The Radiation File

Missing Jet MH370

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An Alliance comprised of humanity’s three Superpowers has covertly established a shared Headquarters in the Arctic Zone of this alive and magnetic Earth.

Although in seeming accord, the Alliance’s partnership is embedded in activities of predatory duplicity and is implanted with spine-chilling deceit. One of the Alliance’s three partners is being slyly misled and will be betrayed by the other two.

It is believed that the Alliance has an unprecedented Master Plan in place to repartition the Earth into just three geopolitical jurisdictions; one for each of the Superpowers; USA – China – Russia.

But alas, when all is said and done; what exactly will this Earth’s landscape look like? It is speculated by those in the know that this Alliance will assault this rotating Orb’s world with an uncontrolled number of nuclear weapons launched from the Arctic Zone.

While this secretive Alliance is scheming on how most effectively to subjugate everyone and everything on this riveting and inviting Planet, an obscure File about radiation neutralization is being studied by the brilliant and conscience-enriched members of a caring team.

The Radiation File predates the creation of humanity’s nuclear weapons. It has been formulated approximately 1,100 (one thousand one hundred) years back. However, its intent and extraordinary account couldn’t possibly involve more current events and projected events from the immediate future.... Specifically, it involves a twin incident, yet to occur.


The Radiation File

For this Riveting and Nurturing

Planet Earth

with Reverence, always


A Note of Appreciation:

My special thanks to Patrick for supplying me with an assortment of his spectacular photos from Resolute Bay for this book's front and back covers.

Likewise, my thanks are extended to Michelle for affording me permission to make use of one of her superb wildlife photographs -- the lovely baby Polar Bear that is featured beside the Earth image on this book's front cover.

Above all, my profound gratitude goes to Agent A and to the assembly of members that constitute his brilliant Team. In the interest of this book, in the fall of 2011 they have navigated all the way to China to investigate Sino Forest's disquieting (dirty) affair, i.e. to verify whether or not Sino Forest's tangible assets existed.... Conclusion: Sino Forest's rich assets are all there (in China) and the Sino Forest Enterprise (now Emerald Plantation) couldn't possibly be more authentic, yet Sino Forest's Canadian shareholders as well as others involved have been cheated and have been robbed out of billions of dollars in the Sino Forest case.

About the spectacular tree on the cover image: I have selected it from an assortment of my tree photographs. While on one of my hikes back in 2010, I had been enchanted by an impressive Cardinal bird and while I was in pursuit of it with the intent to have a close-up shot of its sheer beauty, abruptly, I found myself before this glamorous evergreen.

This tree's splendour was such that it felt like I was looking at an inviting chapel of no particular faith.... The instant moment I laid my eyes upon it, what an awe-inspiring creation, I had thought!! Its exquisiteness was such that it resembled a tiny Cathedral that had been constructed in the forest by an assembly of Angels themselves perhaps, while they had journeyed on this magnetic Earth.... That’s how alive and serene and divine this tree looked to me.

And so it was, instead of having a photo of the Cardinal bird, I ended up photographing this superb green creation. Accordingly, my unmitigated appreciation is extended to that dazzling Cardinal bird as well.....   



A nonconformist field researcher is assigned to a riveting observational field study involving the lovely Sea Star’s ability to regenerate. However, without the researcher’s knowledge, this study is also embedded in the Radiation File.

This researcher is the ideal and treasured protégé of a shrewd astrophysics Professor who specializes in the marvel of Time Travel.

The judicious Professor is also a high-ranking and permanent board member of an unparalleled Agency the field researcher is working for.

Agent A is commissioned by the Scholar to covertly and/or tacitly oversee, arrange and coordinate matters for the researcher’s projects.  

Without prior notice, the observant researcher is summoned by the incisive Professor to a riveting realm where current events and affairs from the future intimately intermingle.

This summons is in reference to a poignant incident from the future about an abrupt economic collapse of Globe-wide implications. The severe economic anomaly is to be followed by an earth-shattering event of unforgiving temperament.

Upon reaching the brilliant and nurturing Earth, the two incidents merge; they involve massive discord and are insidiously fuelled by the Thermonuclear War Plotters.... World War III had been set in motion back in 2000 when Iraq’s Government of the time had considered dealing in the Euro currency instead of the Petrodollar.

The punishing 2008 financial meltdown was just a prelude to what meanders nearby.... Russia and China’s audacity has delayed the violent conflict.

Unless each and all of the nuclear-arms owners along with those in the business of fracking the Earth are arrested and their clout is negated, alas; the damage to this world is programmed to be epic in scope.... Their ugly arrogance will render vastly smaller the habitable landscapes of this spectacular, alive and busy Earth.

While on their adventure on this alluring and alive Planet, humanity from the various middle class layers and from every one of this Earth's landscapes has been endowed with its most important assignment yet.... It is this crowd's duty to liberate this Earth from the talons of the Predatory Corporate Globalists and from Plutocracy's facilitators; this would be humanity's policy-makers—the conscience-destitute traitors.... Simply, if this Earth is to survive and if this Planet's residents are to thrive, this overconfident minority's toxic talons require a good clipping.

An obscure little File involving a fifty-page essay ("The Surprise Segment") with an unexpected feature to it, is intimately connected to The Radiation File.... Both Files involve international affairs of economic and geostrategic nature. The obscure File is titled and subtitled as follows:


(the Sino Forest Enterprise)
and the
Canadian Connection

*   *

This book is comprised of two parts (Part 1 -- Part 2). Originally, this work was intended to be an essay of no more than fifty pages for an extraordinary someone. However, all on its own it seems it has morphed into a book.

Part Two of this book consists of a collection of my other works, several of which involve a number of my Field Research Files; including a portion from the Regeneration File, and perhaps also a generous piece from my manuscript “Green Diamonds: Twin Earths.”

Someone interesting in my world has given Part Two a 5-star plus. Part Two is a replacement to Part One’s 162 last pages.... However, that someone also said that Part One’s account is of overriding importance.

Part One

The Ethical Dilemma



The Surprise Segment:


The File on Radiation Poisoning and the

Ethical Dilemma...

As per this section's heading, very much so, a great deal of this book's account came about as a surprise. This Book's text not only has morphed quite by accident but, until the last minute prior to becoming a book of its own, its size was to be restricted and it was to be incorporated as a surprise segment into the narrative of Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration.

However, even before the idea to incorporate this segment into Intertidal Zone's account, this work was intended to be nothing beyond an essay of 50 or so pages perhaps, for a Professor I know well.

Essentially, it all changed because I had encountered difficulty keeping the essay's length within the space of 50 pages and as per the initial plan. It almost seemed as if this book's account had a mind of its own and such where I was compelled to rethink my original plans I had for it.

Completely out of the blue, and no sooner than I had almost finished writing this Book's text, it dawned on me that this work deserved to be turned into its own book rather than being just an extension of another work.

Specifically, the thought to turn this work's account into a book of its own couldn't possibly have come at a better time. The idea had been materialized while on a short hike when I had stopped to observe a flock of small birds in singing mode and while contentedly frolicking on the exquisite branches of a pine tree; and so it has been.


While this segment's compelling and central subject matter involves five independent areas, these five items, however, are intimately entwined and closely interrelated.

However, just when I had finished writing this book's text (so I had thought) and just when I had completed going over this work for corrections, additions and subtractions, the regrettable incident involving the mystery of the Malaysian flight MH370 had occurred. Justifiably so, and as was expected, theories about the disappearance of this flight MH370 were buzzing everywhere on the Planet. Up to a point in time, personally I had no opinion on the matter.

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but, as per my random thinking (guessing) now and then, the missing jet had made a rough landing in the jungle somewhere in the area and that, in no time at all it would have been found.

In any event, while in the process of preparing to typeset this work and present it to the publisher in its formatting configuration, things weren't working out for me....One blunder after another, for some reason the book's typesetting was not advancing. Simply, I was unable to bring this work to its final format. Of course, I had a choice to forward this work to the little publisher in plain manuscript form without having been formatted, but that would have cost me a great deal and an amount I was not willing to pay for a book that it might not have been a winner.

And while the little publisher I'm dealing with is not operating a self-publishing venue, still, either we the authors format our works ourselves or pay the publisher's in-house typesetters to book format our manuscripts for publication; those were the conditions.

Be that as it may, what should have been a routine procedure to typeset this work, and of course, provided one had the right program for this job; regrettably, it wasn't the case at all. Actually, attempting to typeset this work, for a while turned out to be a nightmare for me. Simply, the layout work wasn't working or progressing at all. The situation was such and to the point where I was going to shelve this work, despite that I had spent more than two years to research its content and write it.

In any case, it was sometime in March (2014) and when about ready to condemn this work to accumulate dust and ignore it, placed in some corner somewhere and out of sight, when I thought of something else. While I had conclusively decided to forego the idea of turning this work into a paper book format, there was a little alternative.

Since the notion of seeing this work in paper format by Earth Day (2014) had evaporated, I had reasoned to post the whole text on the Daisy Institute's website instead, for a while anyways.... I was comfortable and actually thrilled with that idea, and especially so because of the book's account that was contained in the book's Part Two.

Besides, it was imperative that I free myself from this project because spring and summer were approaching and I needed this time for field research. If I were to resume work on this project, it would not have been before the following November.

Curiosity I suppose, nevertheless, it was also sometime during this time when on a whim and while a long shot, and of course without actually expecting my application to be considered, I thought to request permission to know what had happened to the missing Malaysian jet. Specifically, I had requested for data as to the whereabouts of the missing jet.... It couldn't possibly have vanished from the face of the Earth; it was too big and with too many souls aboard. Even in a worst case scenario, someone, or a handful, perhaps, should have made it.

At first nothing had happened and I had thought that my unusual request to know where the missing jet was, had been ignored. During which time, though, I too was reading and watching videos about theories, news releases from the authorities, projections and conspiracies and guesses as to MH370's disappearance. It wasn't until three weeks or so after the jet's disappearance that I placed another request about the missing airplane's whereabouts.

It goes without saying, that the additional request was placed after they were semi-accusing and/or suspecting the missing plane's pilots of horrible things. The decisive factor however, for the second request was the anguish on the faces of the family members of the missing loved ones in concert with the accusations and suspicions against the pilots. These two factors went together; one without the other may not have been enough for me to dare place another request about the airplane's position.

The demeanour of the authorities (or else the handling of the case) and specifically China's 'quietness/calmness' on the matter, may also have been a subliminal motive to compel me to place a second request about the whereabouts of the missing jet. These people were changing their story from one day to the next; their incoherency was mindboggling.... I wouldn't say that they were necessarily covering up something very dark, but at times, their bearing (their handling of the case) sounded pretty close to it, and China's posture wasn't helping at all on the matter.

Absolutely, not to compare the case of the missing flight with anything or in any way, shape, degree or form whatsoever, however, this most unfortunate case's handling somehow reminded me of another recent case. This is an affair involving the Sino Forest Corporation and in particular the resolute silence of two entire Central Governments (Canada's – China's) about this affair. On the latter case, when one nefarious accusation wouldn't stick against this much maligned Corporation, its powerful enemies (including a prestigious newspaper) would throw at it another slanderous accusation and repeat the process again and again and again until its rich assets worth $9 billion CDN had been confiscated (albeit legally).


As pointed out, without expecting anything, assembled, there were a number of motives that had motivated me to place the second request in reference to the Malaysian missing flight.

To my surprise, my request had been acknowledged, but, there was a catch to it.... I knew that I had a wise choice to make between knowing what had caused the jet's disappearance, i.e., why flight MH370 had veered off course while in midair on the way to its destination, and [OR] spotting the location where about it had landed. Instinctively, I knew that I had better chances with knowing where about the airplane was rather than what had compelled it to stray off from its programmed route to its destination. And so it was, through the eyes of those in the know, I was granted access to scan the Indian Ocean.

Yes, I know; it may sound may sound a tad atypical and/or odd, but, in reference to special assignments, that's how it works here, or about; just routine and perfectly standard as in normal, and I wouldn't change it for anything in this whole entire universe.

In any event, while I scoured the expansive area of the Indian Ocean and had to accomplish this within a pre-specified time (rather, in a short time), it was only one location that had attracted my attention and had done so ever so prominently. And while crystal clear, however, the data that I was able to extract out of this scanning expedition was not enough for my intelligence and/or capabilities to work with and calculate matter. In other words, the area looked monotonous and as if in the middle of nowhere, hence it would not have been possible for me to pinpoint the location of interest [OR] proceed with additional research on the matter. Therefore, that was it, I had thought at the time.

However, a few days following the arrival of the data about the plane's probable location, something else took place and such that for an instant it had spontaneously startled me.... In short: I came across the British Navy Vessel HM Echo (H87), and more specifically something about it that had provoked my attention concerning the missing Flight once again.....

And so, one thing after another and for whatever it is worth, here I am with my humble and nearly accidental contribution regarding this case. And while on the one hand my data may worth nothing at all; on the other, though, it may be worth everything.... Therefore, for the families and friends of the 239 souls aboard Flight MH370, it is worth checking out the spot in my view; the location is definitely within reach – it is in the peripheral area of the ongoing sea-search and current investigation.

Conditions permitting, I will get back to this matter in a tad. And while purely theoretical scenarios and conjectures based on real facts and/or hypotheses and even conspiracies are flying all over the place, in the meantime and until this mystery has been solved, from time to time I too will join the whole Planet. In that, I too shall endeavour to speculate as to the disappearance of the missing jet.

My questions are more or less identical to anybody else's, i.e. why would a large airplane vanish without a trace? Was there a massive electrical failure? Was there sabotage? Was it brought down by a military attack? Who stood to benefit out of its disappearance, and if so, who or what was aboard that craft that someone wanted to get rid of? Were the pilots under extreme duress at some point while on this flight? Was there a wire or mechanical disconnection of some sort somewhere in its system waiting to result in a massive malfunction for example?

Observation: The area where flight MH370 vanished is inundated with civilian and military radars, so, how is it possible that they would not know where the airplane is? Moreover, the American naval and air force base at the Diego Garcia coral atoll is a stone's throw away from the airplane's location of disappearance, therefore, why the puzzle?

Is it at all conceivable, one wonders, that the Americans with all their military might and radar sophistication and intelligences with eyes all around and everywhere wouldn't know where that airplane is? Odd...... What about the Chinese Government? I'm not entirely sure, but, despite that aboard that Malaysian aircraft two thirds of the passengers were Chinese Nationals, yet, China's Government had reacted less than spontaneously and/or thunderously.


Anyways, the location of interest that has attracted my attention consists of a reef-like rock formation. It could be the tip of a deep sea-mountain that is extended above deep water or conceivably, this tip might be just underneath water. However, at the moment and of course, in accordance with the image, I most definitely consider it to be above the water. So, the following illustration of that mountain summit is based on the premise that it is above the water.

Topographic illustration of the rocky islet: On one end, this location's topography is elevated and then it precipitously drops straight down approximately 50 to 100 meters and then immediately it forms a rather flat plateau. The plateau, as it extends away from the high elevation's base gradually narrows down and further away forms an end of very shallow water. Not necessarily around the base of the high elevation, however, one can clearly see the floor of the water-covered area around the contour of that plateau, and especially towards the end of the land as one is looking at it from the elevated point at the other end.

To restate, the shallow water around the edges of that flat terrain makes it possible for one to see the floor of that topographic configuration. At the water's edge where the dry area meets the water, the water is not deep at all.

The end of the plateau has the contour of an oval shoe or boot at the toes' side. However, towards the end of it, the flat plateau is in very shallow water. The shallow water and floor towards the end of that flat terrain is crystal clear and calm, and while lonely and poignant somehow, concurrently it is extraordinarily beautiful to look at. Immediately beyond the edges of this reef-like rocky terrain, abruptly, there exists a body of very deep water. I don't know what the depth is, but it looked very deep and dark. In accordance with the scanning images, this reef-like rock in its totality is completely devoid of vegetation.

Location's size: Excluding the elevated area of this rocky place and assuming an aircraft is approaching from the toes of this terrain's flat plateau, the flat area of this landscape is large enough to make for a runway (for an aerodrome) for a smaller aircraft to land quite safely and without the pilot having to swerve drastically or worry about falling into the deep abyss that surrounds this plateau. All the navigator has to do is steer straight towards the base of the high elevation. I don't know about a large aircraft (probably it has enough room as well), but it all depends whether the landing takes place during daylight or night-time, I suppose. All in all, the tip (the outmost end) and the area around the tip of that plateau are the most interesting parts of that location to look at from the higher elevation.

It is possible that there are numerous spots (little islets) in this vast archipelago such as the one I describe here.... But, I've only spotted one such place with topography as the one I have illustrated here. So, to the best of my capability and of course, in agreement with my little measurements, i.e., those based on where the airplane was known to be at last contact; amount of fuel; drastic change of direction; etcetera, and obviously from what they have told the world; then, the location (pertinent to this case) just below the cover image of "The Radiation File" or an analogous location/scene in the area, holds promise. It may turn out to be not an ideal circumstance, but, if it exists, such a location may hold something, nonetheless.

Essentially, it quite makes sense to look and search for such a location,. However, should this rocky formation turn out to be part of a sea-mountain that is situated very deep in water, then, either my calculations are incorrect [OR] it exists somewhere in the area, but my geographic coordinates of it are wrong.

Moreover: Such as it is, fact is, and of course, for the obvious reasons, I have posted the data here about flight MH370 with extreme hesitation. What if my information is wrong, I question? What a lousy situation to be in. On the other hand, if I had chosen to keep this data all to myself or ignore it, the thought of it felt just as lousy and perhaps even more. Truth is, I had hoped that by now they would have reached the area of my portrayal; but, it doesn't seem that the search teams have.

Be that as it may, it is my hope that someone with the ability to do something about this matter will see this page soon enough and before I have removed the data about this troubling flight from this website which I plan to do sometime in the near future, or, perhaps, diminish it radically. In any event, whatever the outcome, there is some consolation in that if this data was to be considered, it wouldn't have cost the searching teams anything extra at all; neither in time nor in added financial costs.... As it is, and while not quite, nevertheless, I believe that the searching teams of flight MH370 are circling near the peripheral area where the location I illustrate here is, anyways.

* * * * * *

Now, about this essay that somehow turned out to morph into a book – this book: The Surprise Segment's five areas (before the little section on the disappearance of flight MH370) involve first, the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident; secondly, the incident (the affair) involving the secretive workings behind the Sino Forest Corporation; thirdly, it involves the suspected detonation of a Neutron nuclear bomb during the early phases of the Iraqi war; fourthly, it involves this Earth's Arctic Zone, and in particular, it may have something to do with an odd Headquarters (a command centre of some sort) in, on, or around the Arctic Zone; and lastly, it is about the suspected formation of an unprecedented Alliance and specifically about the Alliance's Master Plan in motion. However, these items don't necessarily come in this order.

And of course, this Alliance's formation is an audacious affair that the Radiation File and more specifically the ethical dilemma that accompanies this File, intermingles with (not literally). Absolutely, this Alliance's formation (affair), coincides with a most inopportune intersection in time. Point is, the members behind this alliance are still in their primitive and predatory stage for such an alliance to be celebrated. Given the opportunity, they would have betrayed each other in the blink of an eye.

As pointed out, the File on the Radiation poisoning and the Ethical Dilemma [OR] else, The Radiation File, is an older File and one that I never for a moment had thought that I might have to revisit. Mistakenly, I, along with myriads of others from throughout this alive Planet had thought that the Nuclear Weapons Owners would have evolved by now. Regrettably, that is not the case at all; on the contrary, they are more potent war pushers now and more concentrated arms profiteers than they have ever been. Instead of planting this glamorous Earth with matter for its residents to thrive on, they have planted and are planting this generous Earth with unforgiving mines and with their nuclear weapons—literally.

As alluded, through my writing, I'm merely the messanger here (kind of). Obviously, at the time I was in the process of writing this essay -- this manuscript (before it became a book), I couldn't possibly have envisioned that the surprise segment would include a 6th item.... Unless in an unknown different time zone that we humans are oblivious to, the sixth item had not occurred yet; that event came afterwards.... And for the obvious reasons, I thought to include it here. No doubt, this event's intensity was so profound and to the point where it became a Global observable occurrence; the disappearance of flight MH370 has captured the attention of nearly the total of humanity.

No wonder, I might have read somewhere that there have been over one million hypotheses, scenarios and conspiracies written concerning this incident. Endeavouring to be heard; that would be an impossibility.


Part One of this book is to be continued.....


Part Two

Author's Observations.....



Matter of Essence...


Considering the abrupt transformation of this book's second part, and despite the fact that this sector (Part 2 of this book) comprises several parts, nevertheless, the subdivisions herein are tightly intertwined. Similarly, while the narrative of this book is presented in two major sections (Part 1 -- Part 2); in essence, its story is one.

As I have pointed out earlier, Part Two of this book is a replacement to the account of this book's last 162 pages or so. And while I dislike doing this, in fact tremendously, nonetheless, due to extenuating circumstances (lack of space) a couple of the replacement accounts in and of themselves have been altered somewhat from their original formations.

Moreover: The section on Author's Observations per se, originally (part of it) belonged to the account of "Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration." However, after careful deliberation, sections of it, have been borrowed and have been added to this book's account. So, it goes without saying that there is a great deal more of it; it resides at the place where it came from.

And while the narrative on the "Author's Observations" segment in its current format is selective and each of its divisions are fairly brief, nonetheless, the segments comprising the "Author's Observations" are highly informative, lovely for the most part, and most certainly are insightful.


After the section (this section) "Matter of Essence," I thought to continue with this book's theme by advancing Part Two of this book with the segment on Plutocracy first and then proceed with the other segments....

The segment on Plutocracy that I include here (approximately 37 pages) consists only of extracts that I have taken from its original text.

I wish I didn't have to include the segment on Plutocracy, but I must I'm afraid. So, other than very useful and very informative and Heavenly delightful matter too; nothing extravagant or unusual, really, about the various accounts of this book's "Part Two;" just a matter of essence... and just as I have observed their agents' (both the inspiring and the wicked) temperament in action.

However, had I elected to exclude the segment on Plutocracy, I too then would have betrayed those (the 'animals' and their Home, and the cheated and marginalized of my own genus) I am expected to be in continuous and unconditional service of.... And however insignificant my contribution, I have no intentions of recanting my promise on the matter. And of course, not that it will make any difference, I'm fully cognisant of that; I'm after all a creature sufficiently acquainted with reality, but I will add the section on Plutocracy and I'll especially elucidate on the segment of plutocracy as I have observed plutocracy's 'thick' workings, anyways.

Above all, had I hesitated to create (as it had been the case for a while) this section, the Author's Observations section, and place it right here, I would have been untrue to those who have invested in me so generously and who have so thoughtfully and so caringly supported me throughout the course of my adventure on this magnetic Oasis in space....

Indeed, had I hesitated, I would have betrayed their unreserved trust in me. I very much hope I will be afforded their generosity, their time and their brilliance to the very last hour of my journey on this riveting and nurturing Earth—even a little will be plenty.




I shall begin this section by saying that after personal observations, extensive theoretical analysis and after considering the knowledge of highly informed individuals in one of the most important subjects (if not the most important) about humanity, I'm taken aback. There is very little doubt that this Earth is hosting two species of humans, one being the Reptilian breed and the other being humanity's standard breed.

However, I'm not surprised because this spectacular Earth hosts two human species; after all, this Planet is home to myriads of species and their accompanied variations. What I am surprised of is that despite the mountains of evidence that unreservedly point to this factor, still, no one has ever in as little suggested anything about the necessity to investigate this crucial matter.

So, the real question is; considering the state of affairs on this Planet both in the human plateau and environmentally, how is it possible for something as fundamental and something as crystal clear and obvious and something as straightforward and elementary would have escaped humanity as a whole? How could this have been overlooked, and especially to have eluded humanity's sages, philosophers, social observers, theologians and such for the length of time that it has? How convenient; what an embarrassment to the scientific community—puzzling.

However, from a practical and theoretical point of view, one doesn't have to be a scientist investigator to identify this natural and easily observable fact. It is everywhere and it couldn't possibly be more evident and more expressive. Of course, if one aspires to be a tad fancier regarding this matter, then, a certain level of straightforward knowledge in science is requisite I suppose—nothing complex.

And while undemanding a task, without it however, there will be no peace on this revered, nurturing and alive Earth…. However, at this intersection in time, this Earth's habitual war-makers and arms-profiteers would have dismantled everything on this Earth, including nearly all of this Earth's foundational systems. Therefore, the identification of the differentiation factor ("Differentiation Identification") between humanity's two breeds is a matter of the utmost and paramount importance. It is puzzling indeed that the location of the building block "conscience" (or lack thereof) would remain of no interest.

The fact is, this Earth remains planted, throughout (land, water and air), as it is, with sub-humanity's thermonuclear weapons and such Earth-shattering creations. As such, why is it that the breed's Chiefs refuse to eradicate, the identification of the innermost innate code that separates the two look-alike human species, is an essential affair—it's an obligation.

True, the world of "Conscience's" where this impressive component constantly recharges from, is somewhat cryptic and mystical. Nevertheless, because the "conscience" apparatus is so alive, so superb, so dynamic, so spiritual and so corporeal, and so real, and because its activates itself so spontaneously, these factors alone, and of course, out of scientific curiosity, its location should have been identified long ago—better late than never.

Sometime ago I had the privilege of finding myself in an obscure library that was situated out of the way somewhere. Its shelves consisted primarily of securely bound manuscripts; but it also had hard and soft cover books. With no particular title in mind, as I navigated up and down the aisles for something special and unique, no sooner than I had spotted it, like a magnet, my attention was instantly drawn to a persuasive book, titled, "Conscience."

To my regrets, because it was closing time, I was given only a mere couple of moments to view its interior. I have no recollection of seeing who its author was. However, it was indicated that it was the only copy of its kind in existence. This was also a library whose policy was that not a single one of its works, either manuscripts or book formats, was to exit its doors. So, had I attempted to borrow this work, it would have been not only fruitless, but disrespectful.


Yes, the two breeds of humans share a great deal of similarities and externally are quite indistinguishable; however, the two differ in one of the most decisive components, if not the most decisive component that distinguishes a human from a subhuman. Essentially, to various degrees, one of these breeds is lacking in the element conscience whereas the other is enriched with this superb ingredient, to various degrees as well. Why both of these vastly incompatible breeds are on the same planet concurrently? Who knows?

Of course as everyone knows, the tangible component within the human organization which we call conscience, is responsible for guiding and governing one's thoughts and actions. And while inaccurate and misleading a belief, like scores of others I am also fully aware that the apparatus of conscience is considered by the majority as being something rather irrelevant. At best, this rich component is being viewed as something ethereal, perhaps. How conveniently disingenuous—nothing can be the furthest from the truth.

How is it I wonder that something of such paramount importance was to have been ignored by humanity throughout the ages? I have come to agree fully with those who believe in the existence of the reptilian human type. In fact, I had sensed this since I was little, except that at the time I couldn't possibly have put it into words or been able to have accurate comprehension of the Reptilian breed's workings.

However, I'm not alone; millions around the Globe have known of this central, yet veiled fact. Be that it as it may, at this point I actually go further than what is being referred to in the medical journals as the "Reptilian Brain."

I may sound a tad avant-garde, but, I am thoroughly convinced, unconditionally in fact, that the human species consists of two separate and distinct breeds, one being the Reptilian. The purest within the Reptilian breed are governed strictly by their reptilian brain which is governed by a factor in their RNA organization. Intrinsically, the human-related reptilian breed is a conscience-insolvent organism. Instinctively, the Reptilian is a taker breed and is the cause of all of this world's anguish. Innately, the human kind Reptilians are subjugators, profoundly self-interested and pathologically insatiable.

One doesn't have to be either a geneticist or a sage to distinguish that this Earth is hosting two separate and distinct breeds of humans. A little refugee kid somewhere in a war zone who was just being a witness to his parents being blown up to pieces due to having stepped on a buried land mine; for example, knows of the two human breeds.

Likewise, a homeless someone; or an Elephant hunted down for its ivory tusk; or a duck who is being diabolically tortured for foie gras delicacy that is being thoughtlessly consumed by the others; or a parent who bears witness to her/his teenage child dying a lingering death from lack of existing and simple medication, are fully aware of the human-reptilian factor. With the exception of this example's Elephant, perhaps, the others just don't know where the genetic differentiation lies within the organization of the two human species.

The reptilian breed's most salient underhandedness is its capricious resistance to evolution (resistance to humanization). Although transitional change may occur during the Reptilian's lifespan, such change nonetheless is never enduring in the organism of an authentic Reptilian.

Innately, the resilience of the reptilian factor had been genetically programmed to be unconquerable. Its code's inner workings are consolidated and unshakable and its 'inner circles' are well entrenched in its innate organization. This renders an anthropomorphic Reptilian ever more so resistant to change (to total humanization) even under the best of scenarios.

As I have said, one does not have to be an expert in genetics or anatomy in order to comprehend the workings of the Reptilian breed. Basic knowledge in biology and genetics and in particular straightforward observations of the world's affairs are ample tools to enable one to come to the conclusion that this Planet is the host of two human species, one of which being the Reptilian breed. Alternatively, those belonging to the reptilian breed are referred to as the others.

Moreover: within the Reptilian breed exists a sector whose constituents have undergone evolution in reverse. Meaning, any forward evolution that may have occurred through the passage of time over eons, due to the metallic factor has been reversed to its original state of being.... It is predatory and indifferent in the extreme. Accordingly, the geneticists from the future will have a great deal no doubt to sort out on the subject.


The groups that predominantly belong to the other group are of course, the plutocratic sectors. This is nowhere to say or suggest that they are alone or that each and all of them from that socioeconomic sector are reptilians, however, most are. As hinted, they have plenty of company, and given the opportunity, the Reptilians from the lesser socioeconomic milieus would carry themselves identically to those from the Plutocratic sectors.

