The Radiation File

Missing Jet MH370

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The Radiation File


With absolute reverence and boundless appreciation
for an
Insightful and Unparalleled Professor
and a
Brilliant Team.

Also, with unbounded love and profuse respect
for someone
utterly gifted -- littlest Katherine
(my companion on wings) -- the
decisive factor
for the completion of this book.



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From the Author



In tandem with this book's theme in relation to the impending Global economic and financial meltdown, and about this inauspicious event's twin incident, when I begun to write the manuscript on ["The Radiation File"] its subtitle was "Global Liberation at a Heavy Price." As I advanced however, I opted to go with its current subtitle.

{{A terse glance into events concerning the impending twofold incident: The controlling elites' (financial, geo-economic and geopolitical cartels) scheme and crave to establish one Global Plutocratic Government.

To feed their sick cravings for Global dominance, the controlling elites intend to shock this riveting Earth's world to its foundation by surprise. First they will cause the meltdown of all financial systems across this Globe at unprecedented speed. Then, while pandemonium had blanketed everywhere, and while everyone is afraid and disoriented, the controlling elites will deliver the unthinkable. They will assault with nuclear weapons a preselected number of cities with dense populations from around the Globe.

Under the Plutocratic Dogma, plutocracy's constituents (roughly 22% of the human total) will be catered to sumptuously. The rest of the Globe's human citizens will be reduced to slaves -- literally.

The twofold event is imminent; the controlling elites will assault with unprecedented ferocity. The controlling elites' twofold incident is devoid of even traces of the human ingredient.

After the elites unleash their twofold event, the scene will be such that it will leave an indelible and everlasting poignant mark in the world of all those that will experience this event, but who somehow have managed to navigate through. Requisite for survivability, the taxing times that will ensue immediately after the double assault will require extraordinary mental and physical fortitude.

The 2008 thievery whereby massive amounts of wealth were transferred from the working classes and into the pockets of the very wealthy was just a warm-up and step one out of three steps of the controlling elites' Mega-Plan currently in action. Step two was the obliteration of the oil prices of 2015 or about that time, whereby individuals, families and communities and entire Nations that depended on the oil industry's robust activity have been brought to their knees.

Under the "too big to fail" logo, during the 2008 thievery and afterwards, the monetary elites' crony Governments in power had money for the banking cartels despite the fact that these thieves were responsible for the 2008 mega theft (aka credit crisis), but they had no money for the hard working citizens. To this day in fact, in many parts of the world, the citizens are still paying via austerity measures that had been instituted to pay for the banking cartels' activity of global theft.

Since the 2008 - 2009 massive robbery they have stimulated the leading Stock Markets with phony (artificial) stock market valuations at absurd heights where in effect at ground level the world's economies are withering. Example: unemployment is staggeringly high for the world's youth of working age. Likewise, for the standard working force, wages have been reduced to levels that do not support the cost of living even at rudimentary levels. And yes, of course, simultaneously, the existance of plutocracy and pockets of the upper middle classes exist sumptuously while everyone else is struggling economically. What can go wrong with these scenes...?

Example: As I write this, I had to visit the dentist to replace an old cavity. It was a large cavity. He suggested solidifying the tooth with ceramic material he works with because if he had only replaced the cavity it stood the chance for the tooth to fracture. Granted, the dentist did a beautiful job, but it cost me $1300 CDN. The job involved no root canal therapy or bridge or implant or any other support; just one plain cavity involving a single tooth.

This little incident is to demonstrate that yes indeed the upper middle classes are doing well as well, but these populations do not represent the overwhelming majority of the middle classes. As for the poor, oh well, these are the forgotten. Via this incident i.e. as I came out of the expensive dental clinic I came to realize why I see people with missing teeth. In silence, I was flabbergasted with the dentist's price and to the point that this little episode planted the idea in me that it was time I open a Healer File on re-growing teeth. If it exists, if possible, I will discover it. I may have to traverse far, but I will endeavour to unearth such superb knowledge.

I shall begin the process by investigating the Healer File that I already have on Regeneration. Logic is, if missing extremities in vertebrates can re-grow, why not teeth as well? Worth investigating, I believe. To save time and altogether skip several preliminary steps in this field study the input of an unparalleled researcher I know of will come in very handy. If anything, see what this unequalled researcher has to say on the issue of re-growing teeth; if anyone has adequate knowledge to know anything about teeth regeneration, this than is the individual. Although uncertain it will be acknowledged, nonetheless, I shall place a request for input. Even a little guidance will suffice, from there I can expand.

The controlling elites' program: Once the controlling elites have shocked and weakened opposition, the intent is to begin reconstruction and rebuilding in their twisted vision. However, their perverse engineering of how things should be would all have been in vain. And while no consolation for the elites' myriads of victims, the controlling elites' Plan will derail midstream, but not before massive numbers of this gripping Planet's superb creations will undergo extinction. Similarly, during the assault, the familiar shape of this magnetic Planet will be rendered unrecognizable.

