Globe's enemies preferred to see the Earth reduced to wasteland. In fact, the actions of the elite constituent strongly suggested that these people's intent might have been one devoted to condensing this elegant and gracious Earth into a lifeless, into an inhospitable, and into a stagnant and odiously smelling pond in space and eventually turning it just into a rotating dry rock with no signs of life on it.... But, what would compel these beings to proceed in life in such an anomalous and ultra-disrespectful way? What would induce them to viciously go after the hand which fed them, the hand which watered them and filled their lungs with the gift of life? Had their pathological greed overcame them, or was the culprit in them entirely something else?

One wonders, whether or not these swaggering breathing/walking pieces of moldy logs---the ones who argued that there was no such thing as an emergency due to Global warming or due to the radical meteorological changes, if they were fit to be at the driver's seat? One must speculate whether the very entities who declared to the world that they were planning to reduce 'green house emissions' to a significant degree only in about 40 to 50 years time from now, have they listened to themselves? Had these reckless beings ever taken the time to at least fleetingly ponder that their wide-spread toxic emissions had the potential to disturb and to rearrange the dynamics of photosynthesis on this elaborate Earth? And if so, did these peculiar people care at all about the ensuing consequences?

More importantly, why should the Earth's entire biodiversity accept the abuse of the ruling elite's madness? Just by looking at the deplorable state of the economic and environmental state of affairs these entities have submerged the world in, and just by listening to their contemptible empty promises, shouldn't these people then have been automatically removed from power and from positions of decision making? It would have been ludicrous to keep believing that this irresponsible mob would have instituted reform.... Their unchanged actions revealed that they had no such intention.

By the fall of 2008 even the most optimistic amidst humanity, obviously of course with the exception of the privileged constituent, had sensed that there was a very disquieting something which was menacingly hovering over everyone and everything on Earth. So then, if the Earth was to survive and if the simmering Global revulsion against the elite was to be averted and if prosperity and security for all (in that order) was to be attained, should not then steps have been taken to calm the situation? Should not these incompetent and ultra-deceitful people amidst humanity who were responsible for the confusion and economic collapse of 2008 throughout the Earth's domains have been stripped of their loot and also personally been made accountable for the enormous damage they had already caused? Why is it that when a destitute hungry person steals an orange or a kid breaks a window somewhere while kicking a ball around, they are immediately arrested and are being prosecuted while those who are looting the world's riches and are literally demolishing/breaking the foundational systems of an entire Planet, not to omit of course that the said crowd enticed humanity to go on a rampage of species eradiation, these are left untouched and free? Isn't it odd that these smug beings would be allowed to continue with engagements of destruction against the common property of the world (the Earth) on which so much depends upon?

Was it plausible at all that the overconfident constituent amidst the human-kind species which had the ability to make a difference in the world was to have been a conscience-deprived breed altogether? And if this was to be the case, would the said group have continued to torment an already badly punished, maximally exploited, torn apart and severely stressed out Planet?

Surely, there must have been something very different in the makeup of most of the Globe's affluent, influential and well connected people. Irrespective of their contemptuous excuses, it was fundamentally wrong and completely perverted to deliberately starve anyone to death, let alone children. It was equally wrong, and in fact entirely unnatural to have infested/planted the landscape of the Earth with land-mines.... Unmistakably, this was an action which was accompanied with all that which represented diabolical temperament. Species eradication was another one of those horrendous wrongs that flourished due to the inhumane legislation and or actions or inactions of humanity's anomalous constituent of power. These people's absolute lack of concern for the safety of the Planet they inhabited and their unconditional indifference towards the safety of the Earth's biodiversity at large was not normal. These people would embrace the slaughter of elephants so that they could adorn the shelves of their fireplaces or the tops of their desks with elephant ivory. These beings were such that they would not have hesitated to gorge on beluga caviar if such a thing existed, and even if it had come from the last beluga on Earth.... Not to omit they would have boasted about it.

The dealings of these un-conscientious people---humanity's affluent, influential and the well-connected, such as they were (exceptions aside), strongly suggested that they were nothing more than just a bad infestation of some sort on Earth. For as long as these imprecise (tainted) beings were in power and in positions of decision making---for as long they had not been rehabilitated, the Earth was in serious trouble and so was her biodiversity of life, including the unadulterated group within the human species. There was plenty of evidence around which said that the rogue breed of people were not to be underestimated. In fact they were very intelligent and capable of doing great things. Inexplicably however, they had elected to deliver all that which was representative of inhumanity. Unmistakably, most of the crowd in the elite's club across the world was different. For sure, those in this allotment weren't ambassadors of good will. Humanity's violent behavior and sheer hostility the world over and the poignant state of the Earth's Environment alone was testament to these people's sad truth. If they wanted, without doubt they had the power and the means to tempt---to persuade the entirety of humanity to be respectful of the Earth and the Earth's other tenants, instead of pounding on her and relentlessly persecuting her other tenants or eradicating them.