As is however, plutocracy's constituents have tipped the scale completely in favour of the other side, i.e., overwhelmingly, its constituents are intrinsic reptilians.... Being indifferent and selfish to the degree that they are, these are not learned traits. It has always been the case. Despite their articulate and even elegant language skills and ability to sugar-coat everything about themselves, the others' instinctive makeup changes not at all.

Essentially, and in spite of their flashy lifestyles, the other breed's sectors exist on the lowest moral and emotional plane than any other life-form on Earth. Sine antiquity, they haven't changed one iota. Whatever minute changes that may have taken place now and then and only in some of the other sectors constituents towards humanization, it has always been transient.

Let's there be no mistake, there is actually nothing 'evil' per se about the human Reptilian.... Simply, innately, its members are what they are. Example, when crocodile tears up its victim, it does it because that is what crocodiles do when they need to it. We normally don't say that the crocodile is evil; on the contrary, we associate that crocodile with a primitive predator that has undergone no evolutionary processes. Of, course, the human Reptilian is not to be compared with this scenario's crocodile. The human reptilian kills and tortures for pleasure and due to insatiability factors. What' more, it actually enjoys causing tremendous suffering to others. We also know that the breed is indifferent, and/or unresponsive to others suffering. So, in that sense, it is malevolent (evil).

Point: although they claim to be or like to be viewed as such, the others neither are representatives of a civil society nor are they spiritual beings. Example: it matters not at all how many university degrees or flashy cars a war-maker or a war-enthusiast or a war-sponsor has, or how flamboyant such individual is, he/she is still a primitive and barbaric predator—such individual is guided by its Reptilian innate factor.

This said about the Reptilian breed, and while its members are the source of incalculable degree of pain, misery and anguish, it doesn't imply that the Reptilians shouldn't have equal rights as much as anyone one else in this world.

Simply and most regrettably, the problem with them is that throughout the ages and ever since their progenitors' have arrived on this Earth they haven't evolved nor have they humanized enough.... They continue to cause and are now more than ever before causing extreme anguish and distress to myriad others.... What's more, they continue to rake havoc and deliver distress without in the least being disturbed. However, some of them pretend to be trouble and especially so when it is convenient. I do not make up this stories, I'm only an observer.... The ghastly subhuman acts that are being carried out throughout the Globe speak for themselves about the reptilian clause in the innate code of the others.

Moreover: The human-reptilian cannot and must not be confused with any of the reptilian animals on Earth. The human-reptilian is a separate and distinct species of its own class.... It is exceedingly unlikely that it is indigenous to this Earth. Although the human-reptilian brain is believed to be related to those of other reptilian animals native to this Planet, that view however is in all probability misleading.... It is highly questionable that the human-reptilian breed is related to the Earthly lizards and such, for example. If it is related to the existing reptilian family, then, it is the oldest form possible.

Discoveries of engraved prehistoric images and oldest carved texts on rocks and caves that have withstood the passage of time suggest that the forefathers of present-day human-reptilians had come from elsewhere.... And while conjectural, nonetheless, ample signs suggest that these human looking people had raided and had colonized this Earth.... In essence, the invaders had subjugated this Earth's world. This Earth's native humanity already here couldn't possibly have defended its home—the Reptilians were too overpowering too unfeeling and too primitive.

If I may, Professor, and of course just a conjecture on my part.... While they weren't native to the twins' older and larger sister, it is highly likely though, that after they had devastated its landscapes, they needed a new place. So, under such scenario, this twin's older sister is where they have arrived from. If accurate, no wonder then why they would be conning and smart too.... And while predatory and ruthless barbarians, the breed's progenitors from eons past were actually highly advanced navigators.

Too bad that they would be such violent and conscience-deprived predators; we can only image what they would have done had they been conscience-enriched.

It is a given, we know that they have the capabilities to render this Earth's landscapes lifeless, smaller, and leave it with only stagnant pools of water. Be that as it may, as in an onion, there are levels within the Reptilian breed, some more potent than others.

Landmine manufactures, their Governments, landmine users and landmine supporters (citizens), are all Reptilians. Irrespective of the numerous excuses, anyone (or any society), from both breeds who sees nothing wrong with the production of mines and with planting this miraculous Earth with something as evil as landmines, ought to either undergo serious modification or altogether emigrate away from this Planet.

In accordance with the evaluation of the UN and other Organizations, with current technology it will take 1,200 years to clear the existing landmines.... This is so and provided that not a single landmine has been planted and/or has been manufactured beyond December of 2012.

Due to their ability to activate the mutation factor, through the ages, evolution has escaped the unadulterated division of Reptilians.... In essence, within the Reptilian Group, those with the ability to undergo protective mutation constitute a breed of their own. These are the ultra-potent Reptilians.

Common sense dictates that without genetic identification (Differentiation Identification) the Genesis of this miraculous Earth and this Earth Herself couldn't possibly have survived. Not a chance, not while in the company of nuclear weapons in the care of Reptilians; and most certainly not while they are fracking the Earth at the same time.

What's notable though, is that the Reptilian breed would be oblivious to gender and/or race. It has spread pretty much evenly right through the human settlements and throughout the Globe. At least one positive point about it; in that area of things, it doesn't discriminate. Conversely, what this breed cares most is power and money; of course, it is not alone on this one. In spite of the fact that it is an atrocious desire, this is also what the Planet current Globalists (the foremost plutocrats) aspire to have as well; and they do; but they want more. And to get it, the foremost Plutocrats will not hesitate to engage this Earth's world into World War III. It works; they did it before; several times in fact.

This however, will be a different war—it will be poles apart both in scope and fury from any of humanity's previously documented wars.

Let there be no misunderstandings; humanity's uppermost crust has become restless. Huge piles and piles of evidence strongly – strongly suggest that they will crash the Globe's markets suddenly. Looking at the raw conditions that they installed securely in place all through this Earth's landscapes, it will be both foolish and irresponsible to think otherwise. They actually did crash the markets just five years ago without much warning. However that was only a test…. What is coming (what they have in store for this Earth's world) will be unforgiving.

Peace and this world's wellbeing is not what the Chief Plutocrats aspire to. If anything, as per the wretched and withered conditions in most parts of the Earth's landscapes, the exact opposite is the truth.

Hope not, not ever, but, in accordance with painstaking analysis conducted by knowledgeable and caring citizens from around the Globe, the Global market crash will be rapidly accompanied with physical assault; exceedingly forceful.

It had been calculated (theory) that the current plutocrats' international war, yet to take place (from the future), will vastly surpass all of humanity's previous wars (from prehistoric times until now) put together. As in the previous two world wars, the chief Plutocrats and their puppet Government and other war lobbyists will either use an existing little conflict somewhere or fabricate one with which to initiate Global conflict. It will be the sparkle they will need for their ambitious exploit. Then they will expand rapidly and they they will assault the world with viciousness of unprecedented violence. At the end of it all, very little on the magnetic Earth will have been spared—if any.

Fact: In their first round of the ultimate attack, the climate chaos and the economic chaos engineers have succeeded. Both the Planet's organizational systems, i.e., ecological and meteorological systems (the Environment), and humanity's financial system are in disarray. And most certainly, their general circumstance is not what it is because their individual conditions turned out this way all on their own. We know for a fact that it is not the case on both major counts.

Who can deny the truth; it is obvious I would think that the banking and the energy cartels have formed the perfect strategic alliance (negative symbiosis) against this Earth's Genesis. Simple, in their contract of cooperation, the banking lords' job is to render insolvent as many people from all walks of life as possible, but especially from the remaining middle class layers. Conversely, the energy cartels' job is to render insolvent this Earth's ecological systems and natural symbioses, and as well as to cause havoc to the meteorological systems and their order. Both have succeeded. By all appearances, the leading plutocrats' master plan seems to be proceeding accordingly. But the good thing is; these people can be stopped; easily, in fact. But, will it happen, though?

As it stands though, the handful of uppermost Plutocrats are winning. And while they know that it is very dangerous to hit this Earth's world to the degree that they have, still, they are unable to control themselves. The greed pathogen has total and unconditional command over plutocracy's spheres and to the point where they have not hesitated to club on their support pillar—the middle classes. Their calculations seem to be a little off; actually way off.

Plutocracy's uppermost leaders (the Globe's contemporary oligarchs) are also fully aware that their economic system stinks, corrodes and pollutes uncontrollably. They know that it needs to be eradicated, but somehow they cannot bring themselves to doing it.

Fact: The plutocratic society (from the other side) has given its insatiable members elite privileges to go about in arrogance and in ultra-opulent life-styles at the expense or extreme expense of all of this Earth's others. The ultra-elites (the plutocrats) have awarded themselves the right to cheat this Earth's world and massively hoard for themselves this Earth's riches.

The foremost plutocrats have made themselves this world's rulers without social, legal or ethical responsibility or accountability. Indiscriminately, plutocracy's unquenched appetite has made inroads even into this magnetic Planet's most sacred spheres of influence. In favour of immense profits for its members, the elite society gives itself a pass on everything; including the right to poison the miraculous Earth's most precious and most imperative resource—water.

Very little doubt that the human species is composed of two separate and altogether distinct breeds.... If this Earth is to recuperate and if her Genesis is to survive and if humanity is to leap forward into heights of distinction because it can, Genetic Identification (breed recognition) then, is of paramount necessity—it is all so simple and undemanding, really.

Speaking of Plutocrats, the well-recognized Bilderberg Group, its branches, close associates and equivalent groups consist of the Globe's most powerful plutocrats. While they constitute a tiny minority, nonetheless, the people that make up these groups and as well as their counterparts that prefer to remain in the shadow, are tightly connected to everything that signifies power and money all through the Globe's domains. Overwhelmingly, these are the banking and energy cartels; these are plutocracy's chief members and the Globe's rulers.

In fact, these characters own everything, including the lucrative communications business with which of course, not only they concurrently are ripping the world monetarily and environmentally with their archaic and twisted telecommunications systems; but with them they are keeping humanity not just in the Bronze Age, but in the Stone Age.

Upper plutocracy's list and especially the list involving generational plutocrats include the well-recognized royal families. It most certainly includes the richest clans (each consisting of large members) involving the well recognized names that entail of 5 or 6 families. Likewise, it includes others of equivalent riches, but of lesser recognition. All in all, Plutocracy's foremost constituents are connected to humanity's most powerful international corporations from banking to energy and everything in between.... Although a minority, truly a tiny minority (a great of which generational elites), these people not only dictate to the world and shape the world's affairs—they own the world—literally.

These power-hungry people not only refuse to share the Earth with all others at least semi-fairly, but, plethora of evidence suggests (it actually screams) that they have set the scenes for this Earth's world to entirely fall apart. As is, the beautiful Earth's world is hanging by a thread. The 2008 economic ruin was a bold step closer to Plutocracy's final assault against their host Planet and its inhabitants. These people's posture of indifference of the world around them (other than their profits) reveals that they already have scheme an unforgiving plan for this Earth's inhabitants.

Example: within the last five years, while just about everyone else has been impoverished to various degrees, the richest people on the planet have become richer yet.... This ugly fact comes right out from their out research. During these 5 – 6 short years, throughout the Globe the gap between the wealthy and especially the very wealthy and the rest of humanity has widened exponentially. These organisms have grown wild and have gone irreversibly mad.

An overabundance of evidence suggests that the leaders of the taker breed will attack the world mercilessly. In the opinion of knowledgeable analysts and individuals in the know, immediately following the attack, conditions on Earth will end up being extremely harsh.... It is not difficult to forecast what it will be in the event a total and Global economic attack.

When those in the know emphasize that conditions will be different on Earth after the shattering and sudden economic collapse; I'm not actually certain what exactly they mean. Does it mean that because the economic collapse per se will be so tremendously severe hence the rough condition and ultra taxing conditions after the economic/monetary collapse?

However, I have understood well I believe, when they say that the Earth will be hit with unimaginable velocity and as such it will be rendered smaller. It sounds fictitious; indeed it does; how could the Earth's mass shrink; it is not physically possible. But, this is what I have gotten out of it when I was afforded brief time to look into the report of those in the know, about this item.

How can these individuals' (field researchers and examiners and field observers) theoretical calculations be so accurate (as in sure), one may ask? True, the conclusions of theories and suppositions, until their content (message) happens are just that, theories and suppositions. In addition, in this case they deal with futuristic matter, which is more complex to put together. However, I have never known them to be mistaken or more serious.

Provided it will materialize, and however a hypothesis at this moment, it would seem that after the elite Globalists' final act, which is still in the future, conditions will be vastly different on the miraculous Earth.

It most certainly looks as if the people behind the Globe's powerful groups are unstoppable and have conspired to do unprecedented damage. And they can, because they control everything. What's more, such powerful Groups are either closely affiliated with or control and own the media. So, under a scenario where the Globe's markets were about to collapse, the media outlets will not give warning even if their directors knew of the unpleasant event in advance. The media of course, has immense influence on the rest of the world and under conditions where a Global financial crash was impending, it could be painting a rosy and/or misleading picture until last minute when in reality things were anything but rosy. I believe this is called manipulation.

And of course, these groups are also closely affiliated with the Globe's powerful policy-making regimes or themselves make up the Globes Governments. Assembled, they make, dictate to or influence the Globe's geopolitical, strategic and socioeconomic affairs. They (their policies) dictate who lives and who dies where and when on the Planet and under what circumstances. That's how powerful these are.

However impressive their demeanour may appear and aristocratic their appearance, nevertheless and however legal, the sheer lawlessness of these people both outwardly and inwardly is staggering; it has no limits. There is nothing delectable or aristocratic about the elite Globalists. On the contrary, they are extraordinarily efficient thieves and inexhaustible hoarders. The elite Plutocrats present themselves as the salt of the Earth; however, nothing can be farthest from the truth. The conditions they have engineered, that they firmly keep in place and nurture in unequivocal clarity attest that they are an abomination; throughout.

Professor, while they have set the conditions for billions of people to be hungry (today, as I'm writing this), and while they have engineered the landscape where they have reduced myriads of man, women, and children to beg for scraps of food, guess what? The scene is different for them personally and for those closest to this shameless charlatans and putrid pile of contaminated waste.

The businessman in this group, do not hesitate to send more people to the destitute realms. They hate unions and at first opportunity they get when unionized workers dare speak of abuses and/or of inadequate working conditions and/or due to disputes over salaries, in the blink of a eye they go into mode of lengthy lockout. And they keep it that way; they don't care (their businesses have gazillion of other incorporations) until the workers submit. Regardless from what angle one looks at them, nothing changes; their site remains the same—disgusting.

Regardless where on this stunning Earth they reside, and while in and of itself an inexplicable observable fact, nonetheless, the Plutocrats (nearly all) most ardent longing is hoarding. In fact, in addition to their regular accounts, the uppermost Globalists (the elite Plutocrats) and those rank below them and even a notch lower than that, have secret offshore accounts. These secret accounts are filled with trillions of dollars and so much so that if all of that money was to be freed, would have covered nearly all of the Globe's debt. Secret offshore accounts filled with this amount of money in them while entire Nations (their Nations) are about go bankrupt? Wow!! Isn't this a craving utterly twisted and sick?

Creating the brutal and poignant conditions for hundreds of millions (billions actually) simultaneously to be deprived of the opportunity to do and accomplish all the things that they came on this glamorous and tempting Planet to do, is definitely a lawless aspect of someone's being; in this case the plutocrats. For example, going elephant (safari) hunting for example and butchering entire herds of elephants while terrorizing and chasing them from helicopters is entirely lawless.

Sadly, and most regrettably, this sensational Earth's world is infested with the most efficient, most dangerous and most insatiable parasite. The others' overall accomplishment tells us that its members are essentially cruel cruel life-forms (some more that others), but, could it be that it is genuinely oblivious to the immense torment, suffering and stress it causes? No doubt about it, we need an identification formula. This will afford everyone the chance to know who is who is around.

Due to the astronomical cost associated with helicopter hunting, is of course, something only or nearly only wealthy 'people' (plutocrats) would engage in. Regardless, unconditionally this is a morally lawless deed in its entirety and something only a member from a conscience-deprived society would do.

Having said what I have about the Plutocrats and about their condition, there are exceptions; indeed, there are wealthy people around the Planet who are magnificent in every way. These however are very few.

Speaking of helicopter hunting; Carlos, the king of Spain (a generational plutocrat) while his entire Nation was suffering from the ravages of austerity and near-insolvency, in the spring of 2012 this man secretly took a trip to Botswana (Africa) to terrorize, chase, rid their bodies with bullets and slaughter elephants.... On April the 15th, 2012, this hardened organism, Juan Carlos, posed in front of a dead and fallen Elephant; he (this heavily weaponized organism) had just slaughtered and hunted down for personal entertainment and psychological gratification….

All in all, he, Carlos, had slaughtered this majestic animal for nothing but unadulterated fun. What a wretched example—what a pile of raw and badly contaminated waste. I can only image what is being contained in his cocktail of genetic material.

Not as bad as some other people, but me too, on a couple of occasions I had the misfortune of encountering a couple of the others (it is unavoidable, they are everywhere) with terribly contaminated stuff in their genetic pool. One of them being while he was in the process of draining a lake, while its long time residents there in cheer stress and in utter terror were trying franticly to escape the bulldozes (as they were tearing their home dawn) and with nowhere to go. The first thought that comes to mind is that what a cesspool of genetic material the conscience-destitute crowds must be dragging along with them wherever they go. However, King Carlos, the Elephant killer, beats them all in my book.

It is both a mystery and a curious irregularity that this man and his entire family haven't been chased out of Spain with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Killing this Majestic vegetarian, family-oriented and sentient animal at any time, but especially in the 21st century, is unfathomable. The killing of Elephants can only be considered by human-looking (human imposters) people who are throughout devoid of morals and/or humanity. Regrettably, the miraculous Planet, this Earth, is inundated with the constituents of this fraudulent and ultra-violent life form.

Yes I know, that people such as Carlos, are guided by their primitive and violently predatory programming, but killing animals for pleasure in the XXI century, and especially people such as this man who suppose to be an illustration or a model of an advanced and compassionate world? Despite his build in violent and sadistic impulse, this man's advance age has taught him nothing. What a freeloader!!!! I wonder how much it costs the State of Spain to maintain this entity.

When I make use the phrase "pile of contaminated waste," I don't mean to belittle anyone.... In my view, genetically, each is what each is. At any rate, the "contaminated" aspect is in reference to the others' contaminated innate code. No true human being (uncontaminated) could possibly bring a magnificent animal such as an Elephant down so violently, so cowardly and strictly for pleasure.

You can call this people (the non-killers), good people, compassionate people, soft and mellow people, noodle people, conscientious people, peace loving people, or haters of violence people, environmental people, moral or spiritual people, green people, or whatever people; thing is, as compared to the others, these are conscience-enriched people, hence compassionate, peace loving, encouraging, innovative and harmless people.

As for the 'wasted' word, it is applicable to those who were/are privileged enough to arrive on this riveting Earth, but rather than go about on their journey in distinction and in peace with the world around them, every opportunity they get, they destroy and they take…. In the case of the plutocracy's constituents, these people they really take and they really hoard, big time in fact. Unless it suits them, the word share doesn't exist in these people's vocabulary. However, they have no problem inflicting utter pain and cause destruction, hence wasted.

Sadly, this beautiful Earth is strewn with the contaminated breed and with wasted individuals. Supporting or fomenting war or generating avoidable pollution; definitely both examples inflict pain and destruction. Who are the groups who readily support war? Likewise, which group amidst humanity causes and generates the heaviest pollution? On both counts, these are the groups that constitute the various layers of the generational plutocrats and most certainly the neo-plutocrats crowds too, of course. Exceptions aside, that it's a proven and unmistakable fact.

As I have said, if the Earth is to survive, a thorough and distinct investigation of everyone's true genetic code is a must, in my belief.... It is necessary, and the sooner the better. And of course, for no other reason, but rather just for everyone to know who is who around.

Nothing too big or complicated… for example, in the interest of all, everyone should have an ID of this nature. No differently than when people have to declare the colour of their eyes on their driver's licences, for example. Nothing much or anything intrusive, really; just a little notation saying whether one is conscience rich or conscience poor.

It is common sense, people, everyone, should have the right to know if they are voting into power a conscience destitute or a conscience enriched politician. Likewise, people should have the right to know who they get married to or pair up with. Such identification would be an especially useful tool for those (married or unmarried) individuals who may want to reproduce…. With regards to the conscience issue, if they so choose, they should have the right to know whom they have children with.

Albeit futuristic in nature, nonetheless, genetic identification (not in association with the current genetic classification) when its time will come and it will, it will be a tantalizing undertaking.... No doubt, the others will be tempted to make use of something so useful, so innocuous and so natural for 'creepy' purposes. However, likelihood is, nature may beat them at their own game... the metallic factor comes to mind.

But the hope is that by this future time when species differentiation identification will be available and routine, all on their own, the others (the insatiable) may have sufficiently enough humanized themselves due to climatic conditions.

However, can the gluttonous, barbarian and primitive breed humanise itself? Judging from the Ruling Elite's incomprehensible selfishness, from its indifference, from its aggression, and from the Planet's poignant conditions and from their general demeanour, the odds are overwhelmingly against it—not without Genetic Identification as a first step first.

In the meantime though, the generational and the neo-plutocrats have an orgy of taking and privatizing everything for themselves. The ruling Elites have figured out everything; the task to privatize everything for themselves the have eliminated the need for transparency and have set up invisible companies and they themselves have become invisible owners, hence avoiding criticism. When their deeds of clear cut theft are being questioned and transparency is being demanded, they even have the audacity to it is not in the public's interest to disclose deals worth billions and trillions of dollars, more often than not from tax payers money.

Secrecy of this nature doesn't involve only Dictatorial Regimes; it is taking place and has become a trend in societies (Nations) with more advanced democracies... and especially so, since China has spread out its tentacles throughout the Globe... bad - bad example. The Globes other Ruling Elites have become too cosy with China's Dictatorial Ruling Elites, and that spells BAD – BAD business for the rest of this enticing Earth's world throughout.

The Globe's Governments have copied from China's secrecy tactics verbatim and they apply these slowly but systematically. Example, what comes to mind is the 2012 FIPA deal with China that Canada's current Government has implemented and has put into practice without much transparency. Despite that this is a mammoth deal and one that in more ways than one involves each and all of Canada's citizens for many years into the future, essentially, the deal had been negotiated in secrecy.

As of late, the Ruling Elites (the Elite Globalists) have become bolder and more arrogant then the Ruling Elites from 19th Century Colonialism. Speedily, via their intercontinental conglomerates they are privatizing for themselves the Earth's inheritance to the world. In the process of privatization, in addition to the billions that have already been locked out of the Globalist's economic system, speedily they are leaving additional populations (hundreds and hundreds of millions) out of their hideous, unjust and sadistic economic system. Likewise, the Ruling Elites and facilitators have a heyday contaminating and destroying something so essential, something so wise and knowledgeable, and something so divine as this sanctuary—this Earth.

Compounded reminder: As I've said, I am only the writer here... the Ruling Elites have figured out the whole thing. Had not been for the Environmental dynamic, chances are they would have waited several decades more, perhaps. However, and despite that 50% of the human total exists on meager scraps some of these slightly better, still, they know that the Earth has surpassed her capacity to sustain the already mammoth and ever-expanding human number, i.e. severe congestion, rapid shortage of space, rapid consumption of natural resources, unrest, demands, excessive consumption, massive pollution, shortage of soft water, melting of the ice cups (caps) and glaziers (the Planet's air-conditions and sources of much of the water), but above all, the uncontrollable high levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions into the Earth's atmosphere, it seems that due to this factors they have considered a shortcut.

The Ruling Elites are not stupid people; they know that there is no more room for the "climate change" deniers' assertion about climate change. Similarly, they know that if swift measures are not taken to soften the environmental crime in the making, they stand to lose the most because they are the ones with the most.

Rather than cutting a deal with the Globe's religious authority of all creeds and together undertake the crucial task to engage humanity to curtail its irresponsible reproductive activity (because it makes sense and because it is better than the alternative), they have allowed the human number to go out of control. Similarly, instead of investing in ethical, clean and smart energies, i.e. drastically reducing the petroleum and gas related fuels, the powerful Globalists via their international conglomerates do precisely the reverse.... They are encouraging the energy cartels (themselves) to invest into fossil fuels 20, 30, 40, 50, and so years into the future without a worry in the world.

Above all, rather than revamping their economic model from inside out and such where no one is left out of their economic system (not necessarily evenly), and concurrently consider sharing the Earth's riches with each and all (and again, not necessarily evenly), what have they done? But of course, they have created stronger and more indifferent Plutocratic sectors and have concentrated the Earth's wealth in the hands of a small number. What's more, irrespective of political dogma, each and all of the Globe's Chief plutocracies (the Ruling Elites) exhaust half of the Earth's riches to maintain their excessive militaries for a well thought out purpose.... It is to protect from each other's aggression and selfishness the other half of the Earth's riches that they keep for themselves. In point of fact, for that very reason they have planted the Earth throughout with their diabolical creations—nuclear weapons.

All in all, the conditions on the Planet are what they are because the Ruling Elites believe that they have a deed title on the entirety of this planet and especially waterfront locations. In fact, they have decreed nearly the entire of this Planet their real-estate. In their psyche, this is necessary to support the lavish lifestyles of their plutocratic constituents, without which they, the Ruling Elites will lose power. Reality is; they behave, rule and go about as if this Planet has been created for them to do as they please; in fact, this is so ingrained in their psyche. If this Earth is to recuperate from the damage it already has sustained and if altogether is to survive, the Ruling Elites and their policies need to be made accountable for the horror stories and scenes out there.

Too bad the "Occupy Movement" was ignored and was ridiculed and was looked upon with contempt by the middle classes. Because it was necessary and because it made sense, the world's banking systems may have been nationalized by this time or be on the way. It also stood the chance for the banking cartels, central banks et al, responsible for the 2008 financial crisis and the real one from the future, to have made themselves useful beings by now—cleaning streets in shackles... instead they were rewarded in billions—literally—go figure.

Under any other circumstances, at least for a brief moment, I may have been tempted to agree with those who assert that the middle classes "deserved what they got" during and since the 2008 'financial crisis.' And however sad, truth is, it is only when the banks confiscate the middle classes' homes and when the banks put them out of business and when their individual jobs are being exported, those from the middle classes "scream bloody murder."

And while inexplicable, fact is, it is because of the middle classes silence that the plutocrats have a heyday cheating and exploiting everyone and everything on this earth. However, in this case, it would be unwise to think in these terms. Despite that the middle classes are plutocracy's most effective facilitators; still, in a scenario where the entire of the Planed would have been blanketed under total financial and economic collapse, it would be pointless to resort to finger pointing. In other words, and while justifiable, under such horrid scenario, it wouldn't be helpful or gratifying at all to point fingers at the middle classes.

Be that as it may, in accordance with extraordinary theoretical research by shrewd examiners that are based on realities, there will be a twin event (he economic collapse and its companion) and it stems from overpopulation.

Just for the Environment sake, as is, one would have thought that by now they would have considered addressing the issue about the human overpopulation. Obviously, more people, more energy consumption, more pollution, less space. Nothing drastic or costly, just explain the situation and make it possible for the human-kind population to ethically reduce itself nicely and naturally over a couple of short generations to levels of sustainability. It is estimated that the scheme is to reduce the population abruptly. It is not difficult to figure out that they will achieve this by a number of unkind means some of which already in place and in practice.

Who knows how; but, methods that are effective and even practical at the same time are numerous and vary. Best of which perhaps, is weather manipulation. Severe meteorological anomalies are sure to bring about massive famine and ailments. Concurrently to famine, immense unemployment, social unrest, insolvency, Global economic collapse and eventually limited Global war amongst others might be considered. Each alone or in combination, these are all viable tools and feed one another. And however they will go about; things will go wrong—terribly wrong.

As I've said, the Earth will have been rendered smaller. However, from the maps that I was afforded a glimpse, I cannot tell whether the radical and arduous relocation will be due to massive radiation contamination on a global scale with only a (one) pocket of the Earth's landscapes left intact or the Earth's mass would somehow be reduced.

What I can tell for sure though, is that the current Ruling Elites are the most iniquitous and indifferent organisms that has ever walked this Earth. To think that at this junction in time they can curry on in the manner in which they have thus far and in the fashion in which they proceed currently, it's indicative that the Globe's Ruling Elites have gone mad.

Can't they see that at this intersection in time the status quo (the badly soiled status quo they have inherited from their forefathers') is passé, and fully dangerously outdated. It is like an old dirty and decrepit furnace ready to explode violently at any minute. These people's raw arrogance need to be curtailed and fast. The staggering level of their greed and unresponsiveness to the world is indefensible right through. Via their economic model, shamelessly, a handful of them have badly cheated and have punished this Earth's world throughout.

How on Earth the generational and neo-plutocrats could possibly justify that by leaving half of humanity hungry and by pushing hundreds of additional people to insolvency, it balances things out? These people's model of socioeconomics needs to be arrested and hurriedly; it has withered this Earth's world. The alternative would be vastly costly—as in unimaginably costly for every living thing on this alive Earth.

* * * *

We knew the international bankers had connived to put nearly the whole of the Planet's human population and Nations alike into debt, and they have succeeded beyond their plot's expectations. However, it stands to reason that had not it been for the Globe's influential policy-makers' compliance and total devotion to the banking cartels, the bankers would have refrained from bringing the world to insolvency.

Be that as it may, indeed, this was a critical time: it is mathematically calculated that unprecedented transformation was just around the corner. Oddly enough, the plutocrats themselves had initiated the beginning of the mega transformation. But, the outcome couldn't possibly be in the image the plutocrats had in mind.

