COVER DESCRIPTION: Intertidal Zone is a two-part book (Book 1 -- Book 2) about a thrilling account involving the world of Sea Stars and their mysterious (magnetic) ability to regenerate and about an incident involving events from the future as conveyed by an assembly of vastly knowledgeable Time Travelers.

A field researcher is assigned to a riveting observational field study involving the lovely Sea Stars' ability to regenerate.

After carefully weighing a number of key factors surrounding File CMA-22; but especially this File's location of study, someone high up the ladder in the Command Centre of an extraordinary Agency who is close to this File decided that in the summer of 2010 this researcher would venture out on a field study adventure in British Columbia's Intertidal Zone.

As the researcher observes the retreating tide, she comes to grasp ever so faintly the workings of physics responsible for making it possible to connect to (leap into) this magnetic Earth's nearest parallel world and vice versa…..

For quite some time now, the researcher has recognized that this Earth is the slightly smaller of the Twin Earths and that sometime in antiquity it had migrated to this system from its original location.

While observing the mystery of the tides the field researcher also begins to suspect that the secret to regeneration has the potential to be applied to rejuvenation as well. This kind of rejuvenation however, involves a thorny situation; the researcher believes that this potentiality will exacerbate the socio-economic disparity, hence the amplification of ecological degradation…. The field investigator truly feels that this miraculous Oasis in space -- this inviting and glamourous Planet Earth has precedence.


Intertidal Zone:

Sea Star Regeneration

by Nina B. Bode

or A
with unending gratitude

Let us hope that while on their journey in one of the most magnificent locales in the Cosmos and while they find themselves under this magnetic Earth's dazzling star canopy, the members of sub-humanity will be endowed with the gift of consciousness…even a little would suffice. In alliance with the influence of Divine Providence, let us ask for something persuasive and agreeable to happen.... Let us request that while on their stay on this riveting Earth, the constituents of humanity's anomalous sector will be consistently guided to curtail their iniquitous actions and to muzzle their repulsive selfishness and instead, to caringly embrace, respect and even appreciate all of this miraculous Planet's sacred creation. Let's imagine that somehow the others from the other breed will be compelled to recognize how fragile life can be even without them having to pound on it, as they have done so harshly thus far. Let us envision that while on their adventure on this exquisite and electrifying Earth, the reptilian takers eventually will escape from their brakedness and instead will make peace with the marvel of life all around them. Above all, let us petition that the invaders (the raider others) will refrain from fabricating an excuse and such where they will give themselves free reign to employ their depraved and unforgiving atomic weapons with the intent to inflict indescribable damage. Let us prevent them from carrying out their nefarious plan to irreparably assault, punish and torment this miraculous Earth's enduring Genesis and/or stop them from further weakening this radiant Oasis in space Herself Earth



This is me, while on field study in British Columbia. August 2010.

A little over a month after my return from a riveting and specific field study adventure in British Columbia, I set out to write a paper about this adventure and about this study's exploratory discoveries.

This field study's exciting and dynamic theme is intimately connected to a large and central, resourceful, sensitive, poly-faceted and long in the making Case File. Accordingly, the Regeneration File (File 22-CMA) is guided and is governed by the inspirational Tenets of the conscientious Central File.

Obviously, in order to do this type of field research work, all in hopes of course, of perceiving even fleetingly some of the enigmatic workings of Sea Star regeneration, it was required that I closely interact with Sea Stars....

In particular, and most importantly, for a realistic field observational study on the Sea Stars' enduring secret of rebuilding, it was required that I'd be in their midst while they went about free in their natural milieu.

Of course, and it goes without saying, while observing members of this enchanting life form in their natural environment, basic decency dictates that all along I'd be respecting their organizational system without in the least disturbing their habitat.

Apparently, human arrogance had to be entirely and throughout absent from this observational and field study adventure.

This thrilling and tireless field exploration took place in the summer of 2010 and as was expected, it was all about the intriguing regenerating abilities of Sea Stars and of course, how to go about decoding their eons-long secret to this extraordinary and truly supreme capability. Consequently then, this manuscript was titled and subtitled "Intertidal Zone: Sea Star Regeneration."

All in all, if I were to be lucky enough to have a glimpse of the alluring secret of Sea Stars' ability to regenerate, I then had to transport my being to their natural realms. Likewise, if I were sufficiently fortunate to be afforded a peek into the mysterious peripheral influences accountable for aiding this beautiful life-form to repair and rebuild naturally, absolutely, I then had to observe this study's illuminating subject matter from close up.... Fundamentally, this study demanded that I intermingle with Sea Stars as they went about in their natural landscapes -- it was a prerequisite.

Shortly to be continued....