The Radiation File
The Radiation File


With absolute reverence and boundless appreciation
for an
Insightful and Unparalleled Professor
and for the Professor's
Brilliant Team.

Also, with unbounded love and profuse respect
for someone
utterly gifted -- littlest Katherine
(my companion on wings) -- the
decisive factor
for the completion and publication of this book.



  • 1. Preamble
  • 2. From the Author
  • Part One (1)
  • 3. High-Priority Stopover
  • 4. Groundwork (basics)
  • 5. Tailpiece to Part One
  • Part Two (2)
  • 6. Building Blocks


This text's unconventional commencement (the "Preamble" and "From the Author" segments) was created entirely in a neutral frame of mind. In fact, the totality of this manuscript (the beginning, Parts One (1) and Two (2)) has been formulated in the spirit of neutrality.

To the best of my ability, both as a field researcher and as a writer/author, I have made all possible efforts to encase this book's contents in nothing but sincerity as I have experienced them, and as I have perceived them to be.

Moreover: This work's unusual beginning has been, or was created in the format that is has been with the intent to afford this book's reader advance notice to distinguish what this book's overall theme is about.


From A to Z, Part Two (2) of this book couldn't possibly be more celebratory, healing, inspirational, restorative and promising. Part Two (2) contains an array of my Field Research Files, amongst them the superlative Healer Files on Regeneration and on Leukemia. Conversely, the account of Part One (1) couldn't possibly be more disquieting and poignant. Part One (1) involves an unforgiving twofold devastation foretold.

And while on the surface, Part One (1) of this book and Part Two (2) are galaxies apart from one another, however, in their own distinct categories the two go in tandem..... The two divisions couldn't possibly be more interrelated. The two parts' powerful linkage, and in particular the commanding File behind their union are both responsible for this book's unconventional configuration.

The Radiation File contains priceless info that is found nowhere else on this riveting Earth. Example: The Regeneration File's pages hold the knowledge that involves the identification of a naturally occurring building block (a superb green creation) with the power to activate the mechanism responsible for the restoration of missing extremities to occur.....

But the Regeneration File is only one Healer File amongst the marvellous assembly of my Healer Files whose magnificent data is deposited in the pages of The Radiation File.

Furthermore: In the earlier stages of my field research and field exploration adventures I was introduced to the Healer File on radiation poisoning by an unparalleled and astute Professor whose knowledge is light years ahead of its time.

The idea behind this introduction was to see if there existed a natural antidote with which to neutralize (to combat) radiation poisoning. However, just past the exploration phase regarding the study of this Healer File (the File on Radiation Poisoning), my access to this File was abruptly terminated. Repeated requests to regain access were denied for a lengthy time, but once again and for a while now I find myself before this persuasive File.

* *

Reality: Earlier I had briefly considered to altogether exclude the Regeneration File from this manuscript. The rationale behind this exclusion was that the knowledge concerning Regeneration belonged to my manuscript titled: "Intertidal Zone" subtitled "Sea Star Regeneration."

Intertidal Zone is a book size composition (a thesis-type work) that I had written sometime ago for the evaluation of an astute Professor.

I wrote, or rather, I have written this paper after conducting intensive field research work on Sea Stars on British Columbia's seashores around Vancouver and peripheries farther in the distance. However, considering the gravity in relation to what the Regeneration Healer File involves, and also bearing in mind where this File's central (key) data arrived from, I have decided to include this persuasive File in this book -- here. In all good conscience, it couldn't have been any other way.

That being said, there are a couple of pressing items that I need to examine especially attentively regarding the Regeneration File's presentation in this book, versus presenting it in the Intertidal Zone. Or perhaps even presenting it in The Radiation File's sequel (second edition, rather -- possibly).

Irrespective of where on this Earth, the idea is for this superb File's knowledge to reach the appropriate people -- as in ethical people versus the predator and thief types.

The Regeneration File was quite a challenging File. While I had made all efforts to expedite the process by which I proceeded with this File's field exploration, still, it took me considerable time. Actually, it took several summers of field research to bring this persuasive File to its conclusion, at least on my side of things.

Likewise, while I have made extraordinary efforts to simplify the utilization of this Healer File, it remains challenging still. Pretty sure there is an easy side to it that I have yet to discover. So, for now, what I have about it will do; as an exception, maybe others (ethical others) can take it from here.

While somewhat a difficult File, nonetheless, the tale behind the Regeneration File is stunning. It involves several landscapes and one in particular quite far away. All together, and despite this File's intricacy, working on this File has been a riveting experience, out of this world -- really.

In short: All considered, in the assembly of my Healer Files, the Regeneration File is an atypical Healer File. All other of my Healer Files are straightforward and utterly easy to utilise. It is very easy to see their work and their results. All in all, it is easy to see what they are capable of. By and large, they work extra speedily..... I marvel in their practicality, in their immediacy and in their efficacy -- truly miraculous. They simplify especially complicated and problematical scenarios. Despite their being in plain view, yet secretive, nonetheless, having been commissioned to unearth their precious secrets, it has been a rare honour for me

From the very start, that's how it has been with my journey on this alluring and scientific Earth. My assignment has been arranged for by a shrewd Professor and it involves piles of secret matter that I had/have to unearth, decipher and bring to the surface.

But for right now, though, I need to find an efficient formula with which to put this book out there, in a way where it will reach readers far and wide across this nurturing Planet. For this time, this book's completion is part of the overall commission. However, this book's pathway has proven to be the most challenging yet for me -- it is ridden with obstacles. This work's publication has to be done correctly.