Once again, I'm not whatsoever associated with any organized religion or with any religious cults; in fact, I'm not religious at all. Simply, I have been asked to pass on this message, i.e., I have been commissioned to study the File on Sino Forest and to write this book's text. Other than that, innately I'm a very optimistic individual and a resolute supporter of fairness and peace. I also happen to find this Earth persuasive and awesome in every way. In fact, not only in my view, but she is the most perfect and most knowledgeable scientist that exists. What's more, she is the ideal engineer that could possibly be. And of course, she is the best provider in the whole entire Milky Way. She is a superb and rare Oasis—definitely; she is someone worthy of protection and of unremitting respect.

Unfortunately, the beautiful Oasis has been raided by an ungrateful and subjugator breed; and one irredeemable and acutely injudicious and violently predatory. Moreover, the breed in question hesitates not at all to violently kill even members of its own species. In fact, habitually, it does it all the time, its victims also includes the most defenceless; especially the defenceless, and then the coward brags about it. Simultaneously, it expects everyone to view it as a civilized being; in fact, it proudly declares that it is civilized—what a charlatan!!!!

While the Plutocratic system remained unchallenged, World War III (the thermonuclear kind) was inevitable. In the meantime the elite Globalists were profiting from traditional wars, hugely in fact.


War activity was fantastic business with unfathomably lucrative earnings for the Globe's war-makers and arms-profiteers and all those in the business of war, but, with regards to the depopulation (population lessening -- population reduction) matter and all that war entails, it hadn't made a dent. Like a strain of ultra-fast-growing bacteria, fact was, the human number from both human breeds was multiplying uncontrollably. Due to this, but also for a number of other reasons, World War III was rather inevitable, although it need not to have been.

Massive starvation and ailments that are associated with hunger most likely would have been the initial weapon of choice against the masses in a scenario involving War World III. Individuals in the know believed that World War III had already been initiated against the world by the banking cartels in 2008. The credit crisis with which the banking cartels had treated the world in 2008 was ample evidence that these people meant business. That scheme had worked better than any other of the plutocrats' weapons against the world. But that was only the plot's preamble.

However, although starvation was already rampant and was being insidiously propagated with the intent to reach larger numbers of populations, insofar as population reduction was concerned, thus far, famine had not achieved its purpose. If anything, and to the plutocrat's (those who had understood its looming threat) dismay, the human population was expanding dangerously.

To be fair; on the matter regarding human over-breeding, the advocates of population control couldn't possibly have been more correct.... According to geo-political analysts around the world (at least those who dare speak up on the matter) the human number had already reached and had surpassed the Earth's ability to withstand it. Due to the rapid growth of the human species, everything was being gulped down before it even had a chance to mature.... Human overpopulation was a matter not only of National Security, but a matter of Global Security.

This was an area that needed to be dealt with pronto. But again, it need not have involved violence, inhumanity or cruelty. Fewer births would have taken care of the situation over one or so generation's time. It was not complicated to put two and two together about this simple solution, yet it was an epic and extraordinarily massive and Global problem.

Even if the Plutocrats were to restrain their unruly avarice and curtail their selfishness a tad, it wouldn't have made that much of a difference without instant and draconian birth control Globe-wide.... Fact was, and despite all the denials out there, the human number had already reached and greatly had surpassed the Earth's ability to withstand it. The Earth's non-renewable resources, they were being consumed as if there would have been no tomorrow.

To avert an unforgiving World War III scenario, a Globe-wide moratorium on the human birth rate had to be imposed. China's one-child policy was not working well. If anything, China's population was growing. So, on the issue of population control, adopting China's policy, and while helpful, in the grand scheme of things though, it would have been ineffective.

Really, this one species had neither an ethical nor spiritual right to devour an entire Planet at the expense of the planet's other inhabitants simply because they were in the habit of multiplying irresponsibly. Humanity's reproductive exploits therefore had to be curtailed humanely—no one had the right to starve anyone to death, or kill anyone for that matter. So, either smart birth control was employed, or the plutocrats would have taken care of the situation in their own fashion, the moment they felt overpopulation would have upset their wellbeing and have threatened their security.

The matter was straightforward; there was nothing to dwell on about overpopulation.... While on the surface things appeared under control, the situation nonetheless was dire. In addition to greater consumerism, more humans equated to more pollution and added geopolitical instability. However, none of the plutocrats who believed in smart human birth control dared speak, loud enough, on the issue regarding the need to curtail the human birth rate, and of course we know why.

On the other hand, the plutocrats who spoke about the necessity of population reduction received no resistance from the masses at large and especially from the theocrats and from the followers of religious organizations. Nor have the plutocrats been questioned when they explicitly and openly labelled millions of people as "useless eaters," hence dispensable. I found this absolutely terribly odd and brutally indefensible.

However, and despite the Plutocrats' shameful audacity on the matter of the "useless eaters," overpopulation was the root of the environmental quandary. Despite the climate change deniers and the advocates of uncontrolled human population expansion, there would have been no respite without first confronting reality.... The Environmental felony in progress, the extreme human over-breeding, and humanity's piles of nuclear weapons ready to be used and be deployed at any given minute, were 3 terribly incompatible roommates.

Considering the situation, one assumes then that the leading plutocrats (the ultra-elites) would have already thought of something else. After all, some of them had openly expressed themselves on the need of depopulation. But alas, instead of creating the environment where population lessening would have occurred gradually and naturally over a generation or two without ever having to kill or starve anyone to death, they had other plans in mind, it seemed.

Albeit theoretical at this point, in accordance with scrupulous analysis conducted by conscientious individuals and of course as per the Global Chiefs' stance on matters of importance, the Chiefs had other plans for the world. As per the data that came out of these theoretical calculations, the Elite Chiefs were planning to choke the world by abrupt and severe disruption of things. Under such conditions, colossal depopulation would have occurred quite instantly, and the final chapter of the job would have occurred within one year's time or less perhaps.

To deal with the Globe's Environmental, geopolitical, socioeconomic, related turbulences and their branched-out stresses such as lack of space for one, odds are, one of the options to deal with the situation, the Globalist Chiefs might have considered attacking the world with Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons. This, if it ever occurs, will be a catastrophic and ultra-sadistic event.

In all likelihood (should this incident ever take place), it will arrive totally out of the blue..... From the comfort of their ultra-luxurious and safe and well-guarded accommodations, the plan's agreement amongst Chiefs will be to simultaneously knock-down with EMP weapons numerous preselected locations around the Planet, all densely inhabited. This action though, and most regrettably, would not have stopped there.

And although a number of those acquainted with EMP claim that such an attack would have had no effect on live organisms or on the Planet herself, this nonetheless, in the opinion of opposing experts on the matter, is misleading. While theoretical, in such an event, amongst other things, the Planet's axis would have shifted radically and instantly and the oceans' currents would have reversed fiercely.... Tidal disturbance would have been inevitable.... Meteorological chaos would have ensued and would have been ferocious....

What's more: There was the strong possibility that the Planet's meteorological order at some point soon after the assault would altogether have been suspended—at least briefly, if not longer. Once things had been activated, the poignant event would have unfolded swiftly with no possibility of ever going back.

As per the research and field observations of very well-informed and highly erudite individuals in the science of geophysics, Gas Fracking alone has the strong potential of activating an EMP assault. However, coinciding this with a High Altitude Nuclear Explosion or severe solar storm, and the consequences will be inconceivable. The Earth, the Planet's physical aspects stand the chance to be reorganized. Now, add to this a considerable number of nuclear explosions, and one can only imagine what would have resulted. Under these hypotheses, the Earth herself could end-up being much smaller.

* * * * * * * *

And so it was. For the time being, both these entities (the corporate cartels and their facilitators -- the influential policy makers) expected blind obedience from the populations across the board and especially from the working force without giving anything in return. Their audacity had no boundaries, instead of taking large steps to correct their crime against the world and apply critical thinking, and maybe consider apologizing somewhat, perhaps; capriciously they stood their ground. Not only do these arrogant takers fiercely guard the status quo, they exponentially and callously compound on the world's problems.

Instead, from the opulent living and working environs where manipulation and lies were being created, the leading plutocrats and Co. were hard at work on how to best implement matters against this world's population and indeed against all life-forms on this Planet. These people had turned against the Earth's Genesis, regrettably. The evidence of their intentions to bring the Planet's world to total and unforgiving insolvency and subsequent total submission was no longer contained. It had been strewn everywhere over the astonishing Planet's landscapes.

Despite the escalation of mass protests due to overabundance of grave unemployment, social and geopolitical problems, nothing hopeful was happening. Instead of pacifying the accumulative stresses, the Ruling Elites (the elite plutocrats and Co.) had nurtured and had schemed and had put into effect, and which they had treated the Miraculous Planet's world with, the plutocrats had additional plans.... The belief was, they were planning to go further. Total submission (slavery) was what they were after. At least if they had stayed still for a while, it might not have been as severe a situation. Their 2008 financial achievement was an indication of what these people were up to.


As if Deep Ocean and Arctic exploitation disturbance was not enough, as of late the Globe's corporate plutocrats were in the business of Gas Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) big time and with velocity. In addition, including the plutocrats' Chinese counterparts, the Globe's plutocrats and their primary facilitators i.e. the politicians behind them were in the business of 'sucking up' to those with deep pockets in the business of fracking. Against the world's interest, they were in fact enamoured with the frackers' innovation of fracking....

These were the plutocrats' latest endeavours and aspirations. They were exploiting the Earth's foundational systems with gusto. By doing so (fracking the Earth) they had initiated a series of dreadful and unstoppable scenarios that sooner rather than later would have with vengeance come back to haunt them, but that was of no consolation because it would also have badly hurt the beautiful Earth's entire Genesis. In and of itself the word "fracking" is repulsive.

However, as of late, they have come up with even more maddening ideas. These involve how to control Global warming via violating this Planet's rules and regulations in even more diabolical ways than they even have. I'm talking about geo-engineering technologies that we read about.


Whoever came up with the idea of fracking, must have been an apostle of destruction and pure evil. Fracking among other matters of serious nature was inducing seismic jolts and was polluting the Earth's underground waterways and natural underground water reservoirs. But that was not all, there was another item and more ominous than the others in direct association with fracking; the Earth's magnetic force (the Earth's geomagnetic field) and the Earth's electric force (electric field) each separately were in direct collision with the plutocrats' fracking venture (disgusting venture, more like it) and with each other. A culmination of things was gathering swiftly for the big show, it seemed....

* * *

The world's masses had protested the fracking abomination right from the beginning; however, it had taken the Globe's various populations several years before they truly had reacted to this particularly maddening activity. The human population throughout the Globe (minus plutocracy's constituents and close friends) had attempted to liberate the Earth from this kind of assault, but it was too late.

The corporate plutocrats in the energy business were unbeatable, a matter that had severe consequences. The plutocrats had monopoly; they were respecting and/or listening to no one. The plutocrats' unearthly demeanour in general, but especially while in the business of fracking the Earth was both maddening and sadistic.... It had resulted in the Earth's populations all through this riveting Orb having to watch from the side in solemn silence while the corporate plutocrats were abusing something so alive, and while tearing their home apart violently—literally.

A reminder: word was; the Earth was either to have been left with only one location capable of supporting life as we know it, or it would have been rendered smaller. If the latter held any truth to it (even remotely), then most certainly, the activity of fracking the Earth fits in there somewhere. As is, we know that this ultra-intrusive action causes seismic activity. The scientists who assert that Fracking is harmless, are of the same calibre as those shameless and ultra-corrupt 'scientists' who had insisted that tobacco smoking was neither addictive nor a health hazard.

The plutocrats' inability or unwillingness to see that the Earth (the home, sweet home of myriads of species) needed to be protected from them, by them, was uncanny. They were operating precisely like marauders. No question about it; the plutocrats behaved as if they belonged to a separate breed.... Theirs was disconnected from the rest of the Earth's native resident species.

The miraculous Earth, this precious and rare jewel capable of invoking indescribable emotions in the onlooker, was in trouble. While influential, still, her rhythms had succumbed to the raider breed. Despite that it had served plutocracy so richly, nonetheless, she was under dirty and relentless assault from the plutocrats. How it was possible, one wondered, that someone so alive, so lucid and so composed as the miraculous Earth would be treated so poorly? Simply, it didn't make sense that it would be treated so badly by anyone, and especially not by the Plutocrats whom the Earth had served so generously for such a long time?

The plutocrats' and especially the generational elite's conduct, abundantly revealed that they believed they had exclusive rights to this Planet—to the whole Planet, to mistreat and exploit.

However, how could they go through life for a lifetime so un-redemptive and so dispassionate towards one so magnificent and the very being responsible for keeping them alive in excessive lavishness throughout the course of their adventure on this Earth? It was mind-boggling, these crowds were truly ungrateful.

Theirs was a curious breed with as much a curious mental acuity; as I have pointed out earlier, chances are, their breed belonged to a different species altogether. If so, why would the plutocrats' breed be on this Planet? It was neither in conformity with this Earth's tempo nor compatible with this Earth's arrangement and order. Instead of allowing the world to heal following the 2008 economic crash, ever since, in arrogance they were blatantly rubbing salt on the world's raw wounds they themselves had inflicted on all frontiers—they were enriching themselves and were leeching more than at any time previously.

While the corporate elites were boasting about their corporations' astronomical profits and while their personal salaries had tripled and quadrupled, the wages of their working forces were being lowered or their jobs were being outsourced to jurisdictions where slavery wages and horrible working conditions were the norm.

The plutocrats had hit the human world where it counted the most; the heavy punch had hit their finances. But that had the power to cascade down into all areas of the Planet's affairs. For example, many organizations and individuals had been robbed of the funding they needed for animal care, environmental and human rights causes, for research purposes, education, to feed and house themselves, and so on and so forth, their economic power had been taken away from them due to these people's irresponsible conduct. Many medium and small profitable businesses were forced to go under because of lack of credit, hence all the more unemployed workers and despairing business owners.

Yes, the stock market is sizzling, but we're six years later after 2008 (at the time of this writing), and the situation for the overwhelming number of people around the globe hasn't changed since the 2008 exploit. Alone, youth unemployment is the saddest thing that they and their families go through.

The plutocrats had aggressively and brutally struck the world's financial wellbeing. It is obvious; in addition to being necessary for one's life's necessities, without finances, one can hardly do any of the things one came on this Planet to accomplish... it shouldn't be, but that is the system in place. So, with the 2008 financial episode, the leading plutocrats had done a lot of damage. They had robbed and had cheated humanity and especially an entire generation of its youth that happened to be on Earth at an age they needed to branch out, and this coincided with the time the Banking Cartels had decided to impoverish just about everyone.

Sad, since the 2008 financial credit crisis, an entire generation of youth was robbed of the opportunity to realize what they needed to achieve. A great number of them either didn't get the chance to attend university or had dropped out, due to lack of money, of course.... Their parents, those who had parents, couldn't possibly support the expensive tuition fees. That was reality. In the meantime, the plutocrats' children or the majority of them of college age were flocking to the campuses of humanity's most renowned academic institutions. Nearly six years later since the 2008 financial episode and things were getting worse for the majority.

While the Wall Street financial gangsters had robbed the world, things didn't stop there.... Ever since that thievery, their depraved actions had reduced hundreds of millions of the working force to beg for jobs even at minimal wages that did not support the cost of living. Simultaneously, in plutocracy's milieus, life went about differently and without a worry in the world. In 2014, this is reality. People are laid off from their jobs left, centre and right. The jobs that they are creating, they are miserable. They are either poorly-paid, part-time, or both. Overall, the people's jobs were being exported from humanity's better places to humanity's worst places, where near-slavery wages predominate.

While the plutocrats' system had rendered the world's youth and scores of others unemployed, the elites and Co. were awarding themselves exorbitant salaries and other extravagant perks.

Point to remember: In addition to mocking the world, everything suggested that the leading plutocrats were preparing to attack the world's financial system and economies yet again; in the near future.

In accordance with the calculations of solid economic and geopolitical analysts and people who understand the ins and outs of the Ruling Plutocrats, the following is what is to be expected. Of course, nothing is written in stone, nonetheless, the second round of economic attack within the next while will make the 2008 financial arrest look like roses with just little innocuous thorns here and there. From there on, it's anyone's guess what could and what would trail it with zero possibility of shifting its poignant conclusion.

In a scenario of Global economic stress as the one scheduled, it is not difficult to imagine that all sorts of new and old disputes would have germinated. Concurrently, and especially since the Earth had been infested with thousands upon thousands of nuclear weapons, it is not difficult to perceive the follow-up scenario. To solve that problem, the nuclear weapons psycho owners likely under the advice and/or order from the Ruling Elites to hit the Genesis of the miraculous Planet, and it would have begun from the Arctic Zone with these weapons.

As it was, while perverted to the core (exceptions aside), humanity's elites (the 1%) had managed to con and ruthlessly cheat the world of the astonishing Planet they were hugely benefiting from.... There was no indication that they had had enough; if anything, the plutocrats had become more potent, greedier, and more insatiable; above all they had become restless.

No doubt about it; mountains of evidence not only suggested, but pointed to the fact that these uncaring raiders were having fun belittling and callously punishing the beautiful Orb's stunning syntheses.... But, there was more... under a scenario of Global and abrupt economic crash, even the Globe's most lovely and most divine creations wouldn't be spared by them.

However, while the controlling and affluent 1% (the dominant Globalists) and their immediate facilitators (the policy makers) had plenty of followers from humanity's lower socioeconomic ranks, still, no direct blame could be placed on these misguided followers for the Planet's misfortunes.... They were just there serving their masters. Irrespective of their political affiliation and irrelevant to their nationalities, the shakers and movers of the world's affairs (the controlling Globalists) were solely responsible for the high level of disharmony and utter level of impoverishment that was already in profusion and was exponentially growing in every one of the Earth's landscapes.

As per the Elites' accomplishments, it was evident that these people were wholly and completely devoid of conscience. Any differently and it would have been an inexplicable anomaly. Their vision of the world and the structure of governing were ultra-corrupt and twisted.

And while entirely indefensible and archaic, all the same: In the 21st century the plutocrats' system was the ruler; and of course, with them in the control room vehemently defending it. While the Blue Earth's world had found itself at a delicate intersection in time, regrettably, the plutocrats' all-encompassing system in place was stronger than it had ever been, thus no chance for the necessary change.

The Plutocratic System was a supremely efficient scheme and its beneficiaries were only the plutocratic society and its primary supporters and to a certain degree its secondary supporters.... Beyond this, it was cruel for the majority of others on this superb Earth. It was suffocating; it had already withered massively in its path anything and everything that was not part of plutocracy's circle.

Plutocracy's ugly, ultra-corrupt and all-encompassing system was a violent and extraordinarily unjust system. It was profusely dirty. It was contaminating and impoverishing just about everything on its way. The plutocrats were terrifying and well-organized looters.

The plutocrats' breed was incompatible with its host Planet's overall arrangement. Similarly to the most potent parasites, plutocracy's breed had formed no lasting symbiosis with anyone.... Its alliances were transitory and only when it suited its members. The plutocratic breed's treaties and every one of its accord agreements were self-centred. This was an intrinsically taker breed. Somehow, as of late, perhaps due to environmental factors (I can only think of the metallic factor) its potency had morphed into a more advanced grade than originally.

The taker breed was the perfect raider and most proficient exploiter. It would have been virtually impossible (if not entirely) for Plutocracy's breed to have been indigenous to the Blue Earth. Due to Plutocracy's concrete and well-arranged system in place, the Earth's precious and sacred inheritance to its native tenants was either being looted, severely contaminated, stunted, or broken beyond repair.

Irrespective of political dogmas' Plutocracy's socioeconomic arrangement was notoriously unfair and injudicious.... It was especially gluttonous; it was hypocritical; it was thoughtless and hollow; it was devoted to nepotism; and most certainly was more potent than ever previously. Above all, the elites' barren and fraudulent system so firmly in place was a formidable enemy to common sense, civility and order.... Shamelessly, via their accomplishments and verbally, they kept uttering that by keeping the vast number of the human total that they had locked outside of their economic model, it made for a good balance.

Plutocracy's system is the apostle of everything depraved.... Just like its creators and its worshipers, it is particularly disgusting, dangerous and ugly and is likely to explode in their faces—that however will be of no consolation to this Earth's superb and astonishing Genesis.

To bring change, even if only a portion of what was required for effective and felt change, it meant that the plutocrats had to reinvest in newer and pioneering technologies and prototypes, but they were not willing to invest in environment-friendly innovations.... Thing is, the corporate lords were surrounded with energy solutions capable of energizing the world throughout with a fraction of today's cost and with negligible pollution generating, were available everywhere, yet, these were systematically being ignored or hidden.

This was so, even though in no time at all monetarily the energy financiers would have been rewarded more abundantly than previously. And so it was, their old and crooked habits had remained precious commodities for the plutocratic crowds, all at the expense of an entire Planet and its entire creation. Even the melting of the ice cups (ice caps) wasn't enough to sway them otherwise. In fact, they were salivating and waiting for the ice on the Arctic Zone to melt away.

There was nothing honourable about this group of people.... The conditions on the withered Planet the plutocrats were extracting and taking from voraciously, in abundance testified to their anomalous condition. These people's indifference was hard on this celebrated and towering Planet. The Plutocratic crowds and especially the generational plutocrats didn't involve an amalgamation of honourable or caring people.... They had systematically and badly humiliated and had belittled the beautiful Earth's world—literally—with no signs of relenting a little.

Alone the fact that they had excluded 55 to 60 percent of the human population from the economic equation unconditionally revealed these people's staggering indecency.

The wealthy versus the disadvantaged crowds, i.e. the neglected and exploited side versus plutocracy's upper echelons.

Consumption verses pollution: All things considered; all calculated, i.e., housing, food, water, transportation, clothing, health care, etcetera, etc., and provided that the parties from both groups live to reach the same age; this is the end result. One, just 1 person, from plutocracy's upper realms consumes equivalent to two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) persons from the lower middle class and/or poor spheres. One, just 1 individual from the rich realms, pollutes the equivalent to three hundred and fifty thousands (350,000) from the poor realms. Provided that both have identical corporeal and emotional needs and considering that both have identical rights to this gripping Earth's resources, their difference is beyond one's ability to grasp—mindboggling.


While basic, nonetheless, these are shocking calculations. Yeah, and they have the audacity to classify this as something perfectly normal. This is their notion of 'balance' in the order of things—how imbalanced.

Considering that both parties have identical biological requirements and more or less analogous psychological and/or emotional needs, that is a stunning and dangerously provocative difference.

It is not difficult to see that plutocracy's breed is an extreme anomaly to this Earth's order of things.... Its members are the ultimate takers. Example: While putting this manuscript in order, i.e. shuffling matter around, doing corrections (editing) etcetera, the calendar date is February 6, 2014. This is the opening date of Sochi's Winter Olympic Games.

In order to make room for the Olympic venue the authorities have confiscated the property of the residents whose houses were standing where they have built the Olympic extravagance. Many of the people whose houses have been confiscated, and the places they were transferred to would not allow the people's pet dogs. So, as a result, they, out of no choice, have abandoned their dog pets on the streets. In short, last week the order was given to kill all those dogs and all others that were around.

Reason for this ghastly action: they said that it would have been an embarrassment to the Olympic organizers and to Russia, should the Olympic guests that would have congregated there were to see the dogs around the Olympic venue.

Guess, who are these international guests? But of course, who else; predominantly they are crowds from plutocracy's realms—the Oligarchs.... They are the only ones who can afford to be there in person for this licentiousness in whose name $50 billion was spent to put together. This event is taking place at the absolute expense of the ordinary people who were expelled from their homes to make room for this extravagant party where "who is who" from around the Globe comes together.... And most certainly, this is a sumptuous party given at the unforgiving and ultimate expense of the unfortunate dogs which in the name of the Olympic Games celebration were butchered amidst terror and profuse abuse....

Disgusting in the extreme—hideous—a deed totally - totally devoid of the human ingredient.....

However, some of the dogs have seen saved, while the majority have been shot, just like that, on the street. A Russian billionaire allocated finances and some good people picked up some of the dogs, and they had to hurry, because they were only given a couple of days to do so. It must also be said here that the abandoned Sochi dogs were all friendly and gentle animals. They were people's pets.

If this billionaire can be caring enough, one can only imagine if all of the Planet's billionaires would have come together and done analogous deeds that not only involved the security and wellbeing of animals, but to lessen the pathetic human condition, the environment, etc., etcetera.... Wow, just imagine something of this nature, it feels good; how different things would and could have been on this Planet had these people decided to do the reverse of what they are doing.

The way they have treated the Sochi dogs, and for the same reasons as this grisly action, in time down the road, with near certainty, that is how humanity's uppermost Globalists (the Ruling Elites) both from the political and corporate worlds will treat this Planet's human populations that they have already labelled as "Useless Eaters."

Despite that Plutocracy's members have everything and despite the fact that they have been afforded time on this sumptuous Earth to enjoy and be fulfilled, they naturally crave for more, always; and they do manage to take more even when there is little left to take from. And however appalling a condition and obvious an irregularity, alas, plutocracy's innate configuration is not contained within the Plutocratic societies only. It has plenty of company.

Albeit primitive, the marauder element has to be a species all of its own. And yes, the breed is sharp; too bad it is predatory, devious and conscience-destitute in nature—every opportunity it gets, it even preys on its own kind. In this regard, it's not discriminatory.

Condemning 14,000,000 (fourteen million) children each and every year, perhaps more, to die from starvation and/or from little easily-treatable ailments that were usually associated with contaminated water, was throughout indefensible. Plutocracy's system was beyond cruel; it was wicked right through and all through.

You see, many of these little children and teenage children too, were dying in the arms of their parents and while their parents helplessly bore witness to their departure from this nurturing Earth barely after they had arrived here. This was a moral, social and spiritual crime of epic proportions and ought to have been illegal too. It was in direct association with plutocracy's society and was intimately connected to the Plutocratic crowds.

Staggering but true: eighty-five (85) of humanity's families hold of the planet's wealth equivalent to what three and half billion (3.5 billion) people hold. While a couple of billions are compelled to stand 'naked,' these people (these 85 families) had been given carte blanche to take and hoard and take and take again out of this gripping Earth, while the other 3.5 billion of the human total (the ones who are fed) shrug that off as normal; indeed, staggering all the way around.

Sure, free market.... Hurray!!!! Long-live Capitalism from the Wild West, survival-of-the-fittest from the land of Predators, Deregulation, Globalization and the Plutocratic dogma, of course.


In my view, and while legal, nonetheless, Plutocracy's crimes had no boundaries and were numerous, and they came in bulk. Even when it was inadvisable and its arrogance no longer tenable, still, it held tightly onto its overconfidence; Plutocracy was a formidable anomaly.

Not necessarily acts belonging exclusively to plutocrats, nonetheless, species extinction and systematic demolition and/or disturbances of irreplaceable ecosystems such as wetlands, old growth forests or shore-lines for example are just a couple more of plutocracy's accomplishments. Humanity's 'untouchables' are so distorted, they even loath labour unions. Need we guess why?

We are not talking about little injudiciousness or little indiscretions here and there and now and then. On the contrary, we are dealing with calculated, unabashed and relentless insensitivity and deep-rooted selfishness on the part of plutocracy's members. Absolutely, its members' behaviour is not in accord with either the human stuff nor with the miraculous Planet's symbiotic order. I receive no pleasure in pointing out this breed's condition, but it is there, staring everyone in the face.

Other than speculating, one will never know quite precisely how plutocracy's breed came to be on the miraculous planet. One supposes its antiquated forefathers were raiders. But, let there be no mistake, this breed's members have plenty of company from humanity's other socioeconomic ranks; even from the lowest of the lower. Looking at its accomplishments, very little can be said about this breed that can be construed as hopeful or promising.

For example, creating the conditions for an entire Planet to undergo heart-rending ecological and meteorological changes is an affair entirely indefensible....

Similarly, planting the beautiful Earth's landscapes with unforgiving landmines or keeping the world perpetually at war, definitely, these are not human actions.... Plutocracy's works are unbeatable—mindboggling.

Throughout history, attempts have been made to civilise the breed, but to no avail.... For the time being, the plutocrats (currently) reign in the precise manner their forefathers did. And while absolutely necessary, it remains unbendable. Current plutocracy sees no need for change—plutocracy is the untouchable ruler.


As we have seen, the absence of social and legal accountability for the plutocrat bankers liable and in the center of the 2008 economic rape was blatant. It is an unmistakable indication that the primary plutocrats dictate to the world's policy makers throughout, not the other way around.

The heads and their steady supporters (the policy makers) behind the generational plutocratic society and neoconservative organizations (the staunch capitalists) are beyond reach. Even an elementary level of common sense has escaped this faction of people. Plutocracy's members would rather see the world destroyed than relent a little on the hold they have on the Earth's riches throughout.

However, overwhelmingly (if not all) to keep the status quo, they, the plutocrats resort to using every dirty trick available to them in an attempt to discredit every credible socioeconomic, human rights and environmental activist group. They especially go after those who speak loudly against the excesses, insatiability and corruption of the corporate elites and their facilitators.

In the case of the "Adbusters Foundation," the Wall Street's plutocrats (the ones who brought most of the world to insolvency in 2008-09), they went a step further. Rather than taking responsibility for the punishment they had imposed on the world and the sheer misery they had exposed the world to, themselves or via their agents/lobbyists, they even tried to label this organization as being anti-Semitic. What does Occupy Wall Street have to do with anti-Semitism, I question?

If I understand correctly, this daring organization and every one of the others which are in support of the rights of the 99% have no particular political affiliation. They speak under one umbrella for the rights of the 99% no matter where on Earth these may reside and/or irrelevant of race, gender or nationality.

Of course, as everyone knows, the originator or one of the originators of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement (OWS) was the Adbusters Foundation (at least this is what I think, probably from something I have read).

Similarly, individual environmental defenders, animal rights advocates and champions for socioeconomic justice and other hard-working organizations in these frontiers, are being branded as being leftish. In fact, they are being hit by the plutocrats with a number of other connotations all geared to create a negative image of them. Conclusively, at such a delicate intersection in time as the current one, the shameless charlatans have the upper hand all the way around.

