Celestial Emissaries

Compassionate celestial visitors who cross our pathways in mysterious and inexplicable ways in an effort to connect with the lucky few who allow this interaction to be felt and take place. In my case, now and again, they have showered me with knowledge straight from other dimensions -- generous invaluable clues pertinent to my field of work.

Watch this page, as well as the Hid­den Treasures Page, for many more wonderful stories to come of vivid encounters with these amaz­ing, generous and farseeing beings, and other myster­ious events.

In particular, I recom­mend that you often check the Hidden Treasures Page for more good things to come.

And now, as promised -- one of the Environmental Calendar characters from the Discover page on this web site, Antony, is finally in the process of delivering a pharmaceutical File of importance immediately here:

Bonjour!! and Hello!! I am Antony, the United Nations Diplomat from the Discover Page, part of this web site, and as I have told you some time ago, I was waiting to be called upon for a special delivery. I was just summoned and entrusted to deliver this very special Therapeutic File 17-RJ which is against tuberculosis. I am doubly pleased because this summons coincides with Earth's Day and Mother's Day just about in the middle between the two.

Pay close attention, I am now in the process of opening this special envelope containing Pharmaceutical File 17-RJ. Let us, without delay then, see what is concealed therein. What is or are the secret(s)? What are the Healer Plant(s) that make up this splendid Therapeutic File against tuberculosis disease? Wow!! It is really colourful!! It is the hibiscus plant.

The semi-dry, frozen, dry, or fresh branches (preferably the woody part) of this lovely shrub plant hibiscus can be boiled in water for ten to twelve minutes to make a hibiscus plant tea. A branch the size of a pen, broken in a few small pieces, can be boiled in three cups of water. This special tea can be drunk hot or warm (preferably on the hot side), and taken as any other tea. One cup of tea should be taken once a day for a few days, and then, once in a while.

This plant can be cultivated easily indoors or outdoors. Do not spray it with chemicals. Hibiscus is a beautiful plant, a perennial, and gives exotic blossoms of various colours. My preferred colour of hibiscus flower is the beige-yellowish.

If you want to know more about Antony, then click here.

The following song is about a group of friends around 18 to 23 years of age, exuberant and full of hope for their life's journey here, who were walking in a beautiful mountain meadow. As they sat by the water's edge of a refreshing rivulet with crystal clear water joyfully cascading downstream, a formidable anti-personnel landmine that had been designed, manufactured, marketed, and then deliberately buried underground in order to inflict maximum damage and shatter lives, suddenly exploded, blowing to pieces two of the young people: a girl and a boy, and maiming the rest of the group.

Stay a While Longer

"Stay a while longer,"
Requested the Spirits, "if possible at all,
It was much too short."
"We would if we could, but we must carry on,"
Responded the souls who had perched on a rock above,
Side by side, in the company of their trusted cat and dog,
Who had parted some time before.
"Regrettably, our journey here was cut short.
We must part, we have to go on," they continued, as they looked
At their companion spirits who were still attached to the battered
Young bodies below.
"But it was much too short," protested the spirits.
"We were not given a fair chance in this world.
"Regrettably, but we must part," replied the souls.
"For us as well, it was much too short.
Though it was difficult at times,
Nevertheless, you have managed to send us away
Very rich souls. But we want you to know,
Indeed, it has been an interesting stay overall.
If we may add, mmmmmm, what a heavenly chance for us
To have crossed paths. You two, have
Been so distinguished and dignified spirits despite after all.
Truly, it has been an interesting stay overall."
"In this case, farewell," in overwhelming sadness waved the spirits,
"The pleasure was ours to serve you all along."

Selfheal and Amaranth Creams

Selfheal and Amaranth creams can be exceedingly effective against a number of skin cancers, and nasty skin infections that refuse to heal -- hopeless cases that cannot be helped by contemporary medicines and traditional treatments. Should you wish to give yourself, or those you care about a fair and favourable chance, you may consider exploring these 2-A gifts which in many ways are literally delivered by Heavenly Emissaries. Hence, you may decide to take advantage of their power. To inform yourself, just read the following information here -- it is not too long, and if you should wish, we can send you Selfheal, Amaranth, or both, by airmail anywhere on the Planet.

Selfheal and Amaranth originally were created as simple cosmetic creams, but they turned out to be much more than the ordinary -- magnificent, priceless pearl jewels that, when needed, we generously apply them on our skin (external use). These powerful recipes that make Selfheal and Amaranth were formulated in the summer of 1983.