Absolutely, reconstruction, Reset and rebuild will not evolve as per the elites' programming of things. Yes, there will be "Reset" and a New World, but not whatsoever as per the elites' model. At such point, the controlling elites' current power will be reduced to irrelevance; it is slated for oblivion. The Controlling elites themselves (the surviving) will be sought out relentlessly by their own mercenary and standard armies.}}

This book's title: It originates from a compelling Case File that was written approximately a millennium ago. Currently, it has been entrusted to me strictly for two purposes. 1: for this book's title, and 2: for the title of a Healer File on radiation poisoning I have yet to complete.

Despite its vast dissimilarity to this work's cover pages, but due to special clauses in the contract that I have with an unparalleled someone about this work, it was requisite that I incorporate "Part Two (2)" of this book to this text's overall landscape. Although Part Two constitutes its own section, fundamental parts of its account are found elsewhere in this text.

Essentially, for the reason that it is intimately interconnected to all other sections of this work, it was decided that I include Part Two (2) in this book. At a later time, and time permitting, and because it deserves to have a book of its own, I could create a book with only Part Two's brilliant subject matter. At such later time I may even have additional useful data to add to Part Two's especially superb account.

Part Two (2) is throughout promising and celebratory. The data contained in Part Two represents priceless treasure -- one of a kind..... Once again, it is important to emphasize that portions of Part Two are sprinkled here and there throughout this book's other segments. The account on the impending twofold incident demands that I be unconventional about this book's presentation. However, in addition to this dynamic, innately I operate differently as a writer then others, perhaps.

Therefore, early on in this text's account (several pages beneath here) and while involving very serious topics I shall dwell a little on the housing problem and on human over-breeding. In other words, I shall begin with the chaff (husk -- hull) of a precious seed and then I will go to the seed, in a manner of speaking, of course. Another way of putting it: I shall commence work with unearthing ordinary soil until I get to the hidden treasure below.

So, kindly bear with me for an infinitesimal moment while I dwell on the housing predicament the irresponsible and thoughtless policy-makers have created out of the blue for thousands and thousands of people from Western societies. In favour of Chinese house-buyers from China (and from elsewhere too) that pay in cash and that likely involves questionable money, what these elected Officials (the legislators) have done with no signs of easing is indefensible. In terms of housing, they systematically are condemning generations of hard working people from advanced societies to Third World status.

Moreover: Bearing in mind the ultra-sensitive data I have been privy to, i.e. what the controlling elites have in store for this Riveting Earth's world, accordingly, I will be blunt in the pages of this work. In other words, neither shall I mince my words nor will I resort to going around the bush on certain plain truths..... Being diplomatic, it is not the purpose of this book.

Example: Starving millions of Children to death each and every year, or scheming and/or threatening to render the landscapes of this animated Earth uninhabitable for millennia, leaves me with no room whatsoever to be diplomatic towards the bunch of plutocratic ugly and madmen in control. Likewise, there is no room whatsoever to be ambassadorial towards the pile of waste that is comprised of mega charlatans and corrupt Policy-makers (crony Governments) that plutocracy's Chiefs own.

Having said this, not for a moment do I imply that Plutocracy's Chiefs will change course because I or others such as I say a couple of things about these people's raw ugliness. These people's philosophy and habits are neither reversible nor do they care about their ugly condition -- they are parasitic and insatiable predators and they are in love with both these conditions. The reader of this book, however, will be introduced to one of a kind knowledge (data) impossible to obtain from anywhere else -- it is to be shared -- in fact, sharing it is part of my contract as a field researcher, and I cannot think of any other way of conveying it to the public other than writing about it. How did I come to unearth this extraordinary data? It is a long story and the design of someone especially shrewd and particularly caring.

As per those in the know (a superb group comprised of brilliant researchers, proficient explorers and skilled observers), and while avoidable, the twofold incident is a certainty. It will result in massive species extinction. As for the fate of the human species, I do not know, but based on the twofold event's end-result that I have been afforded a generous glimpse of; I can put the scenes together and form a fairly accurate guess, I believe.


For total (Global) dominance, an assembly comprised of individuals from the controlling elites' circles (high flying financiers and analogous) have a nefarious treatment in store for this riveting Earth's world. This treatment is more devastating and more taxing than the environmental calamity in the making -- it is ill-omened; it is unprecedented; it is massively destructive -- the incident body-evil.

For starters, the financial elites will crumple the Globe's monetary systems. Then they will invoke martial law and then they will hit pre-targeted strategic locations, and after that Global War will ensue -- all taking place one after another in less than a week, perhaps within hours.