The moment one in as little as breathes the words "socioeconomic fairness" or "environment" or "corporate greed," the plutocrats and their lobbyists resort to character assassination against the audacious speakers.... They are not even willing to fight semi-honorably. Overwhelmingly, that's how distorted and twisted the make-up of the Plutocratic society is, hence the savage human-made conditions on Earth.

To be fair, not all powerful corporate heads are iniquitous, depraved and/or oblivious to the socioeconomic, geopolitical, strategic and environmental dangers that lie in wait nearby. If anything, they are acutely aware of these real threats.

Point: if the handful of fair and judicious corporate plutocrats and political elites tried to change the status quo, they would have paid a heavy price. Each and every time one of them did break ranks, it was followed by harsh consequences. Either such an individual was destroyed mercilessly and without leniency or was shunned by the majority of the others in the group.... Although legalized, the plutocrats and especially the generational plutocrats' economic system, operated remarkably like that of an organized underground entity outside the law.

In order to make a difference therefore, from plutocracy's highest ranks, a larger, much larger number of this thoughtful category of plutocrats was needed; as it was, these few were outnumbered. It was amazing that such a small group would be able to overshadow all others on the hospitable Planet.

Absolutely not; the very few conscientious plutocrats couldn't possibly have swayed the majority of others within their group to alter their old habits. After all, they had to mingle frequently and deal and wheel with them on a regular basis and while dining and wining together at the same clubs—the plutocrats' exclusive clubs.... Why not, after all, this afforded them their luxurious livelihood.

The fact that the overwhelming majority of the Earth's other citizens, two-legged, four-legged, feathered et al were suffering as a result of the plutocrat's system firmly in place, was of no consequence to the plutocratic sector in general. Their demeanor concerning the matter was equal to someone shrugging their shoulders and saying "too bad, really, not our problem."

Fact: For many in the indifferent group, the suffering of others due to Plutocracy's ruthless model of socioeconomics was not even viewed as an unfortunate thing. Convincingly, they kept arguing that this was just part of life, nothing wrong with it and it was perfectly fine and something that was part of the balance of things.

Of course, it goes without saying that the exploiters felt that there was nothing wrong with their system; not a problem, as long, of course, that they and those they cared about were not amidst the massive group of subjugated and exploited others. Under this little exception, life was good...... Anything else wrong was minor, if at all wrong. They had self-regulations in place, they had argued, and if these were good enough for them, no reason why others should see them any differently.


In a scenario where an Alliance between the Superpowers had been formed under the premise to unify humanity, and despite their deals and treaties for joint control over the world's affairs, it was doubtful that such an Alliance would have been enduring. Due to their pathological insatiability and utter desire for total control, others may have had different plans.

From their shadowy places, the Ruling Elites and other fomenters of disharmony would have seen that the members of such an Alliance had deceived and had betrayed each other. At this point, to flex their muscles and show their opponents what they were capable of; chances were, each would have positioned their depraved creations of nuclear weapons in such ways and with these would have ended up eradicating the magnetic Earth's world, instead.....

However, before they had laced the entire world with radiation poisoning, in all probability, the world of the magnetic Planet would have been hit with a severe economic crash. It would have assaulted with greater intensity than the previous one and while the world still had not quite yet recuperated from the 2008 financial and economic battering. In a scenario of such an ill-fated event, logic dictated then that this time around, the destabilization and rupture of systems would have been of seismic proportions, 10+++ on the Richter scale.

There was very little doubt that the plutocrats and support systems were scheduling, measuring and planning. One would have had to be insincere to oneself and illogical too to believe otherwise. According to those who study Global affairs, they suggested that the two-legged predators were zooming in on the Earth's world with creepy velocity.

In a nutshell: despite their stunted evolution and despite their primitive temperament, the corporate barons (the Elite Plutocrats) had covered all aspects of their economic model. What's more, they were fully aware that with their economic model they were shocking and were withering this riveting Earth's world—right through—but they cared not at all.

Judging from its accomplishments, it was an instantly recognizable indicator that Corporate Plutocracy was an insensitive and a conscience-destitute organism. Of all parasitic elements on the entire face of this Earth of unknown origins, plutocracy's breed is the most potent and most effective. It has impaled its toxic spikes into the spirit and soul of this Earth's native Genesis throughout. It exists and thrives on slave labour.

In terms of pathology, it would be beneficial to know the brain makeup of the 85 individuals currently on this Earth who hold and own wealth equivalent to 3.5 billion of the Earth's human constituent. Likewise, it would be interesting to know if they are investing in a technology where it will allow them to carry with them their heavy hoard when they would be asked to vacate this world with no recourse to refuse. These insatiable takers have failed to learn the most basic rule of life, yet, the most crucial factor while on their wasted adventure on this Earth....

With the exception of one's soul (in their case a very sad and utterly disappointed soul, no doubt), no one leaves this Earth with anything—it is just a matter of what one leaves behind.

While it is not possible for these beings' condition to be understood, however, there should be a law in place forbidding this extreme anomaly. It places everyone in extreme danger, including this Planet. 85 single individuals versus 3.5 billion individuals? Wow!!! This is a discrepancy of diabolical proportions. This number doesn't equate with anything that symbolizes humanity... it is not in agreement with anything on this Earth.

To categorize this immeasurable inequality just as something absurd that just happens to be there, it just doesn't do it. Actually, there is no word to describe this gargantuan discrepancy.... It is in extreme conflict with all of this Planet's rules and regulations. Even the most fanatical capitalists and/or most ardent Plutocrats should understand that there is something wrong with these numbers at a fundamental level.

Essentially, these 85 human-looking beings have been permitted to seize and confiscate most of this Planet. Wow again.

Plutocracy's breed is not only an absolute taker, but the most ungrateful as well. Pure and simple, its individuals and the policies of the Globe's economic powers as a whole are monstrous. There was nothing inspiring about them; we can only imagine what could have been had they been the reverse—had they been human enough—even traces of the human ingredient in their make-up would have sufficed.

The leading takers, i.e. the mega hoarders, and the territory grabbers, the conscience destitute; all in all, the other breed's members, the tentacles of their crushing tentacles reach beyond their tainted domain. Oh, yes, indeed, not only are they an abomination to this world all through, but, their breed's unearthly condition goes much farther.

Others who have acquired extraordinary, ultra-beneficial and superbly invigorating knowledge and such, capable of swiftly elevating humanity to extreme heights of sheer positive envy, and along with it, this Earth's entire world; have been put in a difficult position. On account of the extreme grabbers and profuse takers amidst the human settlements, they either hesitate or categorically wouldn't release this extraordinarily enriching, liberating and celebratory data... and justifiably so, for a number of reasons.

I personally had the privilege of coming across a couple of these superb humans. Just by thinking of them, not only it nourishes the intellectual side of me, but every aspect of my being; and I most certainly understand their dilemma; exceedingly well, actually. With them in mind, the areas regarding tidal waves, magnetic waves (in the area of communications) and the Radiation File come to mind.

The others from the other side (the Reptilians) are indeed a formidable force to be reckoned with.

But, that was not all: Due to the taker breed's presence on the superlatively miraculous Planet, and especially due to its callous nature, a great deal of the Earth's beautiful inheritance to its world was being entirely lost intermittently and at frightening speed.

Above all, throughout, the plutocrats' ugly system had compelled the majority of this miraculous Planet's tenants (its precious Genesis) to go in silent mourning—literally.


Healer Plants...


Daisy Institute



This page was created through Angelic input - - a plan in motion that began a long, long, time ago; so great a time that it was not possible for even myself in my earlier years to know about its origins.

This inspirational and superb page is named

"Healer Plants
for the
Citizens of this Earth"

simply because it is intended to encompass every good and decent person on this riveting and magnetic Planet of plenty. Absolutely, each and all, regardless of one's economic, social, gender, race, age, faith, ethnic, and/or academic status, geographic location, and so on and so forth.

Following here, the reader will find interesting, inviting and highly useful information on the chosen Healer Plant (medicinal botanical) belonging to File 2-A. Further down, one will find the photograph of the Healer Plant that belongs to File 2-A.... , which is an astounding therapeutic discovery. I highly recommend to the reader of this page to take a look at all five of these sub-links, especially the paragraphs on leukemia, bone marrow cancer, and endocrine cancers.... Before doing that however, I suggest that one takes the time to read the entire page here.

Beyond any choosing of my own, since my early years on this riveting Earth, I have found myself in the middle of this great and subtly unfolding plan which in mysterious ways is continuously in the making. By the time I had begun to comprehend some of its well-planned and purposely merged interconnections, I was in for life; and this was (is) the most spectacularly enriching and exciting 'place' to be a part of for me.

For the obvious reasons -- for the purpose of this page, it was rather difficult to choose one Healer File over the others (I could only have presented one here) that the Daisy Institute has completed and has amassed over the years. But, the choice had to be made, and I want to share it with all (you), for you to explore and consider. Here then, the Daisy Institute presents to the citizens of this nurturing Planet, Healer File 2-A with all the accompanying relevant explanations that one will find below here.

As well; somewhere farther down here in this section, one will find two photo-images, and these photos will give the reader the opportunity to see what this particular precious Healer Plant (medicinal botanical treasure) that comprises looks like.

Yet farther down here, towards the end of this page; one will also come across information about the Daisy Institute and its inspiring assignment into research about Botanical Healers (very safe non-toxic medicinal plants) that have not previously been discovered and/or have been identified as such.

{Due to the fact that these are just excerpts taken from the Daisy Institute's Website, for the rest of this page's data, one would have to visit the Daisy Institute (}


An Elite Field Study…

This is me  

A little over a month after my return from a riveting and specific field study adventure in British Columbia, I set out to write a paper about this adventure and about this study's exploratory discoveries.

This field study's exciting and dynamic theme is part of a sensitive, large, poly-faceted and long in the making Case File and is intimately connected to File 22-CMA.

Obviously, in order to do this type of field research work, all in hopes of course, of perceiving even fleetingly some of the enigmatic workings of Sea Star regeneration, it was required that I intermingle with Sea Stars....

In particular, and most importantly, for a realistic field observational study on the Sea Stars' enduring secret of rebuilding, it was required that I'd be in their midst while they went about free in their natural milieu.

Of course, and it goes without saying, while observing members of this enchanting life form in their natural environment, basic decency dictates that all along I'd be respecting their organizational system without in the least disturbing their habitat.

Apparently, human arrogance had to be entirely and throughout absent from this observational and field study adventure.

This thrilling and tireless field exploration took place in the summer of 2010 and as was expected, it was all about the intriguing regenerating abilities of Sea Stars and of course, how to go about decoding their eons-long secret to this extraordinary and truly supreme capability. Consequently then, this manuscript was titled and subtitled "Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration."

All in all, if I were to be lucky enough to have a glimpse of the alluring secret of Sea Stars and a peek into the mysterious peripheral influences accountable for aiding this beautiful life-form to repair and rebuild naturally, I then had to observe this study's illuminating subject matter from close up -- it was a prerequisite.




Medicinal Plants


Hidden Botanical Therapeutic Treasures

Alien Ambassadors' account is about this Earth's twin Earth in the nearby System and also about this Earth, of course. It especially elucidates on the poignant condition of the Twins' older and larger Sister Planet, i.e. who was responsible for rendering its stunning landscapes uninhabitable. As well, it touches on a lovely little Orb between the Twin Earths; this Orb has 2 suns.

In a nutshell: Alien Ambassadors is an environmental mystery book. To assume that in the vastness of the Cosmos life exists only on this Earth and/or that humanity was gifted with priority rights to this whole entire Earth, would be particularly preposterous.

The photograph on the cover image of Alien Ambassadors was taken in the exact location its story begins.

Moreover: Somewhere to be found in Alien Ambassadors' approximately 410 pages are scattered several curative Files on lifesaving Healer Plants. Not necessarily in all scenarios, but the data presented in this text about these Medicinal Green Jewels can make all the difference, even in the most hopeless of circumstances.

Furthermore: the powerful, yet humble and agreeable healing activities (works) of these Healer Plants are so surprising and awe-inspiring that they deserve to be celebrated, and of course, benefitted from.

As such therefore, in my view, every ethical human being, regardless of background; ethnicity, race, location on this riveting Earth or economic status, should be afforded the opportunity to be acquainted with (if one so chooses) these Healer treasures and know about what these priceless Green creations can do.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In this page, one becomes acquainted with six unique and dynamically ethical and captivating 'humane' personalities.... Each and all of the six characters, including six of their companions that are not shown here, have the ability to inspire and to infinitely enrich one's living soul.

In addition to being lovely, encouraging, fascinating and awesome in every way, all six of this page's celebrities are avid protectors of this world's environment and of this inviting and engaging Earth, which we all share in and nourish from.... All six are hugely resourceful characters and all six are very effective problem-solvers.

However, despite the fact that these six and the myriads of others from their own and from other species, currently are and have been for eons in conformity with the rhythms, rules and regulations of this riveting Earth, nevertheless, they are on the losing side.... All their merits and God-given rights on this Earth have been negated by a primitive and predatory breed within a species.

These enduring champions are faced with an unsolvable problem. This is not a new problem, but as of late it has gained momentum and the problem is unstoppable; explicitly, it has reached a crisis point. In fact, massive extinction is looming.

And so it is; in addition to having their homes and territories confiscated, ransacked, de-forested plundered and polluted, etcetera, there is more to the heart-rending predicament of these proudly agreeable champions.... They are ruthlessly hunted down personally and are enslaved relentlessly.

These Earthly residents are being tortured and persecuted especially violently by a single subspecies within a species that goes about as if it is the salt of the Earth where in fact, this rogue and conscience-impoverished species degrades and causes anguish and stress throughout, without qualms whatsoever. Not to mention anything about of course, the fact that the corrupt and taker breed carries out all of these ugly deeds while it massively multiplies itself -- out of control -- literally.

* *

Along with her companion animals, the field researcher had just returned from a lovely walk in a daisy meadow in bloom with angelic beauty. She was now ready and eager to resume her work at her botanical field research station which was situated way in the bush.

It was at the dawn of day when down by the lake she came face to face with strange yet remotely familiar entities on a hovering interstellar vehicle. Startled, "where do you come from?" The researcher asks.

"We come from other-dimensional worlds; we are here o field assignment to conduct an environmental assessment of your Planet, and as well as to advance you in your 'unusual' research work," responded the distinguished intergalactic visitors.

And so, here in a realm where reality and imagination passionately interact and intimately intermingle; the field researcher begins this tale's powerful and involving journey of compelling realism. The recounting of this vivid and astounding experience is such that it has enabled her to lucidly gather the events together in a fascinating and tantalizing fashion.

Absolutely, this work's narrative is capable of captivating readers of both genders and all ages throughout the world. Through the Twin Earths' older Sister, this manuscript's story is slightly related to the dynamic account of "Green Diamonds."

This manuscript is to be published in the near future...


The power of Compassion and care


Reasons for the inclusion of this part: The telling contents of the following paragraphs immediately beneath here and until the photos of the rich and superb Healer Plant that are found at the end of this piece, were the most influential.

{If I may, just for the sake of this segment's account (the account on "The Power of Compassion and Care"), for a terse moment I permit my being to traverse to the realms where reality and imagination intermingle intimately. This affords me the chance to comfortably write this segment in the format in which I have chosen to. And of course, it goes without saying that this is a condensed and greatly watered-down elucidation.... In its original state, this story's elucidation is much larger. So, this segment's account, be it fictitious or real or somewhere in between, it makes no difference, for your entertainment, here it is—food for thought. Moreover, this section (Part 2 of this book), in addition to the Professor it has been created with every decent human being in mind—a gift to all from this gripping Earth.}

On May 30th, 2013 at 6:15 AM and while up and about to resume work on this book's continuous additions, nearby I heard this anxious screeching. While I had recognized its sound, still, I could never have envisioned its outcome. What could have been utterly sad and upsetting, it turned out to be precisely the reverse.

When I arrived at the uproar's location I encountered an astounding and quite miraculous scene. A starling baby bird had flown in the living room through the open door and had landed on the floor about one meter in distance from the door on the inside. Judging from the size of its feathers (tail and wings were not long enough) it was perhaps the feathered visitor's first flight from a nest nearby.

While it could fly short distances, nonetheless, the feathered baby was not ready to leave the security of its nest. Its parents were close by, screeching as well, but would not come into the interior where the commotion was taking place. Nothing unusual for a bird to accidentally fly into a house through an open window or door; in this case however, it was or could have been the very wrong household... in this instance, such a blunder easily could have been unforgiving.

While on the floor standing on its skinniest, but perfect legs, the baby had been surrounded by four cats, two of mine and two guests that were staying with us while their family was on travel. Three of the companion felines were attentively looking at the baby bird from close up, while Bauxite, the spectacular female Calico was protecting it—literally.

Gently, Bauxite was trying to soothe the baby bird by affectionately rubbing her face against it and more or less she had contained it under her chin and close to her chest and arms (her front paws). If she was intending to rough it up, she would have grabbed it with her mouth and would have run away, but no, clearly, it wasn't her intent; in fact the reverse was obvious. The boundless power of compassion and care had gone to work at this moment and were busy. In essence, Bauxite had become the baby bird's bodyguard or guardian Angel and wouldn't let the others touch it until I had showed up.

Everything about this episode turned out fabulously well. The baby bird's condition was flawless. It hadn't the slightest of imperfection or injury. Its wings were unconditionally a marvel; just a perfect creation.

The baby bird will be staying with us for the next 10 days, perhaps, and until its feathers have grown adequately and until it is able to feed all by itself. For now I have taken the role of its parents, or rather, I have become its surrogate mother.

Delighted to say that the baby bird's parents come and go at ease and are always seen to perch nearby and within good view of their offspring. Somehow, they know that their baby is safe and is well taken care of. In fact when they sing and talk to each other, the lovely youngster too joins in their conversation and singing in chirp-like fashion.

The feathered darling also takes limitless baths in a crystal pool while being supervised by Bauxite. While I cannot tell for sure, its temperament though, is that of a girl's. She especially splashes joyfully in the company of Handel's "Hallelujah" and she is partial to "This Time for Africa" as well; in fact, she fluffs joyfully and chirps along when this song is on.... So, to make her happy, it is especially played for her again and again.

This feathered critter of nothing but elegance and precision; it is just a delight and a superb creation, and no one should have the right to disregard its right to be.... No one has the right to contaminate its world or deprive it of its home. Above all, no one, no human predator, should be given the right to render its home uninhabitable. This is a matter, of course, responsible for compelling me to revisit the subject about an intertwined affair of gigantic proportions and one I cannot possibly ignore. And naturally of course, I'm referring to The Radiation File. In so doing, I'm probably putting the field study on the Regeneration File at a disadvantageous position.

* *

One would have to be numb throughout not to see or sense the danger involving critical Global issues. Environmentally and socioeconomically, and as well as geopolitically and strategically, the danger attached to these colossal issues were floating everywhere at low altitudes. In fact, a threat involving the whole of the Planet was simmering intensely and was near the boiling point. I was privileged enough to have fallen upon exceptionally well-researched data about the inevitable and ultimate conflict between humans. One actually didn't actually have to go far to identify this, as it was, the unrest was already visible.... Highly unlikely that it could have been contained.

However, I'm not the only one to have seen that an economic collapse was nearby. And while in my case, this particular data doesn't involve my personal research per se, nonetheless, this is what my sources have uncovered and this is what their waterproof analyses say.

Besides, numerous well-informed and very credible researchers from around the Globe who are well-acquainted with geopolitical trends and with the study of major issues involving Global economic affairs say the same thing. May well-informed individuals and/or groups have already made available their research work and/or analyses on the matter. Sometimes the research is theoretical and sometimes it is tangible. However, both are interesting and informative. But, all of these people's scrupulously well-researched work conveys one thing; a global economic collapse is about to happen.

However, the field research and field observational studies of my sources (a Brilliant Team) go beyond the work of some other researchers, perhaps. I don't know how they go about it, but because they are supremely efficient, it is possible that they could go to places where others are barred from. In addition, with uncanny accuracy, they calculate matters that are yet to occur.

I guess this ability makes them infallible speculators. I wish I had even traces of their aptitude (intelligence), but I don't. In any event, I take what I'm afforded to and in turn I'm passing it on. What's more, without the generous input of this brilliant and magnificent team's members, a number of my research Healer Files couldn't possibly have been completed; So, I'm especially grateful to them, and especially to Agent A, and I shall always be.

From what has been conveyed to me: In accordance with scrupulous field researcher work regarding Global economic and geopolitical affairs, the scene is quite bleak.... As has already been pointed out, and while futuristic (from the future), an especially bad twin incident was nearby. I don't know how it has been spotted, or how it has been calculated or how it has been researched, but, it is there, albeit futuristic an event.... It is believed that it will cause tremendous damage.

It is speculated that it was from the Planet's Arctic Zone that the Earth would have been attacked (at the outset) and would have sustained most of the damage.

As I have said, no idea how the meticulous researchers have put together this data (however theoretical at this time), but from what I have heard about them, these individuals make neither errors nor do they bluff. And once again, it is worth reminding that I'm only the writer here. While on one hand I had the choice of declining this work, on the other, though, if I did, and especially considering the event's implications, it would have been entirely and all the way through unconscionable on my part, and frankly, wretchedly selfish and/or cowardly as well.

It is very difficult to convey something that is speculative (from the future), at least it is for me; but I have promised that I would do my best.

In addition to their tangible work and physical observational studies, does this special team of superb researchers also use remote viewing and time travel? I don't know. Although I suspect that they exist, I'm not even sure if such things as Time Travel or Remote Viewing are possible at all. But what I know with certainty is that these examiners are unparalleled. Therefore, the presentation of this book couldn't possibly have excluded the contents concerning the extraordinary Global event (the twin event) yet to arrive from the future (futuristic in nature). As said, such exclusion would have been unconscionable on my part. Beyond that, I'm only the writer here....

However, through the medium of analysis and theoretical scenarios capable of bringing my intellect to special places, I have come across data of sheer interest. It has been extraordinarily helpful to my work. No idea how it works, but thus far, on a couple of occasions I have actually been given access (limited access) to the actual scenes of situations at locations not in my immediate periphery. This said, I must also state that I am acutely aware of the sceptics out there.

For example, once while canoeing, somewhere in an area involving about two kilometers in distance, my wedding ring slipped off my finger, it could have been anywhere. Anyways, when I discovered that I had lost it, I never thought that I would see it again. About two to three days later, there I was, from a distance approximately half a kilometer away from where I was at this time physically; yet, from atop a boulder about 60 meters or so from the lake's edge I was looking at my lost ring for at least 10 to 15 seconds. It was at the bottom of the lake in a rocky area in about two meters, perhaps a little more, deep in water.

Geographically, this was also a spot on a curved point and out of view from where I was located in real life. Sure enough, I ran to that location, and I retrieved my ring. I don't know how something of this nature could be possible, but I got my ring back and I was ecstatic—true tale.

Obviously, in affairs of this nature, it is not always possible to explain. However, the crowds from the sceptic pool want to have things written in black and white, and that is fine with me; variety is good, actually. So, when I relay matters and special work of this nature it is what it is—a take it or leave it situation—and most certainly, it is not for everyone. However, had I ignored the episode with the ring in the lake, I would never have gotten my ring back.

I must also say that I have less than zero gifts that could involve extrasensory perception or related fields. I'm actually dull as dull as anyone can be in this area. However, I'm hugely interested in astrophysical phenomena, the work of tides, parallel worlds and time travel. I'm also a unwavering and steady believer in the existence of Angels and in extraterrestrial beings; although I might never have encountered any extraterrestrial entities, although I would love to. In the vastness of the Cosmos, it is just not possible that the Earthlings are alone.

I also inclined to believe that like the animals (the other species), the majority of humans have analogous experiences in unexplained affairs and also superior perception of matter, at least, sporadically. The majority of these either don't pay attention to, they don't admit it, they ignore it or simply they forget about it and/or keep it to themselves.

Simply, the stories of people regarding time travel incidents are too numerous to ignore. However, other than relaying these occurrences in writing or verbally, these sorts of episodes are just not provable.


Once, along with the baby I had been caught driving in a violent storm late at night in a remote mountainous area with all sorts of debris falling in front of me. It took at least half an hour before I was out of it. The next day upon my return home I was being clutched onto and wouldn't be let go for a couple of days by someone particularly dear in my world.... While the storm episode had occurred hundreds of kilometers away in the distance from where this other person was located, I don't know how, but, this is what had transpired. Apparently, this individual was there with me when I had been caught in that storm. The storm's scenes and I driving in it was relayed to me to the letter.

As soon as we had reunited, that person also said that during the whole time of the storm episode was with me and was catering (pacifying the baby) to the baby so that the little one wouldn't cry hence destract me from the harsh driving conditions. I didn't see anything or hear anything; and true, I do not recollect the baby crying either. How else; it all must have been materialized via the mystery of dreams. In any event, no way that this other person could have known anything about the storm event, I hadn't said a word about it, yet.

Similarly, as have others, I have extraordinary experiences involving my living pet companions and/or those that have physically left me. For those who think that there is no hereafter, they are plainly wrong.

As for those who still claim that only those of their religious faith have access to any of "Heaven's" dominions, what a misleading message and what a massive turn off that is.... No doubt, these beliefs are remnants of a condition from the 17 and 18 hundreds where superstition and religion were still strong; but, to each his own, of course.

Speaking of extraordinary occurrences and special messages, about 9 or 10 years ago, a childhood and dear friend of mine (a dynamic and successful business woman) had made an extraordinary and generous effort to pay me a special visit. As it was, from different parts of the planet along with our kids we were to meet in the Canary Islands. The plan was to make this a memorable experience for the children and for all of us to have unlimited fun during our three weeks stay there.

This reunion had been planned in advance and would have been a surprise for the children. However, one morning at the crack of dawn and about two months prior to our reunion at the getaway destination, for a brief moment and while partially asleep, I saw my dearest friend, she was standing right there before my bed....

She had visited me in person to tell me that she was terribly sorry, because plans had changed and that she couldn't possibly have been able to meet me at the location of our getaway meeting in the Canary Islands. Needless to say, I was deeply disappointed; and just when I was ready to ask her why not, that instant moment she disappeared. About two hours later I received a call from overseas informing me that my beloved and trusted friend had left this Earth earlier that evening.

* *

Be that as it may, somehow, out of the blue it just took the power of a little baby starling bird and its protector the cat, to free me of my hesitation to go over and carefully analyze an unsettling affair I had been introduced to via extraordinary means. I'm not quite sure what or how it was, but I suspect that one of this Earth's own magnetic fields may have been responsible for such an adventure. In any event, it had taken place in the earliest part of 2008.

That episode involved the 2008 financial crisis and the total and Global economic collapse that is to follow it (yet to take place) but, alas, that's not all. Fair to say that with the exception of little segments here and there, I had completely disregarded that episode, until of course, it had been brought back to my attention via the physical report of those who had conducted special research on the matter. This time around the transfer of data was straightforward and tangible. I don't know how the superb members of the awesome team work that I'm familiar with (or rather the other way around) but, I graciously acknowledge the generosity that they afford me now and then. Regrettably, an economic collapse is 'scheduled' to take place, ant it will be deliberate.

However, in accordance with all of those researchers (savvy economists, and others in analogous fields) who see this event coming, each and all or most of them say that it will be bad and chances are it will escalate into Global conflict. Apparently, the event's architects would have made grievous miscalculations.... Once they have begun their attack, it will take this Planet's world to places of no return. The scale of damage would be incalculable and unprecedented.... According to those in the know (futurist analysts and geopolitical theorists), very little would be left standing.

As have alluded to, simultaneously or immediately following the economic collapse from the near future, an incident of monumental proportions was meandering nearby. On many levels, there will be an affair involving epic transformation—literally.

It would seem that the mega-takers would have their way; the damage to this Earth's world that they would have created would be horrific. And while they think that they have everything under control, in the end, though (after their grisly deed), they, themselves will end up in the realms of irrelevancy.

While nothing is written in stone, however, in order to avert what the takers (the Master Globalists) have in store for this world, it is required of the Global citizen to do his/her work. Should this Earth's citizens from the human persuasion not compel humanity's Global Government (both corporate and political) to reform throughout and fast, reform would have arrived, anyways, but with a tremendous difference.

Simply: peacefully, the Plutocrats have to understand that there is no more room in human society for predatory conduct ("survival of the fittest" scenarios). They have to begin the process of sharing adequately and fast.


As per the special data involving analysis regarding events from the future: No idea how anyone can come up with these projections, I guess experience and special knowledge may play a role, but here is it. I thought to include a couple of interesting matter and scenes (about a transformation) from the future as has been conveyed by others (by those in the know), and as I have interpreted them by just reading and studying other researchers reports and maps (actual sketches) on the matter.... All with the understanding, of course, that since they have yet to occur, all remains projected theories.

It is a given, a Global economic crash is on its way. As a consequence, the damage to this world will be epic; but, the end result would involve not exactly what plutocracy's leaders have in mind. The mega-transformation will involve massive change. The Earth's livable space will be rendered smaller, way -- way smaller.

Living space and use of fresh water will be relegated to a per equal basis (per person quota). There will be no grabbers, takers or hoarders—none whatsoever—war would have been part of humanity's dark pages from the past—war would have been abolished, automatically.

Of course, one may be tempted to say that this is terrifically good, however, it isn't; not at all actually; nor was it necessary and should be avoided at all cost. Why? It is because the road to get to that place of transformation would be unimaginably treacherous, taxing and lengthy—for the overwhelming majority it will be impossible or virtually unattainable.

In any event, and again, as per the analysis of those in the know, the grand transformation will allow for the Earth's habitable landscapes everywhere and throughout to be decontaminated from humanity's current communications transmitters. All of the antediluvian communications antennas (current) will be brought down. Likewise, as much as possible, satellites that have badly littered the Earth's outer space will be recalled. Cell, touch phone devices or equivalents will be altered but will still be used for a while, but, their makers and especially the makers of the newer innovations will have no control over communication waves.