At first, 1700 different sample combinations were made and carefully examined. Then, in the same summer, all of these combinations were narrowed down to 5, with slight variations between them. They are all dynamic, remarkable, and superbly useful, and aesthetically, they turned out lovely as well.

These creams are created with the purest and safest of ingredients. We use petrolatum base, the one pharmacists often use to mix their therapeutic ingredients for skin pharmaceutical preparations. Similarly, this kind of base is widely used by cosmetic companies as a base for their cosmetic creams and lotions. Occasionally, for our purpose, we employ vegetable base in order to make our home-made first-aid lotions of Selfheal and Amaranth. In either base, we add fresh water, wheat-germ oil, and the mighty and wonderful plant constituents that we select from uniquely special non-toxic plants -- the divinely natural botanical treasures that make the mixture a powerfully superior recipe like no other to be compared in terms of doing the job (efficacy), while at the same time being safe, gentle, and simple.

In this exceptional formulation we add no chemicals, no alcohol, colour, perfume, salt, or animal ingredients. Preferably, these creams should be kept in the refrigerator (but not in the freezer). There, they last longer. In cases where a refrigerator is not available, they can be kept in a shady place at a coolish room temperature, away from heat or direct sun. In the event that they produce patches of discolouration on the top, simply wipe this away with a clean cloth. The rest of the cream is still good, unless of course the whole thing has spoiled, in this case, the entire cream must be discarded.

As needed, if needed, we use these home-made creams on all parts of our bodies (external use), including the area around the eyes. We have never experienced any adverse side-effects. Common-sense dictates that in the event that, for whatever reasons, Selfheal or Amaranth do not agree with someone, in such a case, do not use these creams -- discontinue them at once. For the past nineteen years that we have been using them, we have never had any problems with these skin lotions. We also use them on children and animals. However, Selfheal and Amaranth are not designed to prevent the sun from burning the skin. They are not a sunscreen. Do not use them when bathing in the hot sun, or when using any tanning devices.


The Selfheal formulation is light in terms of strength. We use Selfheal on wounds, skin ulcers, cuts, scratches, bites, skin cancers, and in particular, sensitive infected areas that have difficulty with the process of healing, or heal slowly. We also, day or night, use Selfheal as a skin emollient for the face. We have also noticed that little mass tissue growths that sometimes develop on the face fall out in about one year, from the time we have begun and have continued to use Selfheal.

Appropriately, this extremely helpful treasure was named Selfheal because, all things considered, this humble preparation (and the other, of course) turned out to be an exceptional natural first-aid gift that has been formulated from vital ingredients straight out of the Earth's healing and nourishing riches -- priceless natural therapeutic botanical treasures that should be known by and available to all good souls.


Amaranth cream is a heavyweight in strength compared to Selfheal. We use Amaranth on wounds that are infected, or otherwise, ulcers, cuts, bites, skin cancers, problematic toenails, and in general, nasty gangrene-like infected areas that refuse to heal, and in many other situations. It also works on some types of mild eczema.

Both Amaranth and Selfheal are not to be used on psoriasis, baby diaper rash, or burn wounds that arise from chemicals, because these kinds of burn injuries or skin irritations must be neutralised by the appropriate solutions that have been formulated to counteract particular hazardous chemical agents, especially the man-made chemicals.

Equally, we do not want you, not even for one split instant, to forgo any of your health professional's medications, treatments, advice, or visits to health professionals, in favour of using these creams. This is only a gift from the Daisy Institute in the event that you, or those you care about, can no longer be helped by your doctors or all the treatments that your doctors prescribe for you, or have applied on you. But equally importantly, it is crucial to keep in mind that both Amaranth and Selfheal creams have been formulated as cosmetic skin creams, and therefore, in all definitions, they are presented as cosmetic skin creams.

Few people would be able to imagine or fully appreciate the monumental task, complexity and tedious work required to create the synthesis for these powerful yet very soothing cream/lotions. It all began with an 11-month-old baby -- the very baby featured on the home page. The file project for a skin healer ointment, nevertheless, was assigned much earlier.

May, 1983. At the field research station by the lake away in the mountains, while the baby's father was changing the sparkplugs on the car, Margaret was ordered by an 11-month-old baby to open the door, in baby language, of course, that only her and the companion pets could understand. The demand was made in order for the main door of the house to open, so that the baby could go out. "Where do you wish to go?" the young researcher asked the tiny baby. "I want to go out and help my Daddy to fix the car," the little one replied.