Harpooning whales to death in the 21st Century, stuffing on turtle soup or duck foie gras, or indulging in sexuality at the expense of baby male seal genitals or at the expense of a bear's paws is entirely unconscionable and are activities not at all in association with anything that which symbolizes a human being. At this point in time, clubbing infant seals to death right by their nursery grounds and before their screaming mothers as they try frantically to protect their helpless babies are a couple more of those grisly man-kind dealings in association with those who lack in the most essential components which distinguish a human being from a pretender. Speaking of duck foie gras and stuffing, just the thought of it and of how this highly esteemed foodstuff produced for humanity's pretentious 'aristocracy' comes to be is enough to make even a semi-conscientious entity throw up violently accompanied with involuntary convulsions. The extreme torture these birds are subjected to while still alive is way beyond comprehension and it's all of course for the pleasure and wicked appetites of pseudo-humanity's members. Odds are that even Satan himself would not have been able to come up with this type of torment and if he did, due to the severity of the torture and profound suffering the birds are made to experience, he probably would have shown some compassion towards the birds. Even this legendary entity though just a mythical character for most people, perhaps would have refrained from eating this disgusting stuff whereas the human duck tortures and foie gras eaters lacked even traces of these wonderful human components. Irrespectively of one's invested interests in this sort of hideous business and irrelevant to one's standards of ethics or rationality, who can dispute that these horrid activities are not strictly an end result due to the decision making of the people in authority? For not having abolished the leg-hold trap world-wide and doing it in no uncertain terms, surely this too was one more of their repugnantly inhuman expressions. By all definitions, these human-looking people could not have been actual human people.

Of course, a great deal of the non-affluent, un-influential and not so well-connected human-kind element on Earth was not all that lily-white either, far from it. In fact, many in this group, given the opportunity, would have been as bad as humanity's present marauders if not multiple times worse. At this time, however, it was humanity's affluent, the influential and the well-connected amidst human settlements throughout the Globe who had the ability and the power to set things right---to make the much required changes. Not only had they had chosen not to humanize and civilize the human-kind element of this marvelous Earth, they had also proceeded in life with no obligation whatsoever to advance the entirety of humanity to heights of distinction, unfortunately. Instead, they went about in arrogance and with the aim to subjugate everyone and distort everything in their own twisted image, including the thinking and perception of others. Fact: They had managed to condition the vast majority of the human element on Earth to believe that engaging in war was natural and a desirable part of the human make-up, hence, an activity perfectly fine and normal. No doubt whatsoever that these types were profusely distorted. By any chance or stretch of the imagination, could these dominant and grandiloquent types have also believed that this breathing and live Earth would have capitulated to them herself, surely makes one wonder? On the other hand, was it conceivable at all, that the Earth herself in due course naturally of course, may have taken measures to deal with her menace (her most potent parasite) in a grandiose manner before the insolent species and a species in absurdity had ferociously turned on itself and on everything and everyone else, regrettably?

Although the United Nations Assembly was humanity's only hope of ever achieving sanity and peace, provided the Earth's human-kind 'powers' would have improved on this Noble Institution, nevertheless, could change have been initiated via this Organization? While the five of the permanent members of the Security Council (UN), Russia, USA, France, China, and the UK were the biggest and by far the largest arms producers, arms dealers, arms sellers, arms exporters and arms profiteers on the face of the Planet, what were the chances for lasting peace throughout the globe? What were the odds under those conditions for humanity's Nations to have taken speedy steps and the appropriate measures at this intersection in time to abolish war? Was the concept of abolishing war a preposterous or an aberrant idea and maybe even sinful? What if someone were to suggest to them that they should get rid one hundred percent of humanity's nuclear weapons, would something along these lines would have been construed as being stupid or even insane?