Except for the devices themselves, the new communication innovations and scientific discoveries behind them will be unlimited and free to everyone. Communication devices will be working on and will be powered by this Planet's own energy. They will transmit and receive information via the Earth's own waves. This type of communications is not just from the future; such technology is possible to be put into effect almost immediately (at the current time). But of course, the meter lovers would have none of that; they would rather keep everyone in shackles and also litter the place everywhere with their toxic and with their acoustically disturbing low frequency waves that are hazardous to sensitive ears, especially those of whales and other marine residents.

The current telecommunication lords will join the remnants of the energy cartels and their contemporaries from other domains (all in all, they will join those from humanity's primitive breed). For a pastime and perhaps as a reprimand, they will probably play chess endlessly. In other words, they will be condemned to nothingness for no other reason, other than for having cheated just about everyone and everything on this nurturing and life-giving Earth..... And of course, for having raided this Earth's inheritance to the world throughout, for contaminating this Earth Herself and for keeping humanity in the dark and way back in the Stone Age—all comparatively of course.

There will be no hoarders. Imagine that; excessively hard to comprehend that at this junction in time there will be 85 families controlling and owning wealth equivalent to 3.5 billion of others, concurrently existing on this Planet. Very hard to put one's fingers around this severe anomaly, more like it, severe and gross absurdity, yet, it is true.

With regards to the insatiable energy cartels in the business of fracking the Earth (Shell Gas Extraction); there will be an especially special place set aside for these. Along with the advocates of meters on drinking water for profit, and of course, along with the nuclear weapons owners, theirs will be quite a situation.

Due to the assured fact that even at this futuristic intersection in time these crowds will present the world with a challenging predicament; the special place for them will be requisite. While in and of itself regrettable an act, however, out of necessity, their situation will be a little different—they will be kept segregated.

While the societal affairs of the New World (after the Earth had been shrunk) will be governed by ethical and intelligent people, still, vigilance will be top priority at least in the New World's early stages, and until the Reptilian breed's constituents had died out, i.e., from natural cause, this breed's own actions currently in place, would have rendered it sterile. I fail to see how something like this would be possible. However, it might have something to do with something I have read once about a metallic factor of some sort. In all probability, their special condition will have come about due to environmental factors.

In the mean time, though, they are talking about Geo-engineering Frankenstein technologies on how to compact Global warming. The proponents of these monster creations along with the GMO Frankenstein creators need to be curtailed.

In any event, in accordance; in this other era, humanity's old habits were destined to be erased for good. However, none of this would have been possible without genetic identification of the kind where it would have been possible to differentiate the two breeds of humanity—the Reptilian and the standard. And while the other breed's constituents eventually might not have been able to reproduce themselves, nonetheless, until their natural expiration of old age; they had plenty of time to inflict additional damage.

Essentially, due to the staggering degree of repulsive inhumanity and unquenched avarice attached to their innate code, one assumes then that there will be some criterion to consider. In other words, those in the business of fracking the Earth and equivalent takers, i.e., banking cartels, nuclear arms lovers, whale eaters, etcetera, will be given different consideration and will be dealt with by different standards.

Likewise, due to the fact that water was so vital and so sacred, those involved in water meters for profit will also be dealt with under different criteria. Logic dictates that due to their unalterable innate code, rehabilitation will not be feasible for these crowds, even if applied, hence a danger to the new world. However, the New World's society had a no-kill-policy, so, how it would have dealt with the unpleasant situation in its midst?

Remember, the nuclear owners and the Earth's Frackers were responsible for shrinking the Earth. Likewise, the water lords were prepared to wither and dehydrate all those who could not pay for water; these people were planning to put water meters everywhere. So, how were these crowds to be dealt with? If left lose, due to their massive degree of innate insensitivity and avariciousness, with near certainty they would have had difficulty letting go of their continuous yearning to cheat, take excessively, spoil, horde, subjugate and exploit. Chances were, once again they would have engaged in innovation that would exploit and subjugate and not at all liberate and/or enrich.

One assumes then that those in these three lines of humanity's former businesses (the fracking, the nuclear armaments and the water meters for profit) regardless of age will have been retired instantly. As for the rest in the new society, highly unlikely that anyone would have wanted to emulate or instill any part of humanity's current socioeconomic, geopolitical and/or religious systems. While religion in and of itself sound innocuous and in fact, it could be innocuous, it is not; thus far, it has been the source of immeasurable grief, cold-blooded divisions, inhumane hatred and violent and sadistic wars.

Although it will only involve a mere few years from one era to the other, the people from that future world will be looking back at humanity's current energy/fuel use with dismay (as in something from the Bronze Age). It makes sense that there will be only one United Nations Government—a council of some sort without borders and with only one peacekeeping army.

No, I'm not a Jehovah witness; in fact, I have said that I am not a religious individual at all; nor am I affiliated with any of humanity's various institutions of faith. Simply, via my writing's platform, on occasion it allows me to navigate into this other realm where everything is possible. Or, it could be a case, and of course, because I can write tales with a tad different tempo to them, I have been asked to convey the message about the economic collapse from the future. But, absolutely, the responsibility to redistribute this message it is accompanied with a dilemma. One has to have the natural appetite to discount the skeptics out there.

I suspect I am not the only one to have been asked to deliver this message of such paramount importance. Point is, in accordance with those in the know, the Global economic collapse is about here. Their message has been communicated to scores of people around the Globe. Some of these others may have ignored it, or may have hesitated to convey it, or simply it might be a case where they are unable to deliver. Absolutely, in my case, had not been for this Earth's other residences, with near certainty, like others have, I too would have kept quiet. So, it is what it is. Can things change course? Yes they can. Can the punishing economic collapse and its twin be averted? No, chances are they will not.

Moreover: Since The Radiation File's account deals just a tad with the amazing workings of Time Travel in close association with this Earth's electromagnetic fields, and since these frontiers have yet to be proven (just to clear the air), it is worth repeating the following. I have never been one of those doomsday individuals. Nor have I ever suffered from any mental problems. Likewise, I'm not under the influence of medication of any kind; as a rule I don't take any, and water is my favoured drink. As for religion, while a boundless spiritual being, as have pointed out, I am not whatsoever religious, nor am I affiliated with any organized or other associations of faith.

However, I am a resolute advocate of ethical and practical solutions and a believer in preventative measures. In addition and of course, amongst other seemingly intricate things, I am fascinated with the science of Time Travel and with the vastness and with the order of the Cosmos at large.

Not that it matters to me or changes things one iota, but, I might as well say that in my view and actually in the view of scores of very credible others from all walks of life, there is nothing mystical or inconclusive about Time Travel adventures. They are clear as crystal and as real as reality can possibly be.... They are just not tangibly provable. For the time being and until differently, though, Time Travel is what it is—a take it or leave it kind of situation....

Likewise, it would be ludicrous to assert that parallel spheres to this system exist only in fictional realms. In point of fact, if one is to study and attentively observe the rhythms of tides, eventually, will recognize that they are a leap away. Again, to each his own....

As I have said, at this moment and because it suits me, I have ventured into a realm where Time Travel, remote viewing, reality and fiction blend together. Whether this place exists or not, who can tell for sure....? However, this is the place where in relative comfort I can write about the abrupt Global economic collapse and about its vicious companion from the future.

Is the twin incident from the future a done deal? Until it happens, how am I to know that for sure? As is, it is only a projected event, and it is based on theoretical analyses which themselves are based on realities.

Review: this affair from the future, or rather the incident attached to this affair involves a looming economic collapse that as per the opinion of highly knowledgeable individuals (those in the know) is inevitable.... Unfortunately, this poignant affair also involves something (in fact prominently) capable of shrinking this Earth. It is entwined with one of humanity's most grotesque and most malevolent and most unforgiving creations.... Of course, it is all about humanity's piles of nuclear weapons in the care of their restless and ruthless owners.

And of course, as alluded to this compelling incident from the future also involves another of humanity's encroachments in areas it shouldn't have been involved with. Despite its staggering threat, humanity's energy barons, like the primitive raiders that they are, in favour of humongous profits have exposed this miraculous Earth's world to mortal danger.... The activity of gas fracking should never have been considered, let alone permitted.... I cannot think of anything else capable of shrinking the Earth in an instant.

Again, one may ask, what makes me so sure that a Global Economic Collapse was imminent. While justifiable question, it cannot be answered not until it has happened.

However, I have never known the brilliant crew of surveyors and examiners of the exploratory Team responsible for conveying this communiqué to err. Nor have I ever known its members to be misleading. These individuals are not amateurs. On the contrary, they are unparalleled in proficiency, they are vastly knowledgeable and are immensely resourceful—they are actually known as the Compassionates.

* * * * * * * *

As if the nuclear armament piles, are not enough of an abomination, as we all know, for a while now this miraculous Earth's world has to be contented with the energy barons' newer invention of shame and distortion of matter. By fracking the Earth these barren beings are disrespecting this Planet's decisive order; In essence, these ugly beings are meddling with the powerful laws of this Planet's magnetic field (s).

Assembled, all three (nuclear weapons, fracking the Earth and disrespect for this Planet's magnetic fields) make for a formidable and remorseless mixture.

And so it has been, out of the blue, it took a little baby bird's accidental landing to convince me to consider this essay's amendment.

These Compassionates, have been very generous to me i.e., to my field research work. Each and every one of my research Case Files that involves Time Travel and especially those that involve the generous input of the brilliant Team's Chief Officer, thus far have been flawless.... I'm indebted.

For example: while Healer File 2-Acame about strictly out of my painstaking field research work, nonetheless, it had other aspects to it of enormous benefits that I had not identified entirely on my own. They have been pointed out by Agent A.

Had it not been for the generosity of Agent A (the Team's Chief Officer) chances are I would never have known that my discovery of the Healer Botanical that belongs to File 2-Acould also be applied in cases of bone marrow cancers and leukemia....

How marvellous!!!!! Indeed, this is one of this generous Earth's extraordinary gifts to Her tenants, I promise the image of this Healer Plant will be found at the end of this segment.

It took two separate Time Travel adventures (Time Travel summonses) to identify that this Healer File covers two additional health anomalies of ultra-serious nature. Originally, I had thought that the precious botanical that comprises Healer File 2-A was only applicable to a number of Heart Anomalies, but, I couldn't possibly have been more wrong.

This Healer Plant is excellent for a handful of other areas as well, such as leukemia, bone marrow Cancers and to some extent for high blood pressure as well, but, it took Agent A to point out its use for these other areas. It is conceivable that it could be good for and applicable to other areas as well.

This compelling natural Healer is a beautiful plant. Coincidence I suppose, however, the leaves, or part of the leaves and especially at the base of this superb Healer Plant that constitute File 2-A have the shape of a heart. Truly, this Healer Plant is a stunning creation. Not necessarily in every case, but it could even offer a, interesting quality of life even in the worst case scenarios....

Indeed, it is not only an efficient Healer, but in cases where a health condition (pertinent to this Healer Plant) is difficult and/or chronic, I view this superb Healer Plant as an effective support pillar.

Imagine, just a cap of tea (tisane) prepared out of this humble, yet superb Healer Plant to have so much power.

Aundria (Aundria being the Professor's right hand and A's work related partner), and on occasion even the Professor herself, have also assisted me in the discovery of Healer Plants, in fact hugely—I am massively indebted.

Of course, I do not advocate to anyone or advise anyone to consider or use this marvellous healer botanical to heal themselves or forgo their other medicines, or therapies. Simply, I just share and make available the knowledge about this stunning Healer Plant as I know and as I have discovered this data to be.

It is just a matter that the stories behind each of my healer discoveries are so utterly superb, I thought to share a little. Simply, now and then, via my written works I thought to give narrative about how my Healer Files came to be and under what circumstances, how powerful and promising they are and what they can do—that is all, really.

Is this discovery of mine good and/or efficient for all heart anomalies? Absolutely not, that would be impossible, but it is astonishingly efficient in many circumstances. Likewise, can this Healer Plant work (in the areas that it works) evenly for everyone? Probably not; I do not know, I cannot tell. However, what I know for sure is, it can be a lifesaver and/or it could offer an easy and interesting quality of life in cases where everything else has failed; obviously, not in every case and not for everyone evenly.

This botanical Healer is beautiful, it is edible, it is nutritious, it makes for a tasty and agreeable tea, everyone can grow it wherever plants grow (outdoor or greenhouse like environment). It is neither sensitive nor complicated. It can be used in dry format, frozen or fresh. The whole plant, from roots to flowers, leaves and stems, is edible.

* * * * *

In relation to my field research work, summonses involving Time Travel have been hugely instrumental in my field studies. Therefore, not only would I have been a desolate and unconscionable hypocrite, a shameless taker, and an idiot; but also an ungrateful organism of the lowest levels had I dismissed them, had I exploited them for personal gain only, or had I kept them unnecessarily dormant and/or had I kept this humble, yet precious knowledge all to myself.

Besides, if I was anything like that or had at any time dishonoured the exemplary generosity of those who make it all possible for me, I would have been ignored. Other than the first time, perhaps, I would never have been summoned again to the extraordinary realms where I have completed most of my field research Files. If I were to say that I have been privileged to have been considered, it would have been a huge understatement. I actually have no words to express my thanks adequately.

Of interest: It is not I who had discovered this brilliant team's members; even if I wanted to, finding them, highly unlikely that it would have been possible. Somehow, they have sought me out—it all has to do with an astute and shrewd Professor.


The Time Travel experience involving the summons with regards to the field study on the Energy File is an unforgettable one and much treasured. While ultra-stressful and poignant too, up to a certain time; its ending however was one of the most rewarding and most soothing as well. Although I had found myself in a most persuasive and agreeable locale in terms of serenity and beauty, nonetheless, intellectually I had trying time. In actual fact, in terms of grasping onto the answer I had been summoned there to, I had encountered tremendous difficulty right from the beginning.

Actually, a little more than half way through my time there I had considered that I might come out of there empty-handed. Really, by this time I had thought that the identification of the component that would make up for the Energy File might have been beyond my reach and that this summons would have been wasted. This is despite the fact that I was walking back and forth over the energy answer (this energy solution) and/or sitting (literally) on it from time to time; unknowingly, obviously.

What can I say I was slow to react; this research excursion had been a taxing one for me; this is despite the fact that the mineral Bauxite and its/her daughter Alumina were staring at my face.... Absolutely, the summons concerning my Energy File involved an adventure like no other for me.

The subsequent summons involving my discovery of the Energy File, was breath-taking. Of course, this summons involved the element Helium; Helium is Bauxite's and Alumina's major partner and/or assistant or friendly competitor, perhaps. In partnership or separately, they make for the perfect energy solution.

It was spectacular; the summons involving the Helium element for the Energy File was the most pleasurable adventure ever. Meandering via air through formidable ravines, spectacular waterfalls and gorges between colossally high mountains that were dressed in luxurious forests with numerous shades of greens, and scenes of different ecosystems all the way to their summits was an experience of wholesome thrill—utterly awesome.

Of course, it goes without saying that the reality of Time Travel is not within everyone's realm to appreciate or even perceive its workings. Even those such as me who on numerous occasions have experienced its mysterious demonstration and have hugely benefited from its extraordinary workings, don't have a clue how it works, but it does.

Time Travel it is what it is and most certainly I'll not be persuaded by anyone to keep such an astonishing affair all to myself. Besides, the accounts of Time Travel excursions are to be honoured and are intended to be shared with others and especially with those of the same feather, so to speak. As for the rest, they can join the climate deniers.

No doubt about it, because it takes extraordinary energy to leap into the spheres that require the apparatus of Time Travel, such experiences are not meant to stay concealed. Such action would be construed ultra-selfish by those who make it all possible.

Just a reminder: whether accurate or not, as per the data concerning the economic collapse from the future (as of yet to fully emerge), the event will have sweeping ramifications.... Once it has unveiled itself, it will be unstoppable, and its fast-paced developments and subsequent outcome will be extraordinary and in the extreme.

In any event, the accounts on the Energy File describe fabulous and liberating energy alternative or alternatives without wires or meters....

Moreover: the account of the "Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration" (which this segment belongs to, actually) elucidate not only on the Energy File, but, on something fundamental. Yes, I understand, far-fetched a notion, and quite dangerous actually to the contemporary astronomers (do to my audacity), but, it elucidates on the tangible locations of the Twin Earths as they superbly rotate in their rhythmic path so nearby to each other and while each is located in their respective parallel systems.

While on the subject of the Twin Earths, and while it is neither my intent to argue with the Big Bang theorists nor to contradict them, nevertheless, the account of "Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration" also touches on an issue with the ability to shock the Big Bang theorists.... Elegantly, it asserts that this Earth has a twin Earth. That's not all, in its elucidation it passionately suggests that this Twin Earth has emigrated to its current setting from its original locale—food-for-thought.

Equally, it also touches on an affair of paramount importance. And while abundantly obvious, this overriding affair strangely enough has eluded humanity for millennia. As have already pointed out, how is it possible, one wonders, that contemporary geneticists and/or the vast number of others from comparable fields to have missed the existence of something so critical and so fundamental?

Point: Mountains of data testify that it is not possible for humanity not to be composed of two separate and distinct breeds; one is comprised of members that are enriched in the element "conscience" and the other's members are deprived of it. The two breeds look alike, and they go about alike and actually share a plethora of physical characteristics including reproductive compatibility and perhaps, the conscience-deprived constituents share in the experience in some of the more complex emotions, yet, the two breeds are not the same. In fact, the two are poles apart.

One of the breeds either has a malfunction (to various degrees) responsible for rendering its members compassionless, or altogether is devoid of the conscience element that expresses and regulates compassion. Conversely, the constituents of the other breed are inundated (some more than others) with this spectacular and much-celebrated component.... There is nothing ethereal about it, it is tangible.

This fundamental matter responsible for distinguishing the two basic human sectors is governed by no geographic boundaries; nor gender; nor race or by socioeconomic or academic factors. Pretty much it is evenly encountered throughout the human-kind settlements. This extraordinary factor distinguishes standard humanity (the conscience-enriched) from its adversary (the conscience-deprived, or else the predator taker, the "Reptilian"). It is not possible for the conscience element to be something irrelevant or make-believe something.

In all its dimensions, the conscience constituent is as real and is as physical as anything can possibly be. In its role and within the context of its organization, it works no differently than any other of the human components. Its assignment is to regulate one's thoughts and one's actions—it works automatically.

Absolutely, breed identification (genetic identification) would function no differently than one's driver's licence or eye colour, or passport, for example; such identification is a must.... Without it, this spectacular Oasis in space couldn't possibly have survived.


So, as promised, here it is. Here, I present the 'star' of one of my favoured discoveries; it is the superb Healer Plant I have spoken about earlier.

The three photo images immediately here (one photo) are representative of this Healer discovery and are what constitute Healer File 2-A. However, the plant can grow more or less half a meter high (two to three feet high). When grown this plant has branches. There are a number of Saw Thistles, but these are the ones that possess the Healing dynamic that I know of. When in bloom, this plant (Sow Thistle) has elegant, small yellow flowers.

Sow Thistle

Sow Thistle
(Sonchus Oleraceous -- Sonchus Asper)

Farmers and gardeners hate this plant.... What's more, while in and of itself mindboggling; nonetheless, this extraordinary botanical Healer treasure is considered a pest not only by gardeners, but also by botanical gurus. And while they say that ignorance can be a blessing on occasion, in this precious plant's circumstance, though, unawareness couldn't possibly be more unfavourable and uncomplimentary.

Imagine that!! A little branch, say the length of a grown up foot (it doesn't have to be precise) or any part of this Healer Plant (of this Healer Giant) taken as a hot (or very warm) tea immediately after it has been boiled for about 10 to 15 minutes in about 6 to 8 regular tea cups of fresh water, can do so much.....

In order to maintain its Healing potency, any leftover tea should be refrigerated at once after boiling; personally, this is what I do.... And while I have no need for its medicinal value, but because I like it, I reheat the leftover tea (only the portion I need to drink each time) when I feel like drinking this tea again.... Refrigerated, it is good for 2 to 3 days.

This Plant's (fresh, dry or frozen) simplicity as tea is marvelous.... Except for the refrigeration factor (in case of left over tea after boiling), nothing about this tea's preparation has to be precise.... Moreover, this tea (tisane) can be taken with or without sugar; however, I do not take it with honey.

The circumstances in which I came to identify that this Healer Plant (the Sow Thistle Plant) can be applied to cases of leukemia, were especially difficult ones.... The leukemia episode was just as difficult as the episode involving the Energy File, but for very different reasons. Although in terms of intensity more or less they were even, the sad emotion that I felt in both of these Summonses differed tremendously.

And while very short-lived as compared to the Energy File, the episode regarding the Leukemia File remains a very vivid experience. Conversely, the conditions in which I came to know that this jewel Healer Plant (the (Sow Thistle) can be applied to bone marrow cancers as well, and while nothing fun about it, were actually cool (as in entertaining). The settings for leukemia and bone marrow cancers were poles apart in dissimilarity.... In both of these incidents, Agent A couldn't possibly have been more thoughtful and ingenious.

This said, though, and of course, not to brag about it, nevertheless, had I not been acquainted with both of these conditions (leukemia and bone marrow cancer), or rather with the study of these conditions, and/or simultaneously had my brain's faculty not been quick enough (very - exceedingly swift actually), I too would have been ignorant of this Healer Plant's extended coverage (before A's involvement, originally, I had thought this green treasure was only helpful for heart anomalies).

Without doubt, I would have missed on both of these extraordinary and rarest of the rare incidences. However, what a marvelous generosity is involved in both of these cases—I'm indebted.


The Violin and the Calico Cat

(Excerpts from essays #2,3,4)

2. The Violin and the Calico Cat...

3. A National All-Inclusive Dental Care System...

4. The Insightful Publisher...


It is now late at night, December the 25th, 2011, Professor, and I have just returned home from a lovely ambiance -- a festive Christmas dinner in the company of very agreeable people. And rather than going straight to bed, in the spirit of the Holidays and with the less fortunate in mind, I thought to commence writing at least few paragraphs on the essay "The Violin and the Calico Cat" whose persuasive and alive tale has actually been initiated a while ago.

Naturally of course, this essay's core account is about an incident involving a Violin and an incident involving an ever-exquisite Calico Cat. On account of them, this essay's narrative also involves a special book Publisher.

However, before I commence with the story of "The Violin and the Calico Cat," if I may, I would like to apprise You a little on the developments of my manuscript "Intertidal Zone---Sea Star Regeneration."

Oh, how splendid, at last, precisely on the 23rd of December 2011, I have received Intertidal Zone's book-proof copy from the publisher in complete paper book format.... It is beautiful, most certainly Santa was very thoughtful. And yes, indeed, I have to make some last-minute adjustments here and there. And unless something unexpected happens where I have to defer its publication, this book will be published in no time at all.

So now, if I may, I would like to tell you how it all happened. In other worlds, essentially, this tale is about the events and the circumstances in which I have cross paths with this superb Publisher.... Indeed, I must admit, often enough, things come together all by themselves and when least expected.


Sometime in late July-early August of this year (2011) under odd circumstances and quite beyond my own choosing I had submitted my manuscript "Intertidal Zone" to a small Publishing House in Ottawa for consideration.... To my uninhibited joy, several months later, via e-mail and over the telephone I was informed by the publisher himself that work had been accepted for publication in paper format.

The publisher pointed out that this was a book of difference and one which deserved special consideration. Apparently, by this time the publisher had read the whole book himself.... I know that he had read the entire text himself, because during the length of our conversation, I had tested him.... Indiscreetly, I had asked him about several specific aspects of the book's account and he answered precisely and in a way where only someone who had read the entire text assiduously would have known about.

This small Publishing House is the "Baico Publishing Inc." Baico is located in Ottawa. Suffice to say, I am grateful about this little unexpected break. Thus far, I have spoken with Mr. Coderre who is the publisher of Baico Publishing, on a couple of occasions and every instinct in me tells me that my manuscript couldn't possibly have found a more suitable and/or better publisher.

While this is a small Publishing House, the publisher's philosophy however, is a Giant. I sense that Mr. Coderre is a highly ethical and richly perceptive individual. And I surely consider myself privileged to have crossed paths with this atypical publisher.

In any event, you understand I hope; nothing big, Professor.... As I have said, this is a small publisher. But, considering that the chances of being published by a large and well-known publishing firm are slim to nonexistent, I then have struck lack (or the other way around). Fact is, for the overwhelming - overwhelming majority of unknown and non-high-profile authors, there is no chance at all for their works of ever being published by a publishing house. Therefore, my work being considered by Baico the small publishing house, it was then the next best thing.

It is worth pointing out here, though, that because it sounded too good to be true, at first, I had thought that this little publishing house may have been a self-publishing outlet, that however, is not the case at all. In fact, Baico is a regular publishing House, with one exception. Although selective, nonetheless Baico accepts a fair deal of the manuscripts it receives for publication; more than the other publishers, for sure.

Baico's publishing terms are straightforward. As authors, our royalty is 10% for a three-year commitment in the form of a contract between author and publisher; and in my case I gladly accepted Baico's terms and stipulations.

After researching a little, I discovered that other small publishers around the globe do publish under the same conditions as Baico. Baico's deal, however, is the best that I have seen. Now, technology allows publishers to print a small number of books at a time, whereas before, with each edition they had to print in the thousands and risk being stuck with them. As a starting point (first edition), Baico prints approximately 150 to 300 copies of each book. Then, for following additions he prints on demand, whereas other small publishers initially print only 25 to 50 copies.

Baico also has its own book store. Really, Baico's straightforward contract of a 3 year commitment and 10% royalty is quite appealing. Yes, the royalty may be a tad on the low side, but that's the standard; besides, it was that or nothing. In addition, Baico has no hidden pitfalls, at least none that I could detect. I personally know of one author who is actually a lawyer, hence one who understands contracts; nevertheless, he has come into considerable difficulty with his publisher. But, I have read of other authors who have found themselves in a nightmarish situation with their publishers.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for authors, especially vulnerable (less known) authors, to get into trouble with their publishers even when it involves large publishing houses. For example, out of the blue, often, authors encounter insurmountable difficulties and an avalanche of serious obstacles. Such unpleasant situations may involve scenarios dealing with copyright ownership of their works; this is so, even after the contract between the author and the initial publisher had expired.

Another common problem that could arise after the signing of a contract between a publisher and an author has to do with the exposure of the manuscript and/or book itself. Effectively, the author's manuscript, either before it had been published, or soon after its limited first printing edition, is being held hostage by the publisher.... It is being held hostage, in that, it is left to gather dust on the shelf or hidden in a basement somewhere and away from the public's view. This is really frustrating for the author, because during the time the text is seating idle, the author doesn't have the right to submit his/her work to another publisher.

Therefore, all things considered, I am very content with Baico. Also, the fact that the publisher of Baico chooses to remain independent, in that, it doesn't accept publishing Government grants, like nearly all of the publishing houses in Canada do, has a greater appeal for me, personally. It is for the reason that it gives my writing style and my rather atypical writing presentation better chances of being considered.

And there is an additional plus being considered by Baico Publishing. And although just a supposition of mine; nonetheless, with near-certainty I can say that Baico's publisher is also someone with a sharp sense capable of spotting a special text. I believe that he is on the lookout for that exceptional and especially outstanding work with the intent to do everything possible to make it a Global success.

At any rate, due to electronic publishing, the publishing landscape and publishing schemes of paper books have changed dramatically since the last 7-8 years. This is standard for every publisher, including the large and well-known publishing houses, and especially those who specialize in academic textbooks.

Point is: due to new printing technologies, now publishers don't have to print tens of thousands of copies of any given work and then risk being stuck with them if they are unpopular hence unsold. Moreover; being able to print a few hundred copies at a time per manuscript gives smaller publishers greater flexibility to control their printing and book-storage expenses. As such, there is a greater probability that they would consider publishing more authors.

Also worth mentioning here is the fact that this publisher's name crossed my path when I was totally indifferent to the idea of finding a publisher. Such aspiration had already sailed away. Essentially, when I came across Baico, not only was I not looking for a publisher, I was to ignore one even if he/she was staring at me.... In fact, a while before this time I had conclusively decided that I will no longer submit any of my written works to any of the publishing houses, be they existed at home or abroad. Because of the continuous rejections I had been treated with, my reasoning was that there was no point pursuing that avenue further than I had already. Publishing my manuscripts only on the Daisy Institute's website was then good enough a public platform, I had thought.

* *

In any event, had it not been for a violin and a Calico (tortoiseshell) cat; highly-highly unlikely that I would have come to know of the existence of this small publishing house, yet so special, inviting and accommodating to unknown authors. How about that; irrespective of planning, as the old proverb goes, indeed; in mysterious ways things have a way of working themselves out—sometimes.

* * * * *

Approximately 12 years ago I had to purchase for my little one a full-size violin because at this time, one by one she had outgrown the three smaller (the quarter, half, and the third-quarter) violin sizes. I don't recollect how it came, but somehow I had found out that someone was interested in selling his violin. This was to be a private sale from one person to another. As was expected, after getting the coordinates to the place of the violin-seller, I went there with the intent to purchase the violin this individual was selling.... This place was in an underprivileged section of the city. It was also situated totally opposite to the areas I was familiar with, and it was an area I had never been to before, but I did find the place.

Absolutely, as the seller had said; indeed, his violin was a very nice one and quite an old instrument of rather high quality sound.... On top of that, it was in excellent condition. In addition, the seller's price was within the range of my price as a buyer.

At some point in the conversation and after we had settled on the price to both our satisfaction, of course; out of the blue I asked the violin-seller, who seemed to have been in his upper sixties or early seventies somewhere, if he had another violin in mint shape like this one for himself to play.... His reply was a straight "no." Then I proceeded to ask if he had another violin for himself altogether, and again, his reply was a straight "no."