Electronic publishing would have been the easiest and fastest way, but this publishing format is not for this work; not at this time. Paper publishing is what is expected, but then comes the distribution angle.

Although I love to write and I thrive on creating large essays, publishing in paper book format, however, is a different matter altogether.

In addition, while formulating this book's beginnings and Part One (1), it was imperative that I tolerated their difficult scenes, i.e., it was crucial that I stayed the course. In and of itself this is not an easy task, and especially considering the major items that these divisions entail. But I did it!


Although little exceptions here and there are warranted, I believe, still, overall, this book has been formulated free of discrimination irrespective of one's socioeconomic, academic, religious, age, gender, size, looks or ethnic status, skin colour or geographic locations. Categorically, this book is free of borders. From the onset, that was the whole idea -- it was natural.

Likewise, my indefatigable field research studies cannot distinguish between humanity's various divisions or cultures, i.e., my Healer Files are impervious to borders, walls and/or fences -- in the spirit of freedom, they actually involve two interconnected worlds -- literally.

Absolutely, this book's text is indifferent to all of humanity's political Dogmas, to patriotism and to all tribal (ethnic) divisions. This book's tale is Global; the 'exception' crowds too can familiarize themselves with this book's brilliant and astonishing data if they so need or wish to.

This work's journey is such that in due course the reader (by and large) will be both highly informed and massively rewarded. This book is immersed in astonishing discoveries -- one of a kind data -- precisely.

In a nutshell: The Radiation File serves as a treasure chest..... Amongst other things of overriding importance, this book is vastly enriched with particularly precious matter (data).

* *

Notice: As shown throughout this book's text, I have decided to leave all of this book's punctuation marks alone, i.e., as they appear in this text. They are more suitable for an e-reading format, but here as well, they will do. Reason: I have tried to sort them out as per their proper grammatical rules for paper book formatting, or at least harmonize them, but my computer doesn't allow it for some reason, or else I am inept at this.

So, in the name of practicality and above all due to time constraints, I am leaving all punctuation marks as they appear, despite the fact that I am a 'thrall' of detail and perfection..... So, kindly pardon this work's flaws and instead enrich yourself (the reader) with its account's astonishing subject matter and especially enrich yourself with its superb data.

In addition: Since this project involves a rather lengthy document (an account of superseding importance), deliberately I have left a tad extra space between paragraphs -- it makes for easier reading.


Special_Notice: As mentioned, this book contains the knowledge of a superb assembly of Healer Files. For the obvious reasons, one of these Healer Files involves the File on Environment-Friendly-Energy. I had concluded the Fuel File some time ago, but there were some loose ends to it, and specifically regarding its adaptation, but the adaptation scenario was only one part of its overall tale, albeit a large one. In other words, considering that the current energy lords are investing heavily in their fossil fuels and nuclear energies for 30-40-50-60 years into the future, my File on the Environment Friendly-Energy stood no chance of ever being adopted; not as long as this Planet's insatiable energy barons had free reign to dismantle this Planet's foundational pillars and its marvellous external systems.

Obviously, these are systems for keeping this rare jewel (our Earth) viable and conducive to life as we know it on this superb Oasis in space.

In brief: My Healer File on smart, clean and sane and safe and efficacious Energy has two basic components. This File was intended to help this riveting Earth to recuperate and eventually to heal. But wait, as time progressed after I had finished the File, startling new (to me) matter materialised itself in relation to the Fuel File. But I will get to it.

Originally, I wasn't entirely off; nonetheless, early on I had thought that one of the Energy File's two key components being the Bauxite Rock (bauxite rock being the chief ore for alumina -- aluminium), and I had kept this belief for a while, and to some extent I still do, because alumina is the key ingredient for the energy from the future. But there was a problem with the current methods of extracting alumina from Bauxite, i.e., the method used currently was polluting majorly.

At any rate, towards the end of the summer (2018), I was informed by Agent A of something ultra-different in association with the works of friendly energy. But at this time there was more; much more to A's message in close relation to a bunch of other things that in scope are such, that up to this time they were unreachable, even in my wildest of imaginings. In retrospect, this knowledge was there all along for me to decode, but due to ignorance it was beyond my intellect to frame it together.

In any event, the additional knowledge enabled me to rethink and re-evaluate the Bauxite factor. It isn't the bauxite basic material that would be utilized for the energy from the future per se; rather, it is the rock-forming mineral Anorthite (the Anorthosite Rock).

Loose definition: Anorthite is a rare Rock-forming mineral on this Earth, but it is plentiful on another celestial body in the neighborhood of this Earth (our Earth). The rich-Anorthite celestial Orb is very much an enchanting part of this Earth's Solar System.

But there is more to the Anorthite tale; a great deal more, that under conventional thinking is unfathomable both in shape and scope........

The rich-Anorthite celestial Orb is to play a pivotal role immediately after humanity's mad and insatiable Chiefs (the elite Plutocratic Masters) have unleashed the Nuclear Holocaust.

STAY TUNED. I do not make up matter; I just convey pertinent matter as I know it.

Hint: The order of planets and stars in our Solar System is slated to be refurbished. In accordance with those in the know, this event is to take place not in millions of years from now; it is closer; way - way closer. The Global scientists for Global warming might have an idea how closer, but they are not quite familiar with what the scene entails.

On occasion, in this book's narrative, I go back and forth in time without losing its theme's connectivity or order.


To be continued.....

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