What would the world have looked like if instead of ignoring the world's major problems the Global Government in the company of the world's affluent and influential constituent had engaged themselves in something really nice? Say, something like stopping fomenting war? Perhaps allow or even enable everybody to feed, heal, and to educate themselves, possibly even allocate a place for everyone to call home other than filthy and overcrowded squalors? How terrible would it have been if these people were to mimic for a short while the healing Angels in a way were they would have had instituted universal government-operated health care---Global health care, including dental care? Would this very doable action (instituting Global health care) have been offensive to anyone? Just to set a good example if not for any other reasons, could these 5 powerful members of the Security Council have become conciliators and helpful, instead of behaving like dominant predators and arms pushers?

With the exception of having legalized arms fabrication, arms proliferation, as well as arms distribution, did not these 5 Nations' arms cartels and the likes of them operate exactly in the same manner as the cartels of heroin producers, and notorious drug dealers and drug pushers? Are not these two types of users (the addicted clientele of arms and drugs) feeling in their particular categorization of addiction like they cannot subsist without these two equally destructive and dangerous products irrespectively of the fact that one is a prohibited substance while the other is a fêted one? Isn't it true that these people's nature of business represents exactly the contrary of what the business of God and God's armies (Angels) embody?

Is it not true that the sole purpose of arms is to kill, mutilate, blind, burn and terrorize, among other horrible things? Why then do the groups of people who are involved in arming the world to the teeth attend their religious institutions? Isn't this hypocritical ritual of theirs an insult to the true servants of God? Still possible, could it be because they want to mock God and God's Heavenly armies or is it because they feel that by attending their religious establishments, somehow they will be exonerated from the hideous operations that they are involved in? Deliberately mutilating a kid or killing its parents with those much-cherished strategic weapons of theirs, how could something like that be reconcilable with anything which corresponds with God? Instead of being hypocrites, how difficult would have been for war-mongers and war-cheer leaders and war-profiteers to admit that their souls have abandoned them, if they had souls to begin with, or simply say that they are the willing apostles of evilness? Is it not in every one of men's religious scriptures a line which says that taking someone's life purposely and unwarranted is the ultimate sin and the evil of all evils? Bombard a house, knowingly, when it is full of occupants, isn't that deliberate killing?

Has anyone ever attended a Global arms trade/convention? The setting is way-way further than hideous whilst the arms promoters eagerly try to catch the attention of buyers with their ultra-lethal merchandise. The ambiance of an arms convention definitely is not human. The feeling is stripped even of traces of human characteristics, it is entirely dehumanized. The exposition's scene is way beyond disgusting---revolting would be an understatement. Hell's foremost hostile regions probably have more decency, humanity and consideration than an arms trading floor.

The wealth that goes to support the militaries of the human world for one year together with the money which goes to build humanity's military/war killing instruments for just one year is staggering in that it is enough to support lavishly the entire of humanity for 80-eighty continuous years. And enough to clean the Earth throughout and still have plenty over to invest in wonderfully humane and ethical innovations of the most celebrative and advancing kind. On that reality, is it possible at all for war instigators, war profiteers, and war enthusiasts to be closely related to the true human breed? Highly implausible.....

How distasteful it would have been in the event the people at the helm of these 5 powerful Nations (the 5 permanent members of the Security Council) had begun to condition the human-kind constituent in its entirety to be nicer? How about if they had halted the wasting of the Earth's natural resources such as minerals, metals and the world's other riches on lethal armaments in which case they had already infested the world with these terrible things? What if as a substitute they had concentrated on uniting all the Nations of the withered Planet and together seriously embarked on the task of decontaminating the Earth's systems, those that they could have? At the very least, they could have tried to civilly achieve consensus among themselves and agree that it was a must to afford the Earth a little reprise.

Did the Earth's overconfident people (the affluent the influential and the well-connected) have the aptitude to realize that if they had simultaneously all over the Planet stopped the spread of pollutants, given time the Earth would have been able to get rid of many of men's toxins all by herself? Could these people have understood that humanity had the potential to forgo war and that it was imperative for the whole of humanity to be included in the elite's schemes in a constructive and positive manner? More significantly, had these powerful and impressively well-versed people any concept at all that the breathing Earth was in dire need of restoring her systems of operations throughout her sphere of influences? Could they have intellectually grasped that if this fundamental need was ignored, it would in all likelihood have led to much bigger problems? Did they know, and if they didn't they ought to have been aware that pollution had no boundaries of any kind?