Then, not necessarily automatically but within the following few seconds and no later than I had absorbed his answer, I asked why was he selling his beloved instrument? The way he was handling this violin, it was evident that he was deeply attached to it. Anyways, I was compelled to ask why he was selling the violin because by this time it had become obvious to me that the refined and naturally artistic individual before me (or the other way around) was probably alone. Therefore, the closest companion in his life was that violin which he loved to play endlessly, in accordance with what he had said. At first he avoided my question by simply saying that he was getting old and that he no longer needed to play his violin.

However, after my polite prompting, he responded by saying that the reason for having to put his precious possession up for sale was because he needed the money for dental work he was in need. Specifically, he was in need of a tooth root-canal therapy done and some other dental work taken care of that was not being covered by social assistance and/or by old-age pension arrangement. He said, emphatically actually, that he would rather let go of his beloved violin rather than having his teeth extracted, especially when they could be saved.

To be sure, I could tell that this individual valued his teeth, and for his age I must admit that he had well-maintained teeth and surely not discoloured for their age. Needless to say, after hearing this man's despairing story about the choice this individual had to make between keeping either his teeth or keeping his beloved violin, I excused myself and I left without buying the violin. Although I couldn't say this with absolute certainty, but as I exited his door, the thought crossed my mind that this courteous and well-spoken violin seller may have been a veteran.

Be that as it may, as I approached my car, I vividly remember saying to myself that given the opportunity one day I will attempt to bring this problem to the attention of someone important who might listen. For a rich country such as Canada, it was not only imperative, but about time I had thought, for a Comprehensive Public Dental Care system to be put in place.

Without the violin person ever knowing, and while the distance was considerable from my place and an area totally foreign to me, nonetheless, I had to go back to the Violin-seller's neighbourhood, for one more time.

I owe to also add here that immediately after the violin incident and which once again was to surface itself some 12 years later; I was overwhelmed with sadness and anger too against the pathogen of indifference on the part of policy makers. With this in mind, I had passionately sworn to myself that I would have done something about the lack of a comprehensive Public Dental Care System; provided of course, that I had been given the chance to exercise on my promise. I had made that promise very well knowing in advance that the probability of that ever happening in my life-time would have been near-impossible if not entirely impossible.

How was it, I had questioned that while humanity had entered the New Millennium, some citizens of a most wealthy and prosperous Nation would still have their teeth being extracted simply because they couldn't afford to save their teeth when it was easily possible to save them? For me, this was not a matter of comparing health systems between Nations.

As for those arrogant enough, but especially the predatory elites, including the parasitic elite freeloaders who readily articulated that it was not society's responsibility to take care of 'those' peoples' teeth, there as not much to say about them. However, I could say that these barren people better examine their ungratefulness. Their misguided notion about this matter of pure necessity was throughout indefensible.

The same applies for those who argued that there were programs in place for 'these other' people's teeth. However, what is in place in terms of Public Dental Care is severely inadequate. Actually, it is an insult to decency on the part of elected politicians and other citizens as well of a Nation as rich as Canada who support such a false notion.


If I was to bring the issue involving an all-inclusive Dental Care System to a politician, I most certainly would not have been interested to hear excuses why it was not already in place. And even more so, I would have been totally disinterested to be treated with the level of insensitivity of those who are inclined to say, in fact easily, that if someone disagrees with Canada's Dental Care System, they should look at other Countries for comparison. Definitely, I was not in the frame of mind and never have been interested to make comparisons when it comes to the ample availability of health care, including dental care for all. And I mean for all, irrespective of one's socio-economic situation or circumstance or where on the nurturing Planet they happen to be. Very simple, regardless of economics, everyone should have health care, including dental care and medicines, without questions.

With regards to those who disagreed with the notion of a Nationwide and Public Dental Care System, I would say that these people's misguided and perhaps foul mentality on such an imperative matter was uncanny. While easily doable, how could possibly a segment of humanity from a very wealthy Country openly oppose something as important as preserving one's teeth, one wondered? Such persons' state of mind then was entirely irreconcilable with everything decent even half way. Irrespective from what angle I would have looked at these people's point of view on the issue about a comprehensive Dental Care System; these kinds of people would have looked very ugly to me. Dental Medicine was a matter of necessity; as such, an all-inclusive Dental Health System was overdue.

My rationale regarding the state of being of the adversaries of an all-inclusive Dental Care System was really basic. How it was I had questioned that when it came to the wellbeing of all of Canada's citizens, why would the opponents of an all-inclusive Dental Care System compare Canada to other Nations? Who cares what the other nations do! At this moment, it was the compassion and humanity of Canada's law-makers I am interested in. Later on, hopefully other Nations could have followed suit. Had Canada installed a Public Dental Care System, we could only imagine what an amazing example that would have been, I think.

It is add that anyone could compare a rich (industrialized) Nation to a deprived (usually because of massive corruption) and backwards Nation somewhere. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Really; personally, I would l kike to see every poor person and/or Nation become rich and not every rich person become poor. Likewise, automatically, I would like to see a poor and abused forest become lash and animated with life as a rich forest is, and not the other way around.

As it was, disdain would be seen on the faces of those who had a problem with the necessity for all having healthy teeth, or altogether having teeth. Normally, sad and nonsensical excuses would come out of the mouths of those who had a problem with the idea for proving complete Dental Care for all.

More often than not, this is what those of the unresponsive side would say when they defended their inconsiderate and inhumane stance on such an important issue "our system is the best in the word." Very true, it is, but, thing is, as is, Canada's Dental Care System for the poor is completely inadequate. Professor, don't take my word for it, just go to the poor neighborhoods and you will be convinced in no time at all; You will see what I'm talking about. We needed a Comprehensive Dental Care System.

However, even if it had been possible to bring this issue to the public arena, it would have been demolished immediately. At this point, the concept for a comprehensive Dental-Care System at the National level needed a lot of support. As alluded to, highly possible that the opponents of Public Dental Care would have used as a weapon some impoverished 3rd or 4th-World Nation (aka developing Nation) in that they would have measured and compared Canada's dental health system to those forsaken Nations whose politicians (the majority) are as corrupt as anyone could possibly be. As I have said, although it should, it won't happen, not in my life-time, I'm afraid.

And unless, the code to re-grow teeth had been unlocked, people will be toothless, they will be with damage and decayed teeth, and they will continue to suffer physically and emotionally because of dental problems left unattended to.


Irrespective where on Earth, legislators cannot possibly consider themselves being the moral pillars of their respective Nations while at the same time deliberately excluding the underprivileged sectors of citizens from something as important as health care, including dental care. As is, by not having installed a comprehensive Dental Care System by this time (at least in every of the Globe's industrialized Nation), one concludes that the scope of policy-makers' (everywhere) insincerity is not only fundamentally dissolute; but their whole being is encased in raw inhumanity.

It is not a matter as if they do not know the importance of a comprehensive National Dental Care System. Nor it is a matter of not knowing what happens to people's teeth when they cannot effort a dentist's services. And if for some reason they or any one of them would assert that everything is cool and nothing is wrong by extracting people's perfectly-reparable teeth, then these people are corrupt and indifferent, way beyond redemption. When people cannot afford a root canal therapy, for example, this is exactly what happens—their teeth are being extracted.

And while my idea of a National all-inclusive Dental Care System for all, is purely theoretical at this point in time; still who knows? Although unlikely, it is possible that up to this time, no one of the policy-makers had thought of this need. First opportunity, I shall test them anyways; see what interesting things might have to say.

The Members of Parliament I will approach first (if I get the chance; of course), involve a couple that I have already preselected. While only a thought at this point, I will weep in silence should I be bamboozled on the matter; that's how much I would like to see the implementation of a Comprehensive Dental Care System. Actually, those I intent to approach with this issue, have already promised to bring change; we shall see if they will deliver. The good thing is, there is always hope; there are plenty of politicians who would like to do amazing things, but the willing people have to be in a position to bring about change.... By just thinking of it, anything, it just doesn't happen all by itself.

Now on the negative side: If ever I was to ensure an appointment with any Parliamentarian on the issue of Dental Care, most certainly I will not have been interested in being treated with irrelevancies or be sugar-coated on the matter.... I prefer action. Suppose I was to be before a Parliamentarian arguing my case that it was necessary for the Government to consider implementing a National All-inclusive Dental Care System; I think, I would have gotten nowhere. Reality dictates that he/she/they (the policy maker, I was standing before) would have tried to hoodwink me with much talk, but talk of no essence.

I'm also too aware that for an ordinary citizen, chances of getting an appointment with a parliamentarian are remote to nil, and even less with the leader of a political party. Nevertheless, opportunity given, right from the beginning I will let him/her/them know that I was only interested in hearing about their speedy solution to this much-neglected issue. But, in such an event, chances are that my chosen Parliamentarians would ignore me and even rush me out of their office. I'm pretty sure of this; nothing new, it has happened to many people before me.

For now, though, the matter is rather academic and perhaps, just a tad better than theory. But, in the mean time, I can dream of that one day an all-inclusive Dental Care System will be in place. It will actually be divine. With this in mind, I might even venture to go Global; I suppose no harm visualizing that a Global Public Health Care System had been instituted; including Dental Care. In any event, even at best of conditions, not everyone has a work-related dental insurance; this applies to even those who still have a job—the majority don't have dental insurance.

* * * * * *

I must also point out here that I am rather aware and fairly versed on how the current Public Health Care System works including the limited Dental Care System of Canada's.... For the most part it is a Provincial matter; in that, in terms of their health services, they have to come up with the health budget, but, the Federal Government substitutes for the Provinces health care systems.

In simple terms: the Provinces get from the Parent Government (the Federal Government) an amount for their health services and their health systems. The Provinces in turn come up with the rest of the expense through taxation, and they (the children Provinces) choose how to go about supporting their separate Heath Care Systems. The only thing the Provinces cannot do without the approval of the Parent Federal Government is abolish their Medicare System.

This summary, of course, is an oversimplification of Canada's Public Health System at its basic level. However, more or less, that is how Canada's much-esteemed Medicare System has been set up to work since its inception. Unfortunately, it does not include Dental Care. Not that I know of, in fact, I am pretty sure about this actually, because, as someone who doesn't have dental insurance, every time I have to go to the dentist, I have to pay the full amount.

Now, I don't see why not alongside Canada's much beloved and much beneficial Health Care System, a comprehensive Dental Care System on the National level couldn't exist? I sincerely see no reason why such a necessity would be absent.... It is not like people will abuse a Dental System.

No one enjoys going to a dentist, therefore, the notion that people will abuse a dental-care system is nil; if ever, it will be a rare occasion. In a Nation such as Canada, there is absolutely no need or excuse of any sort for rendering someone to exist without teeth or with corroded teeth; especially damaged teeth closer to the center of the jaws.... This is not to say that teeth towards the back of the mouth are not as important.... For obvious reasons, missing front teeth becomes a factor far more touching and poignant then say, if a tooth in the back of the mouth is missing.


Absolutely, something as desolate as extracting someone's teeth because of economics, is a matter that can never be in conformity or in association, for that matter, with anything representative of true humanity, never mind evolved humanity. I don't think that it is preposterous to think that a system should be in place and must be in place where everyone is afforded to keep his or her God-given teeth....

Nobody is asking for elective tooth therapy or esthetic corrections. Providing for the basics for everyone, such as taking care of tooth cavities, tooth root-canal therapy, caps, pins for caps when required, and when needed, tooth implants, or the creation of bridges in cases of missing teeth, situations involving accidents, disease or birth anomalies, for example, plus including cleaning and dentures (dentures when everything else has failed), and gum therapy as well, and whatever else is needed, will do well, in my view. Again, nothing fancy, just the basics.

And if for some reason those from the 1% constituency and whoever else may have wanted to emulate them and would have wanted to keep their private dentists and as well as their private dental specialists, no problem. They could have done so and no one would have cared, except of course their excessively overpaid dentists. In the meantime, Public Dental Insurance coverage from A to Z was a must for the rest—the down to Earth crowds.

And although a Dental Care System would only have made for an appendage at this time to the overall Health System, better late than never—it most certainly will be both divine and humane.

As for the Dental Association, whose members in all probability would have fought tooth and nail against a National Dental Care System, there was always a solution to their problem. Well, in the event the subject would have come up, of course, they could have moved and set up practice in the USA for example, the move was after all, just to next door. As is, forget about Dental Health Care, that Country is very much against a National Health System, in fact adamantly. This is so, despite that nearly 50,000,000 (50 million) of its citizens are entirely without any health services available to them. But that's not all in that frontier, about another 70 to 80 or so millions of its population only have marginal and/or limited Health Care coverage.

These neglected populations were in trouble and due to the harsh economic times the Wall-Streeters had created in 2008, they were being joined by constant waves of others. In fact, the ugly deed of the Wall-Street crowds had spread around the Globe. This audacious handful had in effect devalued and/or had tonally devastated the whole world's existing social programs. But no surprise there, the Wall Street people's scheme had done exactly as it had been programmed to do. Their real deed along these lines has yet to come.

However, USA's Health Care System, even before the 2008 financial thievery was a pitiful and a cruel one for an unimaginable number of its citizens.... Although they are talking about it as of late, as it is, though, and oddly enough, while still the richest, it is the only industrialized Nation on the Planet that is devoid of a National Health Care System; even the poorest of the poor Nations have something....

For the affluent US crowds and wealthy crowds from overseas , indeed the USA offers first-rate Health Care and the best possible health care money can buy. It is such that it is being enjoyed to the fullest by richest from around the Globe. In fact, some renowned health care clinics are offering ultra-luxurious hotel-like clinics for high-paid executives and other supremely wealthy people from the 1% pool, and maybe some from a couple of ranks below the 1%. As long as they have the cash, these types of clinics include people from all over the Globe. Many believe that these health centers should be named the "shameless" clinics.......

At these high-priced clinics or hospitals, these wealthy patients are treated like pharaohs, and Czars, or medieval emperors and queens. Their ultra-deluxe rehabilitating accommodations come with all kinds of accessories and opulent amenities. Naturally of course, these goodies are all available to the patients from the 1% category and those a couple of ranks lower than the 1%.

A few years ago (after the 2008 financial thievery), some compassionate US doctors would occasionally organize an open-field-clinic somewhere around the Country. Essentially in parks (at list the one I saw, it was in a park) where they place benches and a fence around with a make-shift gate (entrance). And it is there, at that open-space clinic where they treat or diagnose the uninsured, which they come by the thousands from everywhere. They reach there by the bus-loads from faraway places and close by; and yet others walk for hours and hours from distances because they cannot afford the bus fare. Imagine something of this nature taking place in the XXI century in such a rich Country?

Wow, at this intersection in time, health-care given to citizens from one of the richest country on Earth by benevolent health care providers in a park? It resembled a battle field zone and was equal to a scene from a poorest of the poor Countries. To say astounding, it would be an understatement.

Truth was, these much-neglected and un-well people had arrived at the gate of this open-field (open space) hospital all in the hopes of being seen by a doctor. Their ailments varied from non-life-threatening problems to very serious situations such as advanced stages of skin Cancer and badly-infected teeth. Plenty had been afflicted by excruciating tooth pain, cuts, open sores, and everything in between. Once they had reached the park where the make-shift hospital was, they were given a number and were told to wait in line until their number was called upon.

After having waited for hours and hours, and actually all day long in line, in all kinds of weather conditions with a number in their hands, their ordeal was not over, yet. Half, if not more of these much-forsaken and greatly-ignored patients (populations belonging to the 99% constituency) had to be told to go back where they had come from. It was brutal; in essence, due to time limitations, they had been turned back without having their number called; and obviously without having been seen by a doctor, or by a nurse, or by anyone else, for that matter, who might have served as an assistant to a doctor. At this point, when the people had been told they have to leave, some beg to be seen by a doctor, others fell to the ground, and yet others moved away in absolute futility, with eyes filled maximally with observable poignancy.

Remember, for starters, these people were sick, so they had less endurance to withstand more neglect, yet they had to endure the utter disappointment of being sent home in worst condition they had arrived there.... Yes, they were told to go back home, that is, if they had a home to go to, because since 2008, the Bank Cartels were systematically evicting many of these patients from their homes. How maddening, this is something that is taking place at the end of the New Millennium's first decade. Unbelievable; but true imagine that!


Absolutely, the Canadian dentists who would have disagreed with an all-inclusive Public Dental Care System (like Canada's Health Care System is associated with) could have immigrated south. Out of the 300 plus millions of citizens, USA still has a population of 150 or so million, perhaps, who could have paid handsomely and with ease or relative ease, to repair their teeth and cater to their teeth.

As for Canada, it is doubtful that it would have run out of dental doctors, it had after all plenty of very qualified immigrant doctors who could and would gladly have filled the vacancy that would have been created by the dentist who might have left. Indeed, rather than driving taxis or being reduced to sweeping floors at pizza restaurants, these immigrant doctors could have been given the chance to practice what they had been educated in, and at the vocation they had experience in. All hypothetical scenarios at this time, nevertheless, in the event the licensed dentist had chosen to head Southbound, problem solved; easily and right away in fact. And I would have been the first one to have one of those immigrant dentists cater to my teeth.


Twelve years had elapsed since the sad episode involving the violin and its owner who had been forced to choose between selling his precious companion (his violin), or losing his tooth. Although with the passage of time this episode had faded away somewhat, concurrently, though, this incident had been etched somewhere in the back of my mind quite vividly, in fact. No question about it, if he was to save his tooth he then had to sell his violin. And I just happened to be witness this sad story.

And just when it seemed that this experience had faded away because I had thought of it less and less, there it was; it had surfaced again just as vividly as 12 years earlier. Once again, in the summer of 2011, somehow I was made to re-live that very poignant episode about the violin event. Of course, this was the violin that I almost bought from the man who wanted the money to pay for teeth work in his mouth.... Had I not questioned at the last minute before I had actually bought the musical instament, why he was selling his violin, I would have bought the violin without ever knowing the story behind it.

* * * * *

Entirely by fluke, towards the early part of May of 2011 and while I was extremely occupied with Case File 22-CMA (with the Regeneration File), something else happened. This was also the time when I was in the process of opening two other Files that had been assigned to me a couple of weeks before this time and precisely on Earth Day of 2011. It was at this time, and out of the blue actually, when I met an interesting someone. What had happened was that I had agreed to babysit Sheila the blue-eyed dog. So, while Sheila and I had gone for a walk, we had ventured into a pleasant, long and spacious back lane somewhere quite a distance from my place. This back lane was very agreeable and was about to green fully.

While Sheila was sniffing everything around, I was having fun just as much. I was truly enjoying the captivating young greenery everywhere. And while on this beautiful day I had been captivated by the vigour of spring everywhere and while I was being entertained by the enchanting singing of sparrow and starling birds as they sang in delight, there, I met that someone.

Suddenly, I had noticed the presence of a Calico cat. She had paused a little in the distance, and motionless was looking at me. I could have sworn that she was blatantly communicating with me; the only problem was that I could not understand what she wanted to convey. But definitely, she was saying things to me.

Anyways, for some unknown reason that cat had caught my attention from the moment I had laid my eyes on her. I distinctly recollect that I had instantly sensed that there was something unique about this feline creature. Without knowing why, this feline had drawn my inner being and my entire intellect to her.

I needed to see the cat from close up, but since I had Sheila the dog with me, such prospect seemed highly unlikely at this point. So, as soon as I had brought Sheila back home, I hurried back to that lane where I had spotted the puzzling cat. Naturally of course, this time around I had gone alone, all in the hopes of course, of coming across that cat again. And what do you know, to my delight, there she was.

This time, the beautiful and friendly tortoiseshell Calico cat was following two ladies while walking in the inviting environment of that back lane. They were headed the opposite direction I was headed to. Apparently, the two ladies lived right there, and in fact, the back of their residence was connected to this back-lane.

As was expected of me, I acknowledged the cat. In fact, she had come to me and had allowed me to caress her. Simultaneously, I had also engaged the ladies in small conversation. Nothing profound really, at first, I just commented on what a beautiful cat that was and I also I had inquired if the cat was theirs.

They reply was that the cat was not really theirs, but they were taking care of her i.e., feeding and watering her since the last fall, when she was still a kitten.... However, for some reason or other, the kitten had found itself alone about there. The ladies, however, stressed that they were not willing to adopt her and give the beautiful young cat a permanent and stable home. Had they done so, this would have been the perfect environment for a cat who likes to be outside, yet close to the security of her own home.

The ladies had also said that they were not in a hurry to find a home for the cat, not until October, because the weather until then would have been fine for the cat to stay where she was, and I concurred with them. After all, the cat knew the grounds very well there. Definitely, this place was good home for the young cat. It was also a geographically-appealing location; it was on a hill and it was facing northwest.

In case they were not aware, I advised the ladies that this type of cat is always female and as a consequence it was imperative for this cat to be sterilized (spayed), if otherwise, she would have had litter of kittens after litter. The 2 ladies assured me that they were aware of that factor. They had also said that shortly they were prepared to take care of the cat's sterilization matter, and I truly believed them that they would have done so.... There was no reason for me not to believe them, because they genuinely cared for that cat.

If had sensed otherwise, I would have taken care of the sterilization issue myself. Not only because this tortoiseshell cat from the instant minute I encountered her had captured my soul, but that little detail was a must. So for this summer that would have been my good deed.

Point of fact, to make absolutely sure that this task had been done, even after the two ladies had said that they were prepared to have the cat sterilized, cordially I had offered to pay half of the veterinary expense in the event it would have been too much for the two ladies. And again they said I shouldn't worry about it, because they were going to deal with that aspect as well. And so I went about my way contented without a second thought regarding their refusal of my offer to help with the cat's veterinary expense.

Had I made arrangements for the cat to be operated at this point, I would have placed the cat back where I had found her following the operation, and naturally of course, only after she had recuperated from the operation. Once I had placed the cat back at her place of comfort, in all likelihood, from time to time I was going to venture in that back lane with the intent to check on the cat.... And of course, I would have gone about it furtively and without making a fuss.

However, since the ladies had assured me that they will take care of the cat's operation; my preparations for the cat's situation were all academic at this point. There was no need for me to intervene in any way, after all, they had been feeding the cat for nearly a year, so in many ways, this was their cat. But alas, right there and then I should have sensed that the two women and I were not thinking in tandem about the necessity to sterilize the cat. Be that as it may, the operations should have been done straight away and without delay within the following two weeks.

What can I say; I was green, as in stupid. Based on their refusal to accept my contribution for the cat's veterinary expense, bells should have begun to ring that something was not right, but it wasn't so. I had not suspected anything wrong.

Point being, if I were streetwise, at this point I would have instantly suspected that the two ladies were not telling the truth. I should have at least considered that they may have been in the group of misguided people who believed that a dog or a cat should be allowed to have at least one litter, irrespective of the consequences.... Now, one may ask, were the two women required to adhere to my standards on the issue of animal sterilization?

For a number of crucial causes, all in the interest of the animals, my answer to that would be a strong yes, absolutely. Yes, in the interest of the helpless animal, they were expected to tell the truth that they had never intended to sterilize the cat. It wasn't even a matter of expense; I had already offered to pay half. As for the rest of the chores requirements, it wasn't a big deal; I would have had to make a couple of appointments with the clinic and transfer the animal to and from the veterinary clinic; and that would have been all.

So yes, I would have expected them to recognize the importance of sterilizing an animal, especially a female cat or a dog.... How outdated their thinking was, later I had thought. It is crucial to prevent the birth of more kittens or puppies; it is difficult to find homes, and even more difficult to find good and responsible homes—sterilisation is a must.

Unwanted animals that are dumped at centres such as the SPCA and others are systematically being exterminated. That is exactly what they do in those places; they kill thousands upon thousands of healthy animals each year, year after year. These are death camps. To think otherwise one would have to be a dangerous pretender. Yes they do have some nice stories, but overwhelmingly, the animals that end up in these places are being killed; and especially full grown animals, they stand very little chance to nearly none of being adopted. That is a fact. The overwhelming majority of animals which end up in these places are killed.

Of course, many prefer the world "euthanasia" as opposed to killing. What a farce, the condemned-to-death animals never agreed to be killed, and surely they are never asked if they wanted to be killed.


In retrospect, I should have picked up on the two ladies' intentions.... In terms of economics, this was not exactly the most affluent spot on this whole entire Earth. Anybody else would have gladly accepted my share for the cat's veterinary bill when I had offered it. As it was, though; it had never crossed my mind at this point that down the road I would be the one to pay the entire veterinary bill. But that was not the point. The idea was to see that the cat had been operated on in time.


In any case, we had parted ways while I had been left with the belief that the two women were serious enough when they had said that they were planning to have the cat sterilized. I most certainly had trusted that they would follow up on the matter just as they said they would have. As for the rest of the young cat's needs, there was no problem, especially not until the following October-November, when winter would have arrived once more. But, that problem was far away; and its solution was to be dealt with only once it was about to arrive.

Point was, in terms of space (home) and weather the cat was in very good hands and satisfactory conditions at this point in time. Her safety was not compromised in any way either. After all, the two ladies seemed to be always around this quiet lane. As food and water availability was concerned, these two items were also taken care of, because the two ladies were in charge of that.... And indeed, they did feed the cat on a regular basis and provided her with fresh water as well and at all times. Most certainly I cannot take that away from them.

However, I was told by the two women that there were a couple of nasty old ladies around that locality and that these people were very unkind and mean to defenceless animals, including little birds. One of these bad women was occupying an expensive house about there and the other, might have been the complete contrary. In other words, socioeconomically, one of the miserable and desolate women was poor and one other rich.

Absolutely, irrespective of background, this Earth is being inhabited by two human breeds that differ in the most crucial area. Breed identification is of the outmost necessity. Regrettably, there would be not enough time for this crucial matter to be accepted and be put into effect before the twin development has assaulted this Planet. The metallic factor would have been of no help either, if at all, it would have morphed much too late.

* * * * * *

In terms of economics, the cat's location was a mixed neighbourhood subsisting of condos, three-floor rental buildings and modest houses occupied by just about every rank of middle class working people. However, despite of the fact that this location was basically surrounded by affluent neighborhoods, still, in the midst of this cat's immediate locale existed little pockets of economically very underprivileged populations. Geographically though, this location was stunning. It was facing North-West and had lots of gorgeous trees.

No wonder; one or so city blocks to the East from this spot and two city blocks to the North-West, the areas were occupied by either very wealthy, just rich, or various layers of rather upper middle class populations.

At any rate, while the ladies had made mention of the occasional nasty people around, I couldn't help but thinking that socioeconomics had nothing to do with making an individual human or inhuman. Once again, this thought had reinforced the belief in me that the ratio of advanced (good) people, or conscience-destitute (bad) people, was evenly found in every one of the socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, cultural, gender and/or geographic divides everywhere on the Planet.

One doesn't have to be a scholar in human behaviour, just by simple everyday observations it allows one to see the major differentiation in humans. It is all so simple rally, and although the variations are numerous on both sides, (human-subhuman), the major division is comprised of only two. Not necessarily all, but, animals and children are natural experts in identifying which is which; instinctively, they know. It all had to do with the innate factor of an individual and very little to do with socio-economic conditions, academics and/or upbringing.

However, I do concede that upbringing may be a factor and can be contributing to how one conduct himself/herself, but that is temporary. Once individuals have outgrown the early stage of their lives, automatically they are guided to the side where they belong to genetically. Sometimes, horrible parents (as human beings) they produce the most perfect offspring possible and the reverse is also true. Why is that, of course, they have given this phenomenon the name "character." Yes, that is nice, but where does the character comes from? Neither can its existence be created nor erased.


I apologize for having deviated a bit from my subject's main path in relation to the violin and the Calico cat. As I was saying, I encountered the cat in the early part of May, 2011 and I had been assured at that time by the two ladies that she was going to be sterilized. Two months later, approximately around the 12th of July, in the hopes of seeing the furry beauty once again, I revisited that back lane where I had first seen the lovely cat. Indeed, I saw the cat and in fact she came to greet me, but to my dismay and just as I had feared on a couple of occasions prior to this time, I immediately noticed that the young cat was pregnant and about to deliver her infants.... She was way too advanced in the pregnancy to terminate it.

To say that I was furious with the two irresponsible women that had assured me they would have the cat operated on before too late would have been an understatement. Mostly however, I was livid with myself for not arranging back in May for the cat to be spayed.

On behalf of the expectant mother cat, though, I had the foresight not to breathe one word against the two ladies' careless and thoughtless handling of the simple and straightforward task which was to see that the cat was sterilized. That was all, this little animal required from humans, other than that this was/is a very quiet and undemanding cat and self-sufficient too.... She also has an outstanding and commanding character.... Above all, she is a discreet observer, this is a natural feature and very typical of tortoiseshell Calico cats.

And so it was, within a week the cat delivered 3 infant kittens, all girls, but there might have been a fourth one, however, I am not going to talk about that little one. What I did, though, was to let the ladies know that I was to participate in the expense of maintaining the cat family and that I was to share in the expense when the cat would be operated, but they said that would not have been necessary, because they had found a man nearby who had agreed to adopt the mother.

I was delighted to hear that they had found a home for the cat in the same locale because the cat was comfortable and familiar with those surroundings. In other words, it was home for her. The only thing that was left was to find homes for the kittens and let them go at about 8 weeks, and that was that, so I had thought.

4 to 5 days after the ladies had said that they had delivered the cat family to the man who had agreed to adopt the mother cat, I happened to be walking the dog I was babysitting around the back lane where I had first encountered the Calico cat. From quite a distance I saw a man walking on the sidewalk; he was holding a cat-carrier box and was headed towards a building through the back entrance. And this was about the area the 2 women had pointed to, when I had asked them where exactly the gentleman who had fostered the mother cat and the kittens was residing.