Five to ten minutes later, Margaret went to see how the little assistant was doing. The baby was busy on the ground, in the open toolbox, and was carrying on an ongoing and interesting conversation with the father. The little speck had managed to get plenty of black grease on face and hands, and on clothes as well. It was one of the cutest sights to look at. The bright, large, baby eyes were brilliantly shining, especially in the midst of all that grease. Naturally, Margaret brought the baby into the house for a cleaning. But it proved impossible to remove the grease from the baby's skin using only water and soap. Margaret tried to wipe out the grease using the various skin lotions and creams that she kept around. These worked relatively well when a piece of cotton was dipped in the cream, and in turn gently rubbed on the greasy skin of the child.

At the end of the cleaning, the baby's skin was rinsed with clear water, but ended up irritated and red. Obviously, the chemicals in the cream used to clean the baby's skin were strong. For this reason, the researcher decided to, out of healer plants, create a simple, natural, and safe, cosmetic skin cream for all.

At this juncture, immediately the field researcher embarked on this project that eventually, not too long after, became the Selfheal and Amaranth masterpieces. A few years later, however, while working on assignment on a difficult therapeutic file, through Divine Angelic input, Margaret was presented with an intricate and even bizarre clue, very pertinent to the skin cream file. To decode this clue proved overwhelming. To connect it to the skin cream file was nothing short of a miracle.

This clue pointed to, and dealt with just a minor alteration in the formulation process involving one of the basic botanical ingredients that went into the preparation of these creams. However, this minor alteration brought Selfheal and Amaranth to the utmost zenith point, in terms of good work. An outcome of immense beneficial accomplishment. In this case, by using only the hidden botanical treasures of the Earth's pharmaceutical basket, in combination with common sense, hard work, and benevolent simple science, a monumental success resulted that can be applied in a wide variety of situations.

Amaranth and Selfheal skin creams are not available at the moment. Presently, we believe they will become available some time in the future, hopefully soon.

In order to obtain Amaranth, or Selfheal or both, simply go to the Amaranth and Selfheal cosmetic creams form link here, fill it in, and mail it to us. Unfortunately, because we do not mass-produce these creams (actually we make them one-by-one), the whole process is quite an undertaking. We have to consider the oil, the base, the box, the protective bag, label, International or National Airmail postage, plus taxes. We do not even count the botanical ingredients, or the time spent to hand-prepare these wonderful creams. We try to minimize the expense by using the simplest of containers (jars). Each container holds approximately 120 g. (a bit over 4 oz.) of cream. With a $48.00 donation to the Daisy Institute you will become a supporter of the organization, and promptly, by Airmail (wherever public airmail goes), you will be sent one jar of cream of your choice, a courtesy gift to you from the Daisy Institute.

Furthermore, if you can, and are willing, with an extra additional $48.00 donation to the Daisy Institute you will be sponsoring a poor individual or family from a poor country who may be dreaming of having these highly beneficial creams. We will make sure that they will receive one of these vital gifts. Remember, these are the people who may need these creams the most. And even $2.00 a year is much too much for them. Additionally, if you wish to have a second jar of cream, Selfheal or Amaranth (again, your choice), you simply donate another $38.00, provided the request comes together with the order of the first jar of cream.

Sometime later, we will develop a sliding scale of requested donations -- more coming from folks from rich countries. The intent here would be to offset a reduction in the amount of the donation coming from poverty-stricken individuals from poor countries. So, souls from the wealthy nations will subsidize these less fortunate souls for almost the whole thing.

We fully recognize that for the overwhelming majority of the Earth's human population, the $48.00 donation to the Daisy Institute will be literally impossible to come up with, regardless of how much they would like to have either Selfheal or Amaranth. To somewhat alleviate this predicament, since the amount of cream in our jars is plentiful (actually, very generous), we suggest the following logical solution: a group of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or even 8 people from different families, friends, or colleagues, may come together and share in the amount. Upon receiving the jar of cream, then they can divide the cream into whatever portions provided they have clean --safe-- containers to place it in.

To reiterate: With a $48.00 donation to the Daisy Institute, you will become a supporter of this splendid organization, and automatically you receive a gift of a jar of Amaranth or Selfheal cream -- your choice. With an additional donation of $48.00, you will be sponsoring one cream for some underprivileged poor person or family, which we will make sure they will receive. Optionally, with an extra $38.00, you will have an additional jar of cream of your choice. After this donation order of one, two of three creams, one will have to start all over again.

Having said all concerning Amaranth and Selfheal, no one here can guarantee that these two little creams, powerful as they may be, will work in all cases and circumstances.

Our Spiritual mandate is, in the most coherent possible style of description, to let you know of these 2-A humble yet superbly rich gifts. After we have conveyed this hopeful and promising information, it is entirely up to you to consider this special and inspiring bulletin.