* * * * *

Dearest reader of Green Diamonds, please don't think that this ranting was all about sour grapes. Nothing of the sort.... Though simple, actually I have lived an interesting and constructive life and one amenable to all of my humble needs in this life right through thus far. That, however, renders me neither blind nor indifferent with regard to the unwarranted raw misery with which most of my fellow-human beings and countless members of the other animal species throughout this Planet are treated with and are forced to endure perpetually while on their journey on this astonishing Earth. My knowledge of the world at large may perhaps be mediocre, or maybe not, but I can effortlessly identify hypocrisy and see injustice when I come across it.

Besides, due to the reason that I have been profusely showered with support in the work I have been assigned to and as well for having been afforded glimpses of priceless places where otherwise I would have never known they existed, in exchange as much as I can, I'm required to give back in return. Unequivocally, I have to be the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves, such as the two little birds and/or those who cannot converse in a language many from my species could understand. At any rate, by my own initiative I would have spoken on their behalf anyways, even without my little deal and no matter what or where I would have been stationed on this Earth. For me, it is hideously wrong and profusely immoral, it is actually not human to deliberately starve to death the numbers of children who are being sent back to the Heavens starved each and every day...under no circumstances something like this can become excusable. No matter what, it is indefensible even in a civilization where primitive barbarians dominate.... It is elementary, once each and every one has been born---the absolute moment each and every one has been born, irrelevant of the geographic location or the circumstances, they have an equal right to the Earth's nourishing riches and a right to live a rewarding and full-term life---a long life. No one is asking for anything remotely fancy here. Allowing the world's large number of destitute people to attain the utmost basic needs, however rudimentary, and go through all the stages of life on this Earth, unless of course it had been decided otherwise from upstairs, would have been adequate at this junction in time.... This alone would have promoted peace, security and environmental rehabilitation.

Equally, nor does my lucky chance in this world, though a very basic one and nothing fancy at all other than just a couple of things such as private tutoring and a bit of travel to distant places, allows me to be mute particularly when it comes to the environmental sad affairs. I have first hand experiences of shocking ecological abuses fairly frequently while on my field research adventures. The most agonizing one I have ever experienced was when I once from close proximity looked upon a wetland/pond while it was being entirely drained out and was being filled in. I powerlessly bore witness as the aquatic residents were being violently robbed of their eons-old home and as they tried frantically and in terror (many being mutilated) to escape the uproar, and the jaws and tires of the tractors/bulldozers with no where to go. One of the working men---a dissolute one, had taken the time to ask me mockingly if I had a problem with what he was doing, and with progress.

The issue of animal maltreatment is an area particularly troubling to me.... In fact, in accordance with my understanding of the live world around me and my place therein, and in accordance with the principles of spirituality as I distinguish this special force to be, animal cruelty, species extinction as a result of human activity, human cruelty and or human over-breeding, and animal exploitation is a matter entirely irreconcilable with anything that is associated with human characteristics. In other words, I do not perceive a human-kind animal abuser as being exclusively human. In fact, such a being may not be human at all. It surely seems that such a person might belong to an inadvisable and or accidental group. I could be mistaken, but, I'm almost convinced that those in this misguided assortment amidst humanity only mimic standard humans. Could it be that the violent and chronically unkind, indifferent and selfish human constituent amidst humanity which thinks that this Planet and all its life-forms therein have been formulated for it and it alone to do to as it pleases, be an anomaly of some sort? Could it be that this constituent is intrinsically a separate human species altogether yet somehow it has managed to physically parallel/impersonate the regular human-kind in many ways?

Why would a number of the human-kind constituent be deficient in the most crucial of elements---conscience and/or compassion? Just about every one, of course, realizes that indifference is the byproduct of a conscious-less and compassionless being. Was this three-faced phenomenon however an abomination, or was it a genuine genetic error? Quite recently I had been invited to this rather fancy gathering by a friend of mine---a successful business woman who wanted to have some laughs and who knew in advance that I had absolutely nothing in common with hardly any one of the other people in that gathering. Anyways, from an environmental and poverty perspective and only after provocation, of course, I engaged a number of the other attendees in a conversation about the necessity of serious birth control world-wide. When I was asked of how I envisioned this to take place, my response was unambiguous and straightforward. And my rationale behind it wasn't all that unreasonable. I figured, in the place of starving people to death en masse, forcing them to live in unacceptable housing conditions and or killing them by the means of war, in my humble opinion it would have been better for humanity to consider something a little more humane. And since I had been asked to render my opinion on the overpopulation problem for these people at the gathering, I therefore for conversation's sake more than anything else, complied.

My point of view or rather my solution on the matter was such to whereby it required for the human birth rate indiscriminately throughout the congested Planet to have been curtailed to at least a 50% level for just a couple of years. Then, irrespectively of some human cultures' stance with regards to their population multiplication, repeat this process now and again until the human volume had reached a sustainable number. Applying this commonsense solution would have solved a lot of human made problems, i.e. it would have been easier to deal with the issue of human caused pollution. It would also have reversed the alarming speed of species annihilation and surely it would have drastically lowered hostilities due to human overcrowding, among many other pressing matters. However, in order to meaningfully realize the human population reduction it could only have been achieved by either of two methods: Sterilization or sexual abstinence. And since the latter would have been highly unlikely to put into action efficiently especially in some parts of the Planet and given that all other birth control methods had failed, temporary sterilization throughout the Planet then (especially male sterilization and of course for the obvious reasons) was a must.

Regrettably, this thought of mine however simple, humane and practical, and which was expressed just for conversation's sake, still, was ridiculed by my conversation's adversaries, I suppose I had sharply needled on a couple of sensitive nerves.... Immediately I was told that my idea was ludicrous and that it also stood the chance of inviting deeper possibilities such as mandatory sterilization and that would have been a no-no even if it meant the Earth would have been rendered entirely inhospitable to every life form. Several of these odd people had also said that they in fact had no particular problem with starving children or crowded ghettoes, slums and squalor for the poor. They actually uttered that it was God's will for children to starve to death and that it was the fault of the world's poor people to be destitute. With reference to the large waves of dying children due to starvation and war, though they had twisted the matter around and had given it every excuse they could think of, nonetheless, in many ways they had alluded that this was the best way of population control. Definitely, excessive birth prevention was not in the cards for these misguided beings. They had also articulated that the Planet had room for sixty-60 billion humans and that it was not so bad really for the poor to live in filthy and overcrowded squalor-like habitats. These were their exact words.

My brief experience while in this misguided people's company was quite alarming. Those people weren't religious fanatics nor were they under the spell of ecclesiastic despotism of the extreme, at least not on the surface, neither were they uneducated beings or poor. In fact, the opposite was the truth. In their twisted minds, as long as they or they children were safe and as long they themselves were not being affected by starvation or subjected to war, it was a matter of part of life for the other children to starve to death and live in unsafe, crowded and war infested environments. And that was not all, this very same contaminated waste amidst humanity whom I had the misfortune of coming across was adamant against birth control and in fact they were ferociously against it being distributed to the world's poor women in war zones. Categorically, they were also very defensive of unborn embryos while they had zero sympathy, zero concern, zero humanity and zero generosity for the malnourished infants already born to the most destitute parents of the world. I have concluded that these were people with perverse minds and actually maybe they were innate sadists.

And though to some extent I do understand these people's point of view with regards to birth control in the form of abortion (in fact for a number of reasons I'm an indiscriminate strong opponent of embryo stem cell research), but by not promoting and accommodating pregnancy prevention to people clearly incapable of providing for those unwanted newcomers, or even enforcing pregnancy prevention on people who already had a child or so, was another matter all together. For my adversaries to have argued so passionately against providing birth control to females especially in war zones where violent rape was/is used as a strategic weapon by 21st Century humanity, for me was not only incomprehensible, it was also cruel and profusely evil. These people had problem with pregnancy prevention. In consideration of this imprudent posture of theirs on this basic and very central issue, I easily concluded that these people and the likes of them were actually infanticide promoters. They knew much too well what awaited these babies once they had been born as a result of rape in war zones. And by the way, none of these odd people were about to support or adopt any of those little starving and tormented people.

While the conversation was being heated up on the subject of birth control and starving children, for the sake of seeing their expression, as a joke I brought up the issue of the environment and in specifically I said that the Planet was too small for these many humans. I especially stressed that it was time for humanity to seriously deal with the population growth and that it was not right for humanity to have encroached so deeply in the territory of wild-life. I don't understand how I could have been so thoughtless as to have the audacity to have brought up something of this nature. Anyhow, before I even had a chance to make my point, I had already lost the argument. They---these others, unanimously alleged that the Earth's other species had no rights whatsoever, nor were they of importance and that in the name of humanity it was okay if they all had been exterminated except for the ones which were useful to humanity. As for climate change, they had said that no such a thing existed and if it did, this too was the will of God and that God had a plan to deal with it.

These people though well informed and knowledgeable, nonetheless, at the expense of everything else and at the expense of an entire Planet, were beings who had attached paramount importance to themselves, to the raging human reproduction and to the human species exclusively, but not necessarily to the entire human constituency on Earth----far from it. They couldn't bring themselves to accept that the Planet had been over-inundated with human-beings and that the Earth no longer had the capacity to adequately sustain the gargantuan total of the said demanding species. They and the likes of them unwisely had deliberately omitted to take into account that it was necessary for the human-kind element on Earth to drastically curtail its breeding habits at this point in time. The socio-economic, environmental, geopolitical and strategic troubling consequences due to the huge volume of people on Earth had no influence whatsoever on the proponents of human over-expansion. It made no sense at all that they would ignore the fact that the Earth had been drained of energy and precious resources all as a result of way too many humans inhabiting the little Planet concurrently.

By the way, while I had to endure these odd others, my friend refrained from saying a word one way or another.... At least she was being entertained whereas I had been left without reinforcement to be jumped on by the weird swarm of others and then spat out like chewed tobacco. In any case, and not because I was on the opposite camp from these people, but rather because of their personal disagreement with the biodiversity around them and their senseless antagonism about responsible human reproduction, I was flabbergasted by their standpoint. If these people were fully related to the true human category on Earth, then, they were at least a hundred years behind in time if not more with no possibility of ever assimilating themselves properly with the conditions of the present times. What disturbed me most about these types however, was when they had stated that the deaths of the millions of children taking place every year due to starvation and war were unavoidable even though humanity had asserted that it had reached the age of civility. I concluded that these people were beings entirely without conscience and probably people whose souls had escaped them very early on in their pitiable subsistence or else they had arrived on this Earth with no soul at all. Thank goodness, they are not too many of this extreme variety out there, but I could be mistaken.

Anyways, my argument on the inhumane theme versus humane was very plain and elementary actually and it consisted of two possibilities. Simply, for me, those who are deprived of conscience whoever they are, must be beings that are deficient in part or in whole of the humane building blocks. They must be destitute of the fundamentals which distinguish a complete human from an incomplete one, or else they may have an extra component capable of cheating them from conscience and compassion.... By looking at the facts around the world, one assumes the unfeeling type amidst humanity is innately incapable of evolving, something---a factor, is inhibiting it from developing the apparatus of conscience and compassion. A gang of soldiers which rape a girl while she goes to fetch water somewhere in Africa or anywhere else around the world, each and every one of those rapist are not humans, nor do they have the potential of ever being one-ever, though they may proclaim that they have regrets for their unforgiving deeds. They will remain inhuman---point final. Because they are barren of conscience and compassion, any time later, if given the opportunity these very same entities (exceptions aside) will do the same thing all over again. These people's horrendous crimes and genetic material are irreconcilable with remorse and compassion. This type of people have neither conscience nor soul and therefore are not capable of actual repentance. Those in this group do not have even traces of the true humanity in them---zero. Not much better things can be said for those who foment and or tolerate such inhumane crimes to take place.

How many times in this past century alone, humanity, while being led by terrible rulers willingly has engaged in genocide, invasions and wars of atrocious nature even though each and every time it had said "never again" and how sorry it was? While genocide or something pretty close to it was taking place at this very moment (year 2008) somewhere on Earth, and while the Globe's Nations, those which had accredited themselves with international prominence, were bickering whether to classify the massive killing as being genocide or something else, are we to suppose that this human-kind constituent has evolved efficiently? Though this powerful constituent could have stopped this latest massive killing in a manner where it would never have been forgotten, they have however not taken the most appropriate steps in an effort to once and for all expel---eradicate the element which was preoccupied with the task of genocides. Also, neither have the members of the powerful element amidst humanity taken the appropriate measures to purge the war-making element out from this Planet. Perhaps they stayed inactive because they themselves were the root of this particular evil. Or could it be that they were innate sadists and enjoyed watching the whole thing happening? Or maybe because they were just inherently indifferent. Why such a destructive and violent thing such as war has not been eliminated from Earth? But of course, it has to be because humanity is inundated with the conscience-deprived and compassionless category and for as long as this group reigned, nothing would have changed, regrettably.

Conscience and compassion are not necessarily intangible assets, since they play such a crucial role in the existence of their hosts---in those that they are in attendance that is, they must be far more concrete than just a bunch of mulish and lopsided emotions which may be present one day but not the next.

It would be logical to suppose that the group which is deficient in these two foundational mechanisms, for some reason it didn't shake off some primeval component while at its very early embryonic stage thus rendering it capable of remorselessly committing horrible things or being utterly selfish or indifferent without being disturbed in the least. In fact, many from this group go about bragging of their atrocious actions. Example: A guy, who brags to his friends of how he came to have made many bullet holes (cowardly) on a polar bear's body, a person or a fawn, can't be anything else but someone who belongs to the conscience and or compassion-deprived type, and whether this person's killing or torturing act is legal or not, is entirely immaterial insofar as conscience and compassion are concerned....

To be deprived of the most basic elements such as conscience and or empathy right from the beginning must be pretty awful, I imagine. Those in the category deprived of these two marvelous humane gadgets must feel like empty shells. Then again maybe not, one cannot miss what one never had, I suppose. But to kill a fawn and then feel well and experience pleasure purely by having accomplished this sort of thing, definitely is not human under any circumstances, nor does this represent a human expression of a typical human-being. Moreover, one doesn't have to be an expert in human development or a specialist in the human psyche to figure this most elementary of human characteristic out. The grandmother or grandfather from the village somewhere, who doesn't know how to write their name, or a three year old, can easily pick on this discrepancy between the two groups. Why is part of humanity blank of compassion and conscience? Can those in this peculiar group be cured? Two things are for sure, though, in reference to this subject. While those in the conscience-enriched group are constantly exuding something appealing around them, unfortunately the same is not at all the case with the others.... Wherever the inconsistent category ventures, there was/is something odious which always accompanies them. Unfortunately, not everyone can immediately identify the compassionless and conscious-less as such upon close proximity. One can only imagine of the possibilities if such identification was possible. ......Most of humanity's problems as well as the Planet's misfortunes surely would have been solved rather exponentially.

Let's hope, that it would be possible sometime in the future to identify the two categories of humans (the genetically caring-compassionate and the genetically indifferent-unkind) and accordingly classify them for what they may be. It is possible that it all stems from the beginning. It is more than likely that it could be an embryonic anomaly/differentiation responsible for the two basic human groupings. This variance may sound fictional at this time, it has the potential however to be a part of facts down the road. It certainly holds a lot of promise however fictitious for the time being. It would be unreasonable to think that early-stage embryonic classification with the intent of grouping the two types of humanity would not be exercised sometime down the road. Actually, it might be necessary and very much sought out. It surely stands the chance to be an area of extraordinary interest for the geneticist of the not so far-off future.

One can only imagine what would have been if humanity consisted only of conscience-enriched and compassionate members.... It would not have been far from Heaven an environment to journey in I suppose.

For those who might think this sort of identification would be, shall we say prejudiced, need not be, really, nor should it have any bearing on the make-up of someone. Each is what each is. But, if the Planet were to survive, if the Earth's 'animals' were to be given some rights, if peace were to be no longer elusive, and if humanity was to be enriched with smart progress and facilitate for ethical growth, didn't then the true segment of humanity have the right to know who and what precisely these others were? Further, would it not have been wise to look for the core factor in those responsible for keeping the world backwards, in disarray, at war and in chronic insolvency? Of course, there will be those who would argue that this is a complex issue and one that would be impossible to properly identify or deal with, even if it were to be the case. Then again, there might be others who may say that this seemingly complex phenomenon of someone being conscience-enriched versus someone being conscience-destitute might be as easy to recognize and no different as when one sees the various eye colors when one looks at the faces of people. For the time being of course, this kind of identification belongs to the future.

For now, while humanity's imprudent privileged---the affluent, the influential and the well-connected worried about world security and while superciliously they were bragging about their Ivy League university degrees and a few other things, especially at a time when they had bankrupted and degraded everything on this miraculous Earth throughout, should they not have been occupied with the business of fixing the problems they had created so arrogantly and so thoughtlessly? By committing the biggest larceny ever, didn't they care to acknowledge that they in effect were promoting resentment and possible Global riots? While enamored with their repulsive life-styles of extreme excess and staggering waste, should they not have taken the time to take note, that the skies looked pretty much dark and ominous? In spite of their 'successes' of impoverishing the world at large and poisoning the Planet among other reprehensible accomplishments, could it be that these people's biggest miscalculation in life was when they had decided to succumb to the whims of absolute avarice and to the unconscionable desire to severely debase the whole world throughout as they have done at this time? One didn't have to be a wizard to sense that 'interesting' times had already appeared in the horizon. Unbalanced human population in terms of numbers and the Environmental destitution were by themselves alone a pretty good sign of this sort of speculation.