I run, and I approached him and I asked if he was the individual who had adopted the mother cat with the brand new kittens. Sure enough, he was the one. I politely asked if I could see the kittens and he courteously said yes. They were beautiful, and mother and babies were in a safe place but, there was more and it was immediately apparent. Apparently, the 2 ladies had given (basically surrendered) the mother Calico cat and her three newborn kittens to an economically disadvantaged man without providing him with sufficient food, litter, basket, blanket, etcetera. Yes, they had given something, but not enough of what was needed.

In accordance with what the women had said, yes, the man had said that he would adopt the mother cat and would house the kittens until they were ready for adoption, but the man had very little or nothing of the necessities required for the cat family (and again, according to my standards). But that was not all, two of the kittens had eye problems. One eye on each kitten was infected, quite badly, actually, and was badly swollen and was shut closed as if someone had sealed it with cement.

Oh dear; and there was more than what I first saw. This man already had a one-year-old female cat whom he had deliberately allowed to get pregnant because he said that it was natural and that it was God's will to multiply. Don't get me wrong, this gentleman really loved and cared for his cat. In any event, by this time the other mother cat's 3 kittens were 10 weeks old, and eventually all were adopted. I don't know how good the adopters were, but the 10-week-old kittens had been adopted by different homes. At this point, I had to make absolutely sure to see that the other mother cat was sterilized, pronto.

Although this was an individual who was kind to animals and who had agreed to adopt the Calico mother cat, and while the cat family required very little, this individual however entirely lacked the financial ability to care for the mother cat or the kittens. So, I loaded him with litter, cat food, eye remedy (antibiotic) for two of the 3 kittens who badly needed it, a basket and thick towel for the kittens to sleep on, litter box and shovel, soap and what have you.

To make a long story short, and only because of the kittens' eye infections, for about a week or so at an agreed time, I had to go to this person's residence twice a day to clean the kittens' eyes and make sure the mother cat was fed properly. The deal was, as soon as the kittens had been weaned, I was to make the arrangements for the mother cat to be sterilized immediately. Even if he had agreed to see that this cat was sterilized it would not have been possible anyways.... This man did not have a penny, simply put, he was poor and he was broke to the bone.

After I had delivered all the things that he needed, things were okay for all of them; this man really enjoyed the cat family and he was attentive to the mother cat and her kittens. So, all we had to do at this point was to wait for the kittens to grow, while in the meantime we were to look for suitable people to adopt the kittens. As for the mother cat, as far as I knew, he had said that he had already adopted her. During this time, of course, I had to make sure his first cat was sterilized pronto and before she would have gotten pregnant again. Albeit an easy procedure from A to Z, instinctively though, I knew that having this cat to get her operation was going to be a tough one for me.

Everything had been arranged with the veterinary clinic, but at the appointed time to bring the cat to the veterinary clinic, I had to have access to the disadvantaged man's cat. This step too had been arranged between him and me. Simple, I was going to pick the cat from his house and bring her to the clinic.

Just as my nagging suspicion had warned me; lo and behold, at the last minute I had to reschedule the vet clinic's appointment because I had no access to the cat. And although I felt like yelling at the man for not being at home when I needed to pick up the cat, I entirely refrained from doing so; in fact I said that the misunderstanding was my entire fault, and I greatly apologized for my idiocy. He said that I shouldn't worry about it; sometimes we all mix up things. And while I was growling inside, I did thank him profusely for his understanding.

What can I say, for some reason, this man was not very keen on sterilizing animals, and especially not males. This is a matter which I had thought was insane considering the necessity; but anyways, to each his own. So; as one can imagine, I had to step on eggshells until his young cat had her operation. Happy to say, the procedure was done by my veterinarian and which of course, I had to pay the entire expense.

However, by the time the two mothers had their sterilizing operations, and all of the kittens except for two had been adopted, my bill had already reached $600 and probably over that amount, and all as a result of the unexpected encounter I had with the appealing Calico cat in that inviting back lane.

I must confess, though, that out of my pocket I had only paid one third of that amount. I had collected the rest from a number of pilots around, who owed me somehow. But, one of them had difficulty reaching for his pocket.... Conveniently, this one pretended not to recollect that this minuscule generosity he had been asked to participate in actually involved a much bigger debt that he owed to me. Wow, what an ungrateful scrooge, I'd say. I got the two hundred dollars out of him, anyways.


There was more: After a week or so from the time the Calico cat and the 3 babies had been brought to this poor man's door, this individual had already decided that he no longer wanted to keep the mother cat. As a consequence, I was now looking for a good and responsible home for the mother cat as well.... This was so, despite that my intuition was telling me a different story all along during this episode, and actually from the time I had first encountered this exquisite Calico cat.

Happy to say that for this mother cat and her 3 kittens, there was a favourable outcome all the way around. Two of the kittens were adopted by two good and different homes, one for each, and we adopted the mother Calico cat and one of her baby daughters. I have named the mother cat Bauxite and the baby Alumina and both are way beyond delight and an honour to go about on our journey on this electrifying Earth in their company.

Absolutely, they are a most welcome addition to the family; they have the power to lift mine and the kids' spirits marvellously and endlessly. Coincidentally, mother and baby couldn't possibly have crossed our path at a better time; our two feline companions, Geranium and Advoff had just passed away from old age and within a short time of one another, regrettably.

The tale of the Violin and the Calico Cat, of course, has to do with the fact that without this mother cat I would not have known of the Baico Publishing House. One may ask why these two episodes would be related, especially having taken place 12 years apart from one another. Well, while I was catering to the kittens' eyes while they were still in the care of the underprivileged man, I came to meet his girlfriend, who also happened to be his neighbour and who likes animals, and cats in particular. And yes, she too, economically was at the absolute bottom of the economic ladder. If I'm not mistaken, one of her sisters was a court Judge.

This is a lady somewhere in her mid-fifties. And though neglected, for her age, nonetheless, she is rather a beautiful woman. Had this lady been from a different economic background she would have stood out and more so than any of those expensively-dressed and impeccably manicured women found in any of humanity's high societies. I do not know why this lady would find herself entirely down and out, but whatever the reasons may have been; fact is, she had not been able to lift herself out of her sad situation. As they say, in fact globally, it is easy to fall in a deep hole, but very difficult to come out of it without some kind of assistance.

Anyways, while chatting with this lady I couldn't help but notice that she was missing several of her front teeth. I don't recollect how exactly it came about or which day exactly out of the ten or so days I had to gone there to take care of the kittens' eyes, but all on her own, she had said something that caught my attention.... She had said that she would have felt physically very uncomfortable and stressed-out if she were to wear dentures. So, she had forgone the only available option to her insofar as having teeth was concerned.

She also had said that the reason for her real teeth missing (not necessarily all) was because her dentist had to extract them, although they could easily have been saved. Yes, they could have been saved, had she been able to pay for root-canal therapy for a couple of them, and for the expense of a couple of bridges, or for individual caps. Listening to her tooth story, how true and how unfortunate for her, I had thought to myself. She was not alone in this need for this kind of job. In fact, most people over the age of 35, and even younger, and under the best of circumstances have had at least one root-canal therapy done and perhaps have installed one tooth cap by this age, if not more.

I also learned that this economically underprivileged woman was a university graduate. However, for some reason or other, her journey on this Earth within the last 10 or 15 years had taken her to places where the poor and the forgotten are being condemned to be.... And obviously, of course, most of which are left there with little or no possibility of ever escaping such places. So, she, this woman had to extract her teeth that needed the expensive root-canal treatment.

After the conversation about why she had come to lose her teeth, the violin and the violinist's story of 12 years earlier once again had popped in my mind, prominently in fact. With the violin story in mind, I proceeded to ask the lady with the tooth problem if I could write a paper about her and her dental predicament in particular. In turn, with her permission, of course, I explained that my intent was to deliver this thesis, in person in fact, to the Federal Member of Parliament who represented my voting district.

This parliamentarian was Mr. Thomas Mulcair from the New Democratic Party (NDP). This was an individual whom I liked as a person and whom I had supported with my vote after my kid had enticed me to go vote and give him my vote alongside hers.... The kid had enticed me to vote because she knew that I was not a habitual voter. My reasons for this were that I felt that all political parties operated in the same fashion, more or less. Their practice of cronyism was probably the foremost item about them that had turned me totally off.

Also, the fact that the two major parties had traditionally held and alternated power forever and ever without ever deviating or doing something different to meet the needs of the contemporary world. Nothing demanding, really, just adequately address, perhaps, the plight of the Environment, or attend to an old matter such as the need for a Dental Care System for example.

Equally, the fact that the politicians of the two major parties had systematically refused to stop the ultra-barbaric baby seal clobbering, right at their nursery grounds and while their mothers were/are screaming for mercy, it was not an invitation to vote for any of them.

Now of course, after the late Mr. Layton's Journey on this Earth had been cut short, Mr. Mulcair is the leader of his party (the NDP party). This affords me a bigger opportunity to make my case about the issue dear to me and one I had promised the violin person that I would attend to, given the chance. Obviously, I'm talking about the need for a Government Comprehensive Dental Care System. I see no reason why not, after all, Canada is a very rich Country but, one also with a segment of very poor populations. So poor in fact, that many in this group have no possibility at all of saving their precious and God-given teeth, unless of course there would be an all-inclusive National Dental Care System in place.

Yes, absolutely, while rich, Canada is also a place with many poor or destitute citizens with no possibility of ever being allowed to free themselves from poverty's punishment in perpetuity. Poverty is an extremely cruel and wicked entity; it robs one of just about everything.

Poverty suffocates and withers its victims at all times, but especially at the prime and most productive stages of their being. It sadistically robs its victims of their right to be in majesty as they should; but above all, poverty robs its victims of the opportunity to do all the things, be they grand or be they small, that they came on this Planet for. And of course, we know who is feeding these conditions. Of course, they are humanity's plutocratic sectors and their facilitators—the policy makers.

No matter what the elites' excuses from amidst the human settlement are or what these people utter, there is nothing excusable or defensible about deliberately condemning a man or a woman to beg for food. Only a sadist and a primitive predator would see no wrong with this kind of raw belittlement. So, these were a couple of my reasons for not wanting to vote for any one of them.

Not that I really wanted to, but to please her I voted. Perhaps the kid had realized better than me, perhaps, the power of voting, so, as a parent I had an obligation to discipline myself to listen and perhaps re-evaluate my stance on the voting matter. If this highly educated kid and one with its particular temperament can see the necessity of voting, I should too, perhaps.

However, I had to toss a coin; this would have assisted me to decide which of the two digestible (to me) leaders I would give my vote to. One was the current Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper. He was under consideration to receive my vote, and only because he is kind to animals and he cares for animals, and especially cats, as much as I do. This was good enough reason for me; this aspect of him reveals a lot about a person's innate make-up that I would celebrate in an instance. In general, these types of people are endowed with conscience, and given the opportunity and/or conducive settings, can do wonders in all areas. With regards to the environment which of course, was the next major and most forceful issue for me; no, Mr. Harper didn't cut it for me.... He was too much on the corporate plutocrats' side. But, I was willing to overlook that matter in this instance.

As for the leader of the other party I was willing to vote for, it was because I liked his party's and his own philosophy regarding the matter about social issues.... Issues such as, workers rights, education rights for all, employment stability, maintenance of Canada's much revered Public Medicare System, environmental matters, and so on and so forth.

And so it was, it turned out that the coin's toss said I had to vote for Mr. Mulcair. And so I did.

And what do you know, hurray!!!!!! Mr. Mulcair won in his district. Now he owes me. I don't see how, but one day my essay on the Dental Care issue might find its way to Mr. Mulcair's desk and before him.

So, bearing in mind that it was another Leader from the New Democratic Party (NDP Provincial) from another era that brought the greatly celebrated and ethically conscientious Medicare System to all Canadians from across every of this Nation's stunning landscapes, everything was possible. Since its inception, the Canadian Public (Government-run) Health System had been and is being greatly appreciated. To this day, it is revered by all (except perhaps the 1% and their 'protégés,' exceptions aside, of course) for what it gives to each and every Canadian and for what it represents.

So then, why a National Dental Care System would be left out of Canada's humane and marvellous Health Care System already in existence? Most regrettably, but it must also be said that despite the success and despite the beauty of Canada's Public Health Care System, plethora of indications strongly suggest that those from the 1% would like to demolish it, in fact, they are trying hard to tear down? As it is, they have already poked large holes in the walls of its structure; so far they have installed the two-tier system. The two-tier has to be eradicated and be replaced with a Dental Health Care Program instead.

As for those who can pay for private health care and for doctors who work for heath institutions for profit only, they can always go to US and other places around the Globe where people have to pay on the spot for health care, or else die and/or watch their children die due to lack of medical care.


A Public Dental Care System is a must. Amongst other undesirable matter, ailing teeth cause unbearable pain and if untreated can lead to a number of other health anomalies, dangerous infections and eye irritations being just two of them. As well, a toothless person socially is more often than not discriminated against and is fated to constant disadvantageous scenarios. A person with visible missing teeth or corroded teeth has very little chance of assuring employment, for example, even menial employment. Fact is, be it openly, secretly or subconsciously, a person with visibly corroded teeth or missing front teeth is being silently made a victim of prejudice.

For that reason alone, anyone who argues against Public Dental Health Care must be either from one of the 1% top ranks or from the ranks where the well-fed and well-connected supporters of the 1% are found. And most likely, such person (or groups) is someone who has very little morals or none at all. Nothing positive can be said of the collaborators who agree with those who are adamantly against any degree of a fairer world. Even traces of their compassion would have sufficed had the individuals who make-up these thoughtless groups been endowed with the shiny gift of compassion.

Just think, by having healthy and well-maintained teeth for those who miss them, how beautifully it would have changed their existence while adventuring on this magnetic Earth. Preserving one's teeth is so minimal a requirement, yet capable of vastly changing and enriching someone's life beyond imaginings that I can even think of.


And so it had been, as soon as I had made my proposal to this lady regarding my paper that I wanted to write about her and outline the necessity of an all-inclusive Dental Care System available to all, something else came about. No sooner than I had finished saying that I was to write the essay on Dental Health Care, and of course with the intent to have it delivered to Mr. Mulcair, the lady (my 'subject matter') asked me if I was a writer. She had made this inquiry because she said she herself was an unpublished author of poems and that she had communicated with the Baico Publishing House in Ottawa about her manuscript of poems. Specifically she had corresponded with the publisher who had instructed her to forward him her manuscript of poems.

Had I not said anything about wanting to write a paper regarding the necessity for a Public Dental Health Care System, there would have been no reason for this lady to mention anything about her manuscript of poems to me or anything regarding the Baico Publishing House.

As you can see, that is how I came to cross paths with the Baico Publishing House. Absolutely, it was via the Violin and the Calico Cat that I came to communicate with Baico's publisher, Mr. Raymond Coderre, and of course, to whom I shall remain grateful for his thoughtfulness and sincere comportment. Having read the manuscript from A to Z, he said that "Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration" is an exceptional and uncommon book that deserves the best possible exposure and as wide as possible a distribution.

And although for now I have deferred the publication of Intertidal Zone, guess what, Mr. Coderre the publisher has agreed to publish this book. All the way around, the essay on "The Radiation File" has indeed been a surprise project. From an essay of about 50 pages long, it has morphed into a full book. All along, Agent A has been behind the whole scheme.


Awesome Developments


This segment's essay (essay #1) was written in the summer of 2011, and it belongs to the website of the Daisy Institute.

While this fortuitous page is comprised of a nine-segment essay of short stories, all of which being as they are representative of this page's central points, nonetheless, this page came about as a result of "The Violin and the Calico Cat" incidents. However, without the meticulous and direct involvement of the influential, compassionate and brilliant 'forces' that have been and are caringly involved with the themes of these 9 stories, doubtful that I would have written their remarkable accounts.....

Prior to even imagining, let alone thinking of creating this page, unbeknownst to me, a great deal had been thought out carefully and had been methodically arranged.... Fact is, without the 'inexplicable' orchestration of key events and without the direct involvement of a couple of exceptionally outstanding individuals, as I have already said just in the paragraph above here, I wouldn't have composed this Page's text.

I am inadequate in words; in fact I cannot find the suitable words with which I wish to express my appreciation to these caring benefactors as much as my appreciation deserves to be conveyed. I will therefore resort to saying a simple "thank you" but one that originates from the innermost center of my soul....

This said and despite my limitations, I am also fully aware that on my side of the bargain in the deal I have with You, Professor, I am expected to squish in and pile up as much as possible onto the assignment that I have been trusted with. Yes indeed, I am all too aware that as per the deal, I must do my utmost while I have the chance—I have not forgotten.

Absolutely, I wouldn't have it any other way, anyways.... Without a doubt, I shall endeavour to fulfill my obligation while on my adventure on this riveting Orb and until the very last day of my stay on this sensational Earth—my beloved Home, albeit impermanent.... Professor; please know that thus far, with the exception of the ("Radiation File") the assigned task has been an honour for me and from end to end an absolute thrill.

I hope I will be not as terrible a disappointment to the awe-inspiring Team (above all to You) that is responsible for all I have accomplished—however meagre.

Thoughtfully, under the direction of Agent A, all of the Team's members have gone out of their ways (literally) in order to arrange, bring together and intertwine all 9 episodes of this poly-dimensional essay.... Evidently, without their brilliant input and especially without the rigorous and conscientious work of one in particular (that would be Agent A) in this assembly of first-rate and shining personalities, this noteworthy page would never have come to be.

In quite an atypical arrangement, this page demonstrates how these nine compelling stories happen to assemble together. While on occasion the presentation of this page may appear to be subliminal, by and large, though, the elucidation is direct and explicit.

The accounts of the nine central sections that constitute this page will appear in their corresponding segments. The segments (chapters), however, may not necessarily appear in the order in which I list them in the paragraph immediately below here....

As well, the headings of these nine segments when in their individual places may vary somewhat from the titles in which I list them in this paragraph, nevertheless, the key items are: 1) Awesome Developments (in relation to my field research study of 2010 involving Sea Star Regeneration); 2) the Violin and the Calico Cat; 3) the Insightful Publisher; 4) an All-inclusive Public Dental Care System; 5) the Reptilians; 6) Colonization: Globalization and modern-day Exploitation; 7) the Investment in the Chinese Corporation; 8) Nuclear Weapons in the Care of the Reptilians; 9) In Attendance.

(Preface of Essay #1)

Dearest Professor, although it is not the case, nonetheless, originally my intent was to commence this absorbing essay of short stories with the tale of a disquieting investment that I have made in a Corporation which is listed on the TSX (formerly TSE), but which operates in China. As it stands, this investment is being suspended in the air because a notorious American short seller has devastated this Corporation's stock price with particularly nefarious defamation and unsubstantiated allegations....

However, irrespective of this professional short-seller and immaterial to the possibility that I stood about a 50% chance of making a fair amount of profit out of this investment, and more or less the same percentage of chance of losing the whole capital, please know the following.... Under normal circumstances I would never-ever-ever-never have considered investing in a corporation in the business of forest cutting, but I did. By doing so, I may have stumbled, and I have yet to find out why.

However, this is also a Corporation that is involved in Green Nurseries and that, in and of itself is very appealing to me—and especially natural/free Green Nurseries—it has always been the case.

Now, despite the possibility that I may have stumbled badly with this investment, it appears that there is more to this disagreeable episode. Indeed, it seems that more is going on with this forest investment matter, but I don't quite know what it could be....

What I know with absolute certainty is that just as per my intent, I was able to get out of this investment within days from the moment I had gotten in and had done so before this company's stock had been halted for good. It is worth pointing out here that this was an investment done without consulting A or Aundria first. However, unexpectedly things changed again....

Just as I was so relieved and in point of fact liberated to have gotten out of this forest-related Corporation with no intentions or motives of ever looking at this company or anything about it again, things took a different turn. Out of the blue, Agent A got involved in a huge and persuasive way.

Without presenting a clue why, Agent A suggested that I stay with this company for a while longer. In fact, A had challenged me to reinvest and remain invested in this company.... A, had also alluded to the possibility or something to the effect that he was going to get back to me later on about why he wanted me to stay invested with this company while it was in trouble.

And although with a fair amount of reservation, I did nonetheless.... After all, the deal at the time was that I stayed invested with this company for no more than 6 to 8 months, maximum 9.

Knowing Agent A as well as I do, he would never have challenged me to deviate from my original plan on such a serious matter.... Absolutely, unless it was for a specific and well-thought-out objective, there would have been no reason at all for A to be so persuasive about it. I just have to identify A's rationale on the matter. I don't quite know why A wanted me to stay with an investment that had turned out to be speculative at this point.

And while this was a solid Company with very rich assets and also an amazing Company in its area of business, still, it had been circled by many predators. As such therefore, this was a disagreeable investment. And unless Agent A had told me his reasons in black and white in terms of clarity, I would never have guessed why he wanted me to stay in vested in this Company.

In any case, one of the reasons for the investment segment's inclusion farther down here in this page was because that investment belongs to the Daisy Institute for field research purposes.... Therefore, since this page belongs to the Daisy Institute and although I have yet to experience this investment's ending, I thought it was worthwhile to elaborate a little on it at this point in time.

Hopefully, by the time I have finished this page (I'm not in a rush) some of that segment's complex or rather guarded theme would have been unraveled. However, thus far this has been quite a punishing investment, but on whose account the tale of "The Humming Forest Incident" is accredited to. Very much so, had it not been for this particular investment, the manuscript of "The Humming Forest Incident" which I have yet to complete would not have come to be....

Instinctively however, I sense that the affair regarding "The Humming Forest Incident" was not the primary reason why Agent A would challenge me to stay put with this investment.....

And so it was, on second thought I have decided instead to begin this page with a gripping and a promising and altogether with a different segment. This would be the newest of this page's nine segments while the piece on "The Radiation Poisoning" is the oldest and the most decisive, I suppose.

What's more, because the contents of essay #1 is so superb and so riveting; I therefore thought to present the heading of this poly-segment essay "The Violin and the Calico Cat" in all 3 of my favoured colours.

(Essay 1)


I am fully coherent that my decision to include the segment on the "Awesome Developments" here without leaving out a particular section of it could be premature. I could have chosen to exclude this section's core contents; however, I opted to go against this choice. I very much hope that my choice in this matter was not a hectic one or simply ahead of its time.... Nevertheless, because of its promising orientation, I have something elite and something awe-inspiring and something extraordinarily beautiful to share with You, Professor.

This little segment has to do with a stunning development in its very early stages. While on one hand this development could undergo changes and progress of immeasurable magnitude and of thrilling implications, on the other hand, however, at any step of its advancement it could be stunted (arrested) altogether; or simply, the re maybe nothing to it.

In any event, I shall pursue this angle for a while longer; and should I sense that I am in the wrong path, or simply, should it be that this is an unattainable project, eventually I will abandon it. But, because it is so utterly worthy and extraordinarily attention-grabbing, sometime later on I will revisit the angle I'm on at this time. And I will do so with the understanding that this File's subject matter might be an area entirely unachievable.

However, the stunning component that I am observing at this moment, it couldn't possibly have arrived for nothing; definitely, I shall pursue it a little longer and again later on. Who knows what may come out of it? Alone, its sheer loveliness (in terms of nature's creation) makes it all the more worthwhile to stay with this green beauty for a while longer.

* * * * *

While I am writing this rather small piece, is during the night of February the 24-25th of 2012. As I began to formulate this segment I thought to keep its contents all to myself and close company, at least for a while. However, after some deliberation on the issue of secrecy, I changed my mind.... Besides, I don't like secrets. As such, instead of keeping this spectacular and much-hoped-for development all to myself and until further developments, I thought to insert it into this page much earlier than I would have done had I respected my earlier thought on the matter.

Nothing concrete at this point in time that I can hail about, nevertheless, and although the development involves only trace amounts of the building-blocks I am hoping for, still, it is too marvellous to keep it all to myself, albeit it is far-fetched at this point.

And while this potentially fabulous development has nothing to do with the publication of the book of "Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration," it does however have everything to do with the field research study on Sea Star Regeneration which I conducted in the summer of 2010 on a number of British Columbia's fabulous Intertidal Zones.

The seemingly impossible subject matter (project) I had once challenged my intellect with approximately 12 years ago, may not be unfeasible after all. What I am getting at, Professor, is that I think I am being witness to traces of activity in the processes of regeneration in mammalian (higher) vertebrates.

It is late and I'm exhausted right now, Professor, and due to this reason I will stop writing for now, but first thing tomorrow morning I will add a tad more to the narration of this alluring development.

Should this affair continues to develop, it goes without saying that at later times and as the situation builds up, I will add more and more to this segment. As I said, while on one hand it could be nothing, on the other hand though, this observable development could mean everything I have worked so intensely on.

The question however remains; if the apparatus of reconstruction has been built in the body naturally, could then be possible to coax that natural mechanism to begin its task of re-growing parts? Specifically, and provided this device exists, I'm interested to know if it can re-grow parts involving lost and/or missing extremities due to any reason and/or causes....

I don't know what the process is but, we already know that the liver organ has an astonishing capacity to regenerate and re-grow the size it should be. So, more elaborate or more secretive perhaps, but, why shouldn't there exist more of these mechanisms individually.

And what about if there is perhaps, a master program in the building blocks of a mammalian to where it could send signals to individual parts in need of rebuild? Provided of course, that the targeted area has been induced to activate by helpers, such as the specialized properties of a botanical? Of course, there is peripheral (unrelated) monumental danger to this scenario.... Those damn Plutocrats; their signature is everywhere; but I would not theorize on that aspect at this time.


It is now day-time, February the 25th of 2012, and as promised last night here I am once again. As I was saying, at the moment I may be witness to the early stage processes involving the restoration (the re-growth) of a missing leg. I was told that the leg of interest in this case had been lost a year or so ago due to an accident.

5 days after I began to apply (administer) the edible synthesis in relation to the regeneration (re-growth) action and processes; I have observed the development of a pouch-like formation. That observation was made on February the 9th, 2012. Though slight in the beginning, nevertheless, this change was rather evident but as time progressed it became a tad larger and subsequently more and more apparent. Within two weeks the pouch really grew in size and reached about the dimensions and shape of a hen's egg.

In my estimation, highly unlikely that this small bag is a fat formation, it is too jelly-like for that.... Additionally, if it involved fat, it is not possible to have grown so abruptly and be the size that it is in such a short time.... Moreover, the formation and overall configuration of this odd pouch surely has nothing to do with external factors that could result in blisters, abscesses and such.

In the beginning and up to a certain point, the pouch-like formation was very soft and had the texture such as like when one touches a waggling balloon filled in water. Although I refrain from touching it unnecessarily, nevertheless, I was and still am careful not to squash it when touching it the rare times that I do. Also, without giving explanations why, I have left instructions with the other two not to touch it. Hope they are respecting my instructions.


Both to my astonishment and profuse delight, as of late (now) I have noticed that the development (the pouch) has hardened somewhat but only at its base and where the bone ends or begins, for that matter. As pointed out above here, I avoid doing forceful inspection. So, I'm going to let the situation be and by just observing, eventually I will be able to see how things are going to turn out.

While it is rather difficult to predict subsequent developments and/or remain detached from the situation in this case, nonetheless, to the best of my knowledge and to the best of my objectivity, I have constructed the closest possible hypothesis.... Of course, I'm referring to the development involving this promising pouch. It goes without saying that I could be mistaken and/or misled. However, my impression of this noticeable pouch is that its creation has been naturally induced by its host for a special purpose.

In other words, my impression is that in perfect synchronization and balance, it, the pouch, in this case by way of naturally-occurring processes has been constructed with all the protective and functioning components suitable for a nursery-like environment.... A nursery, if you will, very similar to the amniotic sac and placenta-like settings suitable for something to nourish, develop and grow. Concurrently, and once again by way of naturally occurring processes, it looks like as if this lovely pouch has been filled with highly nurturing substances....

More to the point, from the looks of it, everything suggests that this pouch has been filled with an assembly of precious ingredients.... The pouch may have been filled with every one of the most essential and surely most suitable (applicable for nursing) ingredients similar or analogous in composition to those found in the amniotic fluid of an expectant mammalian.... It all makes sense to me....

The pouch of my subject matter in this case, could be inundated with electrolytes. Likewise, in addition to the electrolytes, this appealing pouch may have been naturally enriched with the entire spectrum of amino acids.....

By way of a naturally-induced course of action and due to the triggering of natural mechanisms (the activation of dormant devices), lots of marvellous things could be happening in that pouch; hopefully, all in association with growth and renewal.... Indeed, a great deal of promising things may be occurring in that pouch. Wow, it would be grand if these natural systems have been enticed to set themselves in motion by the administered solution in direct connection to this rich green-treasure, i.e., in connection with the exploration study involving Case File 22-CMA.

Although this pouch's configuration may seem to represent a complex undertaking, for nature's meticulous scientific system, though, this undertaking may not be complex at all, albeit elaborate. In accordance with my observations and despite of all of its vulnerabilities, whatever may be taking place in this little pouch (if any interesting activity) it may actually be straightforward. In other words, albeit difficult for the human intelligence to grasp onto due to its slowness and delayed perception of things; this activity actually may have to do with a naturally-occurring and orderly process not in the least complex.... I am humbled.... If additional phases manifest, I'll be sure to apprise you.....

I surely do not wish to dampen down matters especially when I don't have anything conclusive to report at this time in terms of a successful outcome, nonetheless, I am obligated to acknowledge all central aspects in association with the regeneration theme in this case. This is to say that, as beautiful and as divine the Regeneration File may be in this instance, although nothing of concrete substance yet, still, I am perturbed by something.... As alluded to above here, in the event things work out favourably, there is a potential hitch (an unwelcomed accompanying surprise) attached to the regeneration affair in this case.

Under different circumstances (a great deal different, in fact) this potential hitch would have been an awesomely awesome and much-welcomed surprise. However, I suppose the old and wise adage which says that even the most exquisite of roses are accompanied by thorns is applicable here, however theoretical this unwanted surprise may be at this point in time. So, as such, I have decided to ignore this potential hindrance for now; instead, I most certainly will concentrate on the more important and hopefully much-celebrated facet of this Case File.... This is to say, that neither I have forgotten nor ignore what you have imprinted in me earlier on. And while just a hypothesis at this point; indeed, "every action or inaction has a consequence."

Be that as it may, if nothing substantial materializes out of this demanding project, at least I would have given it my utmost best, albeit for nothing, but, as I said, nowhere does it suggest that I will not venture to explore other potential pathways in direct relation to the Regeneration File.

Lastly (for now), while I was ready to commence work on this project last September of 2011, I however only engaged myself with this segment of this assignment on the 3rd day of February, 2012. My reason for the postponement was because I was petrified of its potential for failure and/or of any potential blunders on my part. As a matter of fact, the thought of a blunder potentiality gave me worrisome dreams. Professor, if something comes out of this study, the possibilities in the form of supreme benefits of the emotional and of the physical/corporeal kinds are endless.....

* * *

Professor, kindly convey to Agent A my endless and resolute gratitude. He is responsible for putting all the pieces together for me. I just execute, about, or just a tad more than about.... In retrospect, in the interest of this project, on his angle of the equation, it is evident that Agent A has worked intensely and tirelessly all along. I do not know how Agent A accomplishes all that he does; I do however recognize that he is an especially proficient and incomparable planner. Similarly, he is someone decidedly meticulous and an individual where nothing escapes his attention.

For those such as myself who don't believe that coincidences exist and if ever, they occur rarely, it is worth pointing out here the following: While I was away on my field research adventure in BC back in the summer of 2010 and while I was hard at work with the study of regeneration, it seems that I was not the only one hard at work with this persuasive and immensely demanding study. Coincidence? Hardly, I would say.

Anyways, back in the summer of 2010, while I was away on field exploration, simultaneously and unbeknownst to me at the time, thousands of miles away from British Columbia's intertidal zones of natural splendour, a number of other things (matters) were happening. All of these other matters were closely associated with the Regeneration File.

And sure enough, later on, one by one and in perfect order, these happenings were going to be of paramount necessity; obviously, in direct association with the regeneration study. As it turned out, very much so, each and every one of these other occurrences (happenings) played their role in perfect synchronization and all in the interest of the Regeneration File.

I must also say that not everything was roses for me. A particular scenario which seemed to have appeared out of the blue and which was to be of dominant importance to the regeneration study was not particularly pleasing to me. At least, not at the time it had occurred. And if truth is to be told, I then have to say that not only was this unwanted incident an irritant, it was actually a punishing thorn in my rib. However, at the time the thorny irritant had showed up, there was not a chance in this whole entire world that I could have identified it for what it was. Absolutely not, I couldn't possibly have identified back then that at a later time, this irritant was to play a massive role in association with the regeneration study. Nor did I at the time the anomaly had occurred, had an intuitive sense of the anomaly's importance.


And so it was. While I was both spiritually and emotionally enchanted with my Handsome the handsome, and while I had uncontained and intense fun of the purest kind with my 'Handsome' right in British Columbia's alluring and magnetic seashores; in chorus, other things were gathering at the same time. These other items were coming together beautifully and of course, all were intimately associated with my 2010 regeneration study that I had conducted by the most animated Intertidal Zones on this electrifying Earth.

No doubt about it, these auxiliary and much necessary other happenings were taking place behind my back. In other words, while I was away on field exploration in the summer of 2010, for the advancement of the regeneration study, other things were forming thousands of kilometers away. I just didn't know anything about them at the time.... In retrospect though, I must stipulate that the thorny scenario I had a problem with initially was a prerequisite step for the current phase of this project's study.

It could be coincidence, but point is; simultaneous to the BC study and in direct relation to the BC study, step by step other happenings were taking place in great coordination. Curiously, all of these incidences were gathering in precise progression. Without their precise and orderly arrangement, I couldn't possibly have been afforded the platform where I find myself at this very moment, i.e., I would not have been witness to the development of the mysterious and promising little pouch that I have been today.

Someday I will tell you in detail what had occurred to irritate me so intensely and what the irritant was. For now though, I must refrain from doing so. Hope you appreciate the obvious reasons for my temporary reluctance.

* *

Tuesday, 5:00 PM, February the 28th, 2012, after putting the ingredients (all edible and natural – green food combination) together and while I was waiting for the solution to interact, take effect and consolidate something extraordinarily hopeful took place.... I was seated on the sofa and just when I was ready to scribble a couple of things of interest in my notebook, on her own initiative, she jumped on the sofa next to my being and affectionately placed her exquisite head on my lap.

From my eyes' vantage point I had an unobstructed and full view of her missing leg without having to follow her around. Ohh, my dearest Professor, what occurred next was such where it seemed as if my soul had exited my organism and in utter joy began to fly in delicate and wavy dancing movements in the open space before me.... Really, for a couple of moments, my soul had abandoned me and in celebration went about just like a butterfly will do when over a meadow filled with wild plants in superb foliage and tantalizing blooms. That's how lovely and thrilling, yet composed it felt during and immediately after the unexpected occurrence.

While attentively looking, I observed an intense and unmistakable activity (movement) in the pouch. In intervals of 20 or so seconds, this vigorous bustle repeated itself 5 times. Whatever was happening in there, surely was animated but not in a rebellious manner. It appeared that the commotion in the pouch was operating all on its own. The closest known movement, but not quite, that I can associate this motion with would be a strong localized twitch-like movement, and in this case it only involved the location of the pouch without in the least involving the rest of her calm and perfectly functioning being.

As you can imagine, Professor, I wanted to go out and in celebration announce what I was being witness to.... That action, however, would have been unwise and way too premature at this time.... Absolutely, it was much, too early for such an announcement, however lovely of loveliest its implications.

The other odd observation about this is that she loves to chew on this green jewel. While Bauxite is indifferent to it, still, there must be something very special to this plant because baby Alumina too chews on it and she seeks it out like a bee is attracted to clover blossoms. In fact, Alumina has chews so much on it and to the point on this plant (I only had one), where it has dried out. But I don't mind at all because I have already completed the step that I needed to complete. To ascertain it efficacy (usefulness) or lack thereof, willing others have to take it farther; I just have to find them.

In any event, whatever it was that was taking place in the little pouch which by this time had grown to the size of a hen's large egg, it surely was enough to momentarily disengage me from the disquieting reality the reptilians have fashioned on this Earth since their invasion of this Planet, no doubt. Immediately after observing the encouraged activity in the pouch, somewhat involuntarily, actually, for a prolonged brief moment, my mind traversed to nothing but lovely realms.

These were realms where inspiring things, ethical ingenuity and marvellous activity took place unceasingly.... These were also spheres where beautiful, as in kind and as in inspirational and motivating and exciting and encouraging and advancing and appealing human-beings are encountered with all their weird little harmless imperfections, and little eccentricities that accompany them.

The thought of a kind and humanized and cultivated world was splendid while it lasted.... However, bearing in mind the overall picture i.e., the contaminated piles of anthropomorphic waste out there, the beautiful realm of my mind's momentary materialization was not reality.

With this despondent realization in mind, for a terse moment I questioned whether all the marvellous work, innovations, victories and inspiring accomplishments however small or grand of those before the ones that exist at this moment in time (of those alive today), were to go to waste? Fact is, the grand takers from the Corporate and Political milieus are getting heavier, greedier, cockier, and more unresponsive to the needs of this world. These mammoth takers and insatiable groups of hoarders have become more potent. And yes, while they are loaded up to their eyebrows with nuclear weapons, and while a small minority of them, these concentrated and consolidate swarms have become ever more restless.


On March 6th, 2012, to my utmost delight something else occurred in close association with the Regeneration File on that day. Entirely unexpectedly, I got to get something that was denied to me previously. And although in and of itself, this latest piece of development is not the deciding factor, it surely will make the task of my observations and a bunch of other things easier though.... In the overall scheme of things, everything helps.

With near certainty, I will actually say that either Agent A or Agent Aundria are behind the latest development as well. I'm leaning more towards Agent A, though. In kind, Professor, do convey to both these brilliant and hard-working Agents my unending appreciation.... They make for an inspiring team.

* * *

In the future, I very much hope that I will have more promising data to add to this segment of this Page. If this project (Case File) works out as I have envisioned it to work, I want everyone to know about this superb breakthrough. In my soul, the list of potential beneficiaries includes even the most miserable and dirtiest of primary Reptilians (aka, the most miserable and dirtiest of foremost elites) wherever these may reside on this magnetic and rotating Oasis in space.


Although far from being even semi-conclusive, even so, can you envision, Professor, the agreeable impact should this project end up being a success!! No doubt it will be lovely and heavenly at once!!

Can one imagine that a combination (the right combination) comprised primarily of superb botanical creations and every bit edible and vastly nutritious too, from A to Z in fact, can have so much power!! How excellent; how amazing that this Earth's supreme green creations but especially Healer Plants, can have such an insightful and profound an outcome in the lives of other species!!!!! In multiple and various ways, plants are the foundation on this Earth; without them, very little would have been. Of course, in terms of organization, the chlorophyll in plants is equivalent to the blood system in animals and to this Earth's waterways and water currents.

What a rich place this Earth is!!! Absolutely, in addition to being an unparalleled scientist, nature is indeed extraordinarily influential, orderly and inspiring, yet humble and least complex at the same time. Too bad the others are not impressed with this stylish Earth's ingenuity.

Absolutely, and most regrettably, there are those (the devious and the meddling) who view nature's brilliant faculty and clever competence as being primitive and unimpressive. Personally, I have come across several of these organisms.... To each his or her own, I suppose.... Please know that I am not judgemental, Professor; I am just curious about their innate condition; that is all, really.....

For now, this is the situation Professor.... Upon closer inspection of this File's unfoldings, instinctively, I have a nagging suspicion that the amalgamation's current format is imperfect. While not entirely sure, nonetheless, I suspect that at this stage it might be that the solution is missing a necessary component for the project's further evolution.

However, I do not believe that anything has gone astray with the formula per se; I am probably missing just one of this nurturing Earth's Healing gifts to its tenants.... What I am short of could be something central in scope; or it could be auxiliary in its role; nevertheless indispensable.

I would hate to abandon this compelling File thinking I was on the wrong path all along, while it may not be the case at all. This is something quite nagging actually.... Such a scenario has been a quite a nightmare for me. Be that as it may, it is my obligation to pursue what I have before me a little longer, I think.... Worst case scenario, and provided the task is doable to its finish, I will have to start all over from the beginning.... And although a daunting task, that is all, really..... Point being, before I seek the input of others (If I can find them), I need to have something more concrete. As such, an additional field expedition to landscapes where Sea Stars reside is a requisite.

In addition,, should I be right in my inkling, I hope the missing item is within my reach; naturally of course, first I have to identify it.

All on my own, identifying the supplementary ingredient that I may need for this File's progression will be virtually impossible; it actually will be impossible. There are thousands of plants in my periphery out there, how am I supposed to sift out the right one for this purpose...? And that's only the first hurdle to overcome, albeit a major step. Moreover, what if the secondary botanical (or botanicals, as in plural) I need is not indigenous to my part of the world?


By the way, Professor, as I am writing this little portion, all over the information transmission outlets around the Globe they are talking about horse meat-eating.... How grisly; just by listening, I have been overcome by severe nausea. Literally, the breed is consuming everything (big and small) that moves on this miraculous Earth—even something as gracious as a horse is not spared.

That's not all: Over dinner last night, I had the misfortune of listening to someone (a friend of the kid, of all people, a civilian) bragging about the fact that he had just received some sort of gun licence. And even though I politely hinted that I was not interested in listening to his disgusting subject matter, he wouldn't refrain from expressing his exuberance about his violent possessions.... Apparently (from what he said), he is already the owner of several firearms. That's how twisted, disconnected and violent the gun society's culture is.

Lord, this class of 'people' (the gun society) cannot possibly be Earthly. Plain and simple, the other breed's constituents are innate killers and they kill for fun—factually. Now I have to have a serious talk with the kid on the matter.... I was shocked; really shocked to see that the kid had befriended someone of such low and primordial calibre.... I don't know why this person would have the need to be in possession of some things as violent as guns.... This after all wasn't about an individual in a profession involving security matters, such as police enforcement, for example, where they need to have guns.

To make matters worse for me, this gun enthusiast was a highly-educated someone.... This is a matter very much indicative that the other breed has no boundaries.... The other breed's members are spread out and throughout this Earth's landscapes pretty much evenly, irrespective of socioeconomic, racial, gender, or academic backgrounds—it is all in genetics.....

I must admit that while I was in the mode of observing the gun-lover individual before me, for a miniscule moment, my mind meandered to places I didn't wish it to go.... There I was working so hard in an environment filled with formidable obstacles, and should this project prove to be a triumphant one, this sort of contaminated debris (the other breed) stands to benefit as well.... And although I have no qualms whatsoever with them benefiting, on occasion, though, they get to me. I'm actually perturbed by this, because this File is too lovely (and however theoretical at this time) to allow them to get to me when I put them together.

Yes, discrimination has no place in my world, but, what if, I wonder, after manipulation, the formula has the potential to be in the plutocrats' (the elite takers) interest in a big way? Absolutely, something of this nature would have been at the expense of all others on this riveting Earth.

While my mind was preoccupied with this topic's less appealing themes, but only for a transient moment and only in supposition, something else popped in mind. While I was listening to the gun lover, the little matter regarding the issue of "Species Differentiation Identification" (SDI or simply DI) or something analogous, prominently came to mind.... Without a doubt, the geneticists of the not-so-distant future will have overpowering and intense issues on their plate to deal with.....

At any rate, as soon as that anomalous guest had left, I needed to decontaminate my immediate environment.... Nearly the entire evening and even beyond bed-time I listened to Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor. Listening to it, it was beyond agreeable; it transported my being to the storage of my mind's earliest memories and specifically to the circumstances and place where I had first heard this superb piece of creation. Although not quite clear with regards to the details of this experience, in all probability it must have been during an important event in which this Heavenly composition was permanently imprinted in my being's organization.

If memory serves me well, I wasn't quite 5 years old yet, but at any rate, it had to be while on a Time Travel or Remote Viewing adventure (if such things exist) when I was first introduced to this masterpiece. On that first occasion and while I listened to its evocative resonance, this marvellous and awe-inspiring composition, seemed as if it had transcended me to places beyond the sky of nothing but loveliness.

Second to or parallel to Beethoven's Violin Concerto, unquestionably, for me, this is one of the most arresting classical pieces of music. From the very first time I had listened to it, this supreme composition had left me with a lasting impression so inspirational that there are no words to describe it. It has the same effect on me every time I happen to hear it. While acoustically not quite Earthly, nonetheless, in the grander scheme of things (in the broader Cosmos), no doubt it serves as a persuasive delegate of this gripping Earth's rhythms and spirit. It would be preposterous to think that this Earth is not connected to other Cosmic dimensions.


Obviously, this project is in its theoretical stages, so, the possibility of never advancing beyond this stage is there. Everything has to be considered, this project may not be doable, at all. Fact is, for the past two hundred years others have pursued this project; this is not a new study, just the approach is different. As is, no one yet has even begun to decode the secret to Regeneration and the reason might be no other, other than because this project may not be doable at all.

However, I have to think quite in advance. As pointed, at some point and of course, after additional field study, I may have to take this project to other places. I have a couple of them in mind in which I stand to have less chance of rejection. I have already tried Cuba, but I got nowhere there.

* * * *

And yes, I have come full circle; I concur, without prompt genetic identification (human breed classification) of a different kind, plutocracy's status quo would have remained unchallenged. However, even if such identification was possible, I'm also of the opinion that it is much too late for that. This should have been considered concurrently to the time they were in the design stages of the first nuclear bomb.

It could be environmental too, however and most regrettably, the plutocratic sectors have become not only bolder and more arrogant, but greatly indifferent to the world around them. They have also become greater hoarders. Their insatiability is out of control; they are in a race who amongst the will seize most. As is, they have seized nearly everything. The probability of turning on each other is not only high, it is reasonable to assume that it is assured.

And once again, according to the field work of those in the know, an sudden Global Economic Collapse was impending. As such, not only the suffering would have been propagated faster and more widely than it has since the 2008 economic arrest, but, this time around, it would have been different. In no time at all, most, if not nearly all of this brilliant and life-sustaining Earth's landscapes would have been rendered uninhabitable. Considering that an asteroid and especially a meteor shower hitting the Earth is highly improbable, so then, there is only one other factor capable of rendering this Earth uninhabitable—Thermonuclear War—it is one finger-click away.

As is, the nuclear arms holders have grown exceedingly fidgety; they are actually on edge. Plus, out of thin air and in an instant they can fabricate and stage geopolitical and geostrategic dramas and traumas. As per the current prevailing conditions (economic and geopolitical stresses), it is not difficult to assume that something will erupt. Additionally, by simply having put scenarios in place that are based on realities, many experts in Global affairs from around the Globe are warning that from behind the scenes the Global economic collapse has already been put in motion.

In all-all-all probability, sub-humanity's mega-raiders will use one of their fabricated ploys as an excuse to assault, terrorize and torment this Earth's world. We can only imagine the horror if the world had been hit concurrently with both economic and warfare traumas. However, it wouldn't be any better if this Earth's world had been assaulted with just economic or just strategic punishment....

Traditionally, these two (economic collapse – war) have trailed each other. So, we are being warned by those who have study affairs of this nature that in addition to the immediate trauma, the outcome of such horrific event (the economic and war twin event) will be accompanied with wide and far-reaching consequences—its finale will be indiscriminate.

There however, is a miniscule window of opportunity to avert the design of the human-looking war-makers' and arms-profiteers'; jointly, the design of the primitive predators.... Collectively and before too late, the human citizen from every one of this Globe's corners could easily stop this Earth's mega-subjugators in their tracks.

As is, overwhelmingly, a plethora of evidence suggests that the prevailing Globalists are ready to put their ugly scheme they are engaged in to work full time. The intent is to push great numbers of additional people to insolvency.

By just looking at the economic and environmental conditions around the Planet, common sense then dictates that shortly there will be shortage of every of the essentials. Not necessarily a plutocrat only, nevertheless, unless one was wealthy enough or with water-proof and well-paid employment; for the rest of the Earth's populations food prices alone will be a monumental issue.

Regrettably, but in accordance with those in the know, the 2008 financial crisis was just the appetizer. Economically, the corroding 2008 financial crisis and the cascade of economic stresses that followed, may not have been felt enough for some, or may have been innocuous for some others, but, it is still around. These thoughtful individuals and/or organizations, they say that the 2008 episode is still around and actually active in many of the Globe's jurisdictions. While quite unseen by many (by the well-fed), instead of subsiding, its build-up is progressing. When ready, it will introduce itself, it its ugly face will be seen by everyone. Its heavy and thunderous boots will be felt globally. No escaping it, the misery will be Globe-wide—it will be immense....

Once again, I'm only the writer here. Although nothing secret about this theoretical scenario, in fact it is written everywhere; still, keeping this data all to myself would have been unconscionable. I also know that this material falls under the conspiracy theories column that are floating out there. Well, I cannot do anything about it; it is fine with me—so be it.

* * * * *

PS: March 9, 2013. Dearest Professor, unexpectedly, at dawn today while on a superb excursion I found my being at an astonishingly marvelous location. While there, for a brief moment I was introduced to something so divine and so surprising that upon laying my eyes on it, momentarily it took my breath away, in joy.... This most certainly has been a pristine and defining moment for me and one I longed for, for quite some time.... How splendid; wow, and while still theoretical, after all, I might be on the right path; it seems.

I'm beyond thrilled, Professor... and while not necessarily effortless, my search's navigation stands the chance to be straightforward.

Once more, please convey my unending gratitude to Agent A. His coordination of things and superlative imagination never ceases to amaze me—humble I remain.....

Absolutely, I will pursue the Regeneration File for a while longer—I promise.


In Attendance


While in the summer of 2010 I was away on field research on the "Regeneration File" in British Columbia, one morning I was on my way to the Capilano Pacific Trail.... And right when I was about to cross the Capilano Road just before the bridge by the Cleveland (dam) water reservoir, by coincidence I came upon a very special funeral.

As I had begun to cross the road I heard the desperate cries of a group of crow birds. This reverberation was not any of their natural sounds I was familiar with.

Instantaneously, their eerie cries caught my attention and I brought myself farther up the road to where the group of birds had gathered together. Right where the community of crows had perched on the tree branches by the side of the road, in the middle of the two-way road laid a baby/young crow.

The ill-fated baby bird had just been hit by a moving car, most likely. And although still warm and flexible, by the time I had reached its location and by the time I had found myself knelt by its side, the little feathered baby had already left this Earth, nonetheless.

Automatically and without any reservations, I picked up the bird's little lifeless body and I transferred it to the side of the road to where an open space existed and I placed the unfortunate youngster at the base of a tree.... Immediately then I moved much farther away, to a higher elevation, and sat there at the base of another tree. From here I had an unobstructed view of the location where I had placed the baby bird.

From there, my thoughts had for a short moment traversed somewhere far away, yet to someone so close and to someone dear; this was a feathered baby named "Messenger."

What occurred next will surely follow me for the rest of my journey on this amazing Earth and possibly beyond.... From my location higher up, I observed the congregation of birds to ceremoniously have moved to the trees closer to where I had placed the deceased member of their family.

And while quite in the distance, from my place, I could sense their intense sorrow as they mourned the loss of their youngster. For a long while I could hear them as they in low key vocalized in sobbing and whisper-like sounds.

As I witnessed the birds' touching bearing from afar, for an instant it felt like as if the entity of my soul had left me and had joined in the grieving process of the congregation. Then, without a hint that the assembly of birds would do what they did; what took place next is an occurrence that cannot possibly be erased from my memory, irrespective of the passage of time.

The birds' comportment was a move so deliberate and so touching that every time I think of it, instantaneously it transports my being to realms so superb, yet so sad at the same time. It was an affair that has left me with an even more profound sense of the indelible togetherness and of the connecting influences that abound on this magical Earth, and in the greater Cosmos out there, no doubt.

In orchestrated arrangement, each and every one of the birds in that flock, about twenty-five or so of them, left their perching place and flew to a higher ground just a touch higher up the hill from where I was sitting. From there, in absolute silence and gentle slow flying movements the entire assembly kind of glided over me and beside my immediate location. Their intended action was both heartrending and inspirational at the same time.

The birds' extraordinary maneuver was a complete surprise to me. During the whole time after I had moved pretty far away from their location, I had thought that they were not aware of my presence, precisely because my position was quite in the distance from where they were. Of course I couldn't have been any more wrong; indeed, all along they were aware that I was in attendance.

After their sentient salutation to my being, the assembly of birds flew back to where their loved one was situated and in silence perched close together on the trees closest to where the motionless toddler crow bird rested.

{This small chapter [“In Attendance”] belongs to the book titled

"Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration"}

About the Daisy Institute


The Daisy Institute is a highly conscientious Environmental and innovative field research institution. This Organization and its officers are devoted to the exploration and to the identification of non-toxic (edible) Healer Plants with superior therapeutic properties. Although surprisingly powerful and safe, nonetheless, for eons these Healer Plants have escaped the attention of other field researchers in comparable fields.

Under the careful guidance of its Parent Organization, thus far the Daisy Institute has assembled together an impressive amount of unsurpassed data regarding Healer Plants. This superb data has been formulated into a number of Healer Files.

These natural treasures -- these Healer Plants can be easily used against a number of serious and non-serious ailments. As a rule, a disease or other health anomaly is paired with a corresponding Healer Plant. Sometimes a Healer Plant can be good for more than one health anomaly.

Strictly for the purpose of fabulous, practical, wonderful, attainable and first-rate solutions in the areas of wellness, the Daisy Institute has been afforded unparalleled and commanding knowledge, yet, both simple and humble.

Apparently, since antiquity, specially-tailored Files and especially Healer Files have been created by an extraordinary Agency.... I just so happened to come across it. In addition to its own field research work, under special circumstances and under particular arrangements, on occasion, the Daisy Institute is able to formulate Healer Files and/or advance existing Files based on the data of this commanding Agency.

Example: Normally I would pair one ailment and/or health anomaly with its corresponding Healer Plant, but, on occasion a healer plant can be applicable to more than one health anomaly. This is particularly true with Healer File 2-A which is applicable to and good for heart anomalies.... However, had it not been for the generosity of the superb Agency, I'm familiar with, I would never have come to know all on my own that the Healer Plant that constitutes Healer File 2-A is also excellent for leukemia, bone-marrow cancers and cancers in general.

It goes without saying that I do not for a minute suggest that it works and/or it could be helpful in all circumstances. In fact, it may not be helpful at all for most. And obviously, I do not advocate that others should consider it. I'm only putting in writing what I have come across.

* * *

My research work and especially my field research ventures demand that I work diligently and tirelessly and basically without respite while on my adventure on this gripping Earth.... Nonetheless, in my capacity and in more ways than one, I serve as a liaison (a messenger, kind of) between this commanding Agency and the little Daisy Institute.

Once again, for those who suggest that we are alone in this expansive space where galaxies and parallel systems nearby and afar go about, in my view they couldn't possibly be more mistaken; however, to each his own.

Although inconspicuous, still, the relationship between this supremely superb Agency and the Daisy Institute thus far has been particularly inspirational, riveting and motivating and is being sheathed in trust of indescribable nature.

The Daisy Institute's Healer Files by no means are restricted to human causes alone. Nor have all Files been formulated exclusively in the interest of the human-kind species -- far from it.... For instance, and while by definition the Energy File might not be considered a Healer File per se, for me it is nothing, but a Healer File. In fact, I consider it to be one of my best and my most preeminent Healer Files, and one of paramount importance.

"The Energy File" is a research File that deals strictly in the interest of this Earth's wellbeing. If ever is to be considered, not only it will halt the balk of pollution generating, but it will facilitate in this Earth's speedy recuperation. Most certainly, it will expedite the healing and cleansing of this withered and polluted Planet.

The fact that humanity and each of this Earth's other life-forms stand to benefit vastly out of this Energy File's knowledge (should this knowledge ever be adopted), I see it as a fabulous bonus. In addition to the obvious benefits, it stands the chance to inspire growth, health and unity. It stands the chance to sponsor a healthy and thriving place for this Earth's tenants to go about in freedom while on their adventure on this riveting and generous Planet... it is all connected, really.

However, for as long as the current Energy cartels, and as well as the GMO (genetically modified Organisms) crowds, and their facilitators, remain conveniently unconvinced of the massive crimes they are committing on this Planet, this is all academic—what a pity.

* * * * *

In addition to being unwavering supporters of wildlife habitats and passionate supporters of animal rights, the Daisy Institute and its Parent Organization's viewpoint goes even beyond these straightforward perspectives. The tenets of their guiding philosophy regarding the knowledge that constitute the Daisy institute's Healer Files, dictates that it must be shared with others. In fact, the Parent Organization asserts that this extraordinary data while humble, yet so priceless, it is this Earth's inheritance to Her tenants; as such, it insists that it should be available to every person; of all creeds... and all through this magnetic Plant.

While newly discovered, the precious data regarding the discoveries contained in the Daisy Institute's Healer Files are in reality old, eons old.

Our research never-ever engages in animal experimentation. In its area or field exploration and research, the Daisy Institute's objective is and has always been to recognize and come up with effective and decent solutions. Specifically, it endeavours to identify practical solutions that are undemanding, inexpensive and easy to put to work.

But, above all, the discoveries must be ethical, environment friendly and within the reach of the marginalized and neglected populations everywhere and right through this miraculous Oasis in space.

All things considered, with abundant confidence I can assert that in their own unique ways, each and all of the Daisy Institute's Healer Files are interesting and promising; some more than other, of course. The Energy File, however, in addition to being a particular favourite of mine, it is an especially promising and absolutely riveting File. Its data has the capacity to 'fuel' a distinguished and celebratory transformation of the best type, and across the board... it will be liberating.

Provided it is skillfully and thoughtfully invested in, in due course then, the data of the Energy File it has what it takes to revolutionize and to free this world from humanity's toxic fossil shackles. It can be used and put to work for the Healing processes of this withered Earth. Hopefully, this will take place sometime in the not-so-distant future. By doing so, the humans will make way for our little to heal and replenish.



The information throughout the pages of this book and/or website, regarding the Healer Plants' account, is not presented with the intent to offer cures, diagnose diseases, or prescribe medications.

Although I personally eat these Healer Plants and/or make tea (tisane) out of these green treasures, however, I do not imply that others should do the same simply because I eat them and/or I drink tea that is made out of these lovely botanicals. In my case, these plants are part of my diet because I happen to find them tasty, interesting and appetizing.

Simply, this book/website serves as a place where I can deposit my experiences and data about my research findings regarding this riveting Earth's assets in the area of edible Healer Plants. Essentially, this is a place where I express my personal awareness about these nourishing green creations and/or of how I have came to familiarize my being with these superb green Healers.

For anyone who might happen to read the account of the Healer Files (Healer Plants) that is presented in the pages of this book/website, he/she should know that it is not in any way meant to replace the advice or services of physicians, other health professionals, or dietitians.

We do not advocate that anyone abandon his or her current or future medications and/or therapy prescribed by their health professionals in favour of the marvellous plants that I make mention of in my writings. In fact, I make no recommendation of any kind; after all these are just edible (free range - wild) plants that may or may not be agreeable with everyone.

All in all, these rich green creations are presented here as a story because of the intimate relationship I happen to have with them. Simply put, I'm fascinated with their sheer exquisiteness. In fact, I'm enchanted with their awesome power... yet so humble.

In the form of knowledge as I have experienced and studied it, and just something to pass on; it is all merely a gift from this persuasive Earth.

A List (And while unfinished at this time) of Superb Items Straight
from an agreeable and influential Realm...



I recommend that you check this page from time to time. When it is ready, the list will be posted here, courtesy of the Daisy Institute (this is proprietary knowledge/information provided by, and originating from, the Daisy Institute).