Speaking of these people's university academic credentials, For me---for my own personal organism, disquieting was the matter with regard to the loss of academic opportunities for the very large number of the world's youth throughout the human settlements---irrefutably a fact principally due to poverty and also due to archaic culture and traditions for a considerable constituent of humanity's female children.... It is appalling to have been robbed of the opportunity to expand one's brain's natural ability to learn. Need not be this way for no one at this intersection in time.

Just by paying a little attention to the socio-economic, political and environmental condition the world had been pushed in, plain common-sense---nothing sophisticated or ethereal, dictated that major-radical changes would have taken place throughout. Eventually it would have been entirely unfeasible for the human-kind elite in spite of its huge investment in military might to have kept a colossal wave of people dormant while being cruelly impoverished, ruthlessly and persistently humiliated, left out of the education system and while being badly robbed in broad daylight even of the tiniest of pieces of their share in this world.

While just about the entirety of humanity was at a stage of extreme hopelessness due to the economic and monetary collapse and while the minority rich were becoming richer and while everybody else and everything else were becoming poorer, could things have stayed status quo? And even as humanity's cream of the crop (the affluent, the influential and the well-connected) were elated for having managed to cheat to the core everyone and everything on Earth including the Earth herself, nonetheless, how would the world's takers/grabbers have managed to keep a lid on the humongous wave of disgruntled people? And while the Earth's most flattering elements---the affluent, the influential and the well-connected (humanity's minority) were arguing about who was entitled to be the holder of atomic arsenals and who was not, was it unreasonable to suspect that other things might have popped up where least expected?

Under the latest ecological circumstances, what were the chances for a number of the Earth's environments to have undergone metamorphoses (to have been subject to metathesis-transposition) in baffling ways? Though not quite unexpectedly, could the Earth have retaliated in that it could have had expeditiously built up protective reinforcements (immunity systems) of prototype classes for itself? Would it have been irrational to infer that the odds were pretty high for the Planet's ecological constituents to have organized in a way where they would have attempted to secure what had been left of the Planet's (their headquarters) core structure, in surprising ways? Consolidated, though individually, could they have transformed themselves into organisms of unprecedented might? Was it not true that the Earth's meteorological systems had already begun these processes? Granted imaginary, nonetheless, how far-fetched would it have sounded if someone was to suggest that the Earth's forces in all their splendour would have delivered the most fitting message ever and such to where the Earth's most overconfident menace (the one species which was trying hard to void the Earth's world) neither would have mistaken it for anything else other than what it would have been, nor would it have been able to ignore it for that matter?

For the time being however, would the human-kind new age lords (the 10% of the human total) at this juncture in time have thought of inviting humanity's neglected, semi-neglected, hungry, semi-hungry, homeless, abused and abandoned constituent (all 55% of the human-kind total) to their never-ending party of extravagance, at least for the leftovers? Did these people ever sense that by having left this vast number of human-beings out of their economic equation, and out of humanity's educational system was actually very bad for the Earth's environment and doubly as bad for the Earth's other species? Albeit late, nevertheless, would these commanding and well nourished people have chosen to make little modifications here and there? Would they have elected to allow the total of humanity to nourish, heal and educate itself? Would these people of extreme power amidst the human settlements have chosen to stop polluting the Earth? Would they have considered to instill peace, to introduce harmony, perhaps even consider abolishing war? Would these overconfident people have opted to inspire confidence throughout the Globe's landscape, or would they have continued to rob the Earth's spectacular Genesis from its right to be in dignity and in freedom and from its destiny to go about its journey on this miraculous Planet in celebration? .....

..... Were these couple of simple things too much or too unreasonable to ask of this (the affluent the influential and the well-connected) well informed and amply educated community of people? Could the 10% of the Earth's people who held 90% of the Earth's riches to have had in the near future opted to capture the imagination of the 90% of the world's people who held merely 10% of the Earth's riches, in the most encouraging and most thrilling way? Would the commanding character of the impending New World Era have in kind suggested to the members of humanity's influential elite to earnestly consider allowing the world to adopt practical, ethical and applicable solutions? Assuming they had consider this, could this class of people also have taken the time to reflect on the need to stop keeping the human race in strife and in its place agree to let the world coexist somewhat harmoniously if not entirely? What were the odds for the human-kind citizens of this electrifying Planet (collectively) to have had seriously considered in the earlier phases of the New World Age to aid this dazzling Earth to repair and replenish Herself just a little? Wouldn't this have been a way to an amazingly bright